Friday, January 23, 2009

StrucK Accord 101-444

In the post before last - ALL 2 KNOW A-VEIL - The subject matter orbited around the UMBILICAL CORD, and I mentioned the Red and Silver cords for human birth and astral travel respectively
ver at STYGIAN PORT's latest post - HEART-SHAPED COFFIN - he , too, remarks upon umbilical chords and their inherent redness and silverness. We both remarked on this synch, which went 'a la mind' .
A couple of comments from his comments page

Note the times VIOLATOR - 1:01 and mine at 4.44.
Stygian Port has had quite a lot of attention for his ROOM 101 post, it's been cited on a number of blogs since its birth.
My Post, containing the Red and Silver chord mentions , deals with 444, as u can read below.

Anyhow . the 2 post times seemed too spot on to pass up.
So , of course, is 101x444 which = 44844 - possibly a Lamb [ TLH-44] and Blood [DM-44] spinning round a Charioteer [ Card 8]


Devin said...

Very interesting aferris-have been noticing post times and comment time-stamps awhile now-sorry typing fast before 404 probs start-all the best!

Alex Robinson said...

Amazing - how do you do it!

Went out for a coffee after reading this post this morning & parked behind the only other car outside the cafe - car licence numbers were 444

Did you ever check out the link Know Nothing left at my site a while back?


aferrismoon said...

Yeah , the time-stamps provide a whole host of alternative stories , as do number plates. Far more interesting than many of the ads and vulgarity passed off as art etc.

Got the pic


Michael Skaggs said...

From the Master Weaver himself, I am grateful the blogo-sphere has you around to interpret the Universe' language!


Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...

Cord is a taught string between two points. Plucked, it produces a tone. When multiple tones are sounded we hear a c(H)ord. H resonates 8 as the eighth letter.

C(8) is the highest note on a piano. It stands for the eighth octave of C [whereas the lowest octave of this note is c(1)]

The word octave implies the eighth note and the return to the one. In a sense our synchromystic innocence effectively bridges the highest and lowest points of the C-Note together through the octagonal stargate of SILENT H.

J.S. Bac(h)

C(8)ord : ORD is the airport code for Chicago's O'hare airport. Last night I flew from ORD back to KCI on an airplane.

ORDKCI can be re-arranged as Id-Rock : The id, or psychic apparatus which accompanies the Ego and Super Ego, is merely a term for the psychological soup tied to the unconscious and the pleasure principle.

From Id Rock we make the lastly frontward to derive Kid Roc, which may now be written Kid Roch via the Bac(h) principle.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Michael - 'we've' seems entirely appropriate.

cheers Ezra
Lesson appreciated [ and required].
Noticed that u use 'taught' for 'taut' - both I guess require 'in-tension'.
I have small pic of O'Hare on the sidebar. The plane wasn't going to Kansas though.
Looked up KCI - first hit = Kinetic Concepts Inc. which seemed to bounce off the idea of a sound made by 2 notes [points].

Often 'we' read Tarot cards in singles, and is perhaps akin to plucking one note .
Music works best when 2 or more things are 'strummed' together.
Thus Tarot Chords seems a more fitting description

Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...

HAhaha - Tarot Chords


Unknown said...

Wow, there's definetly something going on here!

Oops, another typo, I wrote: "here's definetly something going on here!" Here and now is all there is I guess.