Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stepping Stones , Ticking Timebombs , I'm Cracking UP

Southland, circa July 4, perhaps this year , perhaps last, often , apocelliptically musing, next year - nevertheless , no time like the present. No escapes exist, the way out and the way in - a moment of grace, innerstand.
Dawajeen Johnson, formerly known as the ROCK, here MEssiah-like prepares. The Rock infers the Greek - PETROS - which in name we give to Peter and Petra. A famous Peter was one of Jesus' discopills, who gets named the Rock by JC -

18And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.

The followers of Peter see this as a real Foundation Stone on which to build their church [ and not just one]. Jesus tells Peter off for his 'thoughts of Man' when Peter fears JC will be offed on entering Jerusalem. The followers of Peter seem to ignore that the Messiah likely spoke in Hebrew while 'teaching' his disciples. Apparently the Jews/isrealites used Hebrew for its 'holy' status and spoke Aramaic in their daily, mundane life.
In Hebrew Rock or Stone = ABN 53 [ Aben], the same number as GN [ Gan] which means Garden and Gene. JC tells his discs that he is a son and his father is his heaven, and that they don't hear what they hear from a human being. AB 3 = Father while BN 52 = Son. Thus we get a glimpse of a different meaning to the usual heavy 'rock'. A dual current , minus middlemen priests, links Man to 'Heaven'.
With the Egyptian Phoenix symbol the 'bright BENNU bird' and the BENBEN stone we feel the source from a much earlier , though influential, time in history

Below Jack flips into mega-concentration as DAN tells BERNARD that he can fix up a transistor to message the ship, but it'll be a quick fix. He asks for ' strips of ferrous metal and a 9 volt battery'. The camera movement moves sharply to Jack as Dan utters the words. So , Ow!, LOST speaks directly to me ,' a ferris metal '- relevant thoughts as I have been reading PKDick lately.

Later, much later, a year later perhaps , or maybe the day before tomorrow, BEN LYNUS [BL-32] sqwarks through a time-portal, I can only imagine, finding himself plunk in the Sahara. The mountains infer that perhaps Ben is 'peaking'

Below , Locke, who Ben now claims must live, takes protection to valiant levels, attempting to protect the small hamster held in the palms of a painting of Ben's 'Other woman' who looks like Juliet . Looking around at the pictures on the wall most of the portraits seem to be of 'dead' people

A siege of sorts erupts and Hurley/Hugo [H/H] holds the baby. He delivers the child into its cradle/manger with a hollow capstone hovering, and a more settled truncate lampstand glyphing the backdrop. Its diff to see but H/H wears a teeshirt with a grid pattern near the bottom. Checkers form grids thus with H/H acts a Chariot, reinforcing the idea is that the Hebrew letter corresponding to the Chariot = a precursor to the 'H' we now use. Its number = 8, so HurleyHugo = 8x8 = 64, the Classic CHESSERBOARD amount

H/H [8/8] often gets a bit panicky - Sawyer tries to placate him , saying something to the effect of ' Calm down , CHICKEN LITTLE'. We may wonder at the synchro-depths that Sawyers name-alternates reach.
While Sawyer mothers Hurley and Hurley mothers Aaron , Kate displays her Aphroditty character, borne from the waves, she gives Jack a big SUN-PALM , reiterating her K-ness, as The PALM = KPh[Kaf] = SUN card, her name morphing into Kapherine. Do check the Kid on the horse on the Sun card in the Rider-Waite pack.
Kate Austin = K8 OZ-TIN but also initialled = KA, the life force in Egyptian mythology that = the difference between the living and dead body

Nero fiddled, Ben tinkles the black&white prior to the forced sacrifice of his daughter

From 'The Book of the Law' - A. Crowley

3. Now let it be first understood that I am a god of War and of Vengeance. I shall deal hardly with them.

4. Choose ye an island!

5. Fortify it!

6. Dung it about with enginery of war!

Ben in his way seems to rise Bennu-bird-like from many a tight scrape, and with his name resounding Aben, the Heeb for Rock, Stone I give him the qualities of resurrection . He does pop up here and there with increasing regularity. But like Peter he's for ever holding on to his material position, all others can [ except Charles Widmore] prove expendable, at present.
In Egypt Osiris often found himself in impossible situations, kids ripping him apart, locking him inside a coffin, sending him out on a lonely voyage across the Sea, though he always 'returned', albeit without his ROCK-COCK, which rose again under the tender auspices of his Sister-wife ISIS.
Joyce sometimes named Osiris 'OLD CROPPY' , resonating his GRAIN-GOD image , which comes out in Christianity with JC being 'born in a BARN'. These barns in the US look like the BENT-Pyramid and as they house grains = PYRAMIDS , where Pharoanic OSIRISI lay awaiting a new-life in the Elysian Fields [ Champs Elysee]
Synchromysticism also invokes its own 'odd' advertising campaigns -
'Come to ROCK CITY where reality and imagination unite'

