Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oops Pompey!

On April 9 , I posted SCORES ON THE DOORS BRING A BABEL OF BLUES. It began with a pic of Markus BABEL in his red Liverpool strip and then I went on [ and on] about the forthcoming English F.A.CUP between Portsmouth and Cardiff on May 17th.
Invoking Portsmouth and Cardiff as Stargate resonating football clubs I remarked that Portsmouth are nicknamed POMPEY, while Cardiff is home to DOCTOR WHO & TORCHWOOD, BBC time-travelling SciFi series. Doctor Who, severely resonanant due to its first episode airing on 23/11/63.
Last night I watched the latest episode of DR.WHO. What began as a trip to Ancient Rome got sidetracked and the Doctor+ his assistant DONNA NOBLE end up in Pompey, 79AD a couple of days before the eruption, and before any Latin speaker had uttered the word VOLCANO, as the CAP had not blown off what the Pompeiians had thought a mere mountain.
17 years earlier an event [ aliens crashing to earth] had led to all the Soothsayers having 100% accurate forecasts.

The TARDIS, the Doctor's time-travelling Police BOX, is forecast in the SYBILLINE PROPHECIES, parchment bloggers from Etrusca.

A variety of 'openings' declare themselves screenwise - a lotus-topped watergate and further back a firegate. The smoke , containing alien-dust, enables the city-wide prophetic talents

Below the High Priestess , turning to stone, from the imbibing of Prophet Dust

The aliens need VISTA to repower their spaceship and take over the planet - Marble Macrochips patiently carved by Marble-Masons over the past 17 years have finally been completed

Standing before the completed circuit-boards the Doctor guides our eye to the window-grille, a subtle Octogate catches our attention

A couple of weeks ago at Synchro-Forum Adam Star posted a fair bit on Craters, Grails and Volcanoes. I had done a post on STARMAN which concludes in a Crater in Arizona , taking Starman-Jeff Bridges , home. Thus a residual rez for the Crater-Grail-Volcano trinity as Inner-Outer Stargates, or human-transformers.
The Tardis , Doc+Donna, and a Pompeiian family look over the destruction in 79AD of Pompey [ 79 = YAChYN, 79 = BOZ; Jachin and Boaz , the 2 pillars].

The Doctor is pressed hard by Donna to return and save 'somebody' - Pompey = a FIXED time eVent, others prove fleXible, so Pompey's destruction and the 20000 dead can or will not be averted. The Doctor lands , opens the door, and the family is saved.
The notice to the left says , if not everything, a lot. The DOOR's open, never has been, as it always is.

Rarely do we get a US-style EPILOGUE, but this episode yields. The son of the family, somewhat rude and bored initially, ignoring the Household Gods, now defers to the new Household gods carved into the Altar-place. Depicted the Doctor on the left, and Donna on the right - Male and Female, Black and White, Checkering without the checks - either side of steps looking rather pyramidy, leading to the TARDIS - aka THE BLUE BOX.
At the top TVs longest-running Stargate-Wormhole-interdimensional portakabin - , carved so that it , too, appears to have 2 pillars, while the door proffers 8 impressed squares and a Capstone of its own
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To ReCAP - wrote a post on PORTSMOUTH AND CARDIFF who will appear in MAY 17th's FACUP final at a giant crater called WEMBLEY Stadium. Portsmouth are nicknamed POMPEY, theme of the latest Dr.Who episode that, with Torchwood, is filmed in CARDIFF. Cardiff I tentitively link to the Blue Box Tardis, as it 'flies' , Cardiff's nicknmae is THE BLUEBIRDS. Both teams wear BLUE.
The producer of both time-spinning series = Russell T. Davies, that's a big RT, as Russell isn't 'small'. While , to me, he appears a bit camp and is gay I , drolly, describe him as a STARGATE QUEEN
Secret Sun's Seven-Teens [ O! Lucky Man] have cropped up regularly over the past week and a half - The FACUP date MAY 17, the alien crash in this episode happened 17years earlier [ 62AD]. This event brought 'telepathy' and precog abilities to those inhaling volcano dust. Jake lately brought up Vulcan-Hepheastus as Chariot-maker [ Hugh Jackman Stargate post] and father to Juno. The Doctor finds that VESUVIUS is not a Volcano when he discovers the Alien Spaceship-chariot in the belly of the mound. He fires it up and starts off the events of that ashen-day in 79AD - thus a chariot made in a mound that will be later named VULCANO as the players look on as their city petrifies
The Forthcoming Tutankhamun Roadshow will hit DALLAS MUSEUM, 1717 N.Harwood later this year, I bet he's petrified


Atlantean Times said...

Beau Bridges thats jeffs brother stars in the last 2 series of Stargate Sg1 and their new film Ark of Truth. He was the general called hank landry.

I recently watched "the fabulous baker boys" staring both brothers and noticed some stargate themes/geometry..of great interest to me was their k2 pianos..

the kawai K series pianos I think..music being an access route to the stargate i noted that at least.

I see cardiff winning through my stargate the welsh have already had one series of results fixed in their favour, what with the rugby 6 nations being a total farce.


Michael said...

Nice Vista sync. Great links, as per. :-)

Unknown said...

Interesting to note that Mt. Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii on Aug. 24th, the day after the annual Vulcanalia. According to Plutarch, Aug. 24th is the birthday of Osiris/Dionysus, and a day of some significance as described at STRUG.


hello said...

quite timely with the Colombian volcano erupting today

Atlantean Times said...

August 24th is only my shagging birthday.....ffs

24th aug 1977 just after Elvis died i was ejected into this reality tunnel...


Atlantean Times said...

