Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Butterfly Bone

Acc. to some in Paleontology one of the more important factors in humans satnding erect is the movement of the Sphenoid bone. Dentists have noticed the surge in child orthodental problems and have concluded that humans are still evolving, their skulls at least. As the Sphenoid has moved over time it has aided our posture and given us the rounded cranium .
The Butterfly effect
More about butterflies at Wrong Way wizard , and some while ago at Exploring the Mysterious


Anonymous said...

Holey Shaz-bot Dude, you just blew my mind.

In May of 2000, as the temporal prelude to my first tentative exploration of hyper-reality and the occult, I suffered an serious blow to my left sphenoid. No shizzle, I am keepin'-it-real here.

There is alot more to the story...I am trying to figure out how to tell it. What next!?

Da WWWiz

Michael said...

When Jacob wrestled with YHWH, wasn't it his hip bone that was injured?

Maricón and Mariposa (butterfly) are Mexican slurs for 'homosexual'.

aferrismoon said...

And the pelvic bone has a rather butterflyey shape, perhaps it is macro to the sphenoid micro
I happened to catch a paleontology prog. Quite interesting as a French Paleontologist's work linked with dental research and trends, that of the increasing jaw misalignment in children today [ 90% in Japanese children]
I feel sure that hip-bone was the one , though in Greek myths the hip-bone, or the thigh, were covers for the genitalia. A few Greeks sprang from the thigh, at least Hercules did, Hip-Thigh-Third eye
YOQB - Jacob = 182, YShRAL - Israel = 541
541-182 = 359 = ShTN - Satan.
Though I guess Satan fights , or does jobs, for the YHVH-ALHYM.
ML-C Certainly not an injury free lifestyle, look 4ward to a disturbing account of this schnozzle-damaging episode. What happened to the sphenoid, positional change, increase in Cranial curvature
I have a couple of near-deathers and a broken arm episode - highly charged ceremonies indeed , esp. when one can remember the states previous