The BARN stuff came out in the SOUTHPARK [ South = Aus = OZ] episode with the Britney Corn Sacrifice

Here OS-IRIS [ Bone-eye or Goat -eye] poses for the KAM-era. He's Green , thats how it grows
Jakes latest "WHAT A BIG FUCKING LIZARD , LORD!" THE 911 DINOSAUR MYSTERY"uses Stargate Queen, female Osiris, Robin Tunney. Here she's rezzes with Osiris , wearing GREEN [ very close to the figure of Osiris above], and standing in front of a TREE. Osiris' coffin got stuck in an ERICA BUSH which grew round him and finally formed the TET pillar image.
There's a little house to her right, pyra-topped, cross within .
Adam Star has started ESOTERIC STAR WARS, a new blog. At the Synchro-Forum a discussion wends its wily way. The christian sumbolism in Star Wars emerged and I remembered that DAVE PROWSE 'wore the costume' of Darth Vadar.
I remember him as the GREEN CROSS CODE man, who advised we children how to safely cross the road.
Thinking of DV as a kind of dying-rising God I imagined that Vadar , synchromystically, would plumb neither for the Empire nor the Jedi - he will always CROSS the ROAD, as within the dark, malevolent Knight stires the Green-X-Code, a path aeons old.
'Behold! The Rituals of the old time are Black'

Criss-crOSsing back to the Island the 3 wise men sit playing risk with the CHILD. SYNCHROMYSTIC LIBRARIAN provides a great shot and a great quote - 'WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE , AUSTRALIA IS THE KEY TO THE WHOLE GAME' - cheers H/H. Oz is invoked as Key [ K ]. Sawyer has just taken Siberia , where some years ago, a large 'meteorite' struck Earth at TUNGUSKA, so a vague Crater-Grail link. ICELAND gets a look-in , and the Romans called it THULE. Australia - nowhere to be seen

Nevertheless it takes us South to Southland where , in foetal position, the emerged through time body of BOXer SanteOS / Jericho Cane, rests. The time portal we find close to LAKE MEAD, a man-made like, sporting the HOOVER DAM, among other interesting event-residue.

Ben ejects in a desert too, though far away from Lake Mead, somewhere in TUNISISIA, though unravelled from the foetal form into the Cross [ The cube of space]

Dishevelled and discombobulated Ben has still managed to make his temporary escape using the Dharma Initiative OCTOPATCH, if u press it and wish really, really hard, well, give it a GO!
The 8 and the Desert resonates with Ben [ the stone/ son ] and The ROCK as Scorpion King, about to break his fast with a tasty crustacean, in this still taken from Steve Willners SOUTHLAND TALES - SRY YANTRA mini video-opera, still showing in Sin-Amers in a slightly different DIMENSION. The Scorpion represents the 8th astro-sign , thus somehow glitching in with Octogons and faster than time-travel.

Scorpion king/ ROCK/BOXer SanterOS/ Jericho Cane ends up prior to massive transformation-metamorph in a desert [ ok so Lake Mead isn't a desert but its pretty deserty round those parts] . BENBEN , from Lost, resonating Phoenix/ Stone lands in the Sahara .
Ben's idyll upon the island came to a close when OCEANIC 815 took a dive. A copy has since been found , deep in the waters by Charles Widmore. This covers up the fact that many survived, a fact Charlie W. wants to keep under wraps.
In 1948 , a B-29 experienced difficulties over lake Mead, crashing and disappearing beneath the waters. This accident , the US govt. kept secret from its citizens for 50 years - noone really knows why.
Perhaps its to tidy my synchs up a bit, for which I'm grateful.
So Ben - Time Travel- lands in desert- plane crash while
The Rock - Time Travel - lands in a desert - where a plane crash nothing to do with Southland Tales transpired.

All Rocks finally break apart under the thunderous might of UNIVERSE - SOLVE at COAGULA. How one breaks apart proves most personal.Dwayne Johnson synchromajestically drops his name ' The ROCK [peter] for this film. Boxer [ A Box = a Krab [ Krabice - box in Czech] = Scorpion [ hebrew for it = OQRB, the last 3 letters sounds a CRAB and obviously SCARABEUS] outstretches his arms, his 2 pillars, one showing SEVERITY, the other MERCY, and at the start of his TET pillar [ upper spine] his true identity shines through, the blood pushing through his tatooed back, while the treelike Y supports this final ACT.
Its good to GLOW


Michael said...

Jesus, that's a thick sync stew you brewed! Sometimes you make me wish I had a functioning TV Set.

Back in the day, when driving up to the mountains (Steven's Pass, I think) for a day of skiing, you would pass an old barn with a giant K2 (skis) logo painted on the side.

