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Program numbers on some slaves are put in by touching the third eye with the index finger and speaking the number.

Bouncing off the Monarch Mind Kontrol swizzle-stick that's has realmed into my move [ see MERCURIAL TALISMAN and PSEUDOCCULTMEDIA] I decided to check out the THOTH TAROT. Many focus on Crowley as having something to do with something we know little about. He did change the order of the Major Arcana, claiming info from the 'Secret Chiefs'. His books , he has written in a way that its necessary to buy most of them to cross-reference what he has divulged; excellent marketing.
One of the fauna spiralling in on this FOOL = a butterfly, initiating , for this MK-context post, a journey into control [ Jornado de Controla].
For my part I shall compare Crowley's attributions with Sepher Yetsira attributions and imagine that 'he' has deliberately messed with the deck to keep 'alters' safely occluded [ alters = the multiple-personalities split from the subject's essential core]
His first little foray = the 'numbering' of the pack , starting with 0 - aaaaaah , disassociation. This sets up the MonKey business of having an inferred Roman Numeral called Zero. if there was a major characteristic of Roman numerals it was the explicit lack of any number Zero, as its from Arabs who introduced it [ perhaps from the Hindu] , basing the word Zero on their word for it - SIFR, which has come to mean CIPHER, which was what US citizens would call their times tables [ ' Have You learnt Your PSIPHERS yet, boy']
Then the hebrew letter A = 1, so we have the maddening flip-flop of each card =ing 2 numbers [ which with the 1st 10 provokes the scratchy interference of a badly tuned radio switching frequencies]
To get MK , via Sepher Yetsira, The Hanged Man does for M [ Card and Hebrew letter 13] while the Sun provides K [ Card and Heb.letter 11]

The alter descends into this realm of 'sacrifice', placed in a grid/cage with awful beasts as Snakes, to arise 'twinned' or SPLIT.
Note the predominance of green in the card resonating with Dr.GREEN
All programmes have been hidden deep within and the alter gains its wings. As The Sun card = K and K [ the letter, not the order] = 20. This puts it with B-2 and R - 200, and expresses the idea of CONTAINMENT. [ These 3 letters B and R and K have great import in this years Presidential Caterpillar Race for the WhiteHouse Chrysalis]
Suares writes this about symbology contained within the BKR trio : CONTAINMENT: Duality: Aleph enclosed: WANDS, CIRCLES, TWINS, PALMS and SOLES [ Hebrew Kaf] and SCARVES.
The Scarf in the Rider-Waite pack has been interpreted inthe Thoth Tarot with the Twins borne on Butterfly Wings. The Enclosure - the wheel of Zodiac provides. They race toward the collar around the neck of the MOUND. Twins race up, Twins fall down as they try to take and hold CAPITOL HILL.
The Tarot does not represent a device exploring the solar system, which has for its centre the SUN. The Tarot tends to exploring the psyche and thus the MOON [ not the card] takes central position. Don't put the Sun there , it's too bright and burns the visual capacity. Watch a Moth, which mixes a bright light for the reflected Moonlight

One of the major stinkpoo awfulnesses with the reordered Tarot [ a system that derives from the Hebrew letter , which probably derive from something inexpressible in our physical reality. Thus the images = derivations of the NRG within the letter. The pictures/movies have now taken on far greater resonanace than the letters, so, often, Tarot practitioners defer to the image, many leave the Hebrew letters out altogether] is corresponding 13 with DEATH.
Considering the wealth of Egyptianism running through the tarot let us turn to the legend of OSIRIS. SET rent his father OSIRIS [ possibly with a scythe, perhaps his bare hand] into 14 pieces. By Sepher Yetsira the letter N/Death card = Card No. 14, where we see the personality divided into 3.
O.T.O = Obscuring The Origins

With the HANGED MAN - Sacrifice-loss of PERSONALITY card [ at No.13] the programmer splits the mind into 2 [ mirror] - The No.11 Sun Card. Then the progger tri-splits the personality into 3 [ hierarchical]. The Left-hand card [ SUN] has no idea about the Right-hand [ DEATH], and vice versa.

