Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wheel meet again eyes cold in Alice

Wheels or Dials inform this Last Lost [ for a wee while, as a while's a wee wheel we travel with]. Above the Wheel of Fortune, which for these posts the Sepher Yetsira determines. Thus the Wheel = G = 3, and G forms GML-Gimel, the Hebrew fro CAMEL, which as a human traveller = the form which will slip through the EYE of the NEEDLE, that tricky duo TIME & SPACE.
Below the dial on the NitroGen [ Element 7] for freezing Kimmy's explosives laying in the heart of the ship. Should Kimmy's heart stop beating, the bomb will explode - a Deadman's Trigger. It has the letters J and B which indicate the polar opposites of the TWIN PILLARS - Jachin and Boaz , as well as Jack and/or John and Ben, the flickering pillars in human form gilding this series. Freezing 'stops' time and motion

As well as the Twin Pillars from Egypto-MaSOnic architectural lore we have the central pyramid, here in the form of a rescue dinghy lapping the OCEAN surface - The Ocean = An immense WaterG8.

Deep in the ORCHID station a time travel device which, as it opens, forms a winged pyramid. Perhaps the capstone has decided to fly off through the needle's eye on some important errand far beyond my/our ken. It has a potential checkerboard status though I have to describe it as GRID. Perhaps the X in the circle on Crowleys Grid-pattern indicates the Island [ see post below- YorKidding]

The pyramid reiterates in SUN's visit to `London as head of PAIK, her fatehr's former firm which SUN has taken over. She visits Ben's arch-nemesis Charles Widmore [ who appeared last week in The Crystal Skull Indy film as General [ or Colonel] R-OS-S, a name which includes the 1st syllable of ROSwell, as well as the initials of the OSS, the pre-CIA, mentioned in the INDY film]
SUN resonating the SUN appears best able to accept the pyramid imagery as , like RA, she rises.
Sun often wears B and White when off the island, which resonates with the B&W headress of the 'most high' figure on the TARO wheel above

Culling yet more 911 Mega-Ritual Stargate SYnchs we have a helicopter , piloted by Frank LAPIDUS [ the stone or rock], hovering , attempting, fuel-low, to land on the Kahana, threatened itself with imminent destruction

The series is chokka full with deliberate images, studiously set out, not counting the plethora of personal synchs, which all go to conjure this intercyclic story.
The final shot we see = John in a Box, the resurrector par excellence, now renamed JEREMY BENTHAM. The original JB was an English Economist [ Feb 15 1748 - June 6 1832]. It was his ambition to create a PANNOMION, which Wiki describes as a ' complete Utilitarian Code of Law', not unlike the John Locke character in Lost

Acc. to his wishes the real Jeremy Bentham's body has been preserved and kept in a BOX, called an AUTOICON, and now resides at University College in London. For the 100th and 150th anniversary of the said college he appeared at the meeting of the College Council and , registered ' present but not voting'. Doubtless a form of early time-travel, but without the rushing shrill wind and violent streaming lights of more advanced methods.
John Locke transforms to JB. he like the Nitrogen has frozen in time .
Ben the previous island 'boss' has initials BL [32] Baal - the Lord, while John had JL [40] a number which corresponds to M for Water, and the Hanged Man. Now John and Ben have merged somewhat , within the personage of Bentham. The 2 energies, now locked in and frozen, give him the initials of the Twin Pillars JB [12]. Ben insists that they [ the pillars] must return to the island.
The BEN and HAM in Bentham give us Ben's Village [ from hamlet], this can also double for a BENBEN [ resurrection-phoeniX] Village/temple/picnic area

While Ben arranges the JB shift, Saeed will emerge in H/H Hurley's ward where he plays CHESS against an invisible opponent Mr.EKO, who died at the 'hands' of the Black Smoke, on the island. In the background a mountain peak scene keeps the K2 adventure firmly psynched with checkerboard imagery, and of course the madness inherent in Hurley's stay in the SAN-TARO-SA Mental Ozylum, that rings in PKDIck as Horselover FAT [ Hurley = both fat and 'mad' at this juncture] from his book VALIS which has bubbled forth within the LOST story. The 2 photos sneak in the twin-pillar rezidue

