Sunday, August 17, 2008


And so it was written that in the days of 8, Mars Hath 0 Mason. Thus spake Gary Thruster. In all truth this odd little snippet came through DECAPITATED HEADS , 888 and the SERPENT of the CROSSING, the vid , perpetrated by Vrilner Und Kotze.
This month , the 8th = SRPEN in Czech , from the Czech word SRP meaning a SICKLE
Marsha Thomason plays Naomi Dorrit in LOST

The THotH Tarot card for the STAR , Lady Frieda Harris designed, with Al-Crow's help. It has the distinct dual current themology that runs through STARGATE debate. In the THotH pack only 3 cards bear BUTTERFLY imagery - The FOOL, The SUN and this the STAR. The butterflies u might just see above her heel, at about 5 'o' clock of the SHORES of that big , red planet... Mars? Crowley claimed that 'Tzaddi is not the Star' and gave that hebrew letter to the Emperor, and giving the H [ Heh] to the Star. He didn't change the astrological attributions, the Star kept Aquarius and the Emperor Aries, which Mars rules.
I don't subscribe to Mr. C's changes but that doesn't effect that his words resonate , and prove synchromystical. CRowley's trickster status defies me to 'believe' anything he wrote.

Below Water-Star-gate structures sent by William Morgan - Thanks. His name resonates with WILLIAM MORGAN, Bishop of Llandaff and St.Asaph , who translated the first WELSH version of the Bible. The name also resonates with supposed 'anti-mason' 'Captain' William Morgan, who had a beef of sorts with the apronned clan and later disappeared.
The 2 below hail from DETROIT, The US's first line of defence against Canada.
From WM's email -

"Here are some more pic's. These of Detroit. One is most commonly known as a Stargate, the other(a fountain) a little veiled. H2O or HHO or HH O or yHvH O or the O as a symbol of a Stargate in and of itself. I consider it the only true fuel. One that is very conducive to the electrical impulses of our brain. It is after all a "conductor". It also show's up in Michael Tsarion and what he said about Tiamat, the mostly oceanic world that was destroyed.... The frozen oceans spilled into our atmoshere producing the Deluge. "

...and a few more words to accompany this beaut in COLORADO -

"Sheldrake was mentioned extensively in accordance with helping find a experimental process in making the water crystals. Anyway the most significant thing in the Water Book is they say that water could be possibly alien to earth, seeing as that it's the substance on earth that is more dense in it's liquid form than it's solid. Ice floats. This is one reason life didn't parish on the earth during Ice Ages..... I was going to make a Blog about his, but my fingers don't type quick enough. I'm just glad someone mentioned it. Also I'd like to send you this picture because I've noticed Stargate water doors popping up in city parks lately. This is Colorado Springs here in CO and not far from where the TV Stargate is kept in Cheyenne Mt. Pikes Peak is framed with in the Circle if you stand between the two pillars."

In comments at Steve Willner's site for the 'Masquerade Infernale...' video I felt inspired to mention MASURO EMOTO and his research into human voice/thought and the restructuring of 'bad' water [Comment posted at 3:13,8/8/8]. It felt like humanly-applicable Stargate technology with no-cost and resonated [ for me] with Steve's style of video. WM then wrote an email with his thoughts and the photos.

The ideogram 101 emerges from the photo [ see STYGIAN PORT's post ROOM 101]. The idea of possible transcendence and its pivotal unknown-ness may be many people's greatest fear, y'never know.
101 = 5 in Binary
Some months back, attempting computer graphics with limited success, I decided to triangulate the 3 Ks >>
G and K sound pretty mush the same , in Czech OKURKA = GHERKIN , and the pronounce it Ogurka. So the K proves validly 'soft' enough to double as a G. Finno-Ugrik is the language base shared by the Finns and Hungars - the Finns got lots of Ks while the Hungars landed the Gs

I noticed that the K2 to Kiza line passed through ESFAHAN in Iran. When I made this it was when the Internet connexions in the region around DUBAI and the Gulf States went 'off' for a few days.
Back to Gates - I received WM's photos and then I read a syncro-something in CARLO SUARES "CIPHER of GENESIS" . Writing about Ezra [ OZRA-278] he mentioned that he possibly put the 5 Books of Moses together in a written form, after the Jews got out of Babylon, some year back. He quotes NEHEMIAH 8, verse 1 and remarks that the reader should note the symbol 'watergate' used in the verse [ and in verse 3]. The word = ShOR-HMYM [665] [ Shoor Ha-Mayeem?] , 'gate - the water' which resonating with the 'Decapitated Heads...' video graces us with two 'ate's - G-ate-W-ate-R or G8W8R, and remember that the 8 key doubles as the * [asterisk]. Adding a certain biblical enormity to the whole doowang I counted 88 characters forming 24 'words' used in the verse. Notwithstanding my , at times , dire adding abilities I enumerated the whole verse [ the Hebrew letters as numbers] and it totaled 6886.
As it's a short verse I felt I could translate it simplistically -
" Collecting together all the people as a man [ AYSh 311] at the broad way/place/space to the face Gate-Water and speak to the Easer of Alef [ Ezr [OZR] in Hebrew means 'helper', someone who 'eases' disease] the Book to cause the formula of book spelling Mosheh as decreed YHVH the formula > Israel"
I use the word formula for ATh , translated as 'the' - as it implies everything from A to Th [Th = last Hebrew word, so its like A-Z, which I cribbed from Carlo Suares]

The word ShOR-HMYM ' watergate' = 665 which = a word I found in 777 - BYTh HRChM - House of the Womb [ a word which I haven't found in the Hebrew dictionary, though RChM = 'womb'.

