Friday, August 29, 2008

Teli's on the blink

In the beginning created the gods...................

THOMAS comes from Thaumim [hebrew] meaning TWINS
The Star from The Rider-Waite pack coupled with Vlad the Impaler - octangularly related. At present I assume all Tarot packs , and the changes from the Sepher Yetsira inspired attributions to be a form of general mass- MK/Psycho- Spiritual flummery designed to get multiple correspondences all contradicting each other - a Hall of distorted Tarotic mirrors invading the minds of media-doused humanity.

A while ago, almost a week now, a third movie from arch-synchers , SeenYours Kotze a Willner, beckoned my already synchro-bludgeoned ocular capacity + ears. I picked up on the Dragon theme, which I'll look at in a mo'. As I didn't see it until the 24th I had read Pseudoccultmedia's VLAD THE IMPALER:MIDDLEMAN & PUPPET FOR THE ORDER. It included a pic of Vlad the Impaler which also appeared the day before on Steve Willners blog to do with the video PANDORA'S BOX, SOBEK, & THE GATEWAY TO SHANGRI-LA. If u check both blogs its almost 100% unlikely that Ben at Pseudo had seen Steve's Vlad, the post has to do with The MiddleMen. Also I asked Ben at the comments and he said he hadn't. Anyhow , all in all an amazing Psynch,wholly out of the blue as the posts discussed quite different material OR, OR, OR directed ELF waves doing the MK shuffle[ Elf waves directed at both Florida and London].

Below a still from SATURNDAY SYNCHS:JLA WILD CARDS [Part 2] at Hidden Agendas. It shows a psychically talented girl getting whisked off to a Mind-Kontrol establishment [ Primary school , but the deep underground type]. To 'turn off' her powers she has a HEADBAND slipped over her crown.[ Left hand image]. This may mean that all MONARCHS get mind-controlled, locked in when they get CROWNED, with a special metal and crystal electromagnetic wave attracting device.

In the right hand pic we see her in a B&W costume offering the idea of TWoINONE. This slynchs along with the idea that MK-victims have multiple personalities , a process that begins with splitting from the core - thus a Twin. It also , reminds us that TWINS get 'favoured' for MK , some genetic waggle doubtless.
Here The SUN card from the THOTH Tarot features the butterfly-winged [ Monarch Mind-controlled graduates] Twins below a mound [ in Hebrew ThL - 430] which has its crown banded by a fence or enclosure of sorts. Above that a very bright luminary which may double as some tortuous light shone into the ideas of MK-students. Also perhaps, heralding the false dawn of superstardom for the Celebrity MK MouseKeteer crew.
The fence may indicate the Great Dragon constellation that curls about polaris - in Hebrew ThLY[Teli]. The Sun = a device for the centre of a system, just beyond the stars

Reading Newspaceman's BUILDING A BRICK ROAD we get reminded of the name LEWIS - a device that allows an operative Freemason to raise large stones to the required height and set them in place with safety and precision. One dictionary gives the etymology for Lewis from Lous, plural of Loup - A wolf. True or not it tied in with the beastie below standing on the Yellow Brick Road, alongside a DoG. Do.G resonates Dorothy Gale, the intrepid traveller in Oz. Her initials = DG [7] which = FISH in Hebrew. A wolf is a form of DoG so we have 2 DoGs here, Dorothy twinned, once in Kansas , once in Oz, in between a spinning cyclONE. The Moon card is given to PISCES, the 2 fishes spinning thisaway and that. In Hebrew Fishes = DGYM[57], the hebrew equivalent of Pisces, and astrologically inferring the end of a cycle moving to the next stage. The Crayfish/Crab/Lobster/KroK ambles landward to join the 2 Dogs initiating a journey along the YBR between the Twin Towers of NY/OZ

