Saturday, October 20, 2007

I put my blue genes on...

When 2000 AD came out it came like a beam, cut like laser fire, streamlined my universal mind.
One great story was the blue-tinted warrior ROGUE TROOPER, accompanied by his bio-chipped friends[ when they 'got killed' they're personalities got hipped which could then reconstitute them if they could get to the equipment. Yes , they chipped the whole personality so that it ccan be uploaded and reconstituted at a later date.] Rogue told a treachorous tale. Later he found Venus Bluegenes. Both trying to get home wherever it was, whatever it was.... but they were genetically modified in a lab. Where is home for them, the hive, after what they,ve seen and learnt and loved and lost.


Michael said...

Great posts. In the 80's, every good gay clone wore blue jeans - Levis 501's. Levi = the priest class, any ideas about 501?

aferrismoon said...

I was thinking of the ad [ in UK] for Brutus Jeans -
I put my blue jeans on, I put my Brutus jeans on
501 is a 51 with an egg in it. JB tells of the 51 year Sirian orbit
501 spells AShR - Asher a Hebrew word, could mean blessed
See your Blue Meanie in the South`park lineup

JB said...

Bloody hell!

Your latest article is about blue-skinned aliens as well! MY latest article (over at is actually ENTITLED "Blue-skinned aliens". And its about the Jews and the Catholic Church. Go figure.

Michael said...

Thanks. Hmm. South Park: I caught the last 15 minutes of that episode, and was as amazed as everyone else. Yea, saw the blue meanie, also the Where the Wild Things Are monster - never liked that story as a kid (or the Wizard of Oz for that matter) but all the adults thought it was really wonderful.

hoi polloi said...

Oooh Michael you too!?? I didn't like where the Wild Things Are either. Those drawings bothered me

Newspaceman said...

Hiya aferrismoon, there was also a comic/magazine called blue jeans, aimed at teenage girls in the UK

Neil Diamond (koh-i-noor) - forever in blue jeans - honey is sweet.

501 sol


aferrismoon said...

Excellent Neil Diamond connexion- Kitsch synchronicity - For some reason that ballady style makes me think of John Denver.
Neil Diamond, doubtless a whole new realm of synchs that may prove too fearsome to open
Can't speak for the Wild Things
The idea of John Denver, Neil Diamond , Elton John and Paul McCartney doing a one off gig for the christening of AlGore and George Bush's uber-love child adopted by Arnie .........

Unknown said...

Neil Diamond, wow, Turn On Your Heart Light.

This whole blue people, bees, mushrooms, zeppelins, Rogue Trooper, Dave Gibbons, Dr. Manhattan, Watchmen, Ozymandius plot, Alan Moore, genetically modified soldiers, Ultraviolet, Milla Jovovitch, Fifth Element, Cosmic Cube, etc. etc. etc. chain, amazing, uncanny, incredible, all the comic book appellations.

Getting dizzy.