Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trinity on all fours

The freshest Indiana film begins with a small primal mound linking the whole shebang into primal symbology. This mound , prior to losing its top, hints that Paramount are a bout to make a MOUNTAIN out of a MOLEHILL, the tiny mote on which a history of Hype has evolved, and I don't mean for the film but for the whole history movie - story-line involving kings-queens enacting vicious war for glittery stuff, protected in their spurious retelling by an army of lawyers and recondite enforcers.
Perhaps Pyramid builders = highly evolved and informed prairie DOGs.
The film deals the circular Stargate prevalence routine, all gleefully cross-haired so that we have something to set our sights on. Anyhow Indy declines the offer of Stargate illumination as he has got tenure at his University.
Hey Kids, do u really want illumination, or would u prefer to learn about it.
its all there , be responsible, or else!
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Cynicism aside, which is difficult considering Harrison's performance, we see the Indy character , with his CAP on standing next to the singular stella of the US Army. A 77 nestles in the numbers to the left which helps Indy get in line for the 3rd eye fingering he gets from The Soviet - so 1 White Star and 1 Red Star, telling us that the Sovs and the Yanks were merely the alter-flips of that old Templar coin

The Sov Colonel-Doctor with the Pulp Fiction-Uma Thurman BOB reuptaken by K8 Blanchette, who has been chosen for the similarity of her face to the alien crew , and I guess we're s'posed to rez with her Regal roles. Sexless as always Indy films employ the androgyne versus the homely Materna, and coterie of long-standing friends. the Sexless sex, Blanchette this time, superimposes the sexless though ruthless 'drodge as this proves a symbol of great force in 'magical ' pracctice.
Late in the film her eyes shine lights of knowledge as she 'burns' up, forcing us to imagine that 'too much' knowledge will invoke a human-sized nuclear reaction.
As we often externalise our inherent trepidation of knowledge we notice that with the surge in 'apparent' human intelligence, our physical world has built atomic bombs. These bombs , emerge from their containers, like the Genies emerging from the bottle, and as with knowledge, once one knows it , it becomes increasingly difficult to put it all back in.
Cate Blanchett takes on the ADAM KADMON role in reverse, her access of knowledges timed with the sealing of the aliens in their silver-spinning-bird
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Note her bloodless hand. She attempts to extract something from Indy's mind but the man proves such a boorish, grumpy, know it all that she gives up almost immediately, leaving him instead for the homely clutches of the mother of his child

The film takes place in 1957 when a fair few bombs got set off in Nevada and environs. This one's called DIABLO and burst into life on JUNE 24.
AREA 51 and the Rose Swill Incident muggles into view. Last week the Oceanic 6 flew in on Coast Guard Flight 1717, this week the troops swoop into Area 3 x 17. Various tall buildings resonate with the large Hangar doors that store stuff for no apparent purpose other than it might persuade humans not to get mortgages, or buy SUVs a couple of years before they proceed to pay the highest-ever fuel prices.

The Genius Bottle. Hermetically sealed, magically made , toponomically situated, the individual awaits illuminism. Like Polynesian priests the 'Little Boy' resides outside the city gates.

Indy has no intention of illumination or initiation, grumpy = fine and forces his aging bulk into a refrigerator while the scorching takes place. He flings out innocent friuts to simmer a la 'tomique.

His dark personality the film highlights here . The 'fridge has lead-lining, thus Indy, dark and lacking anything approaching humour aligns himself wwith SATURN, who protects his tetchy savant from SOL's sudden summertime.

Saturn-protected Indy strides to the ridge to greet the Genie. Out of shot his BULLWHIP, which , originally made from a bull's penis, lends a Masonic KluKluXer motif to all of Indy's adventures [ strong Scots connexions via his father]

As reported the '57 Atomic Trials , to those in the know, might have set off a couple of alarm-bells ringing. The film tells the story how aliens will do anything to get off the planet once golf-playing humans start fiddling with the requisite Maths and Poetry to construct vast instruments of death [ or threshold-invokers for those who don't hold with death]. Life and Death aside, atomic energy burns.
The double H ranch effect - below we see Harold OX-ley [ Bull - NRG path], palyed by John Hurt , a great friend of HENRY Jones. He's surrogate father to Henry's son giving the kid a double H Chariot bearing, and with Indy's sperm and Harolds expert tutelage we find that the youngster has been born[e] via these 2 males archetypes. This also sets up the Neo-Masonic Ritual of Disrecognition where the supplicant gets shown one face as a father figure before getting whipped through a miasmasonical terror-ride to meet his father whom , of course, he finds to impossible to recognise as such, thus allowing various agencies to manipulate his need for male stability for the rest of his life.
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Indy's famous BULLWHIP links with the other dad's OXLEY , castrated bull appellation
Here a Spire-Al-Amid, the low pressure column of transcendent tranquility at the centre of the cyclone. The updated CYCLONE from the WIZARD of OZ takes on Steelbergian proportions.
Often these movie stargate themes collect around stable centres with spinning periphs - which links 'me' to spinning to RAVEL'S BOLERO. 16 minutes of fun for the price of pizza - Terra Lumina

Many years ago in 1984, STARMAN , starring Jeff Bridges , as the alien, released. He had to get to a crater in AriZOna so his kind could beam him back to thier 'space'. before setting off he impregnated his human lover, acted by KAREN ALLEN, who pops into the Indy story as the mother of Indy's son, played by Hiram LeBoeuf. As STARMAN ended before we could see the baby we don't know what it looks like or where it went.
Thus Karen Allen , in her atomic little way, becomes wife -child-bearer of 3 males - Indy, the human father, Oxley, the Surro-gate for both fathers, while Jeff Bridges as the Alien provides the divine spark now coursing through the newly-inished Indy Hiram Shia Labiff

