Sunday, March 23, 2008

Car-full with that A/X U genes

Michael slowly transforming into Kevin a burgeoning assassin prepares for his fate, ignoring the Wizard's invite to the Penthouse, goggles the box, A Quiz show, Bathed in Valis-pink with a shower of quartered crosshairs, it's host bounding audience-ward enters through another, breezing between 2 massive studio pillars, below some sort of vortex-ceiling affair. Does Michael listen, had he he might have a glimpse at the future. A question= who wrote Slaughterhouse 5?. The Quizee answers correctly - Kurt Vonnegut. For a bonus can u tell me who the book's main protagonist might be - the answer dissolves before a Special News Report on the finding of Oceanyc 815. The protagonist was BILLY PILGRIM, a man from Ilium ]TROY] NY who, after injury in a plane crash has 'shifted in time'. The TIME MACHINE was filmed in TROY, NY in 2002

Miroslav Satan [ Mir = Peace, Slav = celebrate] skates on the NY ISLANDERS rink. Sporting No81, a number of the Moon acc. to some Satan enters into Island lore. SATAN, the biblical character often gets translated as the DECEIVER which could be another name for LOST. Deception and Mandacity course through the islands veins, though to the Island itself perhaps all appears 'honest' in the grand scheme of things.

Nevertheless a team displaying the Island of Manhatomb and the NY - OZ principle, plus the Shakespearian idea of PUCK lends decepto-trickery level Ly-More proportions

Reminding me that time runs 'forward' and 'back' when viewed in certain ways this clipette from Steve Willner's WWWORMHOLE moving picture gallery. The BACK2theFURURE chariot zooms off in time along a street in a town somewhere on this Island Earth. The tracks lead to the neon sign - OWN. This reverses the NWO spell that's been careering through minds the media world over. Shall we not OWN ourselves and dispense with the archaic hierarchies that plague our awakening

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No one gets in the way of Ben's awakening, and thus some will grasp at rule, subterfuge and mugwumpery. 'Let me back into my Temple of Images, Jooohn', as Ben is apt to drawl when effortlessly introducing the various survivors to futility. here he sits , backed by Checkerboard- Thoth rezzer , the crescent denoting Thoth as Min , his Moon-God appelation. All Thoth's business as the Moon delivers measure, periodicity, while to the right a grid to keep it all in order on this earthly plane.

Michael Dawson / Kevin Johnson greets Naomi pre-boarding the half-named Widmore freighter in Fiji. wearing a winged baseball cap, its logo brandishing A/X winged. The AX links into the Virginia Tech massacres as the automaton who did the deed wrote something about Ismael Ax. Rather closer to home the X stands for 10 so M/K wears the glyph of ATEN, updated for modernity.

Earlier/later Michael reaches his limit and prepares to deliver himself unto whatever happens next. He looks at his own STAR-CHAMBER, 6 circuit judges each with their own verdict jostle in their seats. 6 can lead to a 3-3 decision so a 7th Judge, supreme to all must pass sentence. The sentence:
The Islands of Manhattentum and Lost intwined in words, by the green-glowing wizard of the Alley, prior to his exit through the green-trapezoid

The Wizard, the Wizard - he is the final judge. He comes down from his Hotel Penthouse to the alley where the forlorn father grits his teeth before his final act. The alley bathed in a green glow wells up Oz imagery, the Emerald City. The Wizard gives the only order anyone can take - a choice. The Wiz plays on Michaels need to repair his past actions by offing the 'bad' people

Anyhow, by now I'm lost in the various time-zones. Michael gets into his Chariot of Death , switches on the Radio for a tune to die for. TUNER - a glimpse of TUN-NUT [ Tunney and Nut, the sky deity]. Ensconced between the R and T is UNE the femi9 form of 'one' in French. Re = the Sun and Nut = the Night sky. The goddess appears as Michael attempts to force open the Stargate by impelling his auto at breakneck speed into a cargo container. He doesn't pull it off as the island has left him temporarily immortal.

Posts at the personal Chambers of Adam Star [ Inside the Cosmic Cube]Retro-Action Comics 1 and 2 and Michael[Gosporn] No Man's Land bear testimony to the influence of Jules Verne and the filmic offspring it sprang forth. One of the classics = The MYSTERIOUS ISLAND from 1961. The wrecked attempt, despite the offer of a new sea-borne life from an unpredicatble mariner named NEMO, to leave the island. The giant animals have a greater part in the movie though they can be found in LOST as Polar Bear and Pig. Nemo in Lost could be anyone of a number - Ben, Locke, Widmore or the characters may be becoming so distant from their pre-crash selves that all are NEMO. The Green, trident-bearing figure, doubtless Nemo, bears the Green of Oz while the Trident, 3-Teeth, add flavour to toothy grins basking dental anonymitty - molars, phoenician letters, the W.


Unknown said...

Thanks very much.

I'm well fascinated by the Judge Crater story. I'd never heard that one before, but it seems for a time at least it was quite an item in the zeitgeist, and still springs up from time to time, to "Pull a Judge Crater", to disappear off the face of the Earth, usually as a means to avoid pending difficulties. And that Grail certainly likes to hide doesn't it?

More on this at the Synchromysticism Forum.

aferrismoon said...

Ha! nice idea - hiding.
His middle name FORCE along with CRATER blinks out, odd choice.
Another JC, disappearing of the face of the Earth.
Mixing fact with fiction I wonder if he became a Wizard. Perhaps all the disappearing people go to Islands or Ozlands
To the 4-um!

FilmNoir23 said...

VERY nice! Love that title btw...

I'm liking the connections you are making in LOST.

iAdmin said...

Nice article, A/X is armani exhange company. I siriusly suggest you download this movie "Southland tales".

Its the same director as donnie darko, its kinda like a mock comedy. I mean its cheesy as hell but behind all that is a valid message. The rabbit from Darko is in the background of many scenes.You will get a kick out of all the symbolism and wormholes!

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Tod. I enjoy doing them at present.
The layering of sumbols in TV programmes is pretty full-on now. I sometimes watch the Law and Order shows for some of the environments they use.

The title is a play on CAREFUL WITH THAT AXE EUGENE, by Pink Floyd , for those who don't know.

IADMIN - I got this film a couple of weeks ago. Have a scroll down , I've used it in a couple of posts over the last couple of weeks.
I think its a great 'thing' , I won't pretend its a film, it's just ON film.
It seemed to have changed with the producers post-911 thoughts and it good that he stuck to his ideas. The film was heavily criticized, but in the world of SYNCHROMYSTICISM [ whatever it might be] the viewers take part in the film, using it for blogs and vidz. A cinema audience is merely passive receivers waiting for entertainment, which is why films are so LOUD now. Shock and Uuuh!
Steve Willner is perhap's in the process of using it for his forthcoming video.
Cheers for letting me know - check the posts I used it in , maybe u have some useful comments, as I intend using the film more often.

Michael said...

Very nice. Just returned from a quick trip to the isle of Atum, your post resonates with some of my findings. I like the Armani A/X tie in. The Italian Sphinx.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Michael
Hope the visit to the isle , to the east proved successful.
IADMIN told me about the Armani logo, I didn't know. The italian Sphinx sounds interesting. I guess Armani's design have courtly flavour, lots of gold .
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