Saturday, April 4, 2009

Where there's Bing , Hope follows not far behind [updated @ the 19th hole]

[April 5th]- Last night saw the Simpsons episode WEDDING FOR DISASTER [ March 26] which began with Reverend awaiting a visit from the PARSON who turns out to be a parody of BING CROSBY. BY = an old word for a 'village' and so does HAM
Also FOX41 in bot.right corn.

Rod Serling - former resident of Binghamton

...famed as writer of NeeNaaNaNa NeeNaaNaNa ....

A view of the Hilton Prague where the newlt-royalled couple will spend their days, among other things, perhaps a spot of reflection on the assassination of Martin Luther King, 41 years ago today. MLK's father MLK-senior added the LUTHER to the family name for Martin Luther, who sparked off the Reformation way back when.
JFK became the 1st Catholic President of the USA , the next big killing of a King was Martin LUTHER King.

While touring Europe President Obama commiserated with citizens and foreigners of BINGHAMTON, a part of NY, an area known as the TRIPLE CITIES, some 140miles away from NY. A man with the ID of JIVERLY VOONG [ probably Jiverly Wong], a 41yr-old from Johnson City. Lyndon Baines Johnson held the 36th Presidency at the time of King's death in 1968.
At one point in the reporting headlines gave the figure of 41 people held hostage.
Jiverly Wong shot 13 and killed himself to reverse 41 into 14, the number of body parts Osiris got rent into by Set, some time ago , maybe close to Memphis.
A band called FIVE EIGHT hail from Binghamton amd made it famous after moving to ATHENS, GEORGIA [ home of researcher Todd at THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS]

Some clips from a report -
Dr. Jeffrey King, speaking at a Catholic Charities office where counseling was being offered Friday night, said he was certain his mother, 72-year-old Roberta King, who taught English at the community center, was among the dead.

The suspected gunman carried ID with the name of 42-year-old Jiverly Voong, of nearby Johnson City, N.Y., but that was believed to be an alias, said a law enforcement official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Voong has been reported as being 41 and 42

Please check preev post - 4/4/4 the 44th [ Pruser Jako Barak]
and BALLISTICS - Target Acquisition and Penetration[TAP] + il latesto REIGNDANCE.

Below the logo of a food company , CROWLEY FOODS , founded in 1904, the same year Aleister Crowley 'received' THE BOOK OF THE LAW [ on April 8th, 9th and 10th, 1904]
90 = MLK[40+30+20] via hebrew letter-numbering and the word denoted by MLK = Malik = King.
The 90 = Hebrew Letter Tz [ Tzaddi] and goes with the STAR card.
Using the 90 to represent KING with the 14 for the pieces of rent Osiris - 1904 seems to inspire a metaphusical King-Killing of some description.

Also founded in BINGHAMTON are arch-counters IBM [ short for Iacobus Burgundius Molensis , aka Jack De Molay, 23rd and last Grandmaster of the Knights Templars, executed in 1314]

Wonder if they still count the dead.


skrambo said...

Also founded in BINGHAMTON are arch-counters IBM [ short for Iacobus Burgundius Molensis , aka Jack De Molay


Excellent post. Also related to Crowley and Osiris, 14 = 7+7 or 77/OZ (also 72 [two 7s] year old RobeRta (18+18 = 36, same number as LBJ presidency) King, but that is obvious (I'm seeing that number, 14, pop up a lot recently). Rod (Serling) = missing piece of Osiris

little dynamo said...

ok good fit w 'Target Acquisition' and 'Pruser Barack'

hows it going with the mom-in-chief and child? wanna keep 'em?


Steve (son of) Queen emerges as Babs & Elizard chum-chum!

and Alger's dubble exposure from 'Target Acq' matched the MLK cop-shop twinning

likewise the Bill Casey/Downard dubbleshot... Obie aint no MLK tho (otherwise we'd still have MLK instead of their choice)

Praha makes sense now, thanks-- Queen shuttles the new Royal Couple to the Mother City at Europa's heart, tidily we go aaaand smirk and wave aaaannd

rite U R on the MLK Memphis hit connect w Apollo 6 and its Orion mission patch

hey AF how come a sequence of lunar missions carries an Orion constellation patch?

speaking of Deceit pls accept apologies for inflicting my nation's disease on yall, feel free to return them parcel post


aferrismoon said...

Cheers Tommy - Rod = brilliant.
Roberta - Johnson connection, so Roberta King can = Robert Kennedy and MLK.
72 via the Hebrew also gives OB [ 70+2] which sort of mixes Bobby and Obama.

Ahoy Ray
Theyr'e walking around, its a strange misty but sunny day. Visibility low. Didn't go to the show, though.

Read the piece u did on MLK and the upper/lower body deal. Obama = an upper/lower body MLK/JFK mish mash filtered through Washinton . perhaps Obam = an accountants version of MLK, a less-connected version of JFK.
MLK-Red, Obama-Blue

Cheers for the coordination of Memphis-Orion and 4/4/68

The American Dis-ease seems to jiggle up all the contours , terrain, etc so now Americans can see what they are. For years El Yanko has had to 'sell' the dream that has been force-fed tubewise , amixture of Vanilla and pieces of glass that scream ' I'm so afraid' as they cut their livers to shreds.
Should they have wavered they would have ended up in the fuck-fest of prison life or dribbling throufg psycho-wards.
Now the internet has thrown up all those who couldn't get published for being too intelligent
' What does that word imply, I don't like that implication, that's scarey. he's trying to kill me. I'm frightened. shoot to kill'

Now those , like Downard, may sail out, in their innocence, unafraid of the toponomy.
America may have been conquered but its only just now getting explored.


The Celtic Rebel said...

Just curious, did we both focus on IBM randomly? If it's of use, the 14/41 synch came a long time ago for me when looking into Louis/Lucifer. You know I'm already sitting at the 19th hole? Come join me for a cold one!

aferrismoon said...

Do they sell Czech beer?
As far as focussing randomly I guess u have to ask Mr.Voong 'bout dat.
Cheers for the 14/41, checkin' it out right now

Devin said...

Fascinating as always aferris! I had never thought of the Martin Luther/JFK Catholic idea before -will have to ponder that. Wow a "Crowley Foods" I wonder what free prize you get in the cereal box??- Lam? or Cthulu-altho I know thats Lovecraft. Best to you as always!!

Alex Robinson said...

A right royal read.

The King is dead, long live the King' - springs to mind - that's just gotta be Osiris' motto.