Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Thomeme Korun Affair

I wrote a post entitled something like Jack and Morg going up a hill, and mastaba-tumbling after, a mem-shard revelation gleaned from the film THE BUCKET LIST. The Jack and Jill shindig got charged again by a pointed remark in The WWWiz's e-tome on EWS [Eyes Wide Shut] - Jack and Jill went up the hill, r u getting the signal?
The Signal , the Signal Tower [ RKO do a good image] and the Crown with its QRN, the Hebrew word for Horn. It seems a simple link to put the Hebrew word QRN with the word CROWN and then slip in the word THORN which in Hebrew = QTz or QVTz which infers 'cuts' and a 1000 of them.
A gamut of insistent images , criss-cruising the imageniary oceans. TUM, borne by the beetle Khepera emerges on the horizon. The image emblazons itself on all of earthly consciousness, yet its the humes who tend to whip off its clothes and writhe in symbolism. The Tumulus, primeval mound, the first erection, the inkling of breasts, the urge to say something, pregnant, and now Jack comes tumbling down and Jill a breathless moment after. The Horn and Tower , sweet words of power. And in the whirlings of passion the 2 mingle and a fine beam of light reaches crown to star all the way through to the centre of the Earth. How they laughed!
Jack rises to the crown of the hill , Jill with him, The THAUMIM - The Twins, they fetch a PAIL of WATER , the Aquarians with their dual-current icon communicate and receive with the ALL-BUCKET, the 2 Kids holding hands play atop the Tumulus , the SUN card in the book of Thoth takes us to the Tumble Top. A spiralling love dance invigorates all and sundries the 2 little pisceans , wettier a sweatier as the 2 make OUT. The climbax comes, it flows , it glows.......

And Jack breaks his Crown, that gilded horn of the wily born, the pail of water spills ,the she-bucket, and both fall back in - no more downers. Jacob and the Angel, the Gods at the top of the Starcase, both Tummy and Tomb. This dual-twin currency - Jack , hard , towering seeds Jill, at the moment they conceive Jack falls while Jill begins to grow inside. In 9 months she falls, after Jack while out comes the KID who grows, a veritable 3IN1. It grows and then starts to shrink , enough to stoop through the doorway of the TUMULUS or Barrow.

In BATMAN BEGINS , Bruce Wayne , at a young age , has a phobia for bats. As he gets older he meets a HEnri Ducard who invites him to join the LEAGUE OF SHADOWS, an elite vigilante group. Bruce travels to a mountaintop, and is told to pick a BLUE FLOWER that gets made into an hallucinogen which helps him overcome his bat-phobia. He is asked to assassinate a criminal , refuses and kills a few of the League. This eating of the Blue Flower and its inherent power on and within the human psyche keeps popping in of late. Blue the stain of HAL&LUCY Mushrooms and the spice-ridden FREMEN of Djune

Brought by Man who paces the News just right - FORGET-ME-NOT, an iconic blue-flower, its tale of a KNecht [ Geman Knight] picking flowers for his Maiden tumbles or topples headlong into the River - too heavy he cries to her the echoing words - Fuck Me Nicely. The Ways of Interactive Bio-Symbioisis grace us with the SETACEOUS HEBREW CHARACTER , the name of the moth-like entity in the picture. To some eyes it proffers the Hebrew character NVN, the letter allied to the Tarot DEATH , Card 13, and I must say its a pretty like likeness. While NVN can mean a 'fish' it is thought the original N was NChSh - a serpent and particularly the brand of Serpent that gives away fruit to primal females. NChSh numerically - 358 which MShYCh- Messiah. This leads to the double-current over aeons of The YHShVH-NChSh [ Jesus-Serpent]or[326-358]. The difference twixt the two = 32 while the difference between 326 and 359 [ ShTN-Shaitan] = 33. The Serpent shares the apple and is immidiately condemned in the Criss-Cross versions, The Messiah-Jesus shares the fruit and gets double-crossed. All Rise

The Crown - Horn of Thorns [ Thorn - a Runic letter, from Thurisaz - Frost Giant] placed on the Head of Jesus as he strolls hilltopward, to GOLGOTHA , the place of Skulls, erstwhile human tumuli. He will stand in for the sins of all, pain will occur, doubtless, but this guy's got it in for 'fear of death'. A few megapixels earlier Abraham, the father of the human tribe whisks his boy Yitzak to the hilltop, to fill a bucket with the watery blood of his son. A RAM appears just before the clim-axe of this bloody Sonnycide caught in a thornbush, its spiralling horns locking it in. Fair swop Yahweh, cheers, 'preciate it. Yahweh - Just don't ignore the message hidden, not too deep, ok Avram et all. The Ram pays for Yitzhak , the Laughing Boy, and Jesus does duty for mankinder.

Here we seee Charles 1, supporter of A Spanish-catholic influenced THRONE of Britain, following on from his schizo father JACOBUS I or VI, who married Charles to the Infanta and his daughter Elizabeth to the Calvinist Frederick V of Heidelberg. Both were the Winter King and Queen of Bohemia and the fuse for the explosive 30 Years War. The Battle of Bila Hora [ White Mountain] in 1621 remains a battle of long-enduring influence on Europe and the World, perhaps it still resounds.
Charles , pictured here in the EIKON BASILIKE by William Marshall [ The W-M again] exchanges his earthly crown for the crown of a martyr, a crown of thorns. Charles lost his head. He climbed to the place of Execution. He lost his head and his QRN came tumbling after.

