Sunday, June 8, 2008

Make Mine a Double

ORANJEBOOM - The Orange Tree, its shape in this post synchs with the overflowing orange explosivity of the Twin Towers.
A few notes on this erudite beer.
Established in 1671 , a 67 stuck between an 11, we have here the Export brand. The importer is the exceptionally named ARMAGAN OZDIKER Inc., whipping in the first of a multi-synch cohesion. 12 FL.OZ appears and the states of FLORIDA and NY/OZ emerge. The Florida bit interests as in 2000 JEB BUSH ran it and the state had the 'casting' vote so to speak, in the decider between Gore and Bush. Bush went on the presidency [ unelected], Gore went on to Lord of the Environment [unelected]
JEB has taken the central roll in ORAN-JEB-OOM
Lets us remember that New York had a the name NEW AMSTERDAM previously, and this state issues forth Hillary Clinton into the Senate

Hillary and Barack seem to have gone from Twin sibling rivalry to a Marriage of Convenience as the winner of KentucKy, the clucky Clintonova, has conceded to the JFK twin Barry O. Crowleys Thoth Tarot seems to presage this, renaming the card from Twins to Lovers. The card has one half of OZ as it derives from the Hebrew letter Z-7 , which in full = ZYN [67] - A Sword, that which often diVides.

I must report that I celebrate birthday number 44 tomorrow

Mr.Kotzes BLOB has posted an article called GEMINI and the card takes on that astrologic influence. Gemini's glyph = 2 Towers joined top and bottom.
Wrong Way Wizard not long before posted THE GOD THAT ATE MANHATTAN, blending in a fair degree of ORANGE flavour.
Gemini's colour = ORANGE
Below = the day the TWIN Towers developed an Orangey Boom of their OWN

Having had various Mind ConTroll songs played to me I remember a few. One of those was the hearty :
'Oranjeboom, Oranjeboom, it's a lager not a tune',
for this Nederlander Beer pictured below.
This old ad from Netherlands has TWIN goddesses/ Vestal Virgins/ Starlettes coming together to kiss each cheek . In Czech Mister = PAN

This one did catch me by surprise considering it wasn't long ago that The BLOB secreted 911 HIP HOP, concerning 3-digit aliens and that moving into the WWW phenom. This here post was initially influenced by WWW [ Wrong Way Wizard's post].
The Hand hold 2 bottles of the same brand. We have the word BOOM and underneath FLESSCHEN and below that BIER - BOOM FLESSCHEN BIER.
I shall not worry too much about the rigours of Dutch, merely synchro-dutch.
BOOM - the sound of an explosion.
FLESSCHEN - looks and sounds like English word FLESH with a plural ending
BIER - a moveable frame on which coffin or corpse is placed prior to burial or cremation. [ note: the TRINITY Bomb lay on bier of sorts in the town of POPE prior to its cremation]. Remember TUT will appear on his BIER in Dallas, soon enough
The 3 letters JEB hover above the FL [ Florida] of Flesschen
Moving along an O above an S , twice, OS-OS, akind of altered IS-IS

Moving on with the faux-Dutch we see the words BIJ U THUIS which via my addled thinking translates as BUY YOU THIS which links with the 19 Hijacker + bearded mastermind shazzazz.
Any Nederlanders who can translate this , thanks
Below the influencing skuzzer for the ad above

Another bottle below with a GOAT-like head or BOCK [ 1 Bock, 2 Box]. The 911 Mega ritual invokes PAN in his goaty form , as well as OZ which means both 'strength' and 'goat' in Hebrew

I checked out the meaning of HERFST and one dictionary gives it as FALL/AUTUMN [ oddly the season starting in SEPTEMBER, while FALL, well FALL they did.
To twist the naif a little further the pic has the id number - Ny01.JPG. That kind of synch utterly dissuades me as to any uber-force controlling anything or anyone [ unless they prefer it that way of course]
Well, if that's I LOVE YOU, I wonder what GOD LOVES U might be. The 29c = 1+1/9



Jake Kotze said...

Notice that Secret Sun is also talking astrology and has a picture including Gemini?

Written in the Stars

aferrismoon said...

Yeah I noticed that, and the main thrust of the article has little to do with Gemini making it even more sublime.
Quite interested in this Obama-Clinton double act.

T.S. Son said...

GREAT post

Been noticing a number of GOAT head shapes lately.


Alex Robinson said...

I'd forgotten about Basil Brush - instantly brings a smile to the lips.
Excellent post - had been reading WWW & all ties together most cleverly. The image of the two girls kissing that guy who looks a bit of a dick seems to have a phallic suggestion to it.

As I'm already in your 'tomorrow' I wish you a hearty birthday - reading your bithdate american style gives the cancerian '69'

Unknown said...

I'll drink to that. Oz Dicker - fabulous. I'm reminded of Florida Orange Juice, who's spokesmodel for many years was former Miss America Anita Bryant, famous for firing the first salvo in the American fundamentalist crusade against queers.

Synchro Dutch = Pidgin English.

aferrismoon said...

Couldn't believe that Ozdicker, bet Dorothy would come home for that beer.
Anita Bryant, wow, she seems like your 'nemesis' in some ways as she holds Christian beliefs though was anti-gay. I notice that she's dropped her anti stance.
If u click Wiki the page shows the album ' The World of Lonely People'
Anyhow she's a post and a half
Thanks WW , yes it all seemed to tie in , without much fuss, or trying. This is what interests me, a sort of effortless interconnecting, where each story links to one or two [ or 3 or 4million] others, without leading to too definite a result.
The idea of 'perpetual motion' or getting more NRG out than was put in.
Certain aspects of Synchromysticism must allude to engineering, dynamics, energy exchange, perhaps a new form of fuel.
Cheers S-Son

The Secret Sun said...

I love the ads that tell you if you drink this beer or that, not only one, but two hot chicks will have sex with you. I must be drinking the wrong brand.

aferrismoon said...

The wonders of alcohol. I think the best ones have a mild hallucinogen, wait until they bring out MONARCH BEER, kisses from Britney and/or her cloned double, at present being constructed somewhere in the Vaults of Hollywood General


Michael Skaggs said...

Nice post Aferris, informative as usual!

I am glad I stick with water! LOL

Later bro!

Vapo said...

Excellent post Moon! It has my sub-consious wondering if Bush and the Pope will be consuming a ice cold glass of Madonna Blonde Pale Ale while admiring the Madonna statue..

After their private talks, Bush and the pope will stroll in the gardens to see a statue of the Madonna

May-bee something like this.. To the O-range!(CERN)