Whether Starman Jeff Bridges had contact, or perhaps got on well with the 13 into 1 Alien who flies off at the end of this pic, I know not. But doubtless trans-timing makes it easier to avoid alimony payments. Legally Karen Allen has no chance but the alien's not a fool and despite impregnating Karen 27 years into the future decides he'll do the honourable thing and leave her to morose , aging Indy
No Forwarding Address

Nevertheless we get reminded of the wonders of spinning as a kind of body-mind NRG 'aligning' concept dance. Better than spinning like Uranium in a tiny single-roomed bottle with millions of NEIGHBOURS only to introduce yourself to an audience that dissolves before you - which is essentially the Cain and Abel story [ Human as NRG 'v' Human as Robot]
To end at the beginning we find the spinning cyclonic filmette created in OZ, though reversed.
In the centre lurks YZO which gives NY and OZ considering the rotating Z

The first atomic explosion took place at TRINITY after the bomb had remained in POPE [Dad]prior to the blast. A Trinity of Fathers appears [ under certain conditions] inthis film with Karen Allen[KA], bearer of alien children, enjoying the attentions of Jeff Bridges , Indy and Harold. Thus a sort of atom-image with 3 Atoms spinning round a NU-cleus or another atom which when jiggled produces a son , the product of all three.
Atomic Theory emerged from the desperate need to save the 'family unit', yet this menage-a-quatre bombs the cereal-box family to dust [ which will get gathered up and breathed into some fresh Golem materia]. The film does give this metaphor ad plastic Americans bubble and melt before the awesome power of the family-in-a-bottle.
Now I am become BREATH.........


Phiwizard said...


I have not seen the movie yet, but it clear to me that there is a bit of the old ghost of Jack Parson's -Babylon Working (Golem) -Rosemary's Baby analogy coming through loud and clear. Also Albert Pike was world leader of Scotish Rite Freemasonry, in his time, and supposed founder of the KluKluxKlan. In his book "Morals and Dogma", he predicts 3 world wars.


aferrismoon said...

cheers Merc
Used stuff from Downard's Call to Chaos, which gives it all those 'pointers'.
JLP , thanks for that, he died when he dropped a bottle.
Albert Pike rezzes with Bishop Pike , Bishop of California, who died searching for Anuki in the Negev desert. He became Pike Bishop in Sam Peckinpah's The WILD BUNCH


Alex Robinson said...

Having not seen the movie I thought I had no comments to make, a vague synch with the Bosphorus not enough to put fingers to keyboard, but I've been to Carlo Suares as you suggested & there found your closing remark...
There is a dream like quality to this that I can't quite put my finger on.

aferrismoon said...

Let the subconscious do the walking = my main synch philosophy, at present.
Harrison FORD and Harold OXley = the Bosphorous, where Europe and Asia meet.
Cool metaphor for their dual fathering status.
Certainly don't want to flubble u with Qabala or whatever, but the writings on Eve seem pretty worthwhile.


Alex Robinson said...

Appreciated, thanks.

Nice touch on Bosphorus - you made that synch fit much better than I'd thought

Michael Skaggs said...

Wow, what a twist on that interpretation! Nicely done!!

Alex Robinson said...

Had planned not to see this movie, but yesterday evening had the choice of sitting in rush hour traffic for a lifetime or passing time at movies, took the latter option & this was on.
I felt a bit like a cheat with the answers having read this synopsis first.
I didn't like the movie, didn't get any energy from it.

One thing tho' I've been reading a book on dreams & a woman describes a dream where she knows she will die by going over a waterfall - she knows she can either close her eyes or keep them open & go with it. She chooses to keep her eyes open & it's an amazing experience with her death at the end. So when they went over the three waterfalls in the movie instead of doing the push back in the cinema seat I just went with it, pretty neat experience. The waterfall link was already in my mind prior to this when I mentioned to someone that I was born on Waterfall Rd.

Unknown said...

Wow, that's quite a take on the nuclear family! Sorry, I had to use that pun.

aferrismoon said...

One of the things about this synchromysticism = the amount of 2nd-rate productions that I/We watch.
The Indy film felt like a real negative 'fuck u' viewers, we're not going to even try.
Most films today seem to teach people how to posture, relate their thoughts and emotions, oh and be ever so blase and/or wholly justified about killing others.
Thankfully we are blessed with searching , inquiring and bright minds and thus pan gold from the river silt.

Perhasp the nuclear family makes way for the new clear family. However that whole 'artefact' is on the way out - no-one can afford a mortgage anymore, loads of debt, divorces everywhere - and with it comes this security blanket fear. More police , longer sentences, dumber politics and movies etc, keep the nuclear family unit together at all costs. The costs are the people , but like many human activities , the ideal far outweighs human life.


Anonymous said...

Hey afm,

Consider the image of Indy as he watches the mushroom cloud.

We have

a) a MAN
b) a HAT
c) a TAN


How can I save my little boy from Oppenheiemer's deadly toy?

ethan said...

What a great film, I remember seeing this. Thanks for the write up as well was a good read.

Ethan said...

I was disappointed by this movie, it all seemed a little hackneyed despite some good effects. And Ray Winstone.

Mark @

Arthur said...

Oh this is brilliant, thank you so much for sharing this with us!
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