Thursday, April 2, 2009


World Cup Qualifiers for South Africa 2010 - Czech Republic played hosts, last night, APRIL 1[4/1], to Slovakia [ the two teams used to be one as Ceskoslovensko]. The Slovaks won 2:1.
Their logo sports the Cross of LORRAINE [ originally the Double Cross , possibly for Cyril and Metodie] which ties in with Barack Obama arriving in Prague on April 4th, 41years after MLK got shot at the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis.
The Double Cross represents the Crucifixion and the Resurrection

One of the Hiltons in Prague where Obama will rest and recuperate. GWB stayed there last year. Its shallow-sided pyramid can't be seen from Ground level. It squats in Florenc [Florents] in an ugly , new building area a 100metres from the Vltava [river].

He'll arrive in AF1 on Saturday and will be doing something at Hradcany and Vysehrad, two elevated sites in Prague famous for castles. Those who wish to see Obama will not be allowed to take photos or use a mobile, thus official photos only. I wonder if this isn't an attempt by some Federation of Professional Photographers actually making sure that 'amateurs' don't get better shots and eventually pushing out the paid professional, 'coz if one job is slowly disappearing its the photojournalist, along with his learnt photostyling for public consumption. If they can keep people away from these stage-managed things might keep the wolf from the door until they find some other 'line'

G-O-desics show Man finally moving on from the Egypto-Pyramid Masonic Miasma to a dwelling that takes account of both physical and psychical characteristics coursing in , around, through and overMan.'
'U synch so?'
Ban on Cameras now lifted - April 3
Some more mews : As many as >41< immigrants have been taken prisoner in Binghampton ,140km NorthWest of NY.


Devin said...

Very interesting as always!! The Lorraine synch is fascinating to me. I also very much agree with your thoughts about photojournalism-it will be interesting to see if anything happens during the visit out of the ordinary-best to you as always!!

little dynamo said...

git 'em AF!

the Slovak logo is red/white/blue, the colors of the GGG

on April 3, 1968, MLK checked into room 306 of the Lorraine Hotel (the Chelsea Hotel South)

that night MLK spoke from the Memphis Masonic Temple

on April 4, 1968, he was kingkilled in company of his driver, Andy Young, Jesse Jackson, and James Orange (=Orangemen rep)

at 6:05 p.m. just after the cereal-moanial hit, cops "found" a .30-06 hunting rifle (Room 306) wrapped in a bundle near the front door of the Canipe Amusement Company

(the Invisible Circus loves this stuff)

as you infer, MLK has been "resurrected" after exactly 41 years as Obie (tho what the Lorraine/Double Cross actually represents isn't crucifixion/resurrection, but simply betrayal)

Nat King Cole sang "Sweet Lorraine" but it's Country Joe McDonald (see Newspaceman post re McDonald) who pulls the nails in his "Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine" from 1967 . . . released one year prior to the MLK goddess-law rite


She hides in an attic concealed on a shelf

Behind volumes of literature based on herself

And runs across the pages like some tiny elf

Knowing that it's hard to find
Stuff way back in her mind
Winds up spending all of her time
Trying to memorize every line

Sweet Lorraine, ah, sweet Lorraine

Sweet lady of death wants me to die

So she can come sit by my bedside and sigh

And wipe away the tears from all my friends eyes

Then softly she will explain

Just exactly who was to blame

For causing me to go insane

And finally blow out my brain

Sweet Lorraine, ah, sweet Lorraine

Well you know that it's a shame and a pity
You were raised up in the city
And you never learned nothing 'bout country ways,
Ah, 'bout country ways.

The Joy of Life she dresses in black

With celestial secrets engraved in her back

And her face keeps flashing that she's got the knack

But you know when you look into her eyes

All she's learned she's had to memorize

And the only way you'll ever get her high

Is to let her do her thing and then watch you die

Sweet Lorraine, ah, sweet Lorraine

Now she's the one who gives us all those magical things
And reads us stories out of the I Ching
Then she passes out a whole new basket of rings
That when you put on your hand
Makes you one of the Angel Band
And gives you the power to be a man

But what it does for her you never quite understand

Sweet Lorraine, ah, sweet Lorraine

Well you know that it's a shame and a pity
You were raised up in the city
And you never learned nothing 'bout country ways,
Oh 'bout country ways, oh 'bout country ways,
Yeah, about country ways, oh, country ways


Country Joe McDonald understood some uncomfortable realities about this planet and its Ma-Sons

too bad we lack his courage

cheers, ray

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Devin - well the US Embassy has lifted the camera prohibition.
Most locals are getting out of town. the weather's bright and sunny.

Cheers Ray
Don't have any of Country Joe's stuff but do remember him being beyond the usual wisdom platitudes of songwriting.

Ta for the numbers , links to guns.
The links to Newspaceman's version of Orange events seem to grow.

I guess Cesko and Slovensko have not been as close as imagined
Forced together by the Treaty of Versaille, then the Slovaks joined the Fascist 'side' of the war. They never really enjoyed rule from Prague, even though in later Communism there were a couple of Slovak presidents.
Then the Velevet Divorce and they went their separate ways
Doubtless a history ringing with betrayal


FilmNoir23 said...

Great coverage! Hope to include this and some of added comments in an April 4 Kings of Memphis (Revisited) post!

Here's hoping it's a quiet day frankly.

aferrismoon said...

Tod - It will be, many will go out of town, as spring has sprung. It's very warm today and most people will want to get out of town.


little dynamo said...

had no idea Country Joe wrote it, AF, till i looked it up -- and couldn't really hear the lyrics emerging from my transistor back in '68 (not that i would have understood what he was saying, anyway!)

but the melody stuck w/me, and his lyrics sure make sense NOW

you might be interested in an MLK post called "Eyes Yet Open, and Lives" from May 31, 2006, on my old blogspot site, exploring MLK's "24" dead/dead jail mugshot

as with your "ReignDance" post, the mugshot sports double "deads" (=Lorraine Doublecross) and fits nicely (?!) with your theme of the resurrection of MLK in Pharaoh Obie at exactly 41 years

p.s. have ancestry from pra-ha, sad to see CZ so lost and divided, just another staging ground for nwo punks

on bright side . . . the Qweenie and Michelle-Ma-Bel are new hugbunnies! :O)

hello todd, cheers AF


aferrismoon said...

Cheers Ray, got the post on MLK. The details much appreciated.
Shall burrow further