I had a part time job once at the K2 factory, changing all the ballasts in the overhead fluorescent lights. I'd sometimes get my wires crossed, and when 220 v hits you, you really know it.

Great stuff around the deserts and lake Mead. Mead is also beer, made from grain and honey?

Dedroidify said...

Yeah I really enjoyed that too! That was my favorite Lost episode thus far I think. And Southland Tales was a pretty good movie.

I'm reading my third PKD book in a row (penultimate truth, simulacra and now flow my tears the policeman said, I read valis earlier of course ;p)

"So , Ow!, LOST speaks directly to me ,' a ferris metal '- relevant thoughts as I have been reading PKDick lately."

Could you explain this a little more please? A ferris metal? - English not my first language, don't know what ferris means. And synchydoo, I saw Ferris Bueller's day off yesterday haha. His buddy had a caduceus t-shirt.


Benjamin S said...

Great read, can't get enough of the posts on Lost and there's something about Southland Tales that makes me want to watch it over and over.
Sorry to plug; I just created a blog today that you might be interested in:
Check it out.

Alex Robinson said...

Like Michael, I like your writing but haven't seen the programmes.

Two things; - the Hurley/Hugo you mention brought Liz Hurley/Hugh Grant connection to mind.

The 8 x 8 checkerboard synched with the image I used recently of the ANZAC memorial with the two octagons - I had thought of 88 because of previous blog connections, but didn't think of 64 - so could be a symbolic representation of a chequerboard floor - didn't know whether to leave comment here or on mine but figured you'd see it here for sure.


aferrismoon said...

H Michael - well I want to say so much yet its nigh on impossible .
I don't have a TV , someone downloads everything I watch, I actually have little or no choice in the matter.
Cheers for the Mead, since Honey was used in part of the embalming or burial process.
I saw the Painted Barns - heard how they're 'disappearing' and as they synched just right I stuck 'em in - so a bit of righteous synchro-advertising

Dedroidify - My blog name = Aferrismoon, but the ferris part sounds like 'ferrous' which describes Iron [ as in Latin IRON = Ferrum].
As I had just read RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH, where Phil K. Dick 'hears' many voices I thought I could put that kind of thing in.
Dan says that he 'needs strips of ferrous metal', and then the camera cuts to Jack [ for no real reason]. I decided to accept it as the programme sneakily talking to me.
Ferris Bueller's day off - fine movie
Hi Ben- well that's pretty synchydoo that the post is mostly about BEN, guess I should pop over - cheers

WW- I appreciate many haven't watched the progs, and that many don't want to 'get into a series' week after week. As my friend downloads I can watch them at leisure and as I have no TV I don't watch too much -
At the moment - Lost, Simpsons, Dr.Who and family Guy when it apperas , then any film which gets downloaded. Of course then I've got the film to 'screenshot' and make stories out of - I like the stills captured, and the remaking of the productions.
Brilliant Liz Hurley / Hugh Grant - have no reason why but that info does something in the neurons
Lost isn't boring or anything but if i had to watch it at TV + adverts - no chance

Cheers Synchrobloggears

Dedroidify said...

cool, thanks for xplaining.

Michael Skaggs said...

Geeze Louise! What a write up! I too have not the time to watch these episodes, but I REALLY REALLY appreciate the synch ups and well written by the way!

Thanks for sharing!


Michael said...

Hi again, been thinkin'...

"Thus we get a glimpse of a different meaning to the usual heavy 'rock'. A dual current , minus middlemen priests, links Man to 'Heaven'."

Like a radio. I'm thinking of Wrong Way Wizard's post about Solomon's Temple being a giant battery. Dan needs a strip of ferrous metal to contact the ship (heaven) and in Thunderbirds, the geek hero/sidekick needs a wiry piece of metal in order to fix the transmitter station (shaped like a PALM tree) in order to contact T5. He and TIN-TIN perform impromptu dentistry and pull the wire retainer off of Alan's TEETH (Thoth resonator) in order to solder a new connection.

I'm wondering what a benben stone was actually made of - I sort of figured gold or copper (copper top) but maybe iron is key.

Alex Robinson said...

Iron theme is very interesting - found this on wiki

Unknown said...

Really interesting stuff, I'm writing a article thats gonna have some 8x8=64 in it too, so now you made me want to stop procrastinating! I wish I was watching Lost, but I only got time for one obsession and its battlestar galactica. I gotta buy southland tales too, I watched it online but the quility sucks. Good observations tho with the Rock and benben stuff.

aferrismoon said...

IRON, well its probably preferable to L.Ron.
A metal that carries it's own mythology, definitely = a technological change for humans at some point, which would create mental and social change
In Hebrew its called BRZL which looks loads like Brazil, which has had me wondering for a few years.

Vio - definitely get as good a copy as poss. Facial and hand movements were quite important or me when I watch the film.

Michael 220 volts and Crowley's Book of the Law has 220 verses