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MISDISINFO[ Enbeautified]

The Wonderful Wizard of SandOZ, their logo a serpentine 's' inside a 3rd-eye resonating 2-d pyramid. Sandoz is now a subsidiary of Novartis.
Sandoz manufactured LSD-25 for world-around agencies for experimentation on humans.

The lead pic comes from LOST, which dealt with an LSD-type hallucinatory questioning of Sayeed by the guy who played JLSebastian, William Sanderson, in Blade Runner, last series.
LOST on an island like OZ with SAND

LSD = the psychic version of the A-Bomb - Boom In Boom Out


" We quickly found that listening to a tape loop of a repeated word for fifteen minutes, one may hear as many as thirty different words other than one which is on the tape loop. We did an extensive study of the word 'cogitate'. We exposed something of the order of three hundred subjects to this word for periods of fifteen minutes to six hours......
From these three hundred subjects we got on the order of 2,300 different words....

In addition to hearing alternate words when being exposed to the repeating word stimulus, I found that certain people went through various kinds of trips.

In addition, we found that we could programme the alternates a person would hear by various means.

THE ALLAN MEMORIAL INSTITUTE - though 'memorial' or anything to do with memory seems a tad ironic

We also found that peripheral vision,.....,could programme what was heard. We printed alternates with very large letters on cards and brought them into the peripheral vision of the subject while he was listening to the repeating word. he then reported out loud what he heard. the word that was being brought in from the periphery, in spite of the fact that he could not read it consciously, started programming what he heard. This was a 'programming' gradient from the farthest reaches of peripheral vision at 90 degrees to the optic axis in towards the focal centre on the optic axis. Just before the subject could read the word consciously, that is, where it was still far enough off the central axis so that he could not read it consciously, the word was programming ninety percent of what he heard.

The experiment demonstrated that people are constantly being programmed below levels of their awareness by the periphery of their vision. It is probably a good thing that this is true. It allows us to drive a car and to walk and to do various other tasks including reading in a smooth fashion without having to think about everything that happens."

CENTRE OF THE CYCLONE, John C. Lilly MD; Marion Boyars 1972

A film called ALTERED STATES was inspired by Lilly's experiments.
Freakily it stars one BLAIR BROWN, which for British constitutes one long 'bad' trip.

Secret Sun in post "Astrognostic addenda: John Lilly and Extreme Psychnautics", amongst other things writes:
"Also fascinating is Lilly's fixation on dolphins, which are obviously important symbols in the Aquarian transitional phase we are in.."

Image from Central Scrutinizer at the Synchromystic Forum, in comments to -
"Deaths of Georgians open Summer and Winter Olympics"

The 2014 nearly reads ZION if twizzled and the bit lopped of the 4, which twins it with 2012 ZION Olympics in Baba-London, but maybe I'm just hion something.
Sochi lies close to the Georgian border.


Beginning in 1957 Dr.Ewen Cameron , a Scot from Bridge of Allan , got a job from the CIA . They had an interest in his technique called 'Psychic Driving
' a psychiatric procedure in which patients were subjected to a continuously repeated audio message on a looped tape, in order to alter their behaviour. In psychic driving, patients were often exposed to hundreds of thousands of repetitions of a single statement over the course of their treatment. They were also concurrently administered muscular paralytic drugs such as Curare in order to subdue them for the purposes of exposure to the looped message(s). The procedure was pioneered by Dr. D. Ewen Cameron, and utilised and funded by the U.S. CIA's MKULTRA program in Canada. Similar techniques are alleged to have been used in the kidnapping and death of CIA operative William Francis Buckley by Aziz al-Abub, a student of Cameron's, in 1984-1985.[citation needed]'

He carried these out at the ALLAN MEMORIAL INST. in Montreal, named after the house built by the Allan family which was converted into a 'hospital' in the 1940s'.
The experiments went on until 1964. In 1964 JCLilly used LSD in a sensory-deprivation flotation tank, while working for the National Inst. of Mental Heaalth [NIMH].
Lilly's experiments with LSD lead him to stop experimenting on dolphins by 'hurting' them - eg: enclosed tanks, cutting up the brain etc. He then constructed a home with a dolphin harbour which he claimed lead to greater understanding of dolphins.

Some argue, usefully or otherwise, as to whether aircraft or animations 'hit' the twins. Whatever, though I feel most can agree that it 'traumatised' many as did the assassination of JFK. The ongoing 'seeking for truth' has now divided a great many against themselves, mostly in the US. A great many ignore it, the NOIZ gets to one after a while.
Remaining unsolved the eVent mutates

Also in 2001 Jon Venables was let out of custody. He and another boy killed James Bulger, torturing him and leaving him , a 2-year old, on the railway tracks.
Jon , when young , took to watching Chuckie videos [see AANGIRFAN post"John Venables", about a doll taken over by the spirit of a serial killer. A lot of people watched Chuckie, and continue to watch other savagery [ sorry freedom of expression] to while away their existence.

