Friday, April 4, 2008

West of Oz

The Grid - page from Crowley's Book of the Law from the BLOB. I searched for OZ GRID PAGE on the net and got this pic from SCAM.COM, an article called ' Opening the Stargate via Adam Sandler'.

A photo of the 'Badgeman', an officer wearing a little 4-quartered gleamie, on 22/11/63. NEWSPACEMAN's diligence has unearthed a deal[ey] of significance around the number, all very current - read GOING ROUND IN KUBES. Jake at the BLOB has left his JFK STARGATE MEGA RITUAL open as he has slynched off to South Africa.
The 9/11 Mega Ritual occurred on 9/11/2001 , while years later LOST aired on 9/22/2004. The 2 dates in SEPTember - a word that implies 7] may be joined to form 11 and 22. This only comes about through reading about Mega-Rituals and watching LOST. Both 9/11 and LOST have their impact, to a greater or lesser degree, on society. Both + the KK33- JFK assassination leave most with no idea what's going on.
FRANK MORGAN was cast as the Wizard for the film on Sept 22, 1938. Played from '58 or '59 at Christmas the Wizard of Oz wasn't aired in 1963 but in January 1964, while the last Laserdisc release was on Sept 11, 1996.
The year dates 2001 & 2004 reduce to 3 & 6 respectively , thus in the 2 dates we can get 22/11/63. 22+11 = 33 and 3 x 33 = 99 so that deals with the nines while the 19 of 1963 reduces to 1 reminding us that this TRINITY of eVents [ Vs = meetings] is all one. Doubt the Masons thought of that! Or that even Lee Harvey Oswald = LHOStWorLD, perhaps they'll even find a giant idol with a gleaming RUBY glinting in the moonlight on an island , somewhere [ check out FRASER'S CURSE on Youtube].

Below a picture from OZ magazine which captured some of the irreverance and confusion in society that emerged throughout the spate of assassinations and skullduggery - JFK, MLK, Malcolm X, RFK

James Shelby Downard , author of KING KILL 33 writes that next to L.H.OSWALD's grave there grows a tree. JSD says that the spirit of the deceased may inhabit a tree grown close to the grave. He writes that Oswald's mother should break off a twig and touch investigators with it, coercing them into further investigation of the eVents of 22/11/63.
Trees crop up in the JFK assassination. He is killed near to the TRIPLE UNDERPASS on ELM Street. Princess DIANA died in an underpass called PONT D'ALMA [ Alma = Latin for 'nourishing']. I found the closeness of pronunciation intriguing. ELM gives stability and grounding to a spell, apparently. Officer TIPPIT is killed on OAK CLIFF.
Oswald's Tree is the root of the name of the town in SHROPSHIRE called OSWESTRY. King Oswald of Northumbria came a-battling and lost to PENDA, who, being pagan, dismembered him. An Eagle or Raven took up an arm and dropped it in an ASH tree which , acc, to the Christians , performed miracles, as does OSWALD's WELL, pictured below, where his head resides.

Oswestry, on the English-Welsh border had to merge their team with Llantsanffraid to create the NEW SAINTS, Their logo sports the DRAEG GOCH and the LION.
Llansantffraid = Church of St. Bridget, thus St Bridget and St. Oswald - will they come together inthe next episode to form BO- Barack Obama, the new KID on the BLOCK. Also I can construct a Bridge to Oz - beats all that air-travel, unpredictable as it is.
Many people have Welsh names , such as TREVOR REES-JONES , the bodyguard who survived the car-crash in the underpass at Pont d'Alma , which Diana did not. He went back to Oswestry after the crash.
Both deaths have an OZ flavour now, and trees blossum.
While unconnected to these eVents balloons and airships now waft in. PER LINDSTROM has his balloon and airshio factory just outside Oswestry

Diana was Princess of Wales and is thus the Dragon while JFK represented a King, so I propose the Lion for him. The outstretched legs make a 2 and 3

Officer JD TIPPIT was shot on OAK CLIFF , Oswald was arrested and identified as his killer. His name stuck out, a palindrome and also TIP and PIT. A TIP is the topmost while it's complemented by the nethermost an awful PIT. One feels , in oz-like fashion , drawn to the EMERALD TABLET of Hermes Trismegistus [ Thrice Great] - AS ABOVE SO BELOW, which provokes the thought - if that went on on Earth [ below] what went on above [psyche].
King Oswalds remains got dropped into a TREE [ above] and a WELL [ below]

As a saint Oswald requires guardianship or 'patronage' - Oswalds patronage is from ZUG in Switzerland which is cited in the Hawk's Cafe video investigation into the economics of the 9/11 attacks. They fingered among others KPMG who are registerd in Zug.


wise woman said...

