Saturday, April 12, 2008

New man's an Island

A Tourist balloon prior to crashing over the Temple of Ramses II , [ actually a memory of the name of the place, could be similar but different]. The tourists were taking photos over LUXOR and reorts describe them as 5 Britons 2 Beligians OR A New Zealander, 4 Scots , and 2 Belgian. None died but a few broken bones. The balloon and its basket , silent chariot of air ferrying its 7 stars over a holy pharaonic shrine inthe City of Lux [ light] and Or [gold] by fantastical etymology. ATLANTEAN TIMES wrote about a STAROTGATE, a fine foray into the cut up and respliced wordsmithing that characterises synchro-texts, and headed the article with FOOL later reminding us that the root of the word is Latin 'Follis' - a windbag - SOLIS FOLLIS. The SOLIS bit does duty for the FIRE of the Hot-Air Balloon, though it resonates as a kind of SUN, or a kind of PRE-SUN, awaiting the heat of the 'balloon' of air to becoming self-energising allowing its RAYS [ the Chariots' to carry our nourishment to us, in fact to grow into us, we , each rays grail, where they rest and come to life anew, rebourne, oz-born
The perfect day, the balloon sails high over the mountaintops, the peaks. The metaphors take us into the mountaineering and financial worlds.
First, the logo, resonating with A KEAN EYE's post KK from March 23. The KARRIMOR logo for a company famous for their hiking and backpacking equipment.Both a K2 and UNION JACK


One of the financial world's largest Chariots have lost at least 1 wheel - STRUCTURED INVESTMENT VEHICLES or SIVs [ like the SUV, rather large, good for nothing, essentially for people who can't drive, or don't concentrate on their driving and require strong defences] Northern Rock had SIVs [ or SIeVes]in sub-prime markets and ALLIANZ , who bought DRESDNER BANK, who own DRESDNER KLEINWORT their investment arm, have had to bail out DKs SIV called K2. They lost a few billion, so the magic word 'restructuring' appeared and some of Allianz's employees will have a lot more free time. Humans, last line of Credit.

Maybe a 1000 top German businessmen are the subject of tax-evasion investigation centred on LIECHTENSTEIN. The German Tax Office bought a CD of the names for some millions of Euro, followed closely by UK Inland Revenue. From whom? Early retirement looks an expedient career change.

Below Dresdner's HQ in FRANKFURT, the GALILEO Building[ Galileo - Galilee ?] - Frankfurt, home to Deutsche Bank, their logo a glyph of OZ77 in masterful simplicity as well as home to the Rothschilds in days gone by. The DRESDNER logo is a hexagram with a green triangle pointing heavenwards.

Whatever Czariot we travel in the world will look ever different, from the quiet skies to deep blue sea.
WISE WOMAN , from the Island of the Long White Cloud looks South to ANTARCTICA in her last 3 posts, bringing in the geography with Mt.EREBUS [ A 'bus' = an OMNIBUS = 'for all', so a Chariot for all], Edmund Hillary, and recently a writer named ARGOD. Often I've thought a-aboat Bucky-Fullers speculation on humans emerging from the Polynesian islands. Wise Woman lives a lot closer and has visited some of the islands and feels that 'humans' may have emerged from Antarctica. It inspired me to repost the DYMAXION MAP - it'll be interesting to redo the map with Antarctica as near to the middle as possible. Greenland - KALAALISUT NUNAAT looks rather like a Polar Bear atop a small footing, bellowing at the sea. The snout appears long enough for a Wolfie . The flag heads this post.

Bucky-Fuller attempted through his life to rid himself of the words UP and DOWN, in a directional sense, instead using the AIRMAN's OUT and IN [ from the centre of the Earth] [UP in 'phrasal verbs like Break up, have the sense of 'completely']. This practice brings results. It dismisses the heirarchical pyramid cultures that would have us climb to the top, all but the great 'one' reaching the summit, all others bearing the load.
So OUT from Greenland we bear South , not too far though, as far as OSlo, capital of Norway where Thor Heyerdahl's REED boat RAII lays docked. The reeds come from Lake TITICACA sometimes translated as Rock Puma, I've also heard Jaguar, in Bolivia, though the boat sailed from Morocco to Barbados.