The image brought to mind Chess and Peak thus CHESAPEAKE.
Hurley checkmates Eko as he leaves with Saeed - Kween to King's Tower methinks!
He says ' Checkmate Mr Eko' . Eko/Echo invokes doubling and Hurley takes with the TOWER making 2.
The Tower-Castle also has the name ROOK, which invokes the CROW aswell as ROOKWOOD POTTERY , a ceramic company with an interesting history.
Rook sounds like Hebrew RVCh[214] - breath, spirit, mind, or something made no clearer by the previous 3 'definitions'

More Rotating Chopper Blades[RCBees] buzzing around burning wreckage. Rather resonant of the 9/11 attack with the semi-swarm of Helicopters flying around the TWIN TOWERS on that fateful morn. Its a matter of some controversy as to who, what , why , how the helicopters were there. helicopters and the Towers appeared in films and comics long before the actual eVent in 2001.
The Kahana SYNCHS.......

...exploding from the inside, observed by a bunch of people who will soon be lying for years to the public. The lying JACK will lead, and naturally, he takes the plunge, invoking that watery HANGED MAN again. Ever the Martyr bemused by his own mendacity

The 'Lies' will send him around the BENd, he slowly loses his mind, to set his eyes, bleary through his 'medications' , on a return to the Island.
Both John locke and Ben recognise the 'devil' in Jack as something they can lean on and pressure into action. Jack , below, has turned a devilish red, and one may check his progress on the WHEEL at the head of this post

Aaron/Erin , Claire's babe who Kate OzTen mothers, lies, as usual, fast asleep, dreaming. In his room a blue sphere, the 3rd Eye, watches over many aspects of the Lostees ordeal. Again we see the letter G on Aaron's quilt.
The Eye at the top of the pyramid = the 73rd 'brick' and 73 = the enumeration of GML [3+40+30], which = the Wheel aswell. The G we find on Masonic garb, so Aaron, who else, has protection from the LoDGe, making Aaron a MASTER MASON, the Babe in Bluelight

The Island Moves, bathed in light, it winks out, leaving but a ripple, a watery FOOTPRINT.

Back to the Future, to the Temple of Aaron, watched over by KA/K8 OZ-10/Kate Austen, she returns to find someone in her room. Lord of Time , the WHITE RABBIT, clocks her entry. The imagery builds and merges OZ, Masonica, Alice in Wanderland all Lost in Time. She finds Claire , Aarons MA, who implores K8 not to remove Aaron to the island...ever
2 mothers in one room imply Eve x 2. Eve in Hebrew = ChVH - 19, which synchs in with Wise Woman's post concerning Hillary Clintons 1919 votes or something [ hate politics, love numbers].
This impels the idea of Chevah-Eve, Mother of All , working through ALL women.

Rabbits SPRING to move , and the White Rabbit leads ALICE - to ALICE SPRINGS
In one of James Shelby Downards Masonic ordeals he had to walk through a dark street , to possible death while a very young boy, wearing an ALICE-BLUE GOWN, made by his mother. ABG = the initials of Hebrew letters 1 , 2 and 3
And so to the Rabbithole, the underground, the cave or vault, the darkness prequelling initiation.
J & B, descend the OctoGate, deep into the roots of the Orchid station, the womb-tomb, silent, cold , almost inert, but no life is wholly inert . Here the pulse travels alonf frequencies that make the most sophisticated sub-woofers sound like tinny, bassless trannies from the 50s

John instructs himself as to the stations raison d'etre while Ben fills the gridded-pyramidical teleporter full of TIN. In this instructional video Dr. HALLIWAX secretes RABBIT-15 into the device. Wax resonates with the real Jeremy Benthams body in the box. While most of it is his body the head has been made of WAX, and here we have Halliwax in close proximity to John Locke soon to rename himself Jeremy Bentham . The firat image of Jeremy Bentham in the series has him in the coffin[ pic above], only his head showing, the rest of him clothed. Perhaps its made of WAX, or MIRRORS

The Bunny-Chamber, full of tin, explodes and breaches the back-wall, opening an entrance to a cave-system. Ben, alone, inches along it to come to an iced-portal [ frozen watergate]. He KicKs through into the ice-cave/vault/womb. The blue light takes us to the 1st 3 degrees of Masonry , called Blue Masonry. Masonic symbology also goes great guns for caves, vaults and tombs - such is banking.

