Monday, August 4, 2008

Dynamic Systems Frequency Modulation

X-Files brings on a host of subcutaneous, layered , 'out there' images in[KK] Chris Carter's latest contribution to the mainstream synchrosphere. X-Files has always mixed the 'real', 'semi-real' and utterly fantastic into a wierd weave , perhaps attempting to add a little 'magic' into the flat-footed psyche of the American 'dream'.
Dana Scully goes to fetch Fox Mulder from his Feebie-imposed exile to a room full of paper-clippings centred on his sister's abduction/disappearence many years ago. The 'search' for a sister may have played a part in PKDick's literary life - his TWIN sister died in childbirth, obviously he survived. He went on a great quest , through his visions, books and eXegesis as Fox does through his investigative career.
A drawn butterfly hovers uncertainly over Mulder's head, perhaps he has relented in his search for 'aliens' and has perhaps done some homework on the whole MK-MILAB [ Military Abductions] put forward by Fritz Springmeier and 'Chasing Phantoms' author - Carissa Conti [KK]. This may also lead one to the idea that the X-File makers have ,too, grown out of 'aliens' for a more 'human' or 'inhuman' explanation - I Want To Believe [ in aliens] because the human answer proves far too awful

Mulder makes a call, we see 4 names BOWMAN, GILLIGAN, SCULLY and SHIBAN. I realise that Gilligan and Shiban have something to do with making of X-Files over the years, but , as I'm no expert, I'll leave that to others who do have expertise.
Bowman = Dave Bowman , the astronaut from 2001 A SPACE ODDYSSEY. Perhaps the film , for Mulder, at an early age, did slightly invade his mind making him 'believe' in the Alien abduction scenario as opposed to a MILAB.
It could also link to David Bowman [ in Orange] who played for DUNDEE UTD. Dundee isn't far from East Scotland's UFO sighting areas.
The Bowman also brings us Sagittarius, and the astronaut Bowman perhaps 'found' some form of Galactic Centre on his voyage.

SHIBAN , a grandson of Genghis Khan, links to KK, as I guess he may be his nephew, but also makes an inaccurate anagram of BANSHI [ Banshee] , an omen of death and a messenger from the otherworld. BANISH also emerges, an oft-sought mechanism for keeping the demons out,
Billy Connolly, who plays the psychic, paedophile priest, brings augurs of death in the film, and as he's Scottish seems to offer a sublimosynch. Born in ANDERSTON he synchs with Gillian ANDERSON.
The last name on the mobile phone was GILLIGAN, just above Scully, so a sweet but badly-spelt synch with GILLIAN again, and this Island below.

The abductions ensue, the 1st a lady who would not rise again Phoenix-like has the number 8 fitting her into the octagonal theme that runs through many blogs, with the OCTAGON doing duty as a STARGATE resonator. Here coupled with the FENIX [ ok Eagle] we get the mode of transcendence[fire] + the vehicle[chariot]. We may wonder if, as a Govt. Agent, with her special blood-type [ a reason for abduction?], she wasn't involved in programmes to do with abduction and Mind-Kontrol - perhaps further investigation may reveal her as of the same dept. that kidnapped and 'killed' Mulder's sister. Perhaps they altered her mind so radically, Mulder realises he will never 'recognise' her again, and as such accepts 'her death'. Also why he got pushed out of the Alien Investigations - got too close?

The 8s pop again in the Animal-Tranquilizer store NUTTER'S FEED [ Nutter's = 'mad people' in British slang]. Now we have 8x8 Checker and 88 recognised constellation, a form of cosmic tesselation as the board does on Earth.
It actually gives 08 - on the computer these keys also give )*, sort of like a Crescent Moon and a Star. The 8 stands above the word LETTER and thus gives the 8th letter H, which corresponds with the Chariot which as we have seen trundles ever further along the Yellow Brick Road.