"It is a prime tenet of Masonry that its assassins come in threes. Masonic assassins are known in the code of the lodge as the "unworthy craftsmen." Because Masonry is obsessed with earth-as-gameboard (tessellation) and the ancillary alignments necessary to facilitate the "game," it is inordinately concerned with railroads and railroad personnel to the extent that outside of lawyers and circus performers, no other vocation has a higher percentage of Masons than railroad workers"
JSDownard KingKill33

Lilly took great care to deal with the 'come-down', working for up to 2 weeks with a guide , going through his feelings and experiences while in the tank on LSD.
Once he did not and , while self-medicating [ he was an MD] he nearly killed himself by injecting himself , carelessly.
" While giving myself an antibiotic shot, 'by accident' I injected under my skin a foam made with a detergent."
he later relates that he knew , deep in his memory that the foam could do this, work from years earlier.
he goes on "The most frightening thing about the whole episode was the fact that part of me could use information stored in me t kill the rest of me. In so far as I could remember , i was not consciously rying to commit suicide. At the time it was literally 'an accident'.
" There can exist, in addition to the aware self, other hidden systems of control of the organism, which can programme thinking , can programme feeling, can programme action, towards destruction of that particular organism.
LSD can release these programmes , can strengthen them, and can weaken the aware surviving self to the point where there is danger of suicide or of self-destructive activities"
While these experiments went on The Brotherhood of Eternal Love produced and gave out LSD under the guise of a new religion.
The religious aspect , with its bright colours, information overload, hallucinations similar to the upswelling 'tribal' consciousness, back to our roots, went well with the now colourful pop-consumer-day-tripper-spirituality and the Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Doors, the Family.

From somehwre

Then the state shut it down - illegality came on Oct.6th, 1966. With gurus such as Leary , and a well coordinated alternative media, LSD flooded the US, though I doubt that very many people took the precautions of John Lilly. In fact I feel certain that some millions of people have just necked and gone to work after the weekend, imagining that now there's no bright colours it has no stopped taking effect.
"Spread it over your public TODAY"

The US of the '60s was a time of evident social upheaval - the 'Peace' Movement and the War in Vietnam, the assassinations of JFK, MLKing, Malcolm X, RFK, anti-war , terrorist groups like the Weather Underground a nd the all-encompassing TV, with its status as electonic bride to humanity, violence as art, consumerism as art, ME!Dear, ME!Dear which has developed and honed itself to meet the demands of today.
This constituted a low-level trauma environment where drugs provided both the escape whilst also the sensitivity which increased the paranoia that got Jack to smash the house that he'd built.
DESTROY, later used by the Sex Pistols became the mantra while BUILD got edged to the sideline.
MADMAX came along proffering the 'traveller' lifestyle, post-apocalyptic kudos maaaaan!

The Industrial age has passed though 'techno' has brought the high-speed factories into our ears as music, mixed with the least intelligent lyrical 'expression' ,
"coz dis is how dem yoof speak innit "
" You facking wot?!"

" British Rail,British Rail,British Rail , Always on fucking toime, mate!"

" Wotcha gonna do , ven, Hit me wiv vis flag wrapped around us. Not ...king likely copper"
" Yeah mate , we're allergic to pigs, innit!"

The film HARRY BROWN highlights the evolution of the low-level PSYCHIC DRIVING - electric shocks simulated by vast uncontrollable terrors reported from round the world and the gen.public's apparent inability to do anything at all [ many old people in UK DO NOT go out after dark]. The drugs , multiple varieties, seem easier to acquire than good quality housing, education or information.
InnerCity Council Estates were designed with containment in mind, which after years of traumatising the community [ via unemployment and the illegal drugs market] became ideal for , well, growing new viruses, a massive Petrie dish.

Thus many humans group together and get tooled up - Britain's Football Hooligans realised this after the clampdown of football violence and now many towns and cities have large , tightly-knit organisations that sell a lot of drugs and via numbers can intimidate most opposition.
Usually a few of the older lads have contacts with more staid organisations, people they knew at school, in other businesses and professions

For the traumatisation of young Israelis check out Yaav Shamir's film DEFAMATION, where prior to the IDF , teenagers are taken to Auschwitz to bond with the dead.
This seems to precede the indoctrination and trauma of being in the Israeli Defence Forces for the obligatory National service. After this , acc. to a few reports a few Israelis, after serving, attempt to relax in Goa where drugs, basically, are freely available.
Mr, Shamir's objective and unopinionated docu has perhaps done more for Israel's "PR" than those apparently paid to improve the State's image abroad, doubtless because he didn't try to twist the truth, or conceal , or blame anybody.

One girl, at the end of the doc expresses herself -

By which she meant the 'Nazis'

Yeah, in Oz!


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Hi hi

First let me respond to your comment about being first and foremost a human being. Yes, I agree. I did not ask for this tagging system. I still consider myself to be one... at least the last time I looked!

