Tuesday, February 19, 2008

9T7 and 7T9

This appeared on a BNOW vid-feed, possibly the latest, watch all of them again with a Spritzer and Monatomic Gold while wearing a diver's mask and a snorkel, to be sure I truth the tell.
The 25th Prime, NINE-T-7 married fair and square to the Twins. 97 = a reversible prime in that the numbers reversed - 79 = another prime. 79 = YAChYN and 79 = BOZ, or anglicised- Jachin and Boaz , the names for the pillars that the Twin Towers resonate.
The Book of the Law came into being over a 3-day period, April 8,9 & 10, 1904.

97 years , 6 moons and sol-circuit later the Book of the Door got prised ajar

Using the Hebrew spelling - AMVN = 97 we find a couple of translations accorded it - Concealed, Hidden ; Architect , Builder.
Why do comic book writers spell GOTHAM without the A ?


Newspaceman said...

Hiya aferrismoon, If the 97 and the twins (11) are married, what about adding them together.
Gives you 108, 3 to the power 4.

Book of the Law -
Adding the 8+9+10(th) and multiplying it by 4 (april) would give you the same.

11th april 1904 - 24th december 2012 equals 108 years and 279 days which ties in quite nicely.


Atlantean Times said...

Top class my good man. I do indeed doff my hat.

Take care gav