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O-SAM-A and the 44 Kalib Killer.

Of late former whipping-boy O-BLAM[b]!-A sent US Na[la]Vey SEALS* to deal a single shot to the eye of Osama. The Wrath of the LambaLamb and his Ayin-Gels wrought reel upon the peoples of the New-nited States and the streets were filled at the witching-hour , dancing among the maypole streetlights a-hootin' an' a hollering' , gleeful flags and fireworks tearing down the night.

In this dimension the adorants praise the 7th SEAL - Barack O'Berkowitz, Da 44th Killer

Via Hebrew letter-numbers we find the word for 'blood' = DM [ 'dam', as in Adam] and it enumerates to 44 [ D = 4 , M = 40].
Using a Tarot order acc. to Carlo Suares the cards would be:

The Blasted Tower and The Hanged Man

oSama > oBama
SOS [Son Of Sam] > BOB[ Bon of Bam - Colonel Goodshot]
[u read it here first : )]

* There were 6 SEALS on that mission prompting:
"Each of the seals represents a judgement, so that when a seal is broken off, an apocalyptic event occurs. The first four seals that are broken release four horsemen, each with their own specific mission.[2] The breaking of the fifth seal reveals the cries of those who had been slain because of the "word of God".[3] The sixth seal prompts cataclysmic events,[4] while the seventh seal queues the seven angelic trumpeters.[5]

Sixth seal: "And there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair, and the whole moon became like blood; and the stars of the sky fell to the earth. The sky was split apart, and every mountain and island were moved out of their places." Mankind seek refuge in caves and mountains asking that they die there rather than face the wrath of the Lamb. (Revelation 6:12-17)"

The 7th Seal who stayed at home is a remote-triggerman , knightly he communes with Death.

The one-eye shot dovetailing with this century's promotion of 'la fetische' The Eye in or on the pyramid-triangle. The usual appellation is the All-Seeing Eye, while Osama's monocular state and his watery grave lends more to an All- Seaing Eye.

Neptune's Spear - the name of the op. invoked the Sea-god bereft of a prong or two on his once majestic Trident allowing for the anagram Neptune Rapes, rape being a 'weapon of war'
The Neptune Trident appears on the Navy Seals badge.

Not long after E-man Al-Obeidy starred in a daring escape from Lib-Ya in a full head-covering save an eyelet for a-peepin'. Guess she won't be going to France where that sort of terrorisque garb has been banned.

Isaiah 22:
"The burden of the valley of vision. What aileth thee now, that thou art wholly gone up to the housetops?
Isa 22:2   Thou that art full of stirs, a tumultuous city, a joyous city: thy slain [men are] not slain with the sword, nor dead in battle.
Isa 22:3   All thy rulers are fled together, they are bound by the archers: all that are found in thee are bound together, [which] have fled from far.
Isa 22:4   Therefore said I, Look away from me; I will weep bitterly, labour not to comfort me, because of the spoiling of the daughter of my people.
Isa 22:5   For [it is] a day of trouble, and of treading down, and of perplexity by the Lord GOD of hosts in the valley of vision, breaking down the walls, and of crying to the mountains."

Out into the Media's valley of vision the world beheld the youngest Son of Osama and talk of successors.

A bible opened at Isaiah 22 was found by "The Ultimate Evil" author, Maury Terry, close to the body of Roy Radin, his death linked to the investigations that emerged from the Son of Sam killings.
"The other way to go (favored by Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names) is to take the first part of the name Samuel from the verb (shama'), meaning to hear, listen to, obey. This verb is used over a thousand times in the Bible, often in the regular way of hearing something, but also in the sense of to obey someone, understand something or examine something."
Sham and Oshama
One 'son of Sam' David Berkowitz, the only one convicted for taking part in the killings, claimed initially to have been given orders by neighbor Sam Carr's 'demon dog'.

Both Sam, in 1976-77, and Osama in 2001, visited their destruction upon NYC, though Oshama branched out to Washington, penetrating the Pentagon with Flight 77. The occult inferences abound as they did with the Son of Sam killings.

Masons have also called themselves 'Sam's Sons'.

As an aside the company who manufactured the BULLDOG .44 , the type of gun used in all the Son of Sam shootings, has brought out a Charter Arms Rimless Revolver [ CARR ].
David Berkowitz claimed he was instructed by Sam Carr's demon dog, while it seems likely that John Carr [ son of Sam Carr] took part in some of the shootings.

