Monday, May 26, 2008

Indy Pendant

US TV didn't play LOST this week, the same weekend that INDY 4 released itself from the tired Hollywood publicity machine.
LOST had lost Charles Widmore who became General ROSS in the Crystal Skull Atomic Alien concerto to a world ruled by madmen and schoolteachers.

Oddly , the last Lost break saw the Jack Shephard actor Matthew FOX in Vantage Point , released while it was off-air.
Here's ALAN DALE as the famed JIM ROBINSON from Ozzie long-distance soap-opera NEIGHBOURS which flung the diminutive Kylie Minogue into celebrity orBit. He's a KIWI from Dunedin , originally

Anyhow , it seems pretty obvious that Charles Widmore runs everything, transtiming to the TRINITY type Downard Masonic hell of Skulls and treachery, while , at present , midway through trying to destroy the LOST island .
If anyone cares to watch Harrison on Conor O'Brien he performs some rude gesturing, at least if you're Ukrainian.
About 40secs in , the audience applauding, he performs it 4 or 5 times. Its dated May 21.
In the film he also recognises 'Ukrainian' , not Russian, words.


Benjamin S said...

Bit surprising to see him pop up in the film, he's got around a lot lately hasn't he. Alan Dale was in a pretty good conspiracy serial that was on TV the other week Midnight Man (with James Nesbitt and the other main character was named Alice, loads of mind control themes), he played 'The Validus (Valis) Group' front man and US Defence Secretary, who had ties with "Pugnus Dei" (God's Fist) hit squad.

Cheers, great stuff as usual!

aferrismoon said...

Nice one Ben. I didn't actually recognise him 'til I screenshot the film. coz of the quality, had to check it on the imdb.
For me its just wierd how he's on when Lost is off.
The Gods fist goes with his status as in charge of the bomb-tests.
Just read Downard's piece on the Trinity site and atomic bombs in general, and it fits nicely into the Indy film


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Albert said...
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Albert said...

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