At this moment I must repair to a past episode, where we see Hurley H/H's chariot's milometer. The top DIAL has the sports the numbers 481516. If we remove Oceanic Flight 815 we have left 416. Added together they = 1231. I 'recognised' this number as also equalling 418 and 813
418 = Crowleys Word of the Aeon - ABRAHADABRA. It = ChYTh - the Hebrew word that is the full title of the 8th letter Ch. This 'Ch' = the Hebrew letter from which the Chariot card derives. It has been translated 'beast' in Gen 1,25
813 = VYAMR ALHIM YHY AVR VYHY AVR - Genesis 1, v3 - translated as ' LET THERE BE LIGHT'
The number 1231 dialled forward 1 number = 2342 which are the numbers in the lower dial on the milometer

Once ensconced in the sub-zero chamber [ Ground ZerO?] Ben begins to turn the WHEEL, knowing that like Adam he will not be able to return if he moves the island, which he has already begun
As the wheel turns , light emerges from its slit, building as Ben painfully moves the wheel on.....

...and through light and truth and pain and love...

....he , too, moves on


Vapo said...

Excellent post! Pictures say a 1000 words..for some reason it reminds me of a song..

I'm just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round,
I really love to watch them roll,
No longer riding on the merry-go-round..

Well gotta go..


aferrismoon said...

Cheers Vapo, still in the middle of the writing bit.
Wheel meet again


Alex Robinson said...

synch weaving on a grand scale - lots of resonating in this one.
Your description of the two pillars as polar opposites and mention of freezing reminds me of the earth's poles, where in a sense time is slowed down - one day = many months.

Tower-castle-rook brings ravens or Marion 'Raven' wood to mind - another Eve for your collection perhaps?

Interesting seeing 216 rear it's head again & to see it in another light (or breath).

As for politics, yawn, I know nowt but I do recognise a good number when I see it.


Michael Skaggs said...

Wowza! I think you have the "weave interpretation" down pact my friend!
Seriously, your seeing how the Universe intertwines everything! I get chills every time I read one of your posts and my mind starts racing!

From a "hidden agenda" point of view I might have, imo, associated the chessboard (the simplistic 8x8=64) with the grid used in Monarch Mind Control, and the White Rabbit resonating Alice in Wonderland as used in MC too, but I love your interpretation much better!


aferrismoon said...

Hi Michael
I was thinking of the Monarchic things, just not knowledgeable enough about it, perhaps for the best.
The chessboard features in Alice Through The Looking Glass [ LG 33] , as the whole book has a game written into it, which opens into the idea that Mind-Controllers may use 'chessboards' or 'grids' to 'manipulate ' events, if , of course , any such people eXist.
Nevertheless a lot of imagery has been placed in Aaron's room, and I assume, in Mind Control, one prefers supplicants as young as possible.
He has the semi-orphan status, famous Uncle Jack, who's mad and embroiled in a world-wide lie. Real mother is either dead and a ghost or has got some very sweet transport, surrogate mother is a father-killing pyromaniac thief, fertile ground it seems
I try to be loose with my stuff , as it proves more fascinating to let others ideas in, rather than try to get some General Unified Theory.
WW - the Raven comment is very telling as in the Downard book, he mentions a Raven in relation to the Rookwood Potteries.

Ok I aplogise for the 216 it should have been 214.

Yeah, I think the Twin Pillars as the 2 Poles seems fair enough. Between them the magnetic waves that create the spherical planet , erroneously imagined as hard. perhaaps if we can catch some polar resonance we can move round the planet at light-speed, which may be what they're getting at in Lost

All the best

Dedroidify said...

Wow just amazing, I know I still have much to learn when I read great synchromystic posts like this. I didn't pick up on most of what you posted. Thanks a lot for sharing.

aferrismoon said...

Definitely no need to pick up on stuff. Skimming through at times seems a better way of reading, otherwise one may become narrow.
I like the way the blogs vaguely bounce off each other - a headline, a vid, a blended story, a 'real' story, an in-depther or as I prefer to write word-storms , somewhat shallow, but acting , for me, like a magnet, or attracting centre.
As each blog [ and possibly a lot more] equals a centre of universe there evolves a loose-net slowly dropping dogma for living realitease
The stuff on Antero Alli = great. I practiced some of Angeltech and occasionally swoop over to Vertical Pool.
I feel inspired to have a brief foray back into some of them


Atlantean Times said...

Hi afferis..

i really like your latest series of posts and thanks for the Meth comment...

I hope you are well...g