"Berkowitz later claimed that while he helped plan the DeMasi-Lomino shooting, the actual perpetrator was cult member John Carr, and that a Yonkers police officer, also a cult member, was involved in the crime."

A somewhat grim sense of humor over there at Charter Arms.

Moving into 2011 the year got off to the killings in Arizona and the miraculous recovery of Gabrielle Giffords. The alleged shooter, Jared Lee Loughner , pled 'not guilty' to charges. His inability to stop laughing at 'inappropriate ' times has secured him nutjob status. The photos of 'him' could be of anybody, esp. the crazy, mad, Mickey from Nat.Born Killers. A few weeks later , still smirking, his visage appeared to have shrunk, to a more normal size.

Since pleading not guilty he has undergone a mental competence examination which concluded on April 29th, in SPRINGFIELD. Missouri, the date shared with the last flight of Endeavour [ cancelled] attended by Gabby and the Royal Wedding , an event so mired in sentimentality , schlock and kitsch that it prevented radiation from Fukushima contaminating British soil.

Not long after Mr.?Loughner was found incompetent to stand trial by Judge Larry Burns a destructive tornado was visited upon Joplin. Missouri and then not long after a tornado struck Springfield, Massachusetts, followed by large forest fires in Arizona. It seemed the semi-discarnate psyches of Giffords and Loughner were 'at play'.

"Chances are doctors eventually will be able to get the symptoms of his newly diagnosed schizophrenia under control, and a judge will find him competent to stand trial."

'Newly-diagnosed schizophrenia' - schizophrenia is apparently a term that does for a wide range of what 'experts' deem mental unhealthiness. Some feel those that question 9/11 have mental problems.

Not a coincidence but Revelation of the Method.

Scotch rites but Walt disnae!

On April 29th the Endeavour fails to go off and Goddess Gabby glides slowly and alonely up the steps to board her flight back to Houston [ Sam's Town], Texas. Before the nose of her flight stands P'Tah, the bald potter whose name implies 'openings' , like Gabby's head.

"Concurrently in Cape Canaveral, the celestial Beltane Window saw headwounded Goddess Gabby Giffords, Wills' Templar Twin, re-ascend the star-staircase under watchful gaze of Pappy Ptah, an aspect of the Kopper King and the new, improved, multikulti Pharocracy."

{ P'tah , 'the opener' has taken on the form of a cop [ with bicycle , just out of shot] who stands in front of the plane's nose. The photo makes it appear as if the P'tah.Cop figure is as big as the 'plane}

"The Beltane Window closed on Bloody May Day, the most prominent blood-sacrificial date of the Pagan Calendar, with gleeful execution of the West's Preferred Scapegoat of the moment, Osama sin Laden. Operation Neptune Spear. The non-oppressed become the new oppressors.

We'd planned to post on springfield after learning that while the Beltane Window stood open, blood flowed in the Massachusetts version of spring-field."

"At around noon today, Kirkland allegedly walked into Bill Brown’s House of Beauty, Barber Shop and Supply on State Street and shot two people, Delaney said.

One of the victims, identified by State Police as Sheldon R. Innocent, 24, of Wilbraham, died. The other victim, a 48-year-old barber whose name was not released, was in critical condition."

"Born on June 8, 1986 in Brooklyn NY (but mainly raised in Springfield MA), the second of three boys, Tamik Kirkland A.K.A. Matik was destined for greatness. Since the early ages of 2-3 years old, Matik has become fascinated with the industries of Hip-Hop and R&B music."

Gabby Giffords was also born on June 8th - 'Late Spring Fields' , 'Histe Up the John B Sail' and ' Belt an'Window'

"As the comment thread to "Histe Up the John B Sail" suggests, last week we were preparing a post about Jared Loughner's incarceration and "evaluation" at the Springfield Medical Facility in Springfield, Missouri.

Springfield is a longstanding semiotic trigger-word, suggesting fertility, agriculture, blood-sacrifice and the "resurrection" of crops."’s-past-future/

Mrs Giffords took part in a Masonic ceremony on Oct. 24 2010, the opening of a 100-yr old time capsule placed under the cornerstone of STONE AVENUE TEMPLE , now TEMPLE EMANU-EL.

Gabby in a woolen chain-mail affair releases the spirit of the CAP-SULA unto Arizona .

It contained coins, a Masonic medal, documents and newspapers from 1910.

