Friday, March 7, 2008

Time & Tide W8 4 NoMan

the TETRAMORPH post at INSIDE the COSMIC CUBE includes a couple of pages of illustrations involving an dreadful plane crash event, so fashionable these days, in both the out-there real-world trash TV sinister bogieman virtual avventura and the in-mind comic-imago stripped-down fantasaria. This plane has the serial number K-2F, but enough of the effing. The K2 signiflies the mountain in the Karokoram, which resonates with all things pyramidic, pillarmidic, to some extent teeth. Thus we have a crashing plane in the imagination of this comickist which with its K2 code number doesn't need to crash into a pillar-tower-pyramid in actuality.

From LOST a couple of weeks back, the VALIS episode, comes the 3-candled mound in the ocean likeness, courtesy of the visually-adept SYNCHROMYSTIC LIBRARIAN. Sprinkle in a modicum of BNWO - The 3 Candles on the Rock, and the synchrovalue ups at least 8.3 on the Synchrichter Scale. K8 OzTIN has now usurped the birth-mother of Erin [ or Aaron] who used to be Claire, whisked him back to the States as her own, seemingly brought him up as he's put on a few pounds and some facial features, then guilted Jack about not accepting the child, zooming back after the court-case to be with him, oh so like the loving mother , all previous to her ' I don't deal with kids well' speechette. Now she's got his bedroom set up like a Masonic tracing board , the child sleeping through some abysmal wall-ridden art experiment, odd playing cards acting as metaphorical books, the robot-family protectorate , Bill Ding's blocks.
The Card looks like the 6 of SPADES which = SWORDS, thus a 6 of Swords set-up all tieing-in faultlessly with the magicko-scientific entertainment that belies Masonic jiggery. This card Crowley entitled SCIENCE

Well thar she blows , shipmates, Bubbling up from the depths the 3 Pillared island with its cuboid lectern - myriad associations - The Island of Manhatten with the Twins and the Saloman Bros. Building. Strange how it took on its numerical title rather than its name - Saloman resonating Temple-builder Deluxe KING SOLOMAN or the King's Hollowman if we wanna get Thulian. Vague 1:11 imagery emanates from these burning spears, while the book-supporting octogon urges an 8. 8x111 = 888 which = Jesus in Greek Gematria, but importantly , and most twinningly 2x888=1776, the height of the 4thcoming FREEM TOWER.

This time from Synchromystic Librarians V.D.O missive called 'THE SYNCHRONIZING' we find Checker-Chariot synch a la Smack. Charlie [ cocaine nickname] gets stuck into a bundle of smack-horse-H-dope-OP8 that he has hidden inside his shoe. Charlie is perhaps luckier than even K8 or Sawyer in crashing islandward. US Customs , Homeland Security meets dopy English rockstar and says ' Pass through customs, welcome to LA, we love your English guitar riffs'. Unlikely! Anyhow in true Chequer-Chariot-Charlie correspondata he has it hidden in his VANS, the shoe-brand. Vans are largish cars and resonate total Chariot potential. Charlie also indulges us with a 'hand form' which has me thinking of STAN TENON of the Meru Foundation who makes inroads into Torah and body movements,

With LOST now coping with trans-time anomalies, and PKDICK seeing through the 1974 matrix to Rome 70AD after getting hit between the eyes by a Prescription-delivering, Fish-symbol-wearing time travelling Christian, Steve WILLNER hinting that Ancient Egypt and Martian discoveries = one and the same, or something, the 911 MegaRitual quite obviously happened somewhere else but took place here, Israel has for the last 50years attempted to go back in time to some fraught comic-history location and seems intent now on building a big lead-lined wall to surround aforesaid experiment, I foist upon you YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH. A novel by Romanian MIRCEA ELIADE , adapted by FRANCIS F COPPOLA, starring TIM ROTH relates the life of Dominic who at 70something gets struck by lightning [ see above]. He survives and his body regenerates to something nearer 40. The film proves too complex to explain , I merely titillate u with les images.

A scene in a casino provides a Double 11. Mr.Roth bets on the 11, the counters covering the number and the 4 corners, the ball pockles around the wheel and drops neatly into the 11. He is disturbed before the next bet and fails to remove his bets from the board , the croupier spins while Roth and the interruptionist chat. The ball nestles in the 11 again, Mr.Roth wins again, a neat and sweet double 11 accomplished.

Mr BROCKman , anchors for Channel 11, its van gracing the background, an 11 swirling inside a simplistic blue vortex , complemented by the Orange background, dealing a coloured checkerboard theme with 2 of todays brightest young colours. The BROCK is the other name for a BADGER, a black and white animal found close to the forest floor that builds homes called SETTS. Kent hold a reverse 9 on his microphone which slips a 9 - 11 theme in. Here he's reporting on the Springfield Primaries which were won by Ralph Wigham.

Back to YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH - Roth has met a girl who crashed her car causing her memory to believe that she is a Sanskrit speaker from the past. As she does not recover Mr. Roth and some Italien Orientalists fly her to the cave where she claims to be from. They fly over the KaraKoram in a Hercules Transporter...........

We get taken into the 'plane to view Mr.Roth sitting with another special hand-position touching his temporal temple. To his right we see 3 portholes, the most distant covered by a strap. This resonates with THE BLOB's OZ - Grid taken from The Book of the Law writing, K2 climbing , Orientalist par excellence, Al Crowley, who claimed to know many of his earlier incarnations. This Oz-grid motif takes place in a plane flying over K2 with a woman living another life and a man who has regenerated [ he has special reading powers like the CHAMPIONS and his old teeth were pushed out by a brand new set].

Imagia Surrelia thrusts visitation upon visitation throughout the film. The woman starts talking in Ancient Egyptian, and then in eralier and earlier languages. He has some superhero qualities, though played down , vaguely suggested. In the last 1/3rd he repeats a few times that he's 88 and we must never forget the 88 watchmen/constellations that surround our pretty lives.

Though coming somewhere in the middle of the film we greet another Checkerboard-Taxichariot , its wings outstretched, its message clear - TAXI G-32. The Taxi, our erstwhile Lucy Ferryman, carrier of the soft-bodied, a word in your shell-like if I may, disgorges its 2 male passengers.The woman remains. To pass through whatever ordeal-quest we allow identities , our outer vestiges to fall away. The 32 indicates the Mason Degree and and with G my eyes go bug-eye. Its that G from the Masonic symbols, affixed twixt Compass and Square. 32 = LB [ lev] in Hebrew and the G = Gimel - Camel which through a needle's eye must pass.
Within all stories are all stories and all stories encompass all stories, though we have been treated to linear storylines for an aeon or two. With its passing post 911 the mind and the perceived reality have lessened their contrast. The storyline has reinvented itself interwoven, copyright flounders before the Synchrobabble, films now vast mines rich in ores elusive even to their creators. The Magpies, checkerboard, mercurial, effortless thieves make all their own. Little difference among the characters as they flit through each others realities, reminding us of our latent talents that image-conscious parents have tended to chide as children's games, not real, silly.
Time moves quicker for a satellite orbiting the Earth as the mass of the planet 'bends' space-time leading to the phenom we call gravity. GPS HQ has to constantly correct the time or in the course of a day a GPS tracker will out-position itself some 10-12km. As our minds naturally extend outwards from Earth due to all the new info we have about INNER and OUTER, MICRO and MACRO space-time our NOW augments. Happenings on Vega we pick up in far greater detail, though we may not process it as such. We don't use priests , or even scientists so much, to tell us how Universe works or what its doing at present.
We extend and in-tend in an omni-directional halo, rippling through multiplied universe. We touch stars, converse, return and spwe forth fickle tomes gleaned from the mainstream, their superficiality married to our depth in weddings of wonder.
All is Wonderland


Jake Kotze said...