In the '40s and '50s Organ Transplanter Vladimir DEMIKHOV, perhaps jointly with Canine [K9] Circulation expert BRYUKHONENKO , performed decapitation experiments on DOGs which succeeded to seem extent, and considering the Eastern European characters [ Polish, I think] in the plot these experiments get the nod, or nodnod.
The imagery could have come from Frity Springmeier's very descriptive and horrific accounts of the brutal lengths taken to split someone's mind, creating ALTERS.
Here we see the DOKTOR bringing food for the girl whose body they wish to attach to the head itself attached to another body, keeping it alive until a fresh body can be stolen.
The filmakers seem to ask us to look at DR.DANA SCULLY continuing with operations to heal a child [ which her peers feel is too painful] and the lengths the 'evil' doctor will go to 'save a life'. Also the actual DOGHEAD experiMENtation in Russia led to early heart and lung transplants [ a lot of Gulags to choose patients from - remember the last film, when Mulder ends up in a Russian Prison Hospital, or was it an episode?]

She's in the doghouse and quickly moves into a feral mode, surrounded as she is by medical equipment, 1 and 2-headed K9s. The visuals continue in MK format, boxes, slits, darkness, locks. Its a real Fun[F]eral

From slits to eyeholes and cages

The Father - JOSEPH FITZGERALD CRISSMAN [JFK], has psychic visions , he speaks the words 'DIRTY GLASS' which seems [ he is a priest] to invoke 1 CORINTHIANS 13:12 -
" For now we see through a glass darkly [ referring to MIRRORS not lenses]. It implies Man's imperfection, yet Father JO is a convicted paedophile - to quote Scully :
' You buggered 37 ALTAR Boys'. He is imperfect, true, but he sees through a DIRTY,NASTY, FILTHY little glass, his imperfection stinks of shit and piss and leavings of sperm, a rancid , churchborne confession that the present Pope waives away with a neat apologia . Well Mr. Chris Carter hasn't let it lie, and one begins to see that this 'film' was not about pandering to the fans. Some discussion may have gone on with Connolly , a ' catholic', a role which he plays in a play called 'ANOTHER BLOODY SATURDAY' [1975].
37 Alters/Altars [ 37 x 3 = 111 = ALPh] . The film now casts its net to draw in the Catholic Hospitals, Children's Homes and other Charity Organisations, who, supposedly , supplied the MK-Monarch Programme.
Below a face trapped in the 'dirty glass' , an ice-tomb. Again freezing has been documented in the MK-Ultra experiments as a way of getting the mind to disassociate, and also as an internal'weapon' that one alter can set upon another if it looks like its not following orders. [ Read HIDDEN AGENDAS and PSEUDOCCULTMEDIA for informative , fairly balanced work on the Mind-Control Miasma]

The decapitatee also gets bathed in ice as this affects the blood-flow making it easier to keep the head alive while its cut from its moorings. Both Frozenettes got me a thinking of MIss Ophelia from Hamlet , when madness takes over, and confusion ranks supreme. This from Wiki -
"In the 'Nunnery Scene' Polonius instructs Ophelia to stand in the lobby of the castle, while he and Claudius hide behind. Hamlet enters the room, in A DIFFERENT WORLD FROM THE OTHERS, and recites his "To be, or not to be" soliloquy. Hamlet approaches Ophelia and talks to her. He famously tells her "get thee to a nunnery." Hamlet becomes angry, realizes he's gone too far, and says "I say there will be no more marriage", and exits. Ophelia is left bewildered, scared, and heartbroken, sure that Hamlet is crazy. After Hamlet storms out, Ophelia makes her "O, WHAT NOBLE MIND IS HERE O'ERTHROWN" soliloquy.[ My caps]

OFILIA is the name of GWBush's pet Longhorn.
One of the precursors to both Catholicism, the Secret Society of Doktors and other professionals = Ancient Egypt. Here we see modern mummifiction [ as a tool for renewed life] versus a version of the old style where the patients was expected to know a bunch of verse called the Egyptian Book of the Dead to re-animate. Nowadays u pays your money and takes your chancesis on an Illuminated Uraeologist.

