Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Rats out of the Habit

Beginning at the end , goodbyes act as greetings, thus we are helloed with the end credit to ZOOEY Deschanel , who acted as the Dorothy Gale resonator D.G. in the latest 'spinoff' from the Wizard of OZ tale - TINMAN. Her given name ZOoey brings in the idea of Zoos, where u might find a Zebra, but definitely 'animals' which moves us onto the ZOdiac. Oh, and OZ itself headbutts us in true goaty style.
Zooeys sister acts in BONES, a death-crime-forensic-light comedy. BONE in French = OS, tickling out OSiris , which links to BONES , as they investigate 'the DEAD'
A kwik review - DG [ via Hebrew letter/numbers] = 7 and the word translates as 'fish' so linking Dot Gale into the Dogon, who worshipped FISH amongst other beasts and such.
I don't know the scheduling in UmmErica but I watched both SIMPSONS & FAMILY GUY episodes together.
Zooey sets up the link to this odd little insert from the acceleratingly depraved neural prosthetic FAM-GUY where DOTTY.G says goodbye to the disfigured freakshow that she insists on hanging out with . Emerald City has been replaced with 'Dildo' City . Look I have to watch this for the 'synchs'. It should be removed from the air immediately and shown in our schools to warn our children ...about...something. Warn them!

The vulgar shows storyline parades the little bugger Stewie whose demented presence takes us further up the rabbithole. The balloons remind us that last week a Catholic priest in Brazil rose into the air tied to innumerable balloons for charity. He hasn't , to my knowledge, been found yet.

Anubis stands at the gateway after taking his kid through the underworld ordeal to ressurrect anew. Off he goes in the DNA Chariot which the animators have rendered very professionally, for us, u understand, for us u see, do u seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

Phew! Family Guy , heavy shit. Know your Enema!
Simpsons - less obvious , but equally disturbing. Matt Groening [ pronounced GRAIN-KING] injects this awful Crowleyan-Golden Dawn [ Gale, Dorothy] psychic assault on innocent viewers. The inept colouring is no mistake, the pinky Horus Dawn so often iterated by Crowley burnished by radiant golden sun. [ Red Sky in the morning , Shepherd's Warning - u dig Jesus]
This episode comes when SECRET SUN has rereviewed the numerous churches with 'sun' logos.

In my previous post I linked The GREEN-X-CODE man [ David Prowse , who acted as Vadar's body in Star Wars] to OSIRIS, Osiris often known as a Grain-God. Here Martin, clutching a capstone , showing his palm , greets Bart from the driving seat of a HARVESTER. He has joined the 4-H CLUB which teaches kids how to 'farm'. It's not a green cross but a green SHAM-ROCK [ a fake Peter] or a CLOVER [ perhaps they're like KOKE and PEP-C , the same thing with different names]. As the hebrew letter Kaph means both 'Palm' and ' PFist', both of which Martin annunciates, we have a nixtremely subtle 11:11. God loves a tryer.
In the last post I wrote about Hugo/Hurley from Lost and WISEWOMAN added LizHURLEY/HUGH Grant which loops the 4 H's together as well as the Green Cross, + the idea of fake Messiahs, Messiahs, the use of a 'farming heaven' in Egyptian mythology [ The Elysian Fields] and the effects that Commercial Farming have had on it, while the Hs as 8s times 4 = 32.

Bart befriends a 'runt' and fattens him up, innocent of the cow's eventual destination. He provides a sod of turf .

The Calf [ which gets pronounced close to the Hebrew word 'Kaaf' acouple of times] declines the offer so Bart does the 'Yum , Yum, it taste goood' act and forks out [forks are toothed] a bit of real estate from this island of earth floating in a checkerboard sea.
Bart ingests the planet in a cartoon- Masonic Ritual of Osiris Regeneration Two-step [ I don't know if the mason's do Osiris] and with the coming execution of this sacred COW Bart comes forth as Saviour, while going through a WEDDING to the farm queen MARY and almost , indirectly , sending his father , Homer, to his death, instead of the sacrifshal cow, in an epic retelling of the ABRAHAM - ISAAC , kill the kid, biblical spaced out, child-terrorising tale of everyday nihilism

Prior to all this the children find themselves in the grip of advertisising and Krusty Krunch , which , when eaten, reacts with the children's Rohipnol medication, in turn making them highly-susceptible to the flickering megahertz and high-frequency ultra sound messages beamed like a cut-price Valis straight into their pineal glands.
The design of the lettering on the CEREAL BOX [ Osiris' coffin] gives KRU twice leaving STY and NCH making a STYNCH , which = a SYNCH that smells

Post-ritual Bart matures. He sends the COW to India. At Synchromystic Forum DUTCHSINSE brings up COSMIC COWS & ECHOING BUNNYMEN IN A B&W STARGATE which features Cows 'jumping over the Moon'. While I doubt the plane will travel over the Moon [ I don't actually know] it'll be a lot closer than me.
Off goes Cow, to the land of Cow-freedom , closer to the moon than any cow since HATHOR

See - Holy Synchromystic Sundays on FOX - a post at PSEUDOCCULTMEDIA.BLOGSPOT.COM


FilmNoir23 said...

U R so ON my friend!

Wonderful captures as always...

You groove the cathode-ray as good or better than anyway.

Alex Robinson said...

magickly done - left me grinning from ear to ear.

Michael Skaggs said...

NICE!! I love it! What a post!


Newspaceman said...

Anubis has the jug of water to signify the Age of Aquarius ?


Unknown said...

Lots of great insights as always. Matrin is holding a floating capstone while driving the tractor (the rope for the horn maybe?). And 3-leaf clovers were used as a secret cross-symbol for persecuted catholics. (3-leaves plus the stem as the bottom of the cross.) So what would that make a 4-leaf clover? It looks like a inverted pentagram to me, and its even green for Venus/Lucifer!

aferrismoon said...

NEWS - The Rabbit could be LEPUS while the Jug/Pitcher = AQUARIUS , and Anubis can turn into a DOG-STAR.
I add Pitcher as in Czech 'peecha' = cunt, which opens into ideas about Aquarius' femininity, as JUGS = women's breasts
Have to boogie over to Violator who carries a bit of Star Knowledge
VIO- maybe the Heart [ green for heart cakra] and its 4 chambers, chambers giving an architectural tone .
Martin, Prince of Darkness, or Prints of darkness is driving his monstrous CLOVER Harvester in a FIELD
' Rope as the Horn', also could be a beam of 'light' leaving the pyramid for the stars
Thanks for the Clover symbolism

Cheers All

aferrismoon said...

The 'beam' from the Pyramid in Martin's hand strikes the base of the letter H above, implying that one of the Twin Towers got 'shot' at from below

Vapo said...

Excellent post Moon..fluid and rich! Nice!

Have a great day!