Beacuse the Tarot has 22 [ or 21 + 0 if u so choose] then we have 11:11 which gives KK, linking the whole Monarch Mind-splitting shagaloom to the TWIN TOWERS collapse which 'alerted' or 'entrained' a vast swathe of alters in various degrees of hypnotism to re-act or en-act a massive reVenge prog called the GULP WAR , Gitmo Advanced Debriefing/Remodelling Centre and various mad-murder and celebrity blowouts gracing our vulgar screenwise media outlets. The Twins falling had a deep-probe effect on most of those who have had years of training in the News Media.
If one catches a match in this years EUROZ008 Football Championships one will see the symbol below at every pause in the game - I reckon a good 30 times.
It has Twin Peaks for the ALPs of Switzerland [ Federal Republic of GNOMES] and Austria/OZtria. The M shape [ check the Phoenician M] invoked the M while the 2 peaks = K x 2, giving the classic 90min - Early Evening MindKontrol programming.
It also has Dragonesque [ or monster of choice] qualities and the Earth has been placed in it SNAPPING TAIL/TALE

The Earth Football [ which gets kicked aroud a fair bit, political football] has green islands all somewhat separated from each other, but within the Dragon-Master's control. While the Red and white are the colours of both the Swiss and Oztrians the Green does not appear. Only one country has Green, White and a Red Dragon - WALES[ a word from Anglo-SaXon meaning 'foreigner or slave']. Wales = CYMRU in Welsh. Its also home to an awful lot of Pseudo-Druidica


Alex Robinson said...

I can't help but see the world football as a 'dragon's egg' - found this which ties in with your 'lunar psyche' - "In Daoist concepts the moon, pearls, dragons and serpents are inextricably linked. Like the snake that is reborn when it sheds its skin, the moon is reborn each month, and both are symbols of immortality. Like the dragon, the moon is always associated with water; its undeniable power over the tides is believed to extend to all liquids on earth"


"It was unwise to be in possession of one [dragon's egg] at the moment of birth for it would hatch in the form of a tiny worm or snake and grow within minutes into a full-sized dragon which would whirl up to the sky in a thunderstorm, tearing its way out through the roof.

Cooking up a storm perhaps, I do hope it's only a storm in a teacup

Michael Skaggs said...

This is great, very informative with connecting the Monarch MC with the Tarot, Hmmm provocative piece!

Thanks Aferris!

Eugene said...

Nice piece. Like the way you turn the road.

Suares is one of my favorites. I read him often. The piece at Psyches about the obfuscation of AC and OTO on the tarot is a real ayin opener.

In a book called the 'Wise Wound' I read about some ancients who thought the sun was feminine and the moon was the masculine. They called him the lord who touches all the hymens, ie he was the real and only husband to all the women! Men afterall are merely stunted women, ie at the 4 1/2 month point...the females press on.

Set was the brother of Osiris, uncle to Horus. Fifty-six and two can also be a play on of 56 minor arcana plus the major...which is a dual mirror of 11:11 as Suares shows as Jacob's ladder.

aferrismoon said...

56 + 2 = 58 which = NCh
Thanks for the relevant imagination/information
Hadn't read the 1st link

Atlantean Times said...

Im watching spain v italy and a series of signs caught my eye..

we have the Kia sign encircled with an elipse beside KIA with no outer ring and then there is the new car name the "ceed"..

KIA = killed In Action or sacrificed for the greater good..ceed is obviously seed so the the notion of sacrifice beside the notion of Life renewed...

the next sign to the right is M for macdonalds and the "Im loving it" mantra...

so a sacrifice and a renewal followed by the M followed by Love...

I have backed Spain but my original occult pick was germany..

i switched to spain on the basis of a comment by Horse trainer John Gosden who trained the St Ledger winner Lucarno..he has backed spain..