Monday, June 16, 2008

Advertising and the Subtle Art of Rituals - 1. Astral Projection

For whatever demented impetus that nudges me into electroskrying the 'net for intrisynchs and suggestible patterning,I remain at present fuelled, or fooled, or both to boot.
Above , the below view , from a cam-chopper, of 9/11 Ground ZerO, a few days after the eVent.
Long before the Twins were even a mote in the architects eye a man, Charles PRATT, launched ASTRAL OIL, in 1867. It became a successful brand , so popular it earned the slogan:
"The Holy Lamps of Tibet are primed with Astral Oil!" which proves somewhat synched in to the present times.
Not quite 'present' but certainly synchromystic = the slogan written on the box of Pratt's Astral Oil below:
Coat of Arms with DIEU ET MON DROIT [ God and my right].
- Used 1st by Richard Coeur de Lion in 1198 [ 119-8] meaning that he owed his royalty to no other but God and his own heredity [ The Divine Right of Kings - Dirk for short]
I wonder how omnidirectionaly-far the psychic 'shock' waves from 9/11 radiated, as far as Charles Pratt's ad executives?
The Company did have a very devastating fire at it's factory/refinery but as far as I can make out its location was Willaimsberg, next door to Standard Oil, who had their own fire in 1919. Great area for insurance scams and for clearing swathes of land for 'secret' happenings.
108 follows with 33 letters , 108 = 2x2x3x3x3, the Square messing around with Cube. 33 , as well as degrees, enumerates LG [ L=30,G=3 using Hebrew]. This stands for the company LG [ see Pseudoccultmedia's latest] while it may initial LOOKING GLASS

Well, if u check the map below, the slogan proved uncannily accurate, a mere slimmer's wink from G.0
3 blocks from heaven

Obviously it's all linked in with Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophicalites who connected strongly with the Tibetan Lama Coven, who now have their Diaspora bases everywhere, and Charles Pratt got roped in ,later selling out to Standard Oil, finally building a special HQ in Fulton Street , over years, and gallons of tax-payers , to direct the whole maddening cabal of oily , murky, occluded shadowkorps intent on wresting that which they will only ever wrestle with until, in ever-decreasing spheres they will come to a point when they finally, like the Ourobouros and the Oozalum bird, disappear up their own arse-souls.


Michael Skaggs said...

YES!! Nicely done!! Just like Entropy, they will eat their own tail until they consume themselves! Great one!!

Anonymous said...

I went to school at Pratt for Architecture and work here as an Architect in the Facilities Planning and Design Department. Pratt suffered a major fire in 1996 in the middle building of Higgins Hall, it's three buildings. Steven Hall recently designed the new middle building and it has been built. A friend made a joke to me once, while we sat in one of our liberal arts classes, on Terror and Terrorism. He said, "it's funny how all these liberals at Pratt always complain about war for oil and oil money, who do they think made this school?" Pratt is a really cool place, they even filmed a scene in the library for Debbie Does Dallas. I'm trying to get the Tiffany glass floors in the library into the National Historic Landmarks registry.

aferrismoon said...

Michael - Eating the tail I somtimes feel is a slieght of hand as , with time. no line, circular or otherwise, returns upon itself, it makes a tetraspiral, eben though I realise the metaphor exists. Odd that we accept metaphors that prove unreal, as others accept them as ral and communicate take on the misinformed, like the Sun rising and setting 0 all hail
Consume themselves , let's hope they don't do poo poo

James - just slooped into it and the nly 'image' i could fins was that. the Tibetan stuff clicked . Seems as if stuff still 'goes on' .
Check out the WEST BADEN HOTEL , they got their tiled floor landmarked


Alex Robinson said...

Spotted the familiar 1919 date & had a wee look - having recently read an article about numerology & significant numbers of 4,7 & 11 thought this was rather interesting "The Standard Oil fire brigade consisted of eleven fire marshals, seven fire trucks, 44 hose carts".

aferrismoon said...

Cheers WW
So even rescue-services come numerically arranged.
Rather like music