Monday, December 3, 2007


In the vast numerical synchromesh few gag my gob like Daniel 5:27. First let me spell it out -
530 931 111 1139 274
It tarnslates into english something like -
Teqel, thou art weighed in the balances and art found wanting
But then I saw da mix , so hard I couldn't get over it
In true 911 style I gotta say WTC - what the crikey
So the number mirrors but not like equal forms either side, the usual humbug
So the Left 8 - 53 etc to 1 but the mirror side comes in from the right thus starting with 47 .
The 111s oppose each other in the centre, 111 = ALPh, and 3 1s make a Triangle, so 2 triangles doing the Shield of David motif.

Then the 93s, AGAPE and THELEMA , Love and Will, in Greek enumeration the famed 9T3 Then the 0 opposite the 2 , the universal equation : Universe = 0, divisible into 2, Me + Environment, Will and Love, in case u missed it the foist time
Finally the 53 - 47 move. These show that mirroring doesn't equal mirror images, but acts in dynamic complement, so here at level 4 projection of Universe-Alef we get two numbers that = 3 more and 3 less than 50 [ the average orbit of Sirius B around A]. Averagism don't deal with diggidy dog doo, creates parallelic non-con-divergence which = a NoNo. To get a bit of dynamic interplay, shit, someone's gotta be found wanting , thus this out-of-kilter yin-yang orbital gyroscoping.
just to show they ain't messing wit' y'all they = 100 , a Sirian double-psychle.
Plus , they're both Prime numbers
A tetrahedron can be formed by 2 3-directional vectors [see SYNERGETICS] , thus the 3 triangles aren't triangles as such but look like that from a certain angle. This reminds us that events [ commonly called points] overlap, they don't make seamless connections. These 'points' have triangular spaces within , which is why there's no point to synchromysticism
Further reading might include another browse in SYNERGETICS , section on Scheherezade Numbers, which among other 'points' talks about the Babylonian Navigator - Priests 'hiding' mathematical knowledge inside fantasy stories.
Which brings me to the Trojan Horse. Again I cite Fuller, this time Critical Path.
When Troy was attacked on land a soldier and his pack and soldier carrying horse came over the mountains, laid siege, didn't succeed , went home or got killed by a some projectile. Thus the Trojans identified this horse - soldier- provision thing. Then one day a bunch of deep-bellied ships with horse-head prows , rented from the Fenicians scooted over right into the boundaries of Troy, onto the beach no less, out poured the soldiers and the provisions , to which the Trojans exclaim ' My, havent their horses been genetically-modified?'
'Nah , they're sea-horses , you daft apath!'


Unknown said...

Well I'm jealous of your ability to break things down and interpret their parts, like scrying a game of Jenga. (Not sure what that means, but it sounds funny to me) I'm sure there's other interpretations that could be made, but I was just reading a book where some guys said that imagination is the first step towards conscious creation. And at the level of your imagination - you can create worlds.

I think there's a 'point' to synchromysticism, and that it is that when the points that overlap are different - that is the point. It shows that change is not only a inevitability, but a necessity. So when a synchro-point is found, it wont be an exact mirror of an event, but changed in some way that adds more depth.

I think you'd like this guys blog:
He interprets things with his "Isian codes."

AstroSphinx said...

I have to agree with ViølatoR; I am intriqued and possibly jealous of your ablity about how you break things down.. I haven't the skill or the understanding of it in its fine waking-dream logic to even begin to phanthom your skill either..

I guess I will avoid jealousy but sit in awe and try to learn anyway.. even though these kind of things are just not how my brain works. It is amazing and interesting this mirroring and breaking things down into numbers.. just wanted you to know that I've been reading this as well.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers -
Points - Vanishing points, the 1 on the Horizon. Definitely a myriad of interpretations, i enjoy slipping mine into the mox. What I write would luke barely-clothed were it not for its links to all the other people . I guess that's the point.
The articles are all personal and its exciting to 'catch on' to things and then spin off,
constellations , though forming and reforming at the speed of thought.
I also have to say I'm not wholly sure what i'm writing about, take a few chances with words and hum-orous settings and see what seeds take root and stretch out to the stars.
Overlap explains a lot, [ also there's ahidden Masonic Lap-trowel in there], it precludes static, mortgage - ridden sub routines
Numbers do strange things