Very crafty weaving.

I have been wondering about the nickname of Australia as 'OZ'.

Anonymous said...

This is it. The linking of JFK and Diana. I totally get Point of the Elm as well.

And tying it back in history really pulls out the connections from today - there is no time, just our conception of it. It's articles like this that make me see waves of energy coursing across dimensions of space and time that link seemingly random incidents like this together.



Michael said...

Since I can remember, the Wiz of Oz has been an Easter (Ishtar) event, not Xmas. Resurrection and all that. The king is dead, long live the king.

The Crowley grid page got me to updating the Crossroads post. Thanks for the sync.

aferrismoon said...

WW- Thanks, weaving = art of textiles or text-styles. Great info all around, I imagine it almost a perpetual motion
South = Aus = Oz, so now with Oswestry we have South and South-West.

WT- someone wrote that the 'further back one pulls the bow-string the greater accuracy and power when the arrow zooms off on its future-present trajectory.
Saw the Cern logo - interesting , as I can possibly link it to Di and Dodi

Micheal - perhaps that's the point, one's not supposed to differentiate between the festivals - just worship.There used to be a soap-opera in Britain called CROSSROADS - investigate at ypur peril.

Anonymous said...

lol, the Crossroads singsong crimbo special was recently 'showcased' on a TV clips prog here.

I think Emmerdale Farm is the current Crossroads? Unless there's a better contender I'm missing.

re: the article / blog post subject, I'd posted the anon comment here at the end - totally agree about the Elm tree JFK link.

Can't decide whether the Liber AL grid 'parallax' is refering to the real shooters location, or the other (film) shooter (ie - Zapruder). Definitely thought of it as refering to the assassination; I can't remember why exactly I first thought of that - I think it was something to do with how VALIS is described as shifting things around and changing stuff, and how on that day the Service were moving all slow and it was like some intervention in regular security had happened.
There being some link with Nixon's resignation as described in VALIS and that he was expected to have won in 1960 (some Enochian eshatological scenario - Cuban missile crisis etc).

Interestingly, the documentary Why We Fight has deleted scenes on the DVD about JFK being part of the military-industrial-congressional complex (in that he played the card about the USA not being armed enough, during campaigns) that his predecessor Eisenhower warned about (and about how the original reference to 'congress' in his farewell address was removed).

Atlantean Times said...

im reading illuminatus for the first time and just got to the bit about oswald...then i read this...timing of the highest power...

in sg1 there is a character called Robert Kinsey who plays this right wing VP a real papal worm. I kinda get the feeling that his character is based on robert kennedy and that if this is the case RK isnt a popular guy in the stargate community.

sg1 is based on the premise that a real stargate program exists and is run by the air force. When you look at some of the vids like men who stare at goats it makes you wonder..could JFK have been trying to shut down the military's "real" starate program...

aferrismoon said...

ZuPak - cheers , will try to get to the link. For me the grid could be many things, in that I don't expect it just to equal one thing.
I personally hadn't thought of it being a 'shot' trajectory, though now it seems like something to follow.
I was intrigued that both circles contained an unfinished cross. Almost identical.
Its says on the Crowley Grid page that the circle squared is incomplete - wondered if this implied not circling all of Dealey Plaza.
Emmerdale - frightening

Atlantean - The Kennedy Klan. Grown - up gangsters, Catholics [ strong or just by birth], Killers of actresses, Nepotists, Saints.
Difficult with the Kennedy's really. Its been pretty easy to have them as the gleaming teeth good guys though u don't get that rich just performing ' good works'. One has to ask whether it was DOUBLES who got shot while everyone else is whisked off to ....OZ
Great stuff around Ledger etc.


Anonymous said...

There is a psychic investigation government project called STARGATE:

(the typo, if it is a typo, is how it appears on the link)

"We have added two new sections the the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory area. The first of these is White Papers--a place to view papers ready for publication but not yet published, and Videos--a place to view clips and shows from US and International video presentations concerning the STAREGATE program. The white papers section now includes two new papers and as of this date the videos have a precognitive anomalous cognition trial."

"For over 20 years, the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory has been the center for government-sponsored parapsychology research in support of its intelligence program most recently known as STAR GATE."