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While having little to do with the synchosphere via films or acts of war, political careers, the art of the album cover finds its place. An album here or there often sloops into a scene as an actor's prop. This album cover and their name will no doubt be picked up by Robin Tunney/Rose Tyler in her forthcoming film '911 Pyllarmyd Time-Tomb-Travel Movie' , when she says' Dad , I dreamt about .......' and he will snatch the album bach offer and tell her never to show it to her mother.Dad will be played by Kris Kristofferson.
OZ , as a Goat has been genetymologically spliced with ARK, which at the top of a mountain [ ARARATh 803 in the BibL] rezos Noah[NCh 58 ]. It also implies Capstonerism as a basic undercurrent of the meso-Arkozoic template for intersocial tribal networking.
THe word OZ-A-RK gives us , via Hebrew letter/numbers 77-1-220. The RK - 220 indicates the 220 verse of Crowley's or perhaps Aiwass' BOOK of the LAW, circa 1904, in Egypt in a pyramid signified by the lone A. Married at the time to ROSE KELLY, whose initials = 220 and whose birth came on July 23 [ start of the 'dog days'] 1874, I sense a mountaining impend of synchrolanche despite the already suffocating - OZ + ARK and then where do both Goats and Biblical boats generally end their journey - atop a MOUNTAIN.The photo shows mountaineers from an era before modern equipment - possibly its a photo from the mission Crowley went on. DAREDEVILS give a nod to the Comic Spook Heroes.I totalled OZARK and it comes to 298 which = AMN AVR - Amen the Light [ Emen Or]

The OMD [ pulsating initialwise with Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark] hail from SPRINGFIELD, Missouri where we may find one of the places they played, the GILLIOZ Theatre. In Oct 11th, 1926 the Theatre, paid for by M.E.Gillioz of Monett, Missouri , opened. In the mid-50s theatre-goers attending the film The Winning Team included Ronald Reagan and fiancee Nancy Davis.

This statement from Woodrow Wilson , apparently in allegiance to the Klu Klux Klan and put about by the filmist D.Griffith holds a variety of synchs. Most notably, that father of film, Griffith has the same initials as Dorothy Gale [DG = 7 via the Hebrew ] erstwhile Oz adventurer, her Kansas to OMDs Ark-Kansas or [Ar kan sore ass if u prefer, I'm not sure of the pronunciation] - 1 state uses wind,the other water. The Daredevils come from Missouri but the OzArk Mtns stretch over Arkansaw, Kansas and MissHouri.
The Phenomenon of the Doubly-Lettered Presidents. At Gillioz we found realisor of STAR WARS and his astrologically-inclined spouse RR. Taking the US in WW1, and the Federal Reserve is WW [ Wicked Witch, or in fact the essentially powerless Wizard/Prezident at the beck and call of DG/DG image making] resonating here with DG from Oz and the KKK. Today in 1773 William Henry Harrison, the 9th Prez, slipped out of his Mum's stargate and breathed his first. He breathed his last a mere 31 days into his presidency, dying of pneumonia. He was though , at 68, the oldest President until RR usurped that position.
HH was succeeded by John Tyler who succeeded in annexing Texas. I noticed a town in Texas called TYLER which is famed for its Roses, thus stirring in Rose Tyler, the time-travelling assistant to DR.WHO who is RT-resonant with Stargate Queen Robin Tunney.
While on the subject of RT and the Year of the RaT Newspaceman has written a wild sea adventure caught in the whirls of time and film - do read - RATERAL THINKING [VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED]

This unpleasant image , a cartoon of a Carpetbagger-lynching, has this DonKKKey leaving some folks a-hanging on a gallow's tree. There seems to be some distant story of the Democrats and the KKK in cahoots together though I know Jesus did ride that ass into Jerusalem, possibly attracting cries Khristos, Khristos, Khristos. [ The 1st letter of the Greek word Khristos is actually an X or Chi, thus Xmas]. Synchronetically , the Donkey with the KKK made me think of Donkey Kong, a mutant King Kong and a Narc-aid game. DK was a gorilla and SuperMario had to rescue a Damsel-in-Distress from him.
In the KK theme , many may not know that Kevin Keegan has been made manager of Newcastle United Football Club for the 2nd time, a kind of KK2. Newcastle are nicknamed the MAGPIES due to their Black&White strip. As I write this someone just introduced me to a guy called Kegan, I mean 5.38 seconds later !!???