However, when one writes and wants to get a point across target words can be necessary. Sort of like, boy, girl, rich, poor, have, have not, elite, commoner, etc. In this case there are two distinct groups ~ those who are one race and those who are another, and those are the terms most commonly understood. But I loved your input, it is so very true!

I am an old acid head from the 1960's and did far too much LSD when I was young. Now I am older and I see the damage it did to me, and also the advantages it also provided. I know the history of its misuse in North America. A few Canadians have actually won large lawsuits because it was used to "wipe their brains out".

One woman, a sane normal woman, went to seek help for the "baby blues" a depression some women have after the birth of a child. She was healthy. She remembers nothing but when she was released a few months later, she had to be toilet trained again. She had to be taught her name, learn to speak, everything. In other words, they stripped her mind of everything.

Timothy Leary and Ken Kesey who promoted LSD were both working for the CIA when they used LSD to make my generation more pliable to the wishes of the elite. We were a huge group ~ the baby boomers. We also had IDEALS and AMBITIONS to make the world right. By sheer numbers we could have accomplished that goal had we stayed united. The elite could not have that of course but they already had a plan ready.

They broke up our society using music, drugs, sex, and greed as motivations. Of course back then no one even knew social motivation and modification existed and we were suckered. Woodstock changed everything. It was a huge lab experiment of our group run by the CIA and drugs were passed around in huge doses.... LSD.

It was at Woodstock the trusting of my generation lost the motivation for fixing the world and love etc and went inwards and became selfish. Instead of expanding, we began on contract into our selves and what we wanted. And then... we became the generation responsible to a great degree for the crap around us today.

Personally, I did not change in that I became money focused. I never left the world of the spirit and ethics I had when I was young. But I see now that using LSD did change my life. I still have deeper insight into things than most and am not on the surface like so many. But then, when it comes to hypnotizing, nothing helps the elite's agenda more than the simple television set!

aferrismoon said...

I understand we have to use words, I meant it in the spirit of looking again at how we refer to and are referred to, esp when so many of us are losing divisive cultural habits, via the internet.
Shall read the rest of this comment.

Alex Robinson said...

Thanks Aferrismoon that was a powerful article, even more so for me because of a number of syncs with what I have been working on lately.

Hmmm... "Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Doors, the Family" - an interesting selection that has a ring of ancient & modern magic to it.

Noor's comment was most enlightening.

Please sir, can you tell me where that rose pic comes from?


aferrismoon said...

The Rose pic is a Grateful Dead album cover called AMERICAN BEAUTY, though the album artwork was devised so that one may read AMERICAN REALITY aswell

One could read a list of bands and it could end up sounding like an ancient text


Alex Robinson said...

The rose is red
The dolphin is blue
The Lilly is yellow
& Zion's a zoo.

(well it is in NZ)

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Hey, Magus Moon, hey. I wuzz very fortunate in my blossoming career as a Head, as us Baby Boomers used to call travelers of the mind, or Psychonauts, when I 1st dropped Windowpane in this magnificent setting. You Gno, you Gno, it's all about set & setting, innit? Megakudos for this magnificent blogticle, shining a light on both the good & the bad that came from out of the psychedelic experience. Say, ever read Lilly's follow-up, The Dyadic Cyclone ~ The Autobiography of a Couple? He reveals how he helped to develop a computer interface call'd Janus, that translated Delphine, the language of dolphins, into English. Wowzers, huh?

From near & far & most definitely Elsewhere,
Anadæ Quenyan Effro, the Elfin-Faery Mage of Apple Mountain

aferrismoon said...

Alex, Strange merging of animalia and Zion. Perhaps it may lead humans to get over the purely animal instincts - territory. Territory's not the problem, just acquiring more then one needs.
Caged animals , too, need to be let out.

Anadae - have read a little about Lilly's ideas on male-female 'cycloning'.

Janus seems to have popped up in blogs , doubtless for January. Great to hear its a langugae between us and Delfinia

Buckminster-Fuller had dolphins and humans as the same entitys, 'cept that some in the family frolicked less in the water than other and humans were 'born'


Eugene said...

Some toasted bread for your serving of dauphin jelly as it act/reacts on this cosmic table in the upper room.

Eugene said...

Some revolutionary music for this waltz as we lazily dream away in the Master's lap-dance.

""Revolutionaries get vilified, and then, once they get older, they just become cute,” ... “Once they’re not dangerous anymore, it’s okay to discuss them in serious ways.”"


aferrismoon said...

The Empire never dyes

Ta 4 the lynx


Unknown said...

"The Rose pic is a Grateful Dead album cover called AMERICAN BEAUTY, though the album artwork was devised so that one may read AMERICAN REALITY aswell"

Oh good. then I wasn't tripping when I read it as AMERICAN REALITY :D

aferrismoon said...

No u probably are tripping otherwise it reads Neosocialist parody


Anonymous said...

Excellent blog entry. Thanks for the mention.

- Aangirfan