Friday, August 1, 2008

PAN-NOX Attacks While Dorothy Slips Out Of Her Psyche Loan

"Follow the Yellow Brick Road ", bellowed the Despatch Service Co-ordinator through the call-system, "further instructions as to destination may or may not be forthcoming, such is life". Onward trundles the Chariot, this one from Crowley's Thoth Tarot. Note it travels atop a Yellow Brick Road [ YBR, which through hebrew letter/numbers = 10+2+200 = 210].>>>>[ A day or so later I realise that it obviously doesn't = 210 but 212 - attempts at explaining this will appear in next post - when I can think how, apologies , though it doesn't adversely effect the story]}
In its grasp a whirling dish of blue and red that initiates the first Psyclonic Psynch.
On the Hurricane's path above the letters OZ appear , making it YBR resonant - Chariot = Hurricane/Cyclone

Using Sepher Yetsira attributions the Chariot and its letter Ch [ pronounced like a hard H] both register 8, for that octo-feely stargate resonating base of the Freedom Tower, amongst other sites. Thus, here, the cyclone resonates with the Charioteers SPINNING Grail [ for MK Ultra synchs check out the altered personalities, or multi-split-minds that parade afore, awaiting the Charioteer's instructions].
From a site about 9/11 and Weather anomalies published by a Mechanical Engineer Dr.JUDY WOODS come these pics of Hurricane ERIN. Its proximity to NY/OZ on 9/11/2001 went unreported in the early morning weather reports though it was a Force 3 Hurricane. Perhaps other news stories were being prepared and it went unnoticed.....

.... by the crew of a flying machine that takes long-distance photos, who managed to catch the plumes from the attack on the NY.

Luckily for all it changed course and sped off to NOVA SCOTIA [ New 'Masonic' Scotland - perhaps they called back their 'spirit']. Even so, acc. to Judy Woods, the weather reports should have reported it as its periphery was very close, and had it kept its course would have done damage, and the general public ought to know]. Can u imagine Sept 11th , 2001 opening the day with a Hurricane Alert grounding all those flights - makes we wonder what Nature knows]
I watched a talk with her called 911, Exotic Tech, Hurricane Erin and the HutcHison Effect. The quality was pretty low, sound esp. and I don't , at present, have the knowledge to 'innerstand' all that she talked about. She did seem to infer that perhaps the hurricane had its course changed. She also showed effects of wind on cars, where a car out of a group got flipped up and over, while the rest remained untouched, an effect which she related to the specific buildings 'touched' on 911, while neighbouring buildings appeared comparatively undamaged. There seemed to be a connection with utilizing 'cyclonic' conditions via Exotic gadgetry which led to the abnormal aftermath conditions, such as ' the DUST', the bent steel columns with no cracking. Apparently beams can be seen 'DUSTIFYING' in mid-air. Maybe many humans 'dustified' too.
Yahweh, pottering around in Eden, made ADM from 'dust' and a little puff of 'God's breath', within days ADM's mind had split about 5 ways, in fact it created Ah-Vaq [ a hebrew word for dust = ABQ-103, a 13 with a big hole in the centre] just like the fallout from the dustification strategy commencing on 9/11.
AB [ though meaning father] gives the AB of AlefBeyt/AlphaBet, while the Q spelt in full as QVPh [ Qoph] means 'monkey', sort of instilling the THOTH meme with programming technigues.
Happened to catch this BBC Comedy called 'LAB RATS' and it had the word 'DUSTCUBES' in the top left corner - found it intriguing coupled with 'dust' above and the 'cubes' just about everyhwhere else, but also some kind of high-tech dust sprayed liberally over New OZ York, esp. in the O-Zone of GROUND [ to dust] ZERO.
Judy Woods also made a connexion between this effect and the crop circles - perhaps they're practice, but pretty enough for one to stare at, yet not link it with other things one may sense. The bending of the girders and the anomalous bending of crop-stalks, also the clean edges of the patterns.

Monarch-mind-kontrolling super eVent 9/11 Pan-Oz77-Goat Ritual, as a false flag operation perhaps proved so 'successful' because of John Lilly's CENTRE OF THE CYCLONE, in which, brim to the gills with LSD and isolated in a tank, LILLY cruised INNER SPACE and found out a lot about programming and meta-programming the Human Biocomputer. One thing that came out of it was how much humans get influenced by what goes on in the periphery of our awareness. We do pick up a great deal and it seems to affect what we 'think' we're concentrating on.
Take SCHOOL, as an example - we believe we learn Maths, English, Art, Science etc but the one invisible lesson seems to be ' do [and accept]what you're told' - the essential lesson of the present Totalia. We do our best to ignore advertising but we know silly ditties all the same. The ears [ TV and Film- the soundtrack] = all-around, the eyes [ Books and Blackboard + the visuals of Films and TV] = back-up for the sense of touch [ gimme,gimme]
Give me the eyes of a nation and they'll listen to whatever I say.
" The world's gone mad , love"
" U what, babe, I'll sort it later, but the match has gone into penalties"

In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true is true or becomes true, within certain limits to be found experientially and experimentally. These limits are further beliefs to be transcended. In the mind, there are no limits... In the province of connected minds, what the network believes to be true, either is true or becomes true within certain limits to be found experientially and experimentally. These limits are further beliefs to be transcended. In the network's mind there are no limits. - BELIEFS UNLIMITED snippet from Centre of the Cyclone.

