Saturday, January 26, 2008

Nut-Tun going on but the Rent

For no other reason or should I say REZON [ the reason that resonates] than in my post EYE CAN DEE I loaded a picture of a blue VW Beetle. Beetles , mythowise, tend to cajole us towards KHEPRA who carries the son through the TUAT or the E-chiptian Underworld, whence it swells to the Morn to be named Tem or TUM. This swelling bizness indicates an explosive energy expanding, or a pregnancy, a tumour, hill tor or mountain. The growing womb = the tomb of the developing angel-human, and why not Vice Versa, our Mastaba-Tombs our wombs for developing into Star-graced entities. it could allso mean that Steve wants to tell people that my post will hurt people if it falls into the wrong hands - and as such I will endeavour to be more careful with the spurious and possibly harmful tripe that passes for mere remedial ranting.

Back to the SPOTLESS ETERNAL SUN/MOONSHINE errata. Here's Ned telling Homer , in no uncertain terms, that as a hubbub-hearing Xtian he had no choice to Call the KOPS on hearing Marge's screams. The Blue Flowers, ingredient of SUBSTANCE-D[eath], from PKDicks - SCANNER DARKLY appear in pillarmiddik obviousness as 'vigilant' Ned informs Homer of his 'nosey-neighbourly behaviour'

SW brings up a 'network of informers' related to the SCANNER DARKLY story, and in the Simpsons episode Ned gets a little tough [ as if he's got backing]

The latest from the BLOB has got me thinking and there's Tons of Nuts. Heres NUT or NOOT covering her wittle pwanet wiv her arching body. The NUT as stone or kernal within a shell symbolizes something at the centre and I think the word NU-CLEUS through Latin NUX marries these images together. Certain etymologies give NUX as the precursor to NUT but Skeats disagrees, advising us to check Kandulas from KANDU - a [mono]Lithuanian word meaning to 'bite'. Remember ' Kanda' in Tamil = 'mountain' and the whole Tooth thing etc. I have to say I have found none to second WWSkeat's remarks though they tantalise.

Her's Nut as a Cow. I chose it for the closeness to the awful cartoons that deliberately contain many of Life's Secrets [ see Steve's things]. Often they're beetling about on some sort of chair-cum-flier, or their boats/barques float without water, Heliopoliscoptering.

The WAL-Nut , or 'foreign' nut, same prefix as used in WAL-es. Definitely a head-job with its brain-look and as a NUT it reverse-resonates TUN and the delicate phenomes of Miss Bluefin 2008 , Robin TUNNEY. A Tun , spelt ton - 1000 Ks. I have carelessly invoked 'Ain't nothing going on but the Rent, if u wanna B with Me, youv'e gotta get a J-O-B...' by GWEN Guthrie. This synched in with the use of GWEN by INside the Cosmic Cube. The RENT of course is nothing so superficial as paying for where one lives, but refers naturally to RENT in the FABRIC of Space/Time, or Stargate.

Another of SWs favourite haunts appears to be deep within the Earth and this NUT, its called THE NUT can be found in Tasmania. This NUT = a volcanic plug, or truncated pyramid, and was found by BASS & FLINDERS in 1798. Even extra synchronously the town beneaths its steep-sided self is called STANLEY
Well thats IT in a NUTShell, Cap! [ see the blobs latest The LIVING MONOLITH].A seed at the centre can be a nut when edible but when not it's often called a stone. Thus 'The IT in the Nutshell is a Capstone, Kernal!'


Newspaceman said...

Hiya aferrismoon, most of this is beyond me but I am pretty sure your "blue flowers" are forget me not's.

wiki :

"Forget-me-nots are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including Setaceous Hebrew Character."

Lepidoperta being butterflies and moths etc.

Also, I beleive that the f.m.n. is a freemasonic symbol. again in wiki

Of course there is also the 1882 disco classic, Forget me Nots by Patrice Rushden.


Unknown said...

The blue flowers are fascinating. There's a tragic romantic story popularly associated with the name Forget-Me-Nots (Nuts?), also from Wikipedia:

"Legend has it that in medieval times, a knight and his lady were walking along the side of a river. He picked a posy of flowers, but because of the weight of his armour he fell into the river. As he was drowning he threw the posy to his loved one and shouted "Forget-me-not". This is a flower connected with romance and tragic fate. It was often worn by ladies as a sign of faithfulness and enduring love."

Which strikes me as not so far removed from the Gwen Stacy Story, and it's weird how that name is sprouting about lately. I've got another example that in ways ties some of these things together, kind of, coming soon to the Cube.

The blue flower with powerful hallucinatory properties in "Through A Scanner Darkly" is also found as the super-psychotropic agent and initiatory item utilized in Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins", Bruce Wayne picks flowers, almost shockingly pertinent to recent matters. It makes me wonder what color Heath Ledger's fatal prescription pills were.

Blue-symbolism,in part at least, refers to higher states of consciousness, not always nicely obviously, though this is of course a gross simplification. Nut Herself is sometimes depicted as a blue person naturally.

I'm reminded too of one of Bosch's paintings, commonly termed "The Extraction of the Stone of Folly". It is commonly read as depiction of a dutch proverb, more or less equating madness (being "nuts") or idiocy to having rocks in your head, a common enough idiom in English as well. But that isn't a stone the funnel-wearing surgeon is removing, it's a flower, probably a tulip, another sits on the table. Not a blue flower, a white one, but the flower and the mind associated here by one of history's most inscrutable visual occultists.

Cheers to your comments at the Blob.

aferrismoon said...

The Lepidoptera connexion tickles to the point of screaming stop while laughing intensely - a Hebrew-lettered moth - I shan't forget it , will do the post tout de sweet.
Ta for the Heironymous Bosch [ Harald Bluetooth] insertion.
Is that a bit of trapanning going on there, do flowers mean he's takng out the ROMANCE nature of the 'idiot'. Kinda like real news taking out the unauthorized versions
The link with MKUltra - Monarch butterflies and the SubstanceD producing blue flowers with the 'real' world Setaceous Hebrew Character Moth and its relationship with the Blue F-M-Not has my antennae nudging nectar

AstroSphinx said...

When I scanned through without reading.. and saw the walnut.. the one thing nature does so well resonated so deeply with me..synchro as in plants.. but not always.. with the walnut (valnöt in Swedish.. meaning Whale (val) and Nut (nöt)) the shape of the brain.. within the a large source of linolenic acids in which converts to omega essencial fatty acid for the brain and nervous system.. linked to intelligence..(where as omega 3s are found in fish.. the only reason they were considered brain food..)

The shape of other plants often have been clues to what the qualities..but as I said.. not always..but the walnut is an excellent example..

aferrismoon said...

Cheers AstroSphinx
Here in Czech Republic the Walnut season is bountiful, both wet and dry walnuts . There is still a lot of home-cooking here and Walnuts , as well as poppt seeds and various other herbs still figure strongly in Czech stomachs
The whale in Czech = Velryba Vel = Big or Whale and ryba = fish , thus Whale fish , which was the original English. Made me think of The Whale Hall of the Norse Gods

Jake Kotze said...


Thanks Sir