Monday, March 10, 2008

Jachin Awry

SOUTHLAND TALES preceded my Saturday night viewing of the latest LOST. Graced by JUSTIN TIMEBLAKER who plays Pilot ABILENE, a town found in both Kansas and Texas. He dances with plastic girls bearing Swiss Cross Insignia on a checkerboard floor in a hallucingeneric pharma-phase.
The movie deals with the fate of time-travellers, or time-distorted Boxer Santeros/Jericho Cane [ Jerry CoCaine] and Roland/Ronald Taverner, the ongoing wars that the US can't afford to feed with fossil fuels until TREER comes up with LIQUID KARMA, an ocean-based NRG source.

One of Treers employees is KATERINA KUNTZLER, while Boxer indulges an amnesia-based affair with KRYSTA KAPOWSKI, slooming in a double KK., but that's just the tip of the IceMountain.
With all media and messages merged into the synchronoosphere we greet the self-proclaimed Twin Guardians of the Island who have joined forces to play out their needle match. John Locke and Ben Lynus, the Ls cancel each other out in time-honoured fashion due to Ls ling to the Law via its correspondence with Justice/Adjustment tarot card infused as it is with LMD, the Hebrew letter L. Thus J&B, the Twin Pillars, somewhat opposite though at times complementary.

Pillars and other such archetypes prove less than loyal, swopping partners at a moments notice, the intertwining energy dance. Here Ben and Juliet , either side of the capstone-cathedral middle roof, learn of the Goodwins or Goodwood's death. Now Juliet has lost something as has apparently Ben, but then he did gas most of his previous friends.
John & Ben, Juliet & Ben, Jack and Ben - the dysfunctional trinity

The Island like Camelot effects mass confusion so let's transmaterialise to the inside of the MegaZeppelin in Southland Tales. The Pillars invert and at cluBJenny we get a sweet BJ.

KRYSTA KAPOWSKI changes her name to KRYSTA NOW, a timely insert linking the KK to the word NOW. In posts at the BLOB the word NOW has been used to describe an attitude to living[ in the NOW]. The pun with Krysta Now = K.NOW.

Krysta plays a porn-star from California, and uses her show to promote Teenage Horniness as well as railing against a proposed new law enumerated 69 [ 69 = 3 x 23 and W = the 23rd letter of the Alphabet- English version].
She hangs out , in camera, with her VALI-girl crew. The Valiness creeps into the script with lines such as ' Scientists claim the future is going to be more futuristic'. Below she gets kissy while NeoMarxists watch her and Boxer/Jericho attracting the camera crosshairs.

To grok fully with DES from Lost we spin off to the Isle again, to catch the full-on VALIS appearence, no mere bookcase extraction, Ben has had the pink-light induction scenario and like PKD remains somewhat temporairily imprisoned in his own home. No big-breasted Christian girls for Ben, just Hocke , Surley and Lawyer , the least together firm of attorneys ever.

Last time I snapped the book as ALIS and now its VALI, something akin to a rabbithole, well it goes down don't it. The AV glyph returns after a layoff and we get double K'd and the 2 Dicks do double duty for the Pillars , a freewheelin' phallic funferall

PKD's various journeys in inner and outer space/times runs riverlike throughout Southland, Here Officer BOOKMAN 'shoots' a B&W married couple, who merely pretend to have a domestic squabble. he utters the words ' FLOW MY TEARS' gleaned from PKD's FLOW MY TEARS THE POLICEMAN SAID. Felix Buchman appears in PKD's book as a policeman I think, playing across the book's main protagonist JASON TAVERNER, a celeb who loses his identity and all documentation. Justin Timberlake, a celebrity, loses his identity by playing a part in Southland Tales.

The Taverner synch gets covered by one of the main characters - Roland/Ronald Taverner who = TWINS, one a UPU2 Cop, the other a Neo-Marcyst. Perhaps they're the same person, I can't be sure, but come together they sure do.
Sitting together in CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT's Ice Cream van, which takes a tumble, they get so close that a STARGATE opens, as they join hands.
2 RTs opening a time/space door , opposing forces thus RTTR. Luckily for Vapo we can make groovy palindromes thus RoTaToR and RoToR- found often on Helidoptera, massive buzzing insects that feed on fossilized sun-juice pummeled into a flammable fluid. As Hebrew and Egyptian dispense with short vowels RaT is no great leap. 2008 [ most of it] belings Chinesiacally to the RAT, while the consort of RA- Sungod = RAT thus lending more queenly qualities to the effervescent ROBIN TUNNEY. The reverse TR brings on ToR, a celtic word for a mountain/hill/mound/tumulus. The whole RT phenom increases its charge with the aforementioned Stargate Queen Robin Tunney, time-travelling Tim Roth from Youth Without Youth, the 2 Taverners Roland/Ronald , while sneaking in comes DrWho's ex-time-travelling partner Rose Tyler.


vinay said...

Very nice post, I did not catch all those syncs, it was a very interesting movie, one thing with lost that seems to be new is the 31 minute time dilation, the idea of time travel seem to be a very popular mythology, maybe that is just an expression of our fears of death, but the idea of time travel poses so many interesting questions and possibilities and problems, if there ever were a pandora's box...

Jake Kotze said...

Got the flick, NOW. Haven't seen it yet.
Love the RT observations.

Thanks Moon

Jake Kotze said...



Jake Kotze said...


Occult Mosaic said...
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aferrismoon said...

Vinay - I think what each of us means by time-travel is quite different, we get the mainstream view of a time travelling vehicle. Perhaps time-travel is more like developing our minds so that they can have greater range, instead of just the near future and past , actively living as we do 'further' [ linear term] into past and future. To some extent that's what I find interesting about this 'synchromysticism'
31 = AL [ via the Hebrew]
Jake - Its great fun and its form delights . Will u watch it on your OWN? If u've not read BLUEKUSH's post about the film have a look. He's posted the link above.
I imagine Homer meditating OM, then he gets hurt by the point of light - OW.
Steve - will do.
Bluekush - Nice one, the comments are really good too.

I will do some more of it as its LOADED , i'm only stymied by having to post one goddam picture at a time due to Server error.