Jake in his most recent post FOLLOWING HUGH JACKMAN THROUGH THE ATLANTEAN STARGATE sites a pic from LOST with Michael among other making off in a reed boat, somewhere in Polynesia, or Micronesia, North - West of OZ anyway. They didn't use reeds so much as bamboo and wood if I remember. Thor Heyerdahl thought that Polynesia = the 'start-point' for humans or that they emerged into some maturity. Fuller thought that because they were forced to build boats to find new sources of food etc they were pushed into navigation and other priestly arts, giving them the knowledge to get pyramids built all over the world. Of cource only some were Navigator-Priests [ a role apparently that went hand-in-hand in some Polynesian cultures, as well they were housed out of the main village, advised the Chiefs, and counted in Binary]

Harold Perrineau, Michael/Kevin in Lost acts as AUGUSTUS HILL [ August = 8th month, Hill resonates with TUM - Tumuli] in a series called OZ, about Oswald State Correctional Facility [ Pic from Jake's Post]. It beautifully links the Oz with Oswald as outside the law. Thinking about Dallas 11/22/63 Jack and Jackie Kennedy sat in the limo' - 2Ks to go along with the King Kill Konsiderations. HP - Blavatsky and Lovecraft, Henrik Palmgren, HoiPolloi; by Sepher Yetsira Tarot - H = Emperor, P = Empress
Th great 'strength' of Oswald has now been suffused into the Wheelchair-Chariot idea that Jake has brought up. One thinks of people like Steven Hawking, Christopher Reeve, their life roles linked with these Chariots, extensions , new feet, carriers, bearing word.
For those who 'in the prime of life' have their mobility taken and become wheel-chair 'bound' , agreat psychic shift must take place. Watching one's legs atrophy ! The wheel has turned and now the Charioteer must turn the wheels and so doing change their fortune.
Much of the action happens in an experimental ward called EMERALD CITY, shortened to EM City casting an M over the proceedings [ MC = 1100] thus linking the Oz theme to the story rather than the Kennedy assassination. Yet Oswald never got to prison, instead he creates one.
Harold Perrineau as Augustus Hill , seconded to eM-City links to his secondment on Manhatten Island-City, after his 'release' from the Island in LOST where he cannot die, caught in a prison , the bars of which he cannot see. As jake points out the synch to John Locke, once wheelchaired, now the Island powerhouse, the 'great strength', the Island's OZ.
I knew a guy from St.Lucia called Oswald Perrineau many years ago so personally the synch of Harold in the Oswald chair amazes me.
His attempt at escape in the 'reed' boat links to Polynesian origins for 'humans'. The reed boats of Thor Heyerdahl - RA and RAII - link to Egyptianism, the God's Barques and their daily journey bearing the illuminating Ra across the sky and through the Tuat, their underworld.

Below we see John locked into his pre-flight reality, in the background GATES 1 THRU 13 - considering the set of 13 stars on the $-bill design added to U PLURIBUS UNUM, or alternatively it ain't just one big do-it-all stargate super Christmas present , maybe we really do have to 'work'.
The first 13 Tarot - the FOOL to The HANGED MAN . John has to sacrifice his 'walkabout' trip in Oz due to his condition and after great anger and disapointment - he finally let's go, and boards Flight 815 to continue his journey through the Tarot, through each and every veil unto the last The HIGH PRIESTESS [HP].
And as such John is not 'cured' after being unlocked from the wheelchair, though he was impelled to go forth , to continue maturing.

Locke, the spelling here , the German for a LOCK of hair , a characteristic of HARPOCRATES or HOOR-PA-KRAAT, the babe of Egyptian mythology, the silent twin, with a finger on his lips, brother to Horus, the Hawk-headed Warrior. SUPERMAN had a famous lock of hair, remaining silent of his true identity while performing good-warrior deeds here and there.

This John locks too - Throne or Chariot? Answers on a piece of toilet paper.


Atlantean Times said...

a couple of things...about this dot joiner.....

heath stars in casanova where he and the female Giordano Bruno ascend in to the heavens in a hot air Ballon. casanova has this ballon manufactured to her specifications and brings her up to win her love.

But and this is a big but...the balloooooon falls back to earth with a crash bang wallop. Casanova is probably his biggest goddess worshiping role. I am about to bring those articles towards egypt and include the crashing ballon shots...amazing...also its prob the role where the words hanging or to be hung are mentioned the most with there being several references.
great dot joiner cheers gav

Alex Robinson said...

