Thursday, June 9, 2011


Today [ 9th June] the daily blabberheads foisted above deadheadline on the public.

Written to the usual glib , taken-for-granted , toxic media standards in the ongoing 'rape-a-thon' over in non-women's Lib-yer it appears Moo-Moo Gadaffi has spent the last of his liquidity on massive amounts of Viagra with which his male troops were ordered to use in a coordinated ' punishment-rape' campaign.

So all the married men , men with girlfriends, not forgetting sisters and mothers, will just go ' Yeah sure , gimme dat GraVia!'
Perhaps there'll be a special rape-medal.

Nevertheless the comments are having none of it.

"All this bull - TO PAVE THE WAY FOR BOOTS ON THE GROUND - For parents with offspring in the armed forces. My thoughts are with you" - Rik

"This is the most absurd and irrational accusation worse than the stupid story of WMD in Iraq. It is mostly a British fabrications to undermine the stupid policies of DC." - John C

"What a fallacy! It is still fresh in our minds - allegations of weapons of mass destruction were equally brought against Saddam. Today is it still the truth? Deceit and lies from the highest quarters. The UN will stop at nothing to kill whoever refuses to submit to them. May God save the World from lying and deceitful leaderships." - Uwamaka

"Another properganda make believe story about col Gadaffi He has daughters of his own and we killed his step daughter and one of his sons . we will stop at nothing to get him" - Gordon

"Sounds like a load of rubbish to me. In the midst of a devastating and morally reprehensible attack on a soveriegn nation (which happens to have large oil reserves), this story pops up rather conveniently, as ongoing justification for the criminal actions of NATO, an organisation which has long outlived its mandate." - Sheep

"Bollocks." - Steve Roebuck

"I don't understand - you don't simply become a rapist because you're 'ordered' to become one or because you've got an endless supply of viagra...

When will our governments stop taking us for fools and stop feeding us crap to justify illegal aggressions into another sovereignty?" - Natural Y

"what a load of bull
complete and utter rubbish
and to mr gaddafi you keep on in there my son" - Susan

I scanned the first 80 of 250+ comments and not one believed this story.

Do read it though in context with this story

"London, June 8 : Pippa Middleton has lost the coveted Rear of the Year Award to 'Countdown' host Carol Vorderman."

Apparently there are sites dedicated to the rears of both Pippa and Carol.

"But Middleton, 27, was beaten to the prize by TV presenter Vorderman, 50, who was awarded for her well-honed rear."

Wow, gals, don't forget to hone your rear - its democratic : )

The reporter wisely remained anonymous.

In another article

"But perhaps the most significant factor is the extremely conservative culture in Libya - and in Misrata in particular - which regards rape as a matter of profound shame for an entire family, and not something to be mentioned in public.
"This is very sensitive - a delicate matter," says Dr Ismael Fortia, an obstetrician living in Misrata, who is now on a medical committee that has been set up to investigate the rape allegations and to try to help any victims."
So Libya is a country so conservative that rape victims will not come forward yet the males seem to be able to drop their conservative values at a drop of the hat and go round raping their fellow citizens. The article implies that 'rape' is profoundly shameful for the whole family while 'raping' ain't no big deal.

"The first is that some rebel fighters have now offered to marry the rape victims, "to spare their families from shame".
The second is that there are a number of "rape videos", recorded by Col Gaddafi's soldiers on their mobile phones, which are now circulating in Misrata.
I have confirmed the existence of at least one, which was seen by a trusted colleague."
Article written by ANDREW HARDING-TO-BELIEVE. In fact I think he was the reporter who attempted to aid Agent Al-Obeidy from the Libyan Security Officers.

A new strain of MRSA , a virus

"Colonel Gaddafi ordered mass rapes and gave sex drugs to troops to encourage them to attack women, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has claimed."

The Story-Teller in Chief - Luis Moreno-Ocampo has been accused for 'sexual-abuse' in the past.

'In October 2006 Mr Palme submitted a complaint claiming that Mr Moreno Ocampo had sexually abused a female journalist in South Africa. He was acquitted when the alleged victim declared that no sexual abuse had occurred. However, the ILO is highly critical of the fact that Mr Moreno Ocampo was personally involved in Mr Palme's dismissal, when he should have remained impartial.'

Backed up by globe-trotting Agent Al-Obeidy who claimed to have been gang-raped by Libyan secret-police has now reached Romania, the rape story develops as a undeniable truth.


"US officials have said she is welcome to apply for asylum in America.
They promised to prioritise any application she might make. [Why?]
Machiel Salomons, the representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Romania, appealed to reporters in Bucharest to respect what he called "the space and privacy she needs to begin the process of recovering from traumatic events". [ Oprah-speak]
"Ms Eman Obeidi has indeed been successfully evacuated from Libya to the emergency transit centre in Timisoara, having arrived on Monday afternoon via Malta," said Mr Salomons."

She still appears to be an emergency condition, having flown to Qatar and back and now , via Malta , to Romania.

