Saturday, April 5, 2008


The Memorial in Harrods to Diana Spencer and Dodi Al-Fayed. The Al-Fayeds, Egyptian, influence this simple act of love.
The picture frames made me think of the CERN logo posted at THUTHER'S THOUGHTS. He links it to the Handcuffs found at WAYCROSS, a nearly crime of almost proportions. Fear is the Key, the cuffs are I.D.

CERN , always makes me think of HERNE the HUNTER, possibly a corruption of CERNE or KERNEROS, some happy hilltop horned man-beast. CERN's in Switzerland , with all that other NRG tied up in Bonds, cash and gold.

When I hear about Handcuffs I think of the Parliament song - its at Youtube - PARLIAMENT - HANDCUFFS


Alex Robinson said...

The picture & Cern logo also reminds me of the astrological symbol (69) for can'cer' - the last 3 letters 'cer forming the first three of Cern

aferrismoon said...

Excellent - Diana born on July 1 makes her a Cancer. Also she was born in 1961, and we get the 69 reversed.
Cancer comes from Latin CARCER, and they died, imprisoned intheir Car, which = a mechanical Crab


Newspaceman said...

Hiya aferrismoon, my mind is a bit mashed as to the circumstances of the keystone kops link. If I recall correctly, was reading the KK33 essay in reference to keystones and thought of the 1122 raid therefore keystone kops and also the football - with my my mind on the next game.

Then, I remembered that you had written a post with the same title, I checked it and the time of the first comment hit me full on.

I therefore linked that older post then, when catching up, was amazed to see that you had the same term in a current post.

It was most uncanny and therefore seems important.

Have a look at the BBC website, the olympic torch at no 10, I will post it but is an athlete wearing number 34 who carries the flame.

Also, prince phillip has been in "hospital",he "missed" the Hillary mountaineering extravaganza, the flame is due to go up Everest and the weather is hail and snow.

too much


Alex Robinson said...

Can't let synchronicity of Newspaceman's comments go uncommented on.
I don't follow news much (gives me indigestion). I know Prince Phillip was absent for the Hillary Memorial at St George's Chapel, Windsor on 2nd April. I'm presuming they have linked Hillary with the olympic torch going up Everest.
The numbers 1122 jumped out at me.
Hillary died Jan 11, his funeral service was held at 11.00am, 11 days later on 22 Jan (the day Heath Ledger died). I've been tracing synchronicity with the life of Hillary & you can check it out if interested -

Atlantean Times said...

some of those numbers pop up in the message that sauniere writes on the floor of the louvre in invisible ink. he writes a mixed up version of the fibonachi sequence.