Saturday, August 25, 2007

Binary Torah

On Jan.16 2000 I got the fairly reasonable idea of translating the numerical value of the words in the Torah into Binary.
Translate each word into its number. Do this , lightly, for 1 verse. Place each number below the previous, vertically. Across the horizontal [ left to right] the binary values [ 1,2,4,8,16,32 etc] . Translate numbers into black [1] and white [0] acc. to their binary value. Take the pattern as a quarter and mirror it [ to the right] then mirror this half [below-top to bottom] and hey!Presto the verse is translated into a b/w checkerboard image.
Here is one I made earlier
- Genesis Ch.3 verse 2 [ in Hebrew 3=G, 2=B]
The whole verse totals 4928 [ 49-7x7,28=4x7; 49+28=77]


hoi polloi said...

!!!!!! Nice! This is impressive!

realm said...

You amaze me all the time aferrismoon! Impressive most impressive!

Vitriolos said...
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Vitriolos said...

Shame i have to reg on a fascistoid service anyways i just wanted to say that this reminds me of a thing in "The Darkness" ps3 game
maybe its a very common symbol/whatever im really uneducated.

Newspaceman said...

Kamve, you got me thinking, is this not similar to the early arcade game, Bomber, the brick maze - before the fireballs I think.


aferrismoon said...

Ok Guys I am a primitive in Gameworld- asteroids was the only one that I could cope with
Checked out the Darkness, a sort of Hanged Man, but symmetrical.
I am going to do a few more of these once i get my compulsive repetition head on

FilmNoir23 said...

This turned out with a very interesting result! Turning it binary reminds me of the some of the content of the (NOW CANCELED, THANKS HBO...wankers) series "John from Cincinnati" (was delving into some great stuff). The 1's and 0's of video recorded by a video camera and the internet seemed to hold some key.

hoi polloi said...

...looks like an owl

Anonymous said...

Hey Aferris,

Long time no chat...

Back from vacation I am not too surprised to find you at work similar to mine own.

I am currently tied up in binary too!

Of interest is the word ABRAHADABRA and its binary resonance.

What do you think? I would appreciate your talents.

As Always,

Dr. Eube Well aka The Wrong Way Wiz

aferrismoon said...

I'll have to check the download world for 'John from Cincinatti'. I happened to get The Lost Room which was pretty good. Made for TV but an interesting take on dimensional travel and charged objects.
As binary is simple for all I'm inclined to put it up as the pre-Babel language that all understood, before eople started using comparative language , e.g: pictograms and later the phonetic alferbit
Ahoy Mark, I thought you'd contracted rabies . Hope u had a restorative break.
What would i do with Abrahadabra - maybe spell each character out in full
ALPh - 111
BYTh - 412
ChYTh the character Ch [8] = 418 which is the total of Abrahadabra, I guess u know if u check Crowley.
Also I use the Colour correspondences in 777 to colour the characters rather than have them in letter or number form
Find the colour for each character [ remember there are 4 -fire,Water,Earth,Air]
Then take Abrahadabra but stop at Abrahadabr
and then start with final 'a' on the next line under and keep going until it produces the final 'a' in the last place.
I did it with the Genesis Verse 1 , 28 characters, but I stopped at 23, so I got 644 squares. I did the 1st half in Fire or King Scale colours and the 2nd half in Water or Queen scale colours . I shall post the finished result - quite interesting.
An OWL Miss HP, the Order of the White Lion or the nocturnal bird. It is one of the few that looks like something. I see a 6-pointed star and a face with a head-dress of some description, and a white cross.

hello said...

John from Cincinnati is definitely worth watching

Unknown said...

Maybe you have been an inspiration: