Sunday, October 28, 2007

Number Number Weigh Divide

Though Daniel's interpretation runs slightly longer shall not deal overly with those wordy trancelations. Da numbiz , Dan Umbers , a coming and hummin'.
The verse goes:
65-423-14-550-91-91-530-406 = 2170
The last 4 words = Mene Mene Teqel Upharsin - the Writing on the Wall.
The total of 2170 - 10 x 217 and 217 = DBVRH, Deborah, the Bee. Buildings 1 , 2 & 7 strike a chord, well a little bit more than a chord, a whole towerblock.
The total for the words written on the wall = 1118.
Bangolang! - 3 towers form a brand new 8, and of course 8x111=888 which = 1776/2
MNA = 91 - 7x13, always worth knowing , and it anagrams into AMN -Amen + also 91 and the symphotic use of this 2 nummers together.
Daniels prophecy via the KJB:
MENE;God hath numbered the kingdom & brought it to an end [ note well ninehundred and ten and one - in the Hebrew it= beginning]
TEKEL; thou art weighed in the balances [twins] and found wanting [ as Crowley wrote- read the runes wrong and there will be a great miss] - [Egyptian weighing of the Heart ceremony]
PERES; thy kingdom is divided & given to the Medes and Persians [ 2 out of 3's not bad]

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