Saturday, September 8, 2007


Yesterday, in the previous article, I wrote ' the Once Citizen Hurry Kane...'. Last night I watched a British Light Comedy called 'The Magicians', the 'hero' [ or one of them] was a stage magicain called Harry Kane.
A couple of stills above - one shows an airline pilot attempting to pass an air-stewardess through a Stargate. It's that easy!
Some hours l8r after observing the 2 pix:
Mars and Venus- Mars gets the Sword , the phallus, the 1: Venus the Circle-opening, the Yoni, the 0
The Magus communes in Binary


Anonymous said...

You ride killer waves duder. Laird Hamilton has nowt on you - except maybe a million dollars and a killer tan.

I have been hesitant to suggest, but I would be obliged if you posted an essential 'reading list'.

You are good, very good - but I wont play the sap for you, I wont because all of me wants to.

aferrismoon said...

I've decided giving sappy praise has to be done , its hard to give it and take it, but once its done its done. I think maybe one day the 'others' enjoy what I have filtered from the sources and other days its debris.
I enjoy your twisting, rivery delivery, but bits of it give me the ' ok fair enough, but I don't get it' syndrome- perhaps its 'vacancies' at work
I did give sappy praise to BNWO, and often to Newspaceman, and general praise to others.
With the facial expression routine it's easier to praise [ or whatever], and with voice intonation. In print one has sapped in print and its black and white and rereadable when one feels distinctly unsappy[ perhaps even cynical]
Reading list - will do
One of them is yoooooooooooooooooooooou
We ride killer waves for we are Harry Cains

Anonymous said...

hey aferris...

Sorry for the weirdness. I had tucked away a six pack of Sprite a quart of gin and a pack of Hob-Nobs when I wrote it.

When I get drunk I want to tell everyone how much I love them, even if I've never met them. Still, I know what you mean about is difficult but...

In Liber AL it is suggested that the only sin is restriction so... I can't stop loving you.

As for the vacancy...gin finds me apt to randomly recall dialog from my favorite movie 'The Maltese Falcon'.

It's the stuff that dreams are made of.

Peace Out.

Newspaceman said...

Mark, here are links to a couple that aferrismoon provided me with details of,

Both excellent but time consuming.

sappy praise,


FilmNoir23 said...

Just call me Maple...

Jake Kotze said...

"You know, for kids"

aferrismoon said...

Yes apparently LOVE = LAW which is in fact pretty easy, no accidently breaking wierd laws, that can get money and kin a-took from yi.
I guess the only wierdness = unusable restriction, like Loading and Unloading in the White Sown
Most of the books I read, about a few, are time-consuming. I used to just consume books, but they piled up, and I threw them away, and rarely remember the titles.
I can handle about 10 Bucky sentences , then I have to pee or some shit
Carlo Suares kinda gives things a good kicking, puts 'it' against the wall, and whispers' So u fucking think so, do ya?!
Maple? For kids? Cryptic bastards