The aptly titled LAB RATS brings in more OZ [ thus CYCLONE] symbolism as a protest against their experiments has ensued. So 2 dress as TIN-WOODMAN and SCARECROW. Below the Scarecrows elbow a notorious OCTAGON displays itself while above and to the right we can see part of a poster of a cityscape linking OZ with city - NY , the 9/11 eVent, the octagonal base of the Freedom Tower, which all links into massive attempt at Mind-Control as John Lilly resides at 'The Centre of the Cyclone', what a wiz.

Spinning off like a LOST CYCLONE we trundle, vicariously, to the COLBERT REPORT, who amongst other arcane collectoramics , possesses an HOURGLASS [ or an EGG-TIMER] on his set. Acc. to Fritz Springmeier's accounts of les objets used in Mind Kontrol, the Hourglass figures prominently. Its purpose to remind the 'alter' of its master's control of the sands of time symbolize the luckless alter's life.

This Hourglass [ pic from PSEUDOCCULTMEDIA, sorry can't remember title] shows MK survivor CATHY O'BRIEN's handler, DICK CHENEY, who used the Hourglass on her. Monsieur Colbert comes across as the slick Republican - has he read about Dick's involvement and wishes to 'send a message' to the VP, or does he use it knowing that the various film-stars that come on will be struck dumb and do exactly as he want. See the interview with Will Smith for a man who 'isn't there' quite, well maybe just.

Another pic from Pseudoccultmedia's latest post EUREKA! IT'S FREEMASONIC ILLUMINISM sports this pyramid initialed GD[ Global Dynamics] for a show called EUREKA. He also tells us that a 'real' comapany called GLOBAL DYNAMICS.
Since Dorothy spins ina cyclone to OZ one may imagine that her initials spun too so GD = DG.
In other posts I have revealed [ dun-dun-duuh] that DG via Hebrew letter/numbers = 7 and means FISH in Hebrew, resonating with DAGON, the Fish-god, but also DoG for DOG-STAR. Also G_D gets used for GOD nowadays - anyhow a whole whorl of spinning personalities, mind-fuck alterism, multi-symbolic tendrilla.
It does, however, further us along this tributary of the YBR, as it brings Dorothy Gale in as a 'captain' of Industry, transformed into the WIZARD, spun into shape atop the pyramid, her cyclonic, fantastical minds-eye whipping us all 'over the rainbow' - HAARP will make that Rainbow when it's needed, perhaps with an 8th colour

" Ok , Charioteer, got that address - the junction of BULLION BOULEVARD and GOLD VAULT ROAD, go to the door and give it 3 'strong' knocks"

Built in 1936 Fort Knox holds the 2nd largest Gold Reserves , 2nd to the Federal Reserve Vaults in NY, an ingot's throw from Ground Zero. [ Was 9/11 a Batman plot gone awry?]. Surprised this wasn't hit [ or perhaps it was] considering its Octagonal base and fluffy, gold filling. Perhaps not enough civilians to make it emotionally tangible enough.
Yet following the YBR-synch and the Charioteers ingot-bricked road we arrive at the gates of a place where almost no-one gets in. Considering Kentucky's rich Masonic-KKK history [ see James Shelby Downard] one might finger this for a ritualling-spot of auspicious degree. Is it full of lead, or gold, or perhaps even Dave Bowman's Stars?
In the lower part of the pic. we see an Interchange CLOVER-LEAVED [ or Cloven-Hooved] for invoking Giant Out-there , trans-astral, illumalicious Beasties [ which can be kept invisible as they tend to stay in our periphery, despite their immense and wholly grody bodies]. Crossing are BULLION BOULEVARD [ A YBR-resonator] and The DIXIE Highway[ dutifully coloured in YELLOW] which synchs with OZ, as DIXIE [ from French 'dix' - 10] infers the SOUTH, which in Latin we describe as AUS - Australia, Austria, Austerlitz, Aurora Australis, twin to Boralis in the north].

Knox, noxious to some, like Al Crowley, obviously resonates with NOX. An expalnation of this little phenom with 9/11 overtones comes from the aforementioned Great Beast

"It is explained that this triad lives in Night, the Night of Pan, which is mystically called N.O.X., and this O is identified with the O in this word. N is the Tarot symbol, Death; and the X or Cross is the sign of the Phallus. NOX adds to 210, which symbolizes the reduction of duality to unity, and thence to negativity, and is thus a hieroglyph of the Great Work."