Here Christ uses the angle of the Cross to calculate the time of day and his earthly position. As we know all great fishermen have to learn to sail and read the heavens. I guess he saw the note: Enjoy the weekend, I return on Monday, be good.
Jack and Jesus Christ and Jill , three horns crown that Hill, out from Earth and in2 heaven, 3 = 4 now equals seven.
The wee tumulus of GolGotha, a burial mound, a pyramid , ladder. No culture should be without one. Rising from solitary heaths the barrow-builders and the Hump-T Tum-Ts dot the landscape with soft horns, in the cities and megalopoli the hills are remembered as Thorny Rhamni, Towers scraping heaven, rise they will , Phall they must.

Astrosphinks relayed that Walnut can mean BIG nut in Swedish, VAL for Big is also VAL for Whale. Whale seems to mean big, in Czech the Whale = Velryba- the Whale Fish and in older English the Whale was known and sung about as WHALEFISH, WHALEFISH. The Great Ocean-going ships, deep=bellied took their design from the Beached remains of the Whale. I consider the Punic-Phoenician-Venetian-Portuguese-Veeking to be the same sea-farers and adept world-around strategists and they store their knowledge, not in one , but all World religions/ belief-systems.
The instructions for building ships, mathematics, trigonometry, star-charting all marry together and can be known only by the World-Around. Monotheism don't wash here, nor mon-archy, the religion is myriad , such is its unity.
While the etymology of VALHALL [ Valhalla - an English corruption] may be Hall of the Slain, I counter with HALL of the WHALE. This includes big-, great- and giantness but to the 'nitiate the template for Ocean going vessels. Overturned the Whale becomes the Tumulus, place of worship, a Church, a great Gothic Cathedral, wherein sits a man , Jonah. In Hebrew IVNH , the name = dove and the dove left the ark, and the ark found land , and the they turned over their great ark , forgot all about how to construct boats, taught slaves the half of it, and created the Church of the Stupid Slave. Further to that, in subterranean add-on, they knew the safe place to stay was often underground, even now they build large safety bunkers in Norway [ Cheers Laboratory of the Psychonaut]. Underground = no sunlight = no Vitamin D. Nevertheless Inuits got by in darkness, skin-covered from the cold. Aha! They eat the odd whale and whales contain in their blubber- Vitamin D which is whu Whale is an important dietary requirement for any world powerful though fairly discreet undergroung dwelling hilltumanatus


JB said...

Aferrismoon, I need your help. My latest article (entitled "Mind-f*** anonymous") deals with mysteries whose inter-connections escape me at the present moment, and your exceptional talent for decoding words and numbers would come in handy. Thanks.

The Secret Sun said...

The whole thing with the League of Shadows in Batman Begins jut reeks of Templar/Assassins- the whole Norman secret society legacy. I don't recall that being R'as Al Ghul's vibe in the comics, though I haven't kept up with Batman at all.

Michael said...

Great meme pinging.

This morning I saw a large flock of raucous crows assembling in a tree. I wondered about the cause of it, when I saw a hawk on the ground, beneath the tree. The hawk had its prey - a white dove, and couldn't lift it from the ground. It had to leave its breakfast behind as I approached. The dove became breakfast for the crows.

aferrismoon said...

I haven't kept up with Batman either, funny though I look at the times we live in and one can imagine where the Dark Knight's heading mentally - I think the Normans prove a worthwhile part of recorded history where we see different cultures usurping others and acquiring power -
Normans from Norway, spend some time in France, go to England, generally accepted as French, start attacking Ireland now they're the English etc etc throughout history. I notice that The Simpson's intro recently was the BAYEUX TAPESTRY [ or Bayeux TapasBar for Homer]

Yes I was pinging , like Submarine sonar in the Mariana Trench. The synchromesh gets like that for me.
For whatever reason the Dove seems a bit like Heath.L. or many young talents/innocents whisked off in hawklike claws .

JB - Pas de probleme, a bientot

AstroSphinx said...

I like the direction of the thoughts of this idea of Valhalla.. hall of the whale.. interesting idea.. since you illustrated so beautifully that idea of boats taking form from structure of the organic.. the structure of the dead whale.. and the belly of the whale shows up a number of times in various myths, legands and fairytales.

There is something which has been on my mind since seeing Norway this last summer.. and that is just an idea of "getting lost" there.. its a weird feeling since most of the time I have been on holiday just over the boarder..Jämtland; Flatruet.

Just saw "The Gold Compass"
pointing me once again, (if not for the already pointy 3rd time) in the direction of Svälbard. In my artist's resumé I mentioned wanting to go there, and have even done research in going for a visit in 1999, its not easy and its not close.. but with it more and more being a place for the GPS signals, and seedstorage for doomsday.. I wonder exactly what I am looking at when I take my thoughts out and count the number of times things come to mind.

I think I need your assistance.. but you are still pointing me to look at something I see so much better when I only look away from it..

Be well!!!

Newspaceman said...

You have got me thinking about the whales. I am sure there are a lot of whalebones in Edinburgh, set up the way - like an archway.

Michael, a collection of crows is called a murder, for obvious reasons. Dont worry about the hawk, it would not have left it's breakfast if it was famished, human approaching, gay or not. I once had the same experience, minus the crows, the hawk never flew, just dragged it's dove, a collared one though, a wee bit away.