Sunday, April 6, 2008

Os-Theo-Path, aka Leadin LaDIes

In the photo above David 'the Ghost' Duchovny and Willie 'Greer' Garson prepare for filming in 'TVSET'. Investigating Officer TIPPIT , gunned down, allegedly, by Lee Harvey Oswald, I found that in the 1992 film RUBY 'The Ghost' plays Officer Tippit while Willie G. played Lee Harvey Os. Taking a look through X-Files, brought into present focus by SECRET SUN's posting of regular X-Filey tidbits, we find that Willie Garson played in 2 episode THE WALK and THE GOLDBERG VARIATION , as well as a few appearances in SG-1. DUCH in Czech means - Spirit, ghost, phantom, apparition. The famous actress GREER GARSON died in DALLAS in 1996.
While on the subject of actresses and/or leading ladies this snap from the latest Simpson's, inessential to the plot, though ....leading..

Homer has gathered up all the ballet dancers cigarettes in attempt to stave off Lisa taking up smoking. He bungs the bag through this window , on to the bed of Mayor Quimby whose voice is in obvious imitation of JFK. After sex many desire the 'after shag-fag' [ a fag in British English = slang for 'cigarette']. He utters his need audibly to his God, and Lo! through the window comes a bag full of ciggies.
He offers one to the Marilyn Monroe Blondinka who declines - ' I can't , I'm pregnant' to which JFKwimby asks for another favour from his God. He didn't actually say ' Rid me of this troublesome priest!' as Marilyn wasn't that kind of priest.
Diana and Dodi were rumoured to have conceived a child. Diana came to earth on JULY 1st 1961. Dodi helped produce 8thDAY with Hazel O'Connor, a powerful film and song.

23 years earlier on July 23, 1938 Charles Voyde HARRELSON came into the world. He is father of WOODROW 'WOODY' HARRELSON , born 23 years later and also 23 days after DIANA . Charles was convicted of killing JUDGE WOOD in 1979 and died in jail last year. In statement on or around the trial Charles claimed to have shot JFK though later denied this.

Charles wife, Woody's mother was born DIANE LOU OSWALD a name that begins and ends with a D, rather like David Duchovny. Lou Oswald becomes Lou Harrelson - The L,H & O of Lee Harvey's initials.
As well as the letters and numbers the image of DIANA and OS or OZ , the hunter and 'great strength' - the Moon in Capricornus? [ like Bobby Kennedy]
Charles and Diane got divorced though rather earlier than the Prince and Princess of Wales, in 1964. Both couples had children with names beginning with W - William and Woodrow. Willy is a children's word for a 'penis', Woody is an adult one.
Harrelson seems to resonate with the younger princely son, Harry. The odd 'EL' is doubtless for those exacting Masons, while the 'Y' stands firm for Pythagoreans.

Here's Woody in a film where he knows a lot but lets on little.


Anonymous said...

That's changed again then - cause Woody's relation was in jail for something to do with the JFK shooting. I remember someone mentioning this in a discussion board years ago, and later on I asked them online about it again - at the time what they told me checked out alongside internet documents.
Now it's changed back to what your post says here, in terms of the web documents supporting that now.

NBK was on Film 4 last night (after Memento, of all films) - that's still the same; when Channel 5 launched and showed it, the version they showed had loads of extra parts I've never seen again, mostly involving the governor and the documentary guy planning the riot and escape.

I've got a bit of a list of films like that; not directors cuts or special editions (in every case they've been checked to ensure any extended or alternate versions listed the missing scenes, and whatever else is missing) - in some cases even the exact same recording has changed when watched at later dates, and it's not a case of chapter skips either.
In some cases also, the missing parts had been extensively referenced by me and others on discussion forums (eg - quoting lines that later no longer existed).

(there's a very interesting article in UFO Reality issue 5 about Channel 5 and what it was really about. I've got a few stories about that myself that I've yet to tell anyone of, and some others that I have mentioned)

It's like someone is trying to control the universe but their memory is worse than the lead in Memento, so they keep matching things on the timeline up all wrong.

'The Goldberg Variations' is what Hannibal Lecter escapes to in the book and the film of The Silence of the Lambs.

Anonymous said...

I meant to add to the second last paragraph there: .."so they keep matching things on the timeline up all wrong" and it shows up in some films, because they're meant to be consistently the same, but the changes alter them.
So if you see the same film again, a change like that indicates there's been tampering with the timeline / history.

Recordings are useful that way, for comparisons.

aferrismoon said...

I don't put outside possibility, films and the distorted timeline. Or perhaps whole sections of our character have been included in films but often left out of our lives, which is why we 'escape' into Variations.
Cheers for the material and info

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's that myself - it seems more like an organised (though ultimately pointless, as it isn't something anyone sane would want to be part of given a free-will choice) method of stealing people's souls, and sometimes it shows up in films.

There's a type of entity and it appears in everyday people & situations too, and it's like it is part of an organised drama, like it's part of something very false and staged; and it has many other minds believing it's lies and stories as to what's going on (which it relies upon in order to continue its charade, and become what it wishes to be)......and it reads minds and if it likes an idea it projects (into its zombie-followers minds) that it is the source of those ideas.

I'm only saying that because one of the things it uses on people is the idea that your character can escape into the movies etc - it stops you questioning why such a thing would even happen. Makes you fragmented, let yourself leak away.

I've seen it 'interfere' with what transpires on TV, film, radio, etc many a time, and there's definitely a very distinct contrived energy there when it's doing its artificial-synchronicities, as opposed to normal (unmeddled with) synchs and the natural tao-like flow of things.

I get the impression it tries to use films to syphon off potential situations that will expose it in real-life, and have them channeled by actors and so on and played out onscreen instead.

Whatever; it's just fooling itself anyway.

I'd bet it's got loads of people pre-programmed to fob any of the likes of what I wrote there off as an inability to take responsibility for what I manifested myself......which is totally inconsistent and full of holes and at best a shoddy attempt to explain how the universe operates.
I have way better things to do than have my existing wasted in experiencing anything I don't enjoy 100%.

Oh sure let your ego go; as long as you do that according to the big fevered ego that defined for you that you must have manifested all the 'bs' in your life all by yourself. Cause it wasn't all there already when you were born or anything.

Anonymous said...

re: the first comment - I hadn't meant to imply that I (or anyone else to the best of my knowledge) considered the missing film parts and the like to be anything to do with me personally, or were character aspects of me;

however I am aware that such a thing exists / that some people think that can happen, hence the second comment.

None of the missing things reminded me of anything to do with me at all, though anything could be stretched if you really wanted it to fit.

I do find it all the more intriguing that the same place that did the STAR GATE research for the govt. is now very much into perfecting 3D and holographic movie technology,

"Media Laboratory. We are working on 3D holographic and digital image processing methods, together with Russian Cinema and Photo Research Institute (NIKFI). Our work is related to the new cinema, television and Internet technologies.

Project Development Division. PDD is evolving several interdisciplinary projects, which have significant economic meaning in different fields. These projects are carefully chosen by their uniqueness and perspectives. Our current trends include:

* 3D Holographic Movies Technology
* 3D Holographic Projectors for Education, Business Presentations, Advertising and so on
* Unique Hi-Tech Systems in Architecture and Construction
* Advanced Technology of growing of Synthetic Crystals (sapphire, silicon, etc. for CPU production, laser cores and so on)


I know this isn't a popular view with some folks, but for a time now I've thought that a great deal of prophecy is really people having scryed or remote viewed future movies and fictional media that seem so realistic to them, that they were mistaken for actual events.

Atlantean Times said...

Thats an interesting suggestion Zupa. you might be right...