The 9/11 ritual has connexions to goats - Bush's reading of MY PET GOAT on the fateful morn, OZ via the Hebrew = 77, and Flight 77 flew into the Pentagram, where exists the Ground Zero Cafe that celebrated the Trinity Atomic Bomb Test. PAN, often revered by Crowley et al. is the Greek cloven-hoofed, spritely deity and as such = a goat + high magick [ or off your head magick]. The 9/11 ritual, a daylight ritual has its twin , in that the Night of PAN was happening within the actual imagery - 'the reduction of duality [Twins] to unity [pile of dust], and thence to negativity [ war?], and is thus a hieroglyph of the Great Work [ GW as in Bush]
I use the word 'negativity' in the sense of negating, clearing away, removal, annihilation of the opposites as well as the 'negative = bad, as in less than fucking helpful' sense.
YBR [ Yellow Brick Road] leads via numbering to 210 = NOX, so the YBR leads one into this awful night where PAN dances atop the clustered psyches of this irrational ritual.
All can be defined but like this Magician's Dollhouse would u imagine that Christopher Lloyd has concealed himself within. For the other cops this would-be Magician-Cop looks crazy playing with this child's dollhouse, but he knows where to look , he's always wanted one since a child. Didn't get one , ended up a detective - close but no applause.

The Yellow Brick Road takes on the personalities of the Cyclone path which in turn resonates OZ and John Lilly. The Cyclone investigated = Hurricane ERIN. In posts on LOST, I misheard AARON's name as ERIN, as I caught Claire's [ an Aussie] pronunciation. Erin describes IRELAND, The EMERALD Isle, synonymous with the Emerald City, and llots of Irish emigrated to NY/OZ. John LILLY links with Evangeline LILLY who plays Kate [K8] Austen [ OZ-10] who adopts ERIN/AARON, taking him 'home' like Dorothy. John Lilly gets fingered for 'exploring the mind' , and I assume advertising agencies and other propagandist have taken on his 'programming' concepts- he gets played by William HURT in the film ALTERED STATES.
Judy WOODS investigations into Weather Anomalies and Exotic Weaponry link with the Cyclone imagery and how the public has been 'played' by a magical 'sleight of hand', as in not aware of the true extent of humanity's scientific explorations and results.
Solomon Grundy got christened on a Tuesday, same day that Ground[y] Zero got 'christened', the day also saw the SALOMON BROS [ more Os, more twins] Building demolish itself, all 47 floors of the Trapezoidal structure plummeting to earth in record time.
Fort Knox = Octagonal Night of Pan resonating Gold vault , just off the Yellow Brick Dixie highway, nuff said!


Indras Net said...

Great Work, or should i just say NOX. Very synchromystically I just read Jakes Galactic Center Temple post, and while pondering upon the H or 8 oct connection with the stargate I refered to my Crowley Deck and book of tHotH and Garden of Pomegranites by Israel Regardie and found it just so happened to be attributed the Chariot. perfect between the Chariot, H, 8, Cancer=as above so below, the octagonal stargate, and Jakes Wheelchair synchs with the octagon and galactic center. My findings Here. Be well- Kev

Jake Kotze said...

The Chariot on the yellow brick road!

Love it.

Be well

aferrismoon said...

kev - I left the comment after yours, haha. I'm wondering if the Golden Boy is occluded within the Charioteers armour.
Will check yor findings, thanks

Jake - perhaps when the Chariot' s road turns to grey asphalt the yellow emerges on the Yellow Checker-cabs, and the black and white gruopies give the checkerband


Occult Mosaic said...

nice work, keep it flowing.

Michael Skaggs said...


As always, my brother, you simply AH-MAZE with the synchs! No-thing like being taken down a valid route that makes perfect sense. Good spot on Colbert's Hourglass, could be a little sign to us that "he's a handler" or "he chooses to handle those that come onto the show" like you mentioned about the "stars" and Smith.

Speaking of PAN, where I work, the 4th floor of a "anonymous gov't run building" has a program run on it called Physical Activity and Nutrition, PAN as they call it. And also, the CDC is in the 8th floor of the 9 story building. Tell me the U.S. gov't doesn't love their rituals.

Really enjoy your creations, keep those synchs flowing!

Peace bro!

Some Guy said...

That was an definitely an interesting narrative you spun there. :-) You definitely have a penchant for [dis] or [un] covering connections. Apocalpytic.

Not sure what to make of Judy Woods. The "911 Truth" community avoids her as if she were the wicked witch. (?Out of programming?) She does raise some very good points that no one else will.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers CR - but I obviously can't add 2+10+200, have to post about that

Michael - thanx for the extra PAN, theres also something to do with Bluetooth abbreviated PAN


Alex Robinson said...

Your mention of dust reminded me of the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy on which the Golden Compass is based: "Dust is the central concept...the purpose of all its action and the great philosophical explanation behind all the mysteries. Most of the main characters are to some extent engaged in the quest to understand Dust, either to destroy it or to preserve it." From here

Also brings to mind the intoned "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" of churchy 'endings' - " for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return."

If we play with dust we get 'stud'- for a fertile beginning.

Synkronos23 said...

23 Skiddoo! Get out before you Lose your minds.

When you start seeing the Hymn to Pan as a connection with the Gold in fort knox....I really feel sorry for you.

Look out for the Pan of Knox...we are doomed!