In one of Robert Anton Wilson's books he relates how he , or Joyce, or both had been told that if they did something bad Satan would sprinkle glass in their eyes. Joyce eventually went blind after years of Glaucoma, RAW found therapy. This is the kind of shit these freaks are appointed to mete out, on children. It's not just actual anal penetration that's the problem, dear Popes, Priests and Nuns, its the abominable lies and trickery used to get OBEDIENCE - the Original Sin , as it happens.
Thus as Father Jo does the kind of ungodly act, such as admit to visions, that will undermine the Catholic Church his early programming comes into play.
' Did u have a vision , Joseph'
' Yes Sister'
' Only Saints have visions Joseph, u have let Satan in, and you , my boy, are no Saint'
'But ah've not done anything wrong, Sister'
' Aha, the Sin of Pride, put out your hands, and I will now destroy the chances of u ever trusting a woman again.'
' But Sister,...'
' No Buts, Joseph, ........ leastways not at present'
Perhaps a little hard on the Nuns as so many are supposed to have sired many an illegitimate. Unbaptized children go to hell, a few feet beneath the Convent. This has changed somewhat in the past couple of years as the Catholic church now allow unbaptized children into heaven.

Father Jpseph Fitzgerals Crissman = JFK and the 3 Nuns watching through a lovely, clean glass, bring to mind the 3 UNWORTHY CRAFSTMEN of Masonic lore, who killed Hiran Abiff, and turned up as 3 tramps after the assassination of JFK in 1963. Some blogs imply that JFK may have been killed by the Masons but perhaps with the collusion of the Vatican, who were very annoyed when JFK wouldn't support President NGO DINH DIEM of SOUTH VIETNAM, a Catholic, and a strong component in the Catholic church's influence in Asia. He wouldn't behave and JFK distanced himself - leading to DIEM's arrest and assassination on NOVEMBER 1 , 1963
Back at the Hozzie [ slang for Hospital] we see FM and DS satnding in the foyer, the admissions sign gives an ADM which spells Adam , the proto-personality of Humanity who started the whole mind-splitting thesis that has led to the deformed schizophrenic, multiple-personality disorder also known as The Judaeo-Christian tradition. Oddly his name initiated ADMissions, bit we also get ADM - ISSI , a Joycean pun for Isis. To cap ita ll Adam has been denied admission to the GARDEN until it gets its mind back together- whooo 'fiery swords and Angels if u gets too close

The colouring in the movie uses a lot of green, dreamy green, and we find the players moving in, out and across the gridded scaffolding that appears in the chase scene - The Emerald City from the OZ programming , while shafts fit in with the 'falling' programmed in to alters getting lucid.

DAKOTA WHITNEY walks into a red-zone. Red and Green feature in the building site scene. A colourful approach to the checkerboard theme, and its use with lights to affect the viewer , on-off, in-out.

Below we see a Masonic Square with checkerboard motif - don't Masonic initiates have one arm tied behind their back?

Agent Whitney plummets to her death, falling through level after level, she waves to Fox, to the world, to death,

... her other hand releases her gun, and she is gone......

She will land on these cables that fork out of the floor [ The filmakers saw no reason to make the 'finishing' shot, a sense of responsibility, keeping gore to a minimum, allowing us our intelligence - cheers].
Considering what I felt to be a 'subtle' film , many doors left ajar, many memes to wonder upon, I took the 3 prongs as indicative of the Twins and the smaller Building 7, that operation that killed villain, civilian and law-enforcers alike. Perhaps the makers gave a little nod to those who fell to their deaths on 9/11 [ a subject not broached in the film]

Perhaps that's why the film 'brushes off ' her death, as has been demanded of us - No Conspiracy, Foreign or Domestic
Scully comforts Mulder with a tender squeeze of the hand, another sister gone, another flower cynically set aside, in pursuit of a perfection that has always held us within its ever-flowing , ever-changing self that we are in our imperfection.
Spoilers? - In life none exist, however many dirty glasses we share.


Michael Skaggs said...

