Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Kean eye cleans teeth so white they look blue and opens a col gate

Connecting Tooth, Blue, Mountains and Thoth in one magickal image.
Mountains have a toothy look and often due to harsh coldness, light and the vagueries of the spectrum can take on a bluish tinge. Cleanliness often uses a blue-whiteness to engender thoughts of squeaky clean, and cleanliness is found just to the right of godliness. Deities often live atop mountains and dear goats clovenly hoof themselves along mountain ridges to snowbound peaks. This gives the symbol of aspiration, reaching beyond ourselves. A Crowley = Mountaineer and Goat-pusher.

A Kean Eye delivers a tasty meal. He performs the 'Opening of the Mouth' Ritual and finds a King's Bluetooth. The Hing was Harald of Denmark, who managed some sort of communication among Skandaknavians. Wiki notes that he was born sometime around 910AD.
The BlueTooth symbol = 2 Runes { Long Runes}for H & B.
With the idea of bluey cleanliness/godliness comes the idea of Brushing our Teeth. Who better to help than Col-Gate, with its Ring of ConfiDENTs so bright that you can automatically join the Lurch of PsiOncology - We are not a Crook/ I am not a Cult.
COL-Gate fucketh not around, positioned , factoryless, on the banks of the Hudson, its Octagonal imagery keying in with Toothy-Mountain Divines. A COL is a depression or valley type thing, necessarily between mountains or on a single mountain with a jaggedy shape.
So shall Climber cleanse hirself ascending bluey-white mountain, address of earth-bound deities to communicate more clearly than in the distracting metropolis. The Col , doubtless twixt two pillars, leads the Climber along the path to the Gate, be it on earth or not-earth or bearth. Blue also heralds hypothermia, when its 2 K-K-kold


JB said...

aferrismoon, about your question about MK-Ultra over at Through the Looking Glass, MK stands for Mind-Kontrol, Kontrol because it is Nazi German in origin, the CIA being a cover for SS officers being brought over to America after WWII and being allowed to continue their horrible experiments.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers . Guess thats why I live in Europe

iAdmin said...

Seems all this talk about sweet tooth (Thoth) has influence the fabric of reality! The "candy bomber" struck Iraq today and killed 6. Don't accept any packages of the sweet but deadly goodness, the candyman might strike again!

Story HERE

aferrismoon said...

Was it a Kinder egg [ if u get them in the US]?
While the story may be sickening it seems to show that 'we' can pick up or throw out 'thought waves'. At present I think we pick up more than send out but perhaps we will reach a critical mass stage and start sending and receiving all at once, I guess that'll be 2012