Hebrew 'anagrams' of ShOR = ROSh - an earthquake, concussion , and, OShR - 10[ten]
ShOR also looks like the word 'shore' - a 'gate' to the Sea

The word ShOR[570] - 'gate' looks very similar to the Hebrew word ShOYR[580] - which means 'billy-goat, satyr' and this twins Stargates + Goats [like Pan]

Then the same day I went to get a photo and passing by the Jewish Cemetary in Josefov , Prague 1 , I walked into a Jewish Men's Dancing and Singing Bonanza. I recognised the word ChY[18] - Chai which means 'life'. This outside the cemetary with death as gate, and then hatted Hebrews hollaring Hi, Hi Hi - I refrained from bellowing out the verse I'd just translated. They seemed to make gates or arches with their joining hands.

I had gone in that direction to get a photo of this old gal from 1911, what with its Checkerboard surround and intrinsic date I even dared the perilous journey into The Jewish Quarter with its ambling , pavement-hogging tourists all looking skywards, swinging around with their zoom-lenses , oblivious.
1911 - June 28, the NAKHLA Meteorite [ from Mars] lands in the area of ALEXANDRIA, Egypt, purportedly killing a DOG

As u may have guessed this post jumps about a bit. I had a vision of dear BETTY BOOP, template of many a well-meaning gal. Here she shows another aspect of the fool, or perhaps undresses some of the Fool's imagery. The little dog jumping up on both Betty and Tarotic fool reminding them to BARE themselves, a state of meditative magic brought on by folding ones ego-programmes into a nice pile and putting them on the 3rd shelf in the wardrobe

Betty Boop provides excellent programming for those enetering into the world of sex and acquisition through attractiveness. The essential FOOL programme that of accepting passively, benignly all that can be borne.
The design shows a TOTO that links in with Dorothy Gale's Little black dog...

...while Dorothy's initials get caught in that handsome fool Heath. Le-DG-er's name leaving Leer, who as Lear 'twins' with the Fool on the heath in a storm in Shakespeare's King Lear - Klear?
Here again the Sweetie covers her protege Marilyn Monroe, letting the wind swirl around her legs [ twins], which stand either side of her ShOR-HMYM/ BYTh HRChM as she cavorts atop a grid surrounded by leaves [ programmes] of 5 different flavours. White dog looks joyful and full of innocence, Black dog has its eyes wide open showing a more adult approach to the leggy boopa-doopah - who innerstands the Secret of the Stargate.


Michael said...

"Sheldrake was mentioned extensively in accordance with helping find a experimental process in making the water crystals."

Is that from a book by Michael Tsarion? I should check it out.

I have some interesting personal crystal water synch - the main one being that my mother was raised in a house on CRYSTAL SPRINGS ROAD. The one and only gay rave party I ever attended was headlined by the singer Crystal Waters.

I supposed the mountains behind The Fool trump could signify crystalline water, and sea water is full of salt, so it is also "crystal water".

Funny, we made frozen Pina Coladas last night, made with rum, winking at Captain Morgan.

Cheers, Michael

aferrismoon said...

The book is from Masaru Emoto, I guess. No idea what it's called , anyhow I saw a video of Emoto's ideas , lots of worldly scienctists, haven't seen the book.
Your comments make me look at the Colorado [ springs?] picture of the Stargate' with mountains behind connected with the Fool


Michael said...

Thanks, I'll do some looking. I was doing some research into batteries last month, because of the Solomon's Temple = Battery = human body = Temple of Holy Spirit. Batteries are basically twin poles (legs) immersed in a saline solution - salt water - crystal waters.

aferrismoon said...

Michael -Wow, thats a great synch with the Waterdoor, maybe they were standing outside a giant Energy Station, and saline.

Steve - Jakes got some up on the Blob- the two dates Sept 11 and sept 13th will provide vast neo-biblical twists
The vids certainly inspire

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Hello ALL, this is WM.

Thank you so much for the shout out Mr. Moon. I'm glad you got all the syncs in my name, nobody usually sees them, but you're always so painstakingly careful and accurate.
And this post was an excellent mind trip....

The book was called Hidden Messages in Water.

Here's a movie about Masaru Emoto's work that explains it fantastically in just a few minutes

I'm flabbergasted by Mr. Micheal's personal sysncwinks... that's damn right incredible. Love and Thanks.

Michael Skaggs said...

Wow Aferris, this is synching on so many levels for me, including the comments! Just received info on Emoto's works just recently from a friend! Like this past "weak". What a wild sych ride on "Gate Water".
Thanks for the view!

Peace bro!

Michael said...

I finally checked out the video about Emoto's work on Youtube, and it has a the Ferengi from Deepspace 9! That totally cracks me up!

aferrismoon said...

All this talking about Doors , perhaps linking those parts of our mind that have had 'demons' placed to stop us using them - eg -telepathy

Maybe thinking of water among ourselves leads to it resonating 'all over the place'


Thanks William Morgan