Wednesday, January 9, 2008


This aerial view below looks very BIG CATish, albeit that I've been looking at Tigers of various forms of late. It seems to have emerged from the ORANGEING. Tod Campbell writes about Sri Lanka and connects with the Tamil Tigers Terrorist/ Freedomist Oraganistaion. It should be remembered that TOD is a word for FOX and Foxes, less the Arctic variety, are generally an orangey colour. What's strange, rum and uncanny is that Leicester has a Football and Rugby Union team - The footballists have the FOX as their logo while the Rugby team is called Leicester TIGERS. Madeleine McCann hailed from Leicester which brings another version of MM into this MaelstroM.
Orange - Tamil Tigers-Todd the Fox- Leicester Tigers RUFC - Leicester City FC 'The Foxes and/or The Filberts'.

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright, In the Winter you turn white

Arthur C. Clarke gets a mention on the David Wilcox video at Labyrinth of the Psychonaut - He lives in SriLanka/Ceylon. The last of the Sinhalese dynasty spent their days at KANDY - which comes from Kanda meaning a 'mountain'. While A.Crowley meditated around the world he spent some time in Kandy, I think prior to his attempt to climb K2. U will find that if u press 2 on the keyboard with the 'shift' key u get K@ for K2, thus KAT.
Anyhow just to prove beyond all reasonable doubt, way beyond that , we get another synchronexion_
A.C.Clarke - A.Crowley - Tiger[A Great Beast] - K@ - K2 [ a mountain] - Kandy [ mountain]. The Cs beginning Clarke and Crowley are K sounding Cs while if u have ornithological leanings we can birdspot - A Lark, A Crow and an Owl

Fuller's DymaXion 1 World Island Ocean Map - A Lab of the Psychonaut the jumpgate as a living reality has been investigated.
Fuller devised a 760-year long chart of the Chemical element isolations by humans. Can't find an online copy yet. he calls it 'PURE SCIENCE ACCELERATION CHART'
' We have on the chart a 2nd-degree acceleration manifest in the contraction of lags between the successive circumnavigation [ of the globe] from 350 years to 65 to 30 years between four states of art of circumnavigation of time taken to circumnavigate from 2 years [ Magellan and crew].. to 2 months [ steel steamship] 2 weeks [ Aluminium airplane] to 1 hour [ exotic metals rocket capsule]. It is implicit in the rate of contraction between completely inconceivable later arts that by 1985 we should be able to transmit humans around the globe by RADIO-SCANNING or an equivalently unexpected means.
In that piece and its chart, first published by me in 1959 [ A year appearing in Jake's 'Island of ATUM], I predicted that by 1985 we humans would be doing something as presently incredible as sending ourselves around the world by radio. Whatever this presently incredible form of circumnavigation may be. IT WILL BE RIGHT ON SCHEDULE.
P. 342, same book


FilmNoir23 said...

Slick stuff Moon...KANDY is right up Mr. Kotze's sweet tooth. I need to look at this one for a while for it to fully sink in.

aferrismoon said...

At present its all so near, hardly need to think about these synchs. When i saw the Tamil Tigers, with the K2-Kandy thing just peeling off in another direction, then Steve's bit with Clarke in Sri Lanka, finally , for me subtlely hinged together by the Tamil Tigers.
Are we learning to navigate?
Just to freak completely with your mind that Temple in Kandy is called the Temple of the Tooth

JB said...

Don't forget CNN senior political correspondent CANDY CROWLEY, who just so happens to be Aleister's granddaughter (or so I've heard, which might make her George W. Bush's cousin?).

FilmNoir23 said...

The Temple Tooth in Kandy is WAY over the top.

Damn JB, I was just thinking about Candy Crowley from CNN too!!!!


aferrismoon said...

Sweet toothed , lip smacking , tiger tracking daughters of illusion ,
cheers JB, I'd never heard of her, maybe GWB and her have been cloned
Way over the top - I can only add 'way over the mountain range-o'

FilmNoir23 said...

speaking of sweet-toothed...GWB's nickname for Miss Crowley is DULCE...which is Milky Chocolate in Spanish or DULCE, New Mexico where the suspected underground bases are located.

Or Somewhere Over the Rainbow

aferrismoon said...

And just watched Simpson's episode with the Election campaign by Ralph Wigham, a newshow commentator announced as Andrea Crowley

kirkita said...

Don't forget the big rock kandy mountain- a paradise indeed!

Jake Kotze said...

I've hit that 2 without shift so many times while blogging K2 but hadn't made the K(AT) or K@ connection, very cool cat...

Just Me said...

Oh the buzzin’ of the bees
In the cigarette trees
Near the soda water fountain
At the lemonade springs
Where the bluebird sings
On the big rock candy mountain

aferrismoon said...

Ta for the Rock Candy, it used to come in sticks in the UK , and we'd by it at the seaside, the name written all the way through, like Blackpool or even Brighton Rock.
I notice that George Orwell used a place called Sugarcandy Mountain for a heaven in Animal Farm.
Cheers for all the info