Fantastic! I have not seen the movie..YET, but am very intrigued by your write up Aferris! I must agree with the subliminals, a rather lucid concoction indeed. It is interesting how they shifted, what happened to the alien agenda I wonder? Hmmm.

Thanks for sharing mate!
Be well.

Michael said...

An amazing post... enlightened and yet, bitter not sweet. Too much sweet these days. Thanks.

aferrismoon said...

Michael S -I wondered why the film had apparently 'bad' reviews, and as usual it seems it didn't meet preconceptions.
I thought it attempted to be somewhat 'real' about Scully and Mulder 'growing up'.
There seemed many elements - priestly paedophilia, abductions, and the increasing debate as to whether aliens exist as a 'crutch', or as a mass-media MK device. I think the film took away some people's 'crutches' - the safety of a subject we have got used to.
Perhaps the most marked was the lack of any particular 'secret' organisation to 'blame' for the crimes, on trial seemed to be the church and I guess it'll annoy some people
Michael G - Reading it again it seemed a bit bitter, and I guess some resides within me.
The cycles that produce these acts [ abduction, paedophilia etc] winds me up.
The Nun impregnated by the Priest which is then 'got rid of' , dead or orphaned off . The Nun's bitterness at losing the child conflicting with her guilt for having had sex, she gets older, inflicts pain [ as acceptable punishment] on a child, who then grows up with his conflicts with women and authority, inflicts pain on his altar-boys, who then act 'badly' and get punished by the Nun again.
Its certainly not a 'catholic' thing, just the church is organised to cover things up and keep a holy face , plus the total lack of accountability the church faces in the secular world.
I think the X-Files made an attempt to put this out to the world to get something discussed, and not brushed under the carpet with those offensive apologia [ an apology isn't actually 'sorry' - it delivers the reasons why something was done against the logic - the dictionary says -a speech in one's own defence ]


Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Oh! And the three Sisters who hover & huddle about the film are the three Graces, the three Fates, the tri-fold goddess Herself. In June, the month of my birth (and the end of the old universe & the beginning of the new is prophecied to occur when the sun is in the constellation of the crustacean f.y.i.) I had attended the Kutztown Pennsylvania Dutch Festival. There I met a group esposing a Christianized form of Magic, Braucherei. This is their official website:

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Anadae - Grace seemed to evade this post though.

Englasse said...

Catholic - not Christian. Christian - not Magick. Christianity was not the death cult it has become. BTW genocides in history done by Catholics, true Christians were murdered as heretics, crucified for their beliefs. Still are, will be. Perhaps we might take a look at the 'goddess worship' thingie the RCC has cultivated and see it is a system drenched in blood. RCC - not Christian. I believe the 'script' today is written within the walls of the center of demon divination the Vatican, orchestrated by Military Industrial Complex, NASA, Corporations, Government, Religious Leaders. I did not arouse from my slumber until a year ago so I am only now seeing the world for what it truly is.
Aferrismoon, it takes a pretty rugged individual to enter the dark realm of Satanic Hollywood as you do, expose it's evils and emerge a sane individual. Thanks for the education.

aferrismoon said...

Hi Englasse
I didn't get see your comment until today.
I guess the names the game, murderers , empire-builders, power-mongers will use all names, and twist all names , thus I fall into the trap of calling 'them' names.
The Tao Te Ching cautions against 'the naming' or 'nouning' of life's ever moving force.
Thanks for comment

A13 said...

HI Ferris,
I reckon your an aussie..
"hozzie"...that's a bit of a give away, unless you like to watch cath'n'kim..
I've spent some hours reading your past posts today and i'm mightily impressed..
very enlightening and all together freakily confirming.
Cheers A13

aferrismoon said...

Not an Aussie no. but 'hozzie' is normal in some aprts of UK.

Born in Wales.

Cheers for the compliment, though I feel the posts do have areas of improvement, though I do tend to think that people can use them to find ideas while the whole post may not necessarily gel.

Often its the general subject matter that seems to emerge for a few posts - nuclear energy , jared loughner etc.

And as there are so many well-written and researched blogs out there perhaps there's room for the more disjointed less 'together' approach.