Well you cast your net wide with this one - good catch.

The mention of the Luxor - city of light & the chariots, made me look twice at a headline on the internet about 'luminaries' attending Charlon Heston's (the charioteer) funeral.
Heston was born on Oct 4 (a date I looked at recently) - 88 days to end of year & day Sputnik was launched in 1957.

Ben Hur premiered November 18 1959. My deck of Tarot cards shows an image of 4 horses driven by a charioteer which looks distinctly like the poster for Ben Hur (The Chariot number VII of major arcana).
Nov 18 is the 322nd day of year & I believe the number for a not very nice secret society. It is also the day of the Jonestown suicide/massacre which resulted in the deaths of 918 people - is it just me or has anyone else noticed the number 918 or popping up a lot lately.

Interestingly the old & new St Peter's Basilica were both consecrated on Nov 18, 1300 years apart in 326 & 1626.

aferrismoon said...

Possibly we subconsciously follow the ' symbols' within each others 'stories' , as well as the out-there media stuff, and remaining local to each pther , pick up on details that none of us could perform were we 'thinking' about them - let alone try to 'write' them into a piece of text. Like Atlantean said some time ago, ' I'm gonna have to put this on video, it's too much in text' [ not the exact quote of course]
Because I'm using the Sepher Yetsira there's no card with 0 , they just follow the order of the Hebrew alephbeyt.
For me that's simpler, otherwise there's I have to deal with a pack order going 0/1, 1/2, 2/3 etc., the first number for the card, the 2nd number for the Hebrew letter.
Nevertheless a Tarot belongs to its reader, and a lot of work has gone into different Tarot.
I tend to indicate that I use the Sepher Yetsira order as the Rider Waite and Crowley packs are used predominantly in today's media and synchroblogging[when used]

1118 I think is the date 9 Templars started the Order.
Charlton Heston acted in an odd Orson Welles film.
Ben Hur - the Chariot Race , amazing.
I see the Sputnik keeps popping up in your posts and coments for different reasons
Sputnik - Travelling Companion

Atlantean Times said...

On the subject of vids..

i have been trying to edit a heath ledger piece with important tracts of dialogue but windows movie maker wont work half the time and keeps crashing..its a feckin knightmare..

I have an audio only version that im trying to incorporate into my next post..see how it goes...looking forward to your vid


Michael said...

"An island is a small body of land surrounded by the need for a boat." Euell Gibbons

Syncronauts have noted how we tend to build our temples on literal islands - Manhattan, Isle de la Cite, or at least on symbolic ones. I read somewhere that the Polynesians held Tonga to be taboo - a religious island. Bucky called this planet "spaceship earth", let's all sing along to "This Island Earth". Atlantis is the big kahuna of symbolic islands.

I've become lately fascinated by the Dutch syncs. Manhattan, purchased with beads or magic beans, redeemed from the Netherlands - the underworld.

Great post!

Atlantean Times said...


Michael what do you mean about the magic beans...Im only asking as in the brothers grimm heath sells a cow for magic beans and damon keeps reminding him of it through the film...sorry for going on about ledger the whole time but its kind of an obsession at the moment...

have you a synch connection between magic beans and manhattan...just curious...gav

aferrismoon said...

The dutch are important - The Dutch East India Co., Wiliam of Orange, Amsterdam was an 'open' city for Jews after their expulsion, the Royal Dutch Shell, South Africa, great football, lots of Orange
and now the symbolic 'underland/world'. the story of the boy with his finger inthe dyke is also fondly recalled.
Temples on Islands , I have one!
Very intriguing the symbolism of synchers , within the global amorphous islands are brewing

Michael said...

Hi Gav, no real connection to Manhattan except that beads and beans sound similar, and are both worthless. The story of Jack and the beanstalk syncs up with Esau (Jack) who sold his inheritance (the cow) for a bowl of red beans.

The Dutch, also famous for their stargaty windmills, legal pot and prostitution, wooden boat-like shoes, the only gay holocaust memorial, and paying too much for tulips. The Netherlands have become a rich sync mine for me.

Atlantean Times said...

mmmmmmmm legal pot aagahagahagah..

imagine a toker...suite

ok cheers...I have never been to holland but I will be in the dam in november...hopefully