Sometime after WW2 a man by the name of STETSON KENNEDY infiltrated the Klan and passed on secret information, codewords etc to the writers of the SUPERMAN Radio Shows. THis , which I tentatively entitle 'Applied Synchromysticism' , led to , according to sources, KKK members coming home to find their kids running around in cloaks, hoods and capes in mock battle, while effortlessly reeling off the Klans most secret passwords. THis brought about no small damage to the Klan for many a year, yet, though I'm not intimate with the history, involved no war, killing, store of arms, or overt fear, merely allowing the Klans own seriousness to kick the stool away from the now hanging Klansmen. It leads one to imagine that in these early days of comics some must have picked up on the mediums ability to garner diverse information and put it out to the public, perhaps over longer periods of time.
Bray-king News - This seems to rez with Hill-Clintons 1992 Ozark Real Estate affair, and that they came from Arkansas.
RATS in an Orange Cage , poste at PEERING THROUGH describes among other subjects a man killing 6 in St.Louis which is in Missouri. There is also an Arch involved rezzing Ark - from Michael [in the comments section]


Michael said...

Nice one. Ark = Arch. St. Louis, etc. Regarding newspaceman's recent article Rateral Thinking: DG's dog in Oz was a Cairn terrier - a ratter.

Jake Kotze said...

Brillo one, will ad it to the collection of OZ/ZO hits.

Peace out K@

aferrismoon said...

Brilliant Michael - the description of rateral thinking
Cheers jaKe , I will add to the wikipedia thang

Michael said...

Ya know, I was looking at the box of chocolate I got for Xmas today: Toblerone brand - Swiss, comes in triangular, somewhat pyramidal shape, pic of pyramidal Matterhorn, K2-like mountain, which was a ride at Disneyland, maybe still is, but I think I heard it was replaced by Space Mountain (I'm not making this up). I figure if Disney has a Matterhorn Swiss chocolate mountain in Southern California, well...

Pyre a mid. A mid what?


Newspaceman said...

Hiya aferrismoon, thanks for the nod.

Funnily enough, I got some rat information from a Jack Russell terrier book, but did not post it.

In a round about way, I can get to your black and white through the terrier link, via Buchanans black and white whisky and the two scotttish terriers which were used in their advertising, since 1900 or so.

Just on another note, you know that the old red phone boxes were all K prefixed, ie K1 up to 6 I think.


Newspaceman said...

Sorry Michael, meant to say, there was a pyramid shaped chocolate available in the UK for a while, pyramint was the name.


aferrismoon said...

Toblerone was of course some kind of wild luxury chocolate, occasional visits from a relative. Swiss, Red Cross , Templars, insanely named transworld chocolate bars.
Toblerone was for the rich, it had gaps between each triangle which actually meant less chocolate, quite disappointed with the lightweightness of early tobleroning. They Have a Black one now I believe
Bars had a variety of names, we had MARATHON before it was renamed Snickers, and Opal Fruits.
Everybody's a Cadbury's Fruit and Nut case was an ad I enjoyed.
i assumed the Tobs were mountains , and Wonka had entered my childhood consciousness. I assumed the lack of choccy due to the Gnomes of Zurich not being that big - little did I know Wonka knew naught about them - but one can see how easily Disney et al get into mixing stories. Sugarcandy Mountain - aint that the Hobo Heaven.
I assume the Pyre a midships as that will help it SYNCH
The wee Scottie Dogs, black and white, this then links in with J&B who initial the Masonic pillars.
Now with the Sweets I can only think of the Black and White Minstrel Show - A programme where all the dancers were blacked-up white people.
Must go read about the phoneboxes

allaboutourdogs said...

My cairn terrier and I go hiking every two months. We have climbed more than 20 times already on 4 different mountains. It became a hobby for us.