Sunday, December 9, 2007

Checker-framed Prometheans delay the InEvitable

This should have posted a moon ago and in YOUR LIFE IS IRREVOCABLY HUMAN.ERGO SUM...
In Jake LaKotzees newest Cuboid integration video harlot we are skippled with cruciate synchers.
Xanadu [ Xanablack?] sung bu Olivia Newton- John whose mother was daughter of Nobel Physicist Max Born , while her father worked at top-secret Bletchley Park on the Enigma code.
Orson Welles - Le Chiffre [ from Ian Flemings 007, Fleming who may well have worked with or close to Olivia N-Js father]brings up the Tibetan Medical School link. which had me recalling the wonderful Alexandra Bastedo from The Champions which has been noted by JL on AdamStar's Doctor comments. The CHAMPIONS = a must see, the music = fantastic too.
Then AlBaldwin stands near the Barclay Hotel, which is maybe where the Barque of the Egyptians lay, or the Ark of Noah lay, or where the Bark the Dogged Sirians lay, or a Tree. Great Hotel must go. Berkeley is a character in Joyce's Finnegans Wake.


David said...

Ah... from the best ever book on the Sephiroth.

aferrismoon said...

Hi David - dyu mean Finnegans wake?
i ahppened to be mid-writing or posting the article when yore missive slipped in.
I can dip into the wake at any time and feel the whirling river of Now, a dream of a thing

Michael said...

Nice Olivia synchs. She also sang "Don't play B-17", and of course she was Sandy Olsen in Grease (the biggest musical - ever), her cherry plucked by John Travolta. What is it about women from Oz and scientologists?

David said...

Following that wake will pull you under into the dream depths of madness or total wisdom.

aferrismoon said...

Yeah, I was about 13 . The Olivia transformation was powerful as she'd always appeared sweet and wholesome in'real' life.
I mean Max Born's daughter + an Enigma player, what a heritage. What stories did she get told, and what might she know about Scientology , maybe more than they think [ Twilight Zone Music]. Perhaps ONJ did a thing on JT , like British Intelligenced the guy's brain , signed the Officail secrets Act for sleeping with an Indigo child. She did a song with Indigo in the title.
'What is about women from Oz and scientologists?'
They like it Down Under