"Giffords noted that not only were Jews present in Arizona prior to statehood, they were involved in business, politics, education and “caring for the community.” Along with many of the other speakers, she remarked on the diversity of the Tucson community, noting particularly the participation of the Grand Lodge of Arizona Free and Accepted Masons — whose forebears had helped lay the cornerstone — in the day’s ceremonies."

Apparently Jews were conspicuous enough in Arizona to build a temple but on the other hand Mr. Hornstein still changed his name to something anglicized to avoid 'issues' in a territory which is described as 'unfamiliar' for Jews. Just believe both, it's easier : )

"Giffords’ father is Jewish and her mother is a Christian Scientist, and she was raised in both faiths. Her grandfather, Akiba Hornstein, changed his name to Giffords after moving from New York to Arizona, in part because he did not want his Jewishness to be an issue in unfamiliar territory."

"Before the capsule was resealed to be opened in 2110, a number of new items were added, including histories of the Tucson Jewish community, Temple Emanu-El, Congregation Anshei Israel and Congregation Or Chadash, all of which started their services in the building; a history of the Holocaust Survivors of Southern Arizona; 2010 coins; copies of the Arizona Jewish Post and Arizona Daily Star with articles heralding the day’s event; a flag of Israel and an American 48-star flag carried in Tucson on Feb. 14, 1912 — Arizona Statehood Day; and a copy of the day’s program."

Apparently the 48-star flag did not appear until July 4th of 1912, upon the incorporation of Arizona [48th] and New Mexico [47th] into the Union.

Flag-burning desert ritual performed by Jared Loughner [ who know perhaps conducted not long after Gabby's little ritual]

Mrs Hornstein-Giffords-Kelly seems to be not just a Reformed Jew but also a Mason as well.

"The Masons rededicated the cornerstone, pouring “the corn of nourishment, the wine of refreshment and the oil of joy” into the cavity."

At wiki it doesn't mention its a Masonic Lodge but refers to it as a synagogue. Guess it's both.

BAT-ZION / Daughters of Zion

Crowley spelt the word BABALON to add up to 156 which is the same enumeration as the word Zion.

BABALON = 1+2+1+2+30+70+50
TzYVN = 90+10+6+50

I guess he made the change in the early-C20th dovetailing with the upwelling of 'Magick', Masons and the Zionist movement which would all flourish in the public eye post WW2.


The 44.Calibre Charter Arms 'Bulldog'

Maury Terry has the 'Son of Sam' killings eventually linking to the Tate-LaBianca killings which began and concluded 'Helter Skelter' - an attempt to provoke a race-war - which took place on August 9th and 10th, 1969. The link appears to be the PROCESS CHURCH OF THE FINAL JUDGEMENT , an offshoot of the Church of Scientology, itself bursting forth from L.Ron Hubbard's DIANETICS, which came from his time with U.S. OTO head Jack Parsons and their Babylon Working , a homosexual ritual which attempts to invoke the Whore of Babylon, usually in the form of the next attractive woman one meets and , of course, a whole heap o' hoodoo that those not initiated into are not party too.

And for a more intimate shot……

Symbolically 'hot-pink' Jackie blows the head off sacrificial president, JFK.

Pink - the modern Imperial Purple

Via Hebrew letter-numbers YHShVH [ Jesus] enumerates to 326.

The Process Church were very into German Shepherds and Terry's book relates that there was evidence of a lot of dog-sacrifices before and after the SOS killings, in Yonkers, many at Untermyer Park.

"Another “hotbed of activity appears to be New York, where 85 German shepherds and Dobermans were found skinned in the year between October 1976 and October 1977”. And it wasn’t just four legged animals…ref  #2 Dog Sacrifice)"

'With Best Friends, Who Needs Enemies? by MsJade at the DOGPRESS

The Process Church went through many changes and one of their incarnations , possibly a reaction to their canine-killing days, is called BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY. Manson was also influenced by some of their ideurrs , notably 'THOU SHALT KILL!'

Its graphic and tone seem not to have changed over the years.

We know best, you don't!!

Notice the logo of the BEST FRIENDS and the top of chair in the 'Death to Pigs' photo.
Charles Manson's 'FAMILY' stayed most famously at SPAHNE MOVIE RANCH, living there when the Tate-LaBiance murders went down.

The Best Friends Animal Society are located close to KANAB , Utah which has been known as 'Little Hollywood' as it has a history of being a location for some Hollywood Westerns as well as Planet of the Apes.

As a society it appears to have a lot of celebrity support not unlike the Manson family, Process Church and Scientology

It would appear that the Process Church was anything from a naive bunch of guys and gals trying to access their potential to a group dedicated to bringing on the apocalypse via madness and murder. Whatever they seemed to have the funds to buy./rent land and property here and there, move around the world fairly easily and on the face of it no-one having any particularly steady form of income.

"Processeans hit the streets asking for donations. …"cult members were told to say the money was going to ‘animal welfare’, although most of it landed in the DeGrimstons' pocket.”
According to Sanders (a member of the musical group “the Fugs”), “the Process Church more or less taught Manson everything he knew.”

A characteristic of the 'groups' which have branched from the Crowley-OTO trunk is their constant splitting, renaming, repainting their philosophy, which makes them all seem rather small. Perhaps on another level the splits and reorganizations are but illusions.

It also follows the 'spy-cell' format where lower ranks might consider a 'fellow-spy' in competition yet both are controlled from the same higher source, unbeknown to them.

"The Arizona ranch was sold, and in 1984, they used proceeds from the down payment to purchase 2,269 acres in Kanab Utah; what would come to be called Angel Canyon. The group would acquire additional land and leased 30,000 more acres from the government.  Founder Paul Eckhoff, an architect who had designed prisons, designed one of the first buildings.
In 1988, the Society of Processeans was formed and a big reunion was held.
In 1991 a crisis occurred: The buyer of the Arizona ranch went bankrupt and his monthly payments ceased, leaving The Foundation Faith in over their heads. A national S.O.S. went out to the family. Cyrus and Anne Mejia moved to Kanab from their home in Golden, Colorado. Faith Maloney liquidated her Pennsylvania residence and returned to the fold, as did other members.

”The group needed money, and getting it seemed to require a certain amount of begging, which the group called ‘tabling.’ They would go to Denver, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, set up tables outside supermarkets and pass out brochures about the sanctuary.” And the money for animal rescue kept rolling in from every side.

In 1993, Best Friends Animals Sanctuary was incorporated as a nonprofit [ like the Church of Satan, et al.] The Archives were supposedly destroyed and the Church dissolved. I sure would like to poke around their compound though… and contrary to popular belief, Mark Owens says the Process is still around.
There are no more public references to Satan and doomsday. The millennium has come and gone without the apocalypse. The new focus is on fund raising, public relations, more fundraising and, oh yeah – animal rescue with a liberal dose of speuter. Brothers and Sisters let me hear you testify!
The animal sanctuary has become a huge cash cow with a herd numbering well over a quarter of a million calves. They have a multi million dollar surplus and all board members are paid a salary. In fact, Best Friends' reach has extended so far that it has again renamed itself, this time as Best Friends Animal Society, reminding everyone that it is not just an animal rescue sanctuary anymore.
The sprawling 33,000 acre compound in Angel Canyon is evidence. Tax records show Best Friends took in $1.17 million in contributions in 1993 and continued increasing to a whopping 32 million dollars in 2005, thanks to some cunning marketing over the dogs rescued from hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Mountain told the Salt Lake Tribune “this money will help further Best Friends' mission, and he now is planning on "reconnecting the organization to its spiritual beginnings”. And I’ll bet all of that "animal rescue" money looks cleaner than a fresh shirt from a Chinese laundry. But you know what they say about appearances."

'Reconnecting the organization to its spiritual beginnings' -

Rule 10 of the 11 Satanic Rules on Earth:
"Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food."

" CRAWL ! "

Photo from -


A13 said...

Hi Ferris, just a quick comment, Excellent and very interesting post.
alot to absorb, and WTF is the double "Hand Jive" going on in that obummer pic?? looks like one of those fake horror hand things from a kids/trick/majic shop..creepy or what?
Cheers and regards

aferrismoon said...

Indeed the bdouble handjive , a symbol of fakery

We even think the president exists


Eleleth ר ק D said...

Clearly our Galactic President is Zaphod Beeblebrox.

little dynamo said...

thats some hairy shit AF

HST only wished he could swim that deep, yr giving him daymares

ive been planning to write more on GG and antichrist/headwound theme also

the masonic time-capsule/GG rite is incredible find!! congrats

info reminded of steffie, head rabbi at GG's 'reformed' temple, perhaps the tucson twin?

yesterday i studied rev 3 again where jesus prophesies in support of 'philadelphia' and against false judaism, the 'synagogue of satan' which is part of the endtime antichristic system

no doubt he's a tad sensitive about that issue

this a.m. my computer clock was set at tuesday june 21, tho i was sure that yesterday was sunday

but shined it on wtf and later, the date somehow reversed back to 20th


anyway it recalled the book of daniel, discussing endtimes figure who "changes times and seasons"

b/c tomorrow (21st) is solstice, both times and seasons thus were artificially altered

kinda like gabby!

more later, cheers

aferrismoon said...

El - But who is the 1st Lady?

Ray - It all starts to gel with her Masonic[Syn of Sat] appearence, and then whipping things out of the wall with only her 'trademark smile' to protect , that girl's got celebrant written all over her.

I wonder if Gabby remembers her Judaism , they haven't mentioned it yet. Anyhow a Reformed Masonic Democrat , a new political party.

Wills was also whipped out on June 21st [ but I don't think he'd been in as long as Gabby's Masonic capsule].

HST? Hawaiian-Aleutian Standard Time?

Anyhow Kill the Pigs but not real pigs :)


little dynamo said...

celebrant, agree, like a late kubrick film come to life -- also the bike kop got strata-dosed (temporarily, for positioning)

see how they run like pigs from the gun

the GG/masonic rite certainly completes the Picture -- she and hubby are probly both In, obie likely prince hall

no need taking risks this late in the game

Reformed Masonic Democrat lol well her temple was certainly reformed, and apparently well-prepped aforehand, i think yr discussion of a diffuse but still v active o.t.o. applies... all one rottun tree

HST = Hunter S Thompson a gunner late of orion


aferrismoon said...

The OTO - the impression is that their well-intentioned potential accessors.

Ordo ShirleeTemplis Orientalis
[ Orientalis err... unknown]

Its odd that GG opened the Temple a bit and then she got shot in or around the temple [ have to edit that in now].

Kelly and Dee - if they weren't 'in' they will be.

other HSTs ; Hypersonic Transport and Hubble Space Telescope

and perhaps 'HiSTe'


Anonymous said...

LOVE the Prince William-Royalty-Disney pics.

- Aangirfan

aferrismoon said...

They've been around for a while , I saw them at Suraci a month or so ago - astounding really, or perhaps just an inside joke in that people have the same belief in the Royal Family as they do Disney characters.

I reckon Fergie and her mate must have seen the Disney film or are completely brainwashed.


Penny said...

apologies up front for the off topic comment,

saw you left a comment at Aangirfans about a pdf for the Ponerology book???

How can one get that?

I didn't notice a link?

Kindly let me know?
Much obliged
a dull penny today, over tired :(

KE said...

Great post!

Your references to the "Son of Sam" and the destruction of Joplin and Springfield in the "spring" of the year makes me remember a 1999 film, "Summer of Sam," that I rented on VHS years ago.

It was a Spike Lee film about the 1977 Son of Sam killings. I remember that the VHS box had "S.O.S" on the cover for the "Summer of Sam". Since today is the first day of Summer, I hope we're not due for more trouble to create a real Summer of Sam?

Mormon Mitt Romney running for Prez has a new unwanted addition ...Jon Huntsman...another Mormon who at one time worked for Prez. Obama has returned to run for Republican President. A Mormon Huntsman?

Thanks for the great post!

little dynamo said...

{ P'tah , 'the opener' has taken on the form of a cop [ with bicycle , just out of shot] who stands in front of the plane's nose. The photo makes it appear as if the P'tah.Cop figure is as big as the 'plane}

i couldnt quite visualize it before, it nagged me but yup, you have it

the plane's probly one of those minis, 12 seater, cessna or piper or whatever, but still . . . the perspective uncloaks the reality, the overshadowing entity that hitched the bike kop is enormous (wings not shown; batteries sold separately)

he takes up ritual position (chek yr stargrids everybody!) to "open" the nosecone or head of the sublunar vehicle, in sympathetic thyme with gabby's opening and (permanent) visitation

welcome NWO, GG now officially part of the Sublunar Set

the trauma makes her MUCH easier to 'push' -- and given yr reportage on masonic ceremony, she didnt require too much tweeking anyway

mas tarde, cheers

Eugene said...

Indeed pigs and other winged animals in the sky in service to Her red boots.

The outer door covering to the Tabernacle was made of seal skins.

What other purpose but to-cash in?

Rah rah fighting seals! The lady of the sea compels thee to show the mermaid color.

"Coverings", including those at weddings and other such dagger/wound rituals, occurs 191 times. :)


aferrismoon said...

KE - I watched it the other week , not a bad movie. I wondered if the guy who returned from Britain as a punk was a side-reference to The DeGrimstons and the Process Church.

I sincerely hope there will be none this summer even though a lot seems to be going down on Long Island.

Cant wait for President Hunts Man, the feminasties will love that.

Doubles and prisontime all round - cheers.

Ray - in other photos the P'tah Cop seems more in proportion. The photos is effective in giving another-world. dimension feel - I doubt the photographer coulda fixed it that way.

It also seems to the hazy headspace GG has doubtless entered , with memory loss and a whole bunch of shock. Anaesthetized morphia dream-space.

Gabby-sympathy will open a lot of doors and they'll milk it like mega-Hathor


aferrismoon said...

Eugene -
PhThCh > ThChSh - shucks there's a hole in my sealskin purse

ThChSh = 708
PhThCh = 488

subtract = 220.

220 verses in Al's book and its also 5x44 which pulls in the .44 Bulldog and its opening capabilities, President44 who with his Seal-kin opened the Sinner's eye. [ See Al's Kin , followers of the Crowley/ Beest]

1221 = 33x37

Biblical times Bubba


aferrismoon said...

Ray - GGs Masonic ritual + Astro Kelly's Masonic hand-gesture when he and crew entertained IDSERPENT44


little dynamo said...

agree, no, dont think photo was doctored nor fed to us -- thats more rev of method than desired! ;O)

not all plums come from poisoned trees

the clearer shots dont carry the resonance, agree the fuzziness captures the standard ritual mind-state, specifically post-trauma GG, as you say skyswimming on opioids and memory confusion and hazy trau-la-la-ma

IDSERPENT photo -- kelly has right hand raised, facing obie -- is that a typical masonic sub-com?

in the time-capsule shot, with both hands GG upholds and displays the "treasure box" containing the masonic past and future

speculating-- pharaoh obie = masonic past and present, v literally khemic even to skin-tone . . . and GG = masonic future? the fully invested goddess, with all secrets in her hands? other interp?


little dynamo said...

p.s. i threw something together, not elegant but hopefully expands some of these themes, much obliged as usual


aferrismoon said...

"skyswimming on opioids and memory confusion"

sounds like govt. policy.

Dunno if kelly's on the board , I think it was a post of yours that mentioned possible Masonic handsigns. Looks great with LBJ and Trinity [ at yer latest].

Obie 1 to GG - sure , from the human [Obama] grounded in the earthly reality [ technically] to the GG, Goddess of mid-air , with her frequent flying and her 'skyswimming on opoids'.

I await some spurious 1-hour special via satellite presented by a triune of court-appointed chat-show hosts.

Have read yor latest - that makes 2 places I've read about Mr. Ball - yours and W.Griggs.

Oddly the Arab Spring-field was ignited by burning people , it was one of the reasons it got so much attention , butin the good ole USA that's called an Emergency Washdown Situation and move along folks , taint nuttin'.

Real cruelty requires patience


little dynamo said...

Have read yor latest - that makes 2 places I've read about Mr. Ball - yours and W.Griggs.

Medea does quite a comprehensive job excluding or spinning anything that doesnt flatter the matriarchy

v good at telling folks exactly what they wanna hear

only the local paper carried the tom ball story and (commendably) published the entire suicide letter

info sources and news sites outside the msm/matriarchy concerning men and boys are starting to emerge (finally!) heres a couple urls

Oddly the Arab Spring-field was ignited by burning people

not odd it's all one movement, men coming into group consciousness of themselves

the dispute between the apple seller and the female govt official lit arab spring off, mr bouazizi finally said fuckit this place can go to hell w/o me

lid's on much tighter in amerka but they wont be able to silence the tom ball incident (or the truth) much longer


Hei Hu Quan said...

Brilliant post AFM, a good updating of what the Process satanoids are up to now. Though there are only tributary links and a good amount of progressive conjecture, that cult is intimately connected with US/UK intelligence. Also, the Zodiac Killings had Process/Manson trappings both in both M.O. and content in the letters sent to the media. Manson, the Zodiac Killings and the Son of Sam all had one thing in common the inculcation of fear which at that time served government interests of addressing the terrorist acts by concocting and drafting new fascist laws against a terrified public. I've done quite a lot of research into these seemingly disconnected killing sprees and have come to the conclusion that they are connected with a central engineer orchestrating these crimes.

For example, the Original Night Stalker/East Area Rapist operated from 1976 - 1980 according to law enforcement sources. During that period, at least 50 terroristic rapes with at least 10 homicides still unsolved occurred throughout California in a targeted region attributed to either the Original Night Stalker or parties in concert. In the course of my examinations, I've began reviewing the case of The Original Night Stalker/East Area Rapist, and discovered a distinct pattern of terrorist crime sprees in the California area from the late 60's throughout the early 1980's. The one thing they all have in common as a goal was mass terrorism involving multiple homicidal murder and grotesque brutality.

- The Manson Family Killings
- The Zodiac(s) Murders (unsolved)
- The Zebra Murders
- The Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA)
- The East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker (unsolved)
- Richard Ramirez a.k.a. the Night Stalker
- Numerous targeted homicides of women utilising similar m.o.'s.

I find it very hard to accept and write off that these were all simply isolated cases that had the exact same goals of instilling public terror with satanic trappings. There seems to be is a definitive indication of a central direction and co-ordination with differing and changing methods of operation in the commission of the crimes. The fact that can't be shaken is that these seem like engineered operations bent on domestic terror rather than simple individualistic acts of criminally "inspired" psycho pathologies. Also all of these crimes fit hand in glove with the philosophies and agit-propaganda marketed and published by in the Process' own magazine lauding and explicitly calling for murder, mayhem and death.

If the cases are tied together in some manner then it's not enough to just solve the Zodiac(s) case, as the primary director of all of these will still be orchestrating more of these crimes not just in California, but nationally as well. It's not just the similarities of cases, but the timing and clustering of these crimes that indicate much more beneath the surface.

Hei Hu Quan said...

Apologies for the length of reply but I forgot to mention that the Son(s) of Sam and Zodiac kill sprees share the same method of operations. Almost as if the Zodiac was the precursor sortie evolving into the later Son(s) of Sam murder operation.

aferrismoon said...

Acc. to Maury Terry in his book 'The Ultimate Evil' the one possibly coordinating the killings and others was referred to as 'Manson II'.

I read dave McGowan's 'Programmed To Kill' which seems very detailed , as well as implying the 'neetwork'.

I believe its being allowed full-rein in Mexico - in plain sight [ of course its a drugs war :0

At present there's these killings and dumped bodies on Long Island, over the water from Yonkers.

Some press reports imply that its the work of 4 different Serial Killers , all working independently.


Dennis/87 said...

What on earth is that hand doing in that picture. Why is it there? Could it of been photo shopped? Amazing tomfoolery? Dennis

aferrismoon said...

I assume it was a photoshop to make them look like their holding hands only a hand didn't get 'shopped out.


Eleleth ר ק D said...


The Giffords time capsule is the tomb of Christian Rosenkreuz. Post 100 annos patebo . . .

Alex Robinson said...

I'm not up to speed on news so ... 'No comment' - but for fun did an etymological search on Springfield - this is what came up on the page;

type of firearm, 1813, named for the U.S. government armory in Springfield, Mass.

1892, Amer.Eng., from basket + ball (1). The game was invented 1891 by James A. Naismith (1861–1939), physical education instructor in Springfield, Mass.

Smith & Wesson
proprietary name of a type of firearm, 1860, from the gunsmith firm of Horace Smith (1808-1893) and Daniel B. Wesson (1825-1906) in Springfield, Massachusetts.

1788, "bottle containing two quarts of wine or spirits," from L. magnum, neut. of magnus "great" (see magnate). Registered 1935 by Smith & Wesson Inc., of Springfield, Mass., as the name of a powerful type of handgun."


aferrismoon said...

Guns have or had springs didn't they?

And they also put a spring in yer step when they go 'Pep-pep-pep!!'


Atlantean Times said...

Heres an interesting fact...the only animal to die on 911 was a dog called sirius.

heres another little fact...if you go to the sirius star system using astro software and look at gemini the twins constellation it changes shape from its earthly appearance and in fact looks like a giant bunny rabbit. Think Donnie Darko..i shit you not.

The Pooka strikes back.
fact nr 3.
The exact moment the dark prince william said I Do at 1120 the meridians or bloodlines again coincided in the sky and he said I do on the meridian