Via Sepher Yetsira the MAGICIAN follows the MOON, via other packs its the SUN . Imagining the moon as indicative of a great journey within the psyche I see the use of the SUN as violent trickery that 'blinds' the moonstruck, whereas with the Seph [ the team I support] we get the Magus who takes control of the exterior world after surviving a tortuous moon-madness meggido
Somewhat similarly designed album cover for EL-TON with the Twin Towers becoming the walls around the gate that Elton steps through.[Picture below WORLD card]

Elt-ON turns to Elt-OZ, and a nother ON/OZ slips into the top right corner. JOHN = J - OHZ so we get an Twin Towers H at the centre of OZ. J's probably wondering what the huck is going oz
On the pavement a tiny piano stands, with its B & W keys, offering harmony to checkers - 36 Black and 52 White make 88, one for each constellation.
36 = 4x9, 52=4x13; 913 = BRAShYTh, the first word' of the TORAH, translated as 'in the beginning'. If u zoom to the top and notice NEO's passport there's another date - 13 SEPT, thus 9/13 by the US dating system. The words 'in' gets translated from the Hebrew letter B, which grammatically prefixes words to give the meaning 'in'. As it equals 2 and corresponds to The WORLD card in Tarot, where in Rider-Waite the lady holds two pillars and is enclosed, contained, in, we can subtract it from 913 to get 911 meaning 'beginning'.
This 'word' BRAShYTh creates the gods or Elohim, who seem to be dual components made from HShMYM -395and HARTz -296 [691 - anumber that implies spinning opposites, like Pisces and Yin/Yang whilst also resolving into 'one'] translated the Heaven and the Earth
Back to the musical note that looks like a Hebrew Th [ Tau] which means a mark or a cross and it emerges in Tarot as High Priestess, the final card

Here's the '39 crew trucking on to the big EM. The Emerald often gets linked to LIBRA which implies twinning and the accurate balancing act required to get really top-qual alters

Whooosh, a wisp of windy weather whisks us off to the MUPPET SHOW, [ Frank OZ] , where we find Elton mixing it with the Muppets as they sing CROCODILE ROCK, showing off Elton's dynamic synching talents [ he links Marilyn Monroe [MM] with Princess Diana via his song CANDLE IN THE WIND, one of the subtlest MK-Ultra lyrical song-tools - " Never knowing who to cling to...."] The song appears first on Goodbye YBR

The whole Sebek-Krok thing got me thinking about the Krokomotif used by LACOSTE , the clothing company. The name came from tennis star Rene LACOSTE , originally nicknamed 'the Alligator'. The French had no equivalent for alligator so they called him Le Crocodile, and he got the logo designed and put it on his jacket. The company started in 1933. Looking at the etymology of LOBSTER i noticed it came from Latin 'LOCUSTA', obviously giving rise to LOCUST, and also meaning CRUSTACEAN which seems to tie together - Crabs , Crayfish, Lobsters, Locusts, so as Lacoste and Locust sound similar we can cross The Crocodile with a Locust and get essentially a DraGon [ this = cutting-edge Genetix], which resonates the spinning Dorothy Gale as...........the constellation DRACO spins around Polaris. This star system has gone down great uns at the BLOB among others - see : GALACTIC CENTRE TEMPLE post at the Blob for a good deal on this star-system....

