Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Font Memories

...of Resurrection
ReReviewing VANTAGE POINT: Forest W. , who in BUTTERFLY and CRYING GAME dies early, here rounds a FONT , in a church/ cathedral in Salamanca. We see him inside only briefly, here, running through, out into the light again. The Font, Graal or Crater, a static WATERDOOR, which he 'passes through' - did u expect him to swim across!
The Crater-Grail has had a little discussion at the SYNCHROMYSTIC 4UM

The TV station was obviously GNN but oft we got hit with G-N. Here the reporter delivers the news about the Loan assassin. Using Sepher Yetsira Tarot attributions ;
G = 3 = Wheel of Fortune [Motion]
N = 50/700 = Death [ Indetermination]
GN = Garden or Gene

A ban on Ws ? Anyone know the significance? I guess it could be ' Dubya'. W = 23rd letter and the film shows 23 minutes of time, though repeated from the various 'vantage points'. G-W-B = 3-23-2. I mean , that's presidential synch, no fucking with that.
The Worlds No1 Assassin - Socialist Worker.

Here 2 Octogons , side by side, capture 2 policemen. The Prez will whizz by in just a sec', but not before the COP [ KOP is Afrikaans for 'hill'] gets lined up in the Octo's crosshairs. They line up on his left shoulder which GEMINI [TWINS] rules in medical astrology.
The reflection in the right hand window almost erases the other KOP's head, and his little torso has a truncated pyramid appeal underpinned by his 2 pillar-legs, so he's a headless KOP. an uncapped hill. ARIES [ RAM] rules the Head. This octo has a spiral at its centre, all very cyclonic, and the floor is checkered with added shadow-KOPs
Thus we have 2 Keystone KOPS - 2K who, as Kop = Mountain = K2 [ or K2 squared] held within 2 Octogons, one has crosshairs on his shoulder , the Twins, the other minus his head, the Ram, resonating headless pyramounts [ possibly chickens too].

Finally the saved President [ William hurt - altered states] gets flown off in the HELIOS-COPTER flush between the 2 largeer [ on the right] and 1 smaller , double spire, rising , resurrected, the Twin who lived, green for GO. Green and White, colours of Islam. An orange snake meanders across severing the past.


Michael said...

Keystone KOPS - awesome.

W is a double U - the unflattering reflection of US. It's also a double V, which no doubt carries much occult weight - the negative of twin towers?

Ducati and Harley Davidson make V-Twin motorcycles.

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Aferrismoon, I was thinking about this keystone kops in the light of liverpool playing arsenal tonight at the freshly "blessed" stadium and the nearby polce raid.

By the way, the Queen was at some sort of Edmund Hillary service today, I somehow feel now that all is becoming clearer/more obvious ?

nature of the beast ?


Unknown said...

It's definitely an anti Bush W. Like the Ghostbusters emblem, W is barred from passing through the stargate, but its a bit too late for that I think we all agree. If Questionable Hunchback McCain takes over one consolation will be that we can just flip our anti-W placards over into anti-Ms. Economical!

But Hurt isn't playing GWB in this film is he (though GWB frequently plays Hurt)? Does his character's name have a W in it?

Interesting, I encountered yesterday, I believe at Thuther Thoughts, the idea that the pyramid without the capstone is related to the form of the Volcano/Crater.

aferrismoon said...

Strangely Michael I've just passed a A Harley D, very popular here. I think Jawa come from here [ Czech]. Also its all DOUBLE - V here.

ARSENAL comes from Arabic ' dar-as-sina'a' - House of Manufacture. So the place of manufacture lounging in the Emirates

Adam - he plays President ASHTON, which is why I wondered the reason for the W. If its DUBYA then i guess its no prob to stick it in the film, who expects that kind of continuity.
Love the Ghost Busters , because GEORGE BUSH without the W resonates gleamingly with the film's title
Check out the capped hill in STANLEY, TASMANIA