I just posted a K2 candy super synch that i just saw on telly...sure havent i only gone and mentioned K2 in the top comment..this is a weird day...

Unknown said...

It's my birthday too, yeah. (Just try to get that Beatles song out of your head now).

aferrismoon said...

Yeah the vista thing was because of your article Michael.
A Columbian Volcano erupts, thanks, Kean. will surf that lava.
I guess Aug 24 is a seriously special day.
A Shagging day and your birthday together - coool, serious Lion boys, or are u both just Virgins.
The Bridges' often get around in these just-off mainstream films, and bridges is a great stargate name.
Birthdates of mythical individuals have come up quite a lot lately.
Vulcanalia on the 23August, on the cusp of Lion and Virgin - Fierce Purity
Cheers all round

Michael said...

Mt. St. Helens (rhymes with Troy) blew her top on May 18, 1980. Seismic rumblings off Oregon coast this week have scientists wondering.

Atlantean Times said...

I was the 24th aug my brother was the 19th my cousins the 25th and 30th. Im a virgo but definatly not a virgin..

I spent my 17th birthday in the space camp huntsville alabama wacthing a test firing of the shuttle engine in the marshall space flight centre..

its mighty impressive to see the enormous hulking mass of concrete thats needed to stop it lifting off.

the day before the test we actually stood right beneath the engine looking into it from below.

it rather makes me think of a volcanic eruption now that these synchs have come up.

in sg1 when they travel back in time to 1969 they end up in a test firing chamber for a rocket engine. They nearly get fried crisp and dry...


Atlantean Times said...

You are not going to fecking believe this but May 18 1955 is my mothers date of birth.

I sware on her life...that is fecking ridiculous...i am stunned!!!

gav volcano man...

Atlantean Times said...

oh yeah and my mothers name is Madeleine Mckeon or MM shes now MW w for walsh

Alex Robinson said...

The window grille in the pic with the doctor resonates a bit too loudly for me today.
Yesterday 7 teenagers aged 16-17 years were swept away in a flash flood. They were part of an Outward Bound course. Today the young guy I work with is wearing his Outward Bound T-shirt from his own trip earlier in the year. He had not known about the tragedy.

here is the symbol.

Atlantean Times said...

I have just been talking to a friend and i mentioned this blog and the comments about the birthdays..

he then said to me that His mother was also born on the 24th of aug

what are the chances of that..

upyours said...


Here's another amazing coincidence - Liverpool FC have a second player called Babel: Ryan (Orion?) Babel

What are the odds of that?




aferrismoon said...

you know when Homer starts going 'aaah' , usually followed by 'doh'. The latest comments are all 'aah'.
'Marge , there's synchromississism happening .
In my family both my 2 bros and me are Geminis, Dad's a Libra, brother's wife a Libra, other brothers wife a Gemini - Mums born on Dec 21st and she'll be 72 on 21/12/2012

Thanks WW, got the image . The initials OB have been appearing a bit too.

Up Yours, cheers - maybe with Markus as Mars and Ryan as O'Ryan/Orion we can get some planetaary line-up - maybe aim Voronin at them
How can one team have 2 Towers of Babel - I guess that's the modern game- God fucks with one tower , bring the other on in injury time


Michael said...

"How can one team have 2 Towers of Babel?"

Remember that they built two stargates in Contact? For the same reason.

Atlantean Times said...

They also had 2 stargates on stargate sg1..1 was found in egypt the other in antartica...

Atlantean Times said...

OBeron Moon won a race in england today...I backed it on the "OB has been coming up a lot" basis and I also wrote all about Oberon in the rennes le chateau piece...

indeed i wrote about the oberon moon...nice ehh

Anonymous said...

Ever notice the theme of phoneboxes and time travel & stargates: Doctor Who, The Matrix, Bill & Ted films.
Superman - always gets changed in a phonebox.

Atlantean Times said...

Hi zupa..

I always thought of it as the phone being the important part not the box...Its like thats where the nearest jack in point is to the information super highway...

Much life saving info is passed on by the phone in movies and tv..to me the phone is the holy guardian angel..a voice appears as if by magick and passes on or channels vital information to whoever happens to have picked it up..eg colin farrell in phonebooth...or crowley or PKD..I think its the same thing...some guardian angels seem strangely keen to Kill you whereas "other" seem to want to help...


aferrismoon said...

Michael made a case for Temporary Toilets some time ago, near Christmas. I sent him a video of a guy 'jumping' from place to place via a TOITOI loo

Anonymous said...

You mean peeing in phoneboxes?! Mingers! Phoneboxes should have a complete Yellow Pages and be fully-working, and definitely not smell of pish.

The Matrix defintely doesn't need the box - just the physical cable (wireless doesn't work to get you in/out of the matrix), the others need the box too though. Dr. Who doesn't even have an actual phone, his is just the box exterior (there used to actually be way more of the Police Boxes around, there's hardly any left these days; like red phone boxes and double deckers and pillar boxes).

I didn't know PKD and Crowley had 'ghost phones'? - I read that Uri Geller and Jack Sarfatti got SPECTRA-type calls on phones though; a type of intelligence would call up and leave messages about the universe and interesting scientific things.

Anonymous said...

re: SG-1 - the stargate looks like a giant phone dialler!
Less obvious if you're only used to button phones.

aferrismoon said...

The Dial - fine artefact- hope they put them on mobiled

Atlantean Times said...

Dial it up.......

I dont mean the actual plastic phone...i mean the metaphor the phone represents...

The symbols on the stargate represent a similar notion to the supposed symbols that the appollo astronauts saw once they approached the van allen belt..in a round about way..

they are supposed to be from the cartouche found at abydos which in sg1 is another planet where RA resides