Compared the skepticism over a possible victim of Nato bombing
"Even when we are taken out beyond the confines of our luxury hotel complex by government minders to see the aftermath of Nato bombing raids, what we are presented with is impossible to verify and, frankly, sometimes difficult to believe.
On Sunday night we were taken to a Tripoli hospital. There, lying on a bed, was the unconscious form of a little girl.
Hanin, we were told - not even a year old - was the victim of a Nato bombing raid.
Ever since we had been at the site of the apparent bombing, two hours earlier, something did not feel quite right.
The bomb crater, near a smallholding on the outskirts of Tripoli, was very small and there was much less collateral damage than from other bombs I have seen in recent weeks.
Dead pigeons and a dead dog lay on the ground but there had been no mention at that point of any civilian casualties.
Our suspicions were confirmed at the end of our hospital visit when, off camera, a member of the hospital staff passed a scrap of paper to the Press.
It was a hand-written note, in English, saying the girl was in fact hurt in a car accident. [Maybe it was trying to escape a bomb!!A 1-year - old out walking in the street ?, though they do leave it deliberately vague]
The hospital scene, it would appear, was a complete sham.
With almost 10,000 sorties by Nato planes, it is more than probable there have been civilian casualties and collateral damage. { Winner of the Slippery, Slimy, Glib Reporting Award for June 2011}
Living next to a military base under attack or being woken in the middle of the night by the sound of bombing must be a terrifying experience. [ I believe the literary term is Pathos]
But the problem for international journalists working under these restrictions, is that it is often difficult to know what is the truth and what is propaganda."
The 'reporter' goes by the name WYRE DAVIS

A combination of viciousness and emptiness masquerading as objectivity.

"From the start Clinton left no one in any doubt where she stood: women's rights are "the signature issue" of this administration's foreign policy, she said. She mentioned women 450 times in speeches in the first five months in office. "Transformation of the role of women is the last great impediment to universal progress," she declared, and began to develop what is her standard line: women's issues are integral to the achievement of every goal of US foreign policy.

Clinton is careful to couch her feminism in talk of US interests and splice it into a hawkish toughness to reassure her domestic audience. She has picked her issues carefully, and made some big compromises to keep people on side. Her feminism has obviously been helpful for the Obama administration, which is anxious to redesign US foreign policy in the midst of two disastrous foreign wars. It could still reap dividends for women, but the question is: will it be quietly sidelined when no longer useful? "
' Reap, ha! ha! its an anagram! "
" Late Spring Fields " -


Alex Robinson said...

There seems to be extremely blurry lines now between fact & fiction - I don't follow the news, so maybe it stands out a wee bit more to me, but bloody hell this sounds like the stuff tv shows or the new 'really stupid' movies are made of - perhaps it's a test to see what will be swallowed - certainly cheaper & easier than conducting a survey!

Vsechno nejlepsi k Tvym narozeninam!!

aferrismoon said...

'it's a test to see what will be swallowed'

Indeed. a 'fraction' of truth. A deliberate refusal to engage in any sort of objectivity which might lead to more considered actions - a must when its large planes with bombs.

The fact that so many reporters have taken this stance of smoothening the way to war is disgusting.

Diky , měl jsem dobrý den

A13 said...

Hi Ferris, this whole rape stuff is bent..distorted..i cannot believe that an army of viagra erectionised troops went fucking their way through the debris..or homes intact for that reason...sounds like something colonel Kurtz would think up..after he ate the mushroom that is..
Anyway, i did love the post and i'm still digesting it..i'm scared of the gynogulag myself and i'm a woman...i must not put a foot out of place.....blah..
hey there is a new rant and some music in the bar at the rant lounge..

see you in there..would you like a red or a white??

Cheers A13 :)

aferrismoon said...

Well this and other unsubstantiated rape stories are used to justify killing mostly innocent people while in the Coalition Forces own countries the dehumanising and degradation of their 'own' citizens carries on at apace.

Informative and well-written too

Colonel Kurtz indeed !

Yes ,as a woman don't forget your regular check-ups for cancer which you'll be reminded of every time you see the colour-code PINK :)


little dynamo said...

where'd you get that hillie photo? you scamp

no matter what i do youve got the topper lol


aferrismoon said...

Ray, there's these monkeys and they can fly and are skilled photographers.

In case you don't know we have a plant called Rape in Europe from which they make oil, its bright yellow and is everywhere. Loads of EU grants or whatever.

Foodcrops are a wholesale second.

Anyhow rapeseed and late spring fields seemed to have a similar flavour.


A. Peasant said...

ferris, the part about doubting the injuries of libyans reminded me of this profile about Sderot from a way back. the suffering of these people. you can hardly imagine.

Boston Globe, January 2008

"This month a rocket landed next to the family's home, blasting away the windows and filling it with a cloud of smoke. Sasson said she spent five days in the hospital with trauma."

"Sasson said that four years ago a rocket landed near her son, Raziel, then 9, inside a schoolyard and sent him into shock. She says she hasn't worked since, and Raziel has never recovered."

""My son goes to school, hears a siren, wets his pants, and comes home - is that a normal child? A 13-year-old boy that needs me to go into the shower with him - is that a normal boy? I need to stand next to him when he goes to the bathroom - is that a normal child?" she said. "I cannot be this child's psychologist, I cannot be his social worker. I am his mother - that's all I can be.""

aferrismoon said...

Blthely dismissed suffering - of which we have photographic evidence!

Meanwhile this squalid advert for Oprah's Whimpering Network is played out in the Theatre of State-sanctioned Victims.

Over in Mexico 40000 dead, many decapitated, cringe beneath the media-volume accorded to Agent Obeidy.

40000 dead via torture, mutilation or asked to join the drug-gangs but the US gots its sights on the DEMOSPRING ARABICUS and all their wrong-headed thinking.

Guess Mexico ain't to near Jerusalem !


Anonymous said...

It is nice to see so many commenter not buying the scripted lies. Honestly, upon first being asked about my take on the story, I replied, "It sounds like a clever Pfizer marketing campaign for Viagra."

Yes, Hellary speaks with a forked tongue. Let me translate "Transformation of the role of women is the last great impediment to universal progress" ... "We can't have a brave new world until we turn every woman on this planet into a complete whore." Your choice is turn your daughters minds over to disney, or we'll kill them.

Her holes will either belong to the collective, or she'll end up wholly dead in a bomb crater hole.