....because I doubt u can see it on the image below.[ well click it and it grow big]
Last post I fingered Georgia and their logo St.George pinning the dragon's Maw. In many illustrations his spear seems almost like a ruled line denoting a trajectory, a map of sorts.
The axes on the right-hand diagram have the title - The 3 DRAGON AXES or TELI.
ThLY[440] = The Great DraGon and/or 'curls' acc. to Al.Crowley. This seems backed up in other pages -
"The Teli is the pole-serpent
The Teli, mentioned in the Sefer Yetzirah, is the imaginary axis around which the heavens rotate. Many philosophical commentaries on Sefer Yetzirah, as well as astronomical texts, interpret the Teli as being the inclination between two celestial planes. In modern astronomy, this is usually called the obliquity, and it usually denotes the inclination separating the ecliptic and the celestial equator, which is the imaginary circle above the earth’s equator. Hebrew astronomers also used the term Teli to denote the inclination of the orbit of a planet from the ecliptic, particularly in the case of the moon." - from an article by Archangel Michael.
This word ThLY[440] has a near twin in the word DLY [44] which = Hebrew for Aquarius. Above I mentioned that the word 'MOUND' in Hebrew = ThL. So some kind of link between the mound and that fence encircling it with Polaris , Draco and the Galactic [ milky] Centre theme. Mounds relate to Mountains and to Primal mounds that inspired pyramids, which makes ThLThL[860], a hebrew word meaning 'curls' . DLY[Aquarius] twinned = 88.
The words ThLY and ThL have me thinking of Thule, a mystic place for certain groups and also the Romans named Iceland Thule, as well as the Surf-boards

The Beijing Olympics coming from China, beginning along with the Georgia conflict [ George the Dragon killer {GD}] started on 8/8/8. China, like Wales links with the DRAGON and the 3 8s together give a curly serpentine [ Srpen = August in Czech] feel.
This gave us 17 Dragon-days following on from the Dog-Days [ July 23]
Like the Telly my channels get switched and the sound and vision goes funny, which may go some small way to explaining the vagueness of the post - a memefest inspired by the organised and detailed work of others - Hooray


FilmNoir23 said...

Lacoste was the favorite designer worn by Clark Rockefeller who has been doubling all over the place for a long time. Most of the pictures of him since he was "picked up" show him in such a shirt.

Also, Dragon-CON starts today and runs through Monday in Atlanta.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Tod, great to link it in with the Rockefellers, band of reps.

Jenn said...

You keep knocking me out of my chair with your posts! Brilliant!

"we get reminded of the name LEWIS"
Missouri hosts the St. LOUIS arch, quite familiar here in the Ozarks. When you continue this paragraph to illustrate the Moon card, things get a little weirder for me... a Cancer with two dogs in Oz-Ark.

I can't say enough how pleased I am to make your acquaintance here. Cheers, and thanks again!

Jake Kotze said...

My new bigger type post is totally down with all this stuff. We are totally synced sir.

My chum made up the term Starg8ters for folks who do this stuff, I kinda like it...

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Jenn- I guess u have 2 dogs.
The great thing about these blogs is that they seem to resonate with people on many levels.
Have seen the arch, though not close up. Arches and Archers and then that brings on the Spirit of St.Louis - OZ to Paris
Jake - Starg8ters on the Stargonaut.
Notes on the NEO passport - check the P above the AN of Anderson.

Alex Robinson said...

Hi Aferrismoon

Enjoyed all the twists & turns on your winding road. Stopped off on a couple of points along the way.

The '39 crew you mentioned along with the image of the their travels plus the moon card (& perhaps use of word 'crew') reminded me of Launch Complex 39 at Kennedy Space Centre - built for the 'Apollo' space mission to the moon. Apollo of course synchs in as another twin (with Artemis).
Thought I'd stretch myseld to the limits here & suggest the Apollo rockets could be seen as 'Candles in the Wind'.


Michael Skaggs said...

Aferris my brotha'!

Here we go again, around the synchro wheel! Ah yes, El-ton John, who reminds me of Roy ORB-I(eye)-SON, not only with flamboyant shades, but his interesting lyrics or MK/MMC cries.

Love all the synchs, giving me goose bumps again bro! Great stuffage.

Be well!!

aferrismoon said...

Great one WW - they really do look like they're going to board the rocket, of course variously dressed, and the film came out 30 years before.
The Space Candles = fun too, as they only had gravity 'to cling to', and they are like the rocketing careers of the super celebs

Cheers Mike - Roy[al] Orb , the thing the monarchs hold in their hand, Works nicely with their headband/crowns.
Nice one about the glasses/spectacles/shades - there are a few who wear distinct faces

All the best