B 4 "Youth Without Youth" Coppolas last directing gig (uncredited) was trying to save 2000's (2K) "Supernova".

This movie saw Robin Tunney and James Spader passing through wormholes in a spaceship. Spader also stands behind the best/clearest grid, diagonal line and target ("Book of Law" Grid Page) I have yet seen in a movie. He says "Rogue Moon" at the same time.
All covered in "A Tribute to Robin Tunney".

Thanks Moon, great stuff.


FilmNoir23 said...

Hey Moon...did you happen to catch "Lost" last nite? Once again they stuck VALIS directly in ours faces. This time for much longer and in massive close-up. Ben taking his orders from Valis makes for some great TV

Michael said...

God, I love this post. Had a pair of Vans just like that, bought 'em on impulse, never actually whore them.

Charlie wins the chocolate factory. Also had three very sexy angels. Interesting sub-sync, sonar pings.

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Aferrismoon,

Re Mr. Brock: the word badger is derived from French I think and means to dig, or love of digging.

Quite apt in the circumstances.

Magpies, Keegan, silver ?


aferrismoon said...

Sweet Lemmings of Antarctica gentlesouls, deep impact comments or what.
Jake - Will check it out as well as the Tribute to RT. A minor synch is that Tim Roth [ time traveller] gives a TR, mirroring RT.
Also 'ROGUE' in Czech = Lotr which = Lord of the Rings. I watched the Atlantis and Mushroom video of yours last night - The splitting of the mountain into pillars gave me a tingle, though I know not why.
Tod - will probably see LOST tonight. Cheers for the tip. For me at present the TIME phenom rezonates - what did PKD experience, how much of our experiences are real. Perhaps this is why the OZ, KK etc feels 'useful' , they seem reliable while much of life whizzes past at cyclonic speed. Related to LOST the characters no sooner grasp one reality before they are set upon by another . In that situation small , seemingly irrelevant or silly things, acquire a permanancy - a book , a word, a shape, a smell, a sight , a film, a song - and may guide us/them through the apparent reality .
Michael - Perhap u can get them out to wear when watching particularly synchronistic films - like synchroslippers. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - definite drugs = sweets = drugs connexion. All the packing, anticipation, unwrapping ,preparation, fulfillment.
3 Sexy Angels ?
News - Aha - Yes Kevin Keegan and the B&W Magpie show. Whether they win any silver this season remains to be seen.
Just looked up BADGER and its Latin name - TAXIDEA TAXUS. Also its a name for natives of WISCONSIN

Michael said...

Charlie's Angels - '70's retro camp.

Unknown said...

Amazing, amazing article. I love it too. The pilot of that comic book jet, K-2F, Negative Man/Larry Trainor, is a delightful character. A Mummy obviously, with the ability to release a a "negative energy" version of himself, a living shadow that moves at the speed of life. He's a Mummy that releases his soul, that's his superpower, and limited to 60 seconds. While "Negative Man" is gone (Larry refers to it as a separate entity) he's weak and immobile, and will die if it doesn't come back within its time limit. We see resurrection motifs in super heroes and such all the time, all of the Doom Patrol embody it, but with Negative Man this action is the character.

Under Grant Morrison in the late 80s Negative Man became a hermaphrodite and was called "Rebus", a picture puzzle.

aferrismoon said...

I only registerd the K2F at first , after I wrote the title with 'NoMan' in it I read the Negative man. Like the negative of the 2 pillars.
Its great how Negative Man burst out, related by the K@F, to deliver the opposite, as well as a hint at Death as Negative land.
Also he goes with the picture of Tim Roth being lightning struck.
I saw Southland tales last night- fantastic tale, esp. in terms od synchro mesh. twins of the same person electromagnetically existing , etc etc

Charlies Angels, cool, opposing Charlies devils. Farrah fawcett majors. but what in?