Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just plain oops!

Thanks to a comment from UP YOURS who noted that Liverpool have another player called RYAN BABEL. In fact the Babel playing for Liverpool is RYAN , who I erroneously called MARKUS Babel.
Markus Babel , a German , played for LFC in the the treble-winning team of 2000-1 , he's above on the left and his names spelt BABBEL.
Apologies for the inaccuracy

Nevertheless we do now have Ryan which leads to O'Ryan and then ORION
18.27 Prague time- relooking at the photos it's apparent that the hands convey a deal of NRG.
The hand in hebrew = YVD -Yod - the Hermit card, but the fist and palm go to KPh. In Hebrew some wourds have 2 numerical values, such as Kaph. The palm relates to Kaph =ing 20, and the fist to Kaph [ as a final letter] =ing 500.
Using the Sefer Yetsira the K=SUN Tarot. Considering that when one scores an all important goal footballers tend to offer themselves prostrate, clench their fists , open their hands , dance like an errant belly-dancer , all acts of praise/worship, and most religions in living mem seem outwardly @ least Solar oriented , I wonder whether the Seph might make some interesting 'reading'[ watch out , Hidden Agendar]. In other packs Kaph = The Wheel and RYSh [ Resh] , often given as the Hebrew character for the Sun , though it's related to Kaph as R = 200, means Head.

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Alex Robinson said...

If I may side-step into the savoury snack department for a moment, (does one eat crisps while watching football?) I'm reminded that here in NZ, two of the biggest brands of potato crisps are O'Ryans & Bluebird.

... & AF because I can't resist a comment you posted a little while ago re Bahrain here's one for you: