Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rock Of Aegis

At Glastonbury , not far from the pyramid , Christopher Shale , chairman of the Oxfordshire Conservative Association died [ apparently a heart-attack].

A Loyal ROCK
" The Duchess of York, who appears to have known Mr Shale, tweeted: "Christopher Shale, the kindest, most special gentle loyal rock of a friend, we will all miss you desperately."

He had been critical of the Conservative Party:

"He had been contacted just after 12.30pm on Saturday by a Downing Street official to tell him not to talk to the press about a memo written by him which was highly critical of the Tory party and had been leaked to a Sunday newspaper.

The memo was essentially a strategy document setting out how to recruit members. It said the local party appeared "graceless, voracious, crass, always on the take", and needed to radically change."
Councillor Barry Norton, the Conservative leader of West Oxfordshire District Council, dismissed suggestions that Mr Shale might have killed himself as "scurrilous" and said his death was a "terrible shock". [ rhymes with rock]

He added there was a history of heart problems in Mr Shale's family and described him as "highly respected".

Apparently Intelligence Agencies have been known to use chemicals to induce heart-attacks.

A ROCK for everybody
"He was a rock for everybody - somebody you could rely on," Mr Norton said.

"Cameron said the death had left him and his wife, Samantha, devastated, and that "a big rock in my life has suddenly been rolled away."

I assume , perhaps naively, that big rock rolled away would come as a relief. Whatever , the usual convolutea spewed forth as language by people who had a lot of money spent on their education.

Shale - a finely , stratified sedimentary rock that formed from consolidated mud or clay and can be split easily into fragile slabs.

What caught my eye was that the Duchess of York [ recently financially-aided by convicted pedo Jeffrey Epstein ] , David Cameron and Councillor Barry Norton all , spontaneously and simultaneously, referred to Mr. Shale as a 'rock'.

He died at the biggest ROCK festival in the world, in the toilets [ symbolic of the Eqyptian Underworld , the Duat] next to an enormous pyramid while awaiting various soulless performers to drum out their rock and roll. Perhaps some of the performers were getting a little low on energy and required an offering. Perhaps I'm just cynical.

Further Reading:
"A MAN was found dead in a public toilet in Dorchester early this morning (Thursday 28th April 2011).

Police confirmed the body of a 33-year-old local man was discovered in the Trinity Street car park toilets.

Inspector Les Fry of Dorchester Police said: "Police were called at 5.15am by a member of the public.

"On arrival police found the body of a 33-year-old local male.

"The coroner has been informed and there are no suspicious circumstances."

Rosie Darkin, property and facilities manager at West Dorset District Council which owns the toilets, said: "We are sorry to hear that someone passed away in our 24 hour unisex toilet in Dorchester and would like to pass on condolences to their family and friends


Anonymous said...

A great mystery.

- Aangirfan

aferrismoon said...

Quite odd timing indeed.

I wonder how [if] it will develop


little dynamo said...

their idea of a joke, AF, rub face in it variety -- like GG and the wood-box mocking the real thing (Christ Rock, Christopher Shale)

"graceless, voracious, crass, always on the take" hm he left out murderous, cunning and cold blooded

Cameron is in yep -- just went on Shit List (again!) for derogatory comments on fatherhood on father's day --

"runaway dads should be stigmatized like drunk drivers... full force of shame should be heaped upon them" etc, same antichristic rap we get from obie and co.

this in wake of Tom Ball's suicide

there have been rumblings from a few conservatives in UK and OZ over the past year -- outright vocal dissension against Queen Babs and her Global Gynogulag-- latest was an elected chap named Christensen in aussieland

dont jump our ship -- this is part of the Official Response (intensified hate-propaganda and murder)

i was getting ready to write about Cameron anyway, so.... hes mocking the stone being rolled away from Christ's tomb (see, we whacked your king in the toilet har har)

it's part of the kingkilling game.... "we can do whatever we want" ... like zodie "I am now in control of all things"

rock = roq

elvis (the king of rock and roll) died on the "throne"

topper: "property manager" (of slaves) ROSIE DARK-KIN gettin in a plug for their 24-hour UNISEX product

even fleas wouldnt bite these people, theyd rather starve

spot on piece, gracias

aferrismoon said...

I saw Dave Cimmeron's upstanding Father's Day words - don't forget Grave Dave was a memeber of the Upper Class Twits of the Year BULLINGDON CLUB - essentially juvenile drinking club.

Rock in Hebrew = ABN [ even or eben] and apparently hides a little word-game in that:

Father = AB
Son = BN

An origin and an end , rather than the massive stone edifices where Royal Weddings and such take place.

Zodie would seem appropriate with the Glastonbury Festival and its faux astral-enlightenment via listening to 2nd-rate pop magicians , replete with doo-diddy hand signals.

ROQ - Radiation Oncology Queensland :0

' We whacked your king in the toilet" - Toilet Pneuma

The Trinity Park Toilet death , Rosie Darkin and the UNisex toilets [ Androgynes only , the rest of u can fuck off] stretches right back to Dealey, just de[a]-layed.


A13 said...

HI ferris,
it's interesting to see another death on the "throne" of the many names for toilet.
plus a "unisex throne" you said for androgynos...
what you said here
"Father = AB
Son = BN"
In ozzieland every business and person who is a "contractor" needs an "ABN" which is Australian Business number to operate, or work..if you don't have one, you can't "work" of course, for tax reasons only...
Thanks for another great precis post about this multi layered state of affairs.
Cheers and regards

little dynamo said...

The Trinity Park Toilet death , Rosie Darkin and the UNisex toilets [ Androgynes only , the rest of u can fuck off] stretches right back to Dealey, just de[a]-layed

exactamundo it dont get no more rosy or darkin than that

33 y.o. no less

An origin and an end , rather than the massive stone edifices where Royal Weddings and such take place.

yup only one is real, son restores father

ROQ - Radiation Oncology Queensland :0

Does from Prover! ;O)

Alex Robinson said...

Well that is rather strange! Well spotted.

Was at a trivia quiz last night - they showed a pic of Fred Flint-Stone's boss & we had to remember. We didn't - do you?

'Twas Mr Slate

"Slate is a fine-grained, foliated, homogeneous metamorphic rock derived from an original SHALE-type sedimentary rock"
Thought it was kind of interesting as I was going to leave a comment but hadn't decided what, then time got the better of me & I had to go to the quiz.

Biblical Peter was said to be the ROCK on which the church was built. Rock'n'roll was apparently the means used by Jesus got out of his tomb.


aferrismoon said...

A13 - thanks for the ABN.
I believe in Oz the 'throne' is also the 'white telephone' [ where one spills one's guts].

Anyhow dying on the loo does have its own kind of symbolism. Don't know of they can bring on a heart attack though.

Ray - Rosie Darkin and her unisex toilet seems to conjure up the cave of Christian Rosenkrutz.

Toilet = portable 'cave'

Alex - slate = tales . stories fossilised in rock. break open and are rereleased.

Peter is the Greek for ABN - Hebrew 'rock' , and upon this ABN [ see comments above] would the 'church' or 'circle' be built.

Rock 'n' Roll also proclaims our 'christlikes' on stage , be it pop or politics.

As far as the Church having been built on stone - the idolisation of Christ [ and idolisation and tribalism in all religions] - perhaps it will turn out built on shifting shales rather than solid granite.


A13 said...

HI ferris, there is a saying, when throwing up (vomiting) into the toilet,especially after a BIG night, "Calling god on the big white telephone"
Charming, i know...
Cheers A13