Monday, March 31, 2008

In the Forest of Disbelief I came upon a Clearing

Forests are for resting though Mr.Whitaker may disgree. Here he comes bounding through pillars on a chase through Salamanca. He wears a checked-shirt and his right hand attempt to keep his vid-cam pointed at the chasee. All very run-o-the-mill u may surmise, but I've taken a bit of synching from dear Forest. Steve Willner took to posting written stuff about a film called BUTTERFLY.
Below, in the film, Forest rounds a checker- corner on a towertop, pursued by police. They shoot him as he throws the money over the edge of the building to land atop Sarah Michelle Geller's cartop. SMG appeared in Southland Tales

Earlier in his film career he acted as Jody in Neil Jordan's THE CRYING GAME. He's captured at a fairground by The Bhoys who eventually kill him, as in Butterfly, very early on in the film. He reemerges in dreams bowling in his Cricket whites. Before passing on he passes on a contact to Stephen Rea, a girl in London called DIL. Dil isn't quite all girl, a thought that doesn't cross the conservative mind of the good Catholic . Dil, played by JAYE DAVIDSON later played RA in STARGATE.
Forest then dies early in both films, meeting neither SMG or Jaye Davison, 2 women whom he greatly influences with his final earthly act. SMG goes on to Southland Tales which explores hallucination, apocalypse and release with time and planet spinning into Revelation. Jaye goes on to play RA in the irrepressible STARGATE.

Looping back to VANTAGE POINT, a film that deals with different peoples vantage point of the events surrounding the assassination of the Prez, over 23 minutes. 23- ChYH-Chiah, in Hebrew, seems to mean 'living' under certain circumstances and despite an early blow-up Forest not only lives but saves and emerges through the whole sorry adventure ...laughing
Having no idea about the 'sweepstakes', a TV network combat ritual in the US , I was unable to see LOST.
But I did see Matthew Fox, here manipulating events like Ben Lynus on steroids. His number 5372 caught my numerical eye-
72 always resonates as the bricks in the $Pyramid minus the Capstone. 53, a sweet prime, tumbles out the word GN as in Gan Eden , the Garden of Eden, but oddly, modern Hebrew uses the word for 'gene'. The word Eden , ODN 124, sounds like a mixed-up DNA so Gan-Eden = gene DNA. I often think that an earthly Eden could be an island, sailor-man unable to return, the source hidden, surrounded by 4 currents-rivers, perhaps the flaming sword a constellation. LOST resonates with this, though connexions prove wispy.
He's gives us the Checkerboard tilt. The checkers the on/off programming language for DNA

A gtreat car-chase beguiles the viewer for time, here's Matthew's car, with numberplate - CZB. CZ = the abbreviation for CZECH REPUBLIC which sounds like CHECK, in fact to such an effect that last year the Pakistani Government painted CHECQUERED flags from Motor Racing instead of CZECH flags when the PM, Miro Topolanek visited their country.
CZECH BEE- well ther's been no bee virus here, all seems healthy, perhaps the US or other bee-depleted areas may look to import. Fine CZARIOT

The President doesn't actually get shot, he has a twin, a lookalike who takes it in the chest, arms outstretched, The reporter on -screen to the left raises 2 fingers[ the Secret Assassins Bunny-Fingers Death Salute] as the Twin waits to receive 2 shots. President Bush took part in the Easter celebrations with a lifesized Easter Bunny inhabited by FRED FISHER FIELDING [ thanx to Adam Star for that beaut.] which resonates with FERRIS F. FREMONT , the president in Philip K.Dicks RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH [ cheers Aramchek] . The 'real' FFF was possibly Deep Throat from the WATERGATE show and the Fremont is perhaps a parody of Tricky Dicky [ Nixon ]

William Hurt experienced his own film-stargate rez with ALTERED STATES which goes some way to relate JOHN C.LILLY's experiments with LSD in isolation for the National Institute of Mental Health. Much of the work can be found in his book CENTRE OF THE CYCLONE which makes the film a mega-Wizard of OZ - onater.
The cast gives 2 Bs - BOB BALABAN and BLAIR BROWN! Blair and Brown in altered states. More of their magickal dealings , esp. at Lisbon, may be gleaned from NEWSPACEMAN, who has posted some fascinating stuff on ships, Rosslyn, Queens, a ritual at the Emirates Stadium, Franco-British masonic 'meetings'- 'ave a dekko!

Oops up side your head!

Round bend of Bay and Back Again, from FW initialled burbles forth FINNEGANS WAKE, Joyce's personal AltaMira, acc. to Marshall McLuhan. The book lives in many times, in mythology, dream , archetype and the pub. If ever there's a book u can never finish such is FW.
The Checkered Forest angles its eye through a grid capturing all. The eye here = the 3rd eye, now portable. Due to William Hurt's journey through the mind in Altered States FW can capture the memories in his 3rd Eye. FW = us, opening to our evolutionary memory allowing us to use our pineal gland almost 'portably', He through his relationship with DIL in The Crying Game delivers him the physical stargate, that opens up Egypttian themes so prevalent in Finnegans WAKE. Sarah Michelle Geller in SOUTHLAND TALES plays her part as consort of APOCOSTARGATEALYPSE initiator Boxer Santeros/Jericho Cain. With the Apocalypse comes an opening , inner and outer.
I got to writing this post due to SYNCHROMYSTIC FORUM - movies. I wrote something like this:
CATCH 22 with Alan Arkin Orson Welles Anthony Perkins, Jon Voight and BOB BALABAN who featured as Orr [ Fly with me Yossarian] and acted in ALTERED STATES which stirred WILLIAM HURT who played in VANTAGE POINT [ which I've just watched] with FOREST WHITAKER who was in BUTTERFLY with SARAH MICHELLE GELLER who in turn played in SOUTHLAND TALES which at present is undergoing some sort of trans4mation via the talents of image-weaver STEVE WILLNER.


The Secret Sun said...

Man, I gotta see this movie. I saw Steve's post on it and this nails it.

Thanks, Ferrie.

Michael said...

Pretty damn good post. The media syncs seem to be falling in upon themselves like a black hole. Let there be luce Cern. Lucerne is the milk brand for Safeway - the most reptilian/illuminated grocer in the states.

Especially interested in the transexual Ra thing, but you already know that. Truth told, trannies creep me out, but being the brave new world order homo that I am, I say whatever floats your boat.

aferrismoon said...

Trannies - what , like Transister Radios.
In Czech Rep he word is 'Travesti' which makes me giggle.
I believe there is some kind of 'conflict' between different members of 'Gayworld' - is there an historical reason for this?
I have heard that there are 'gay' trannies and 'straight' trannies.
With the new biology coming perhaps we can run around a choice of 'clone' bodies. Having a supply of different bodies will mean people no longer judge a book by its cover, or a cook by its lover

Michael said...

Hiya, not really an expert on all the various homo factions, but yea, there is some discord. Gay, Lesbians and Transgenders are all lumped together for political reasons (the enemy of my enemy is my friend) but socially they're autonomous and don't much mix.

Dil is technically a transvestite, not a transexual, and apparently some transvestites want to go all the way, which is what makes me wince. We queers who pass for straight (the vast majority) often think of ourselves as somehow superior to the drag queens, but it was the drag queens who first had the balls to revolt against the cops in the Stonewall riots.

Anonymous said...

This is totally the wrong place for this, but reading 'Forest' reminded me of this insane-sounding post I read at imdb ages ago (I don't remember what films board it was on exactly - most likely The Boys From Brazil, but it's probably long gone anyway), by this chap who related how he and his girlfriend were watching Forrest Gump, and when he got up out of his leg braces she started shouting "run Mengele run".

lol, Joe vs the Volcano

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Michael - great info
Cheers Zupa- no wrong places