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Lisa uncovers Sideshow Mel's full name and clues to his past identity while he leads her through the past winner's of Entertainer of the Year just won by Lisa who inveigled her sweet self into Krusty's show and then on to stardom
Krusty does refer to her as a Goy Wonder as he doesn't remember her name which probably made her think she's merely a pawn, a nameless side-kick.
Unlike Mel who appears as a Bonesman , his present shadow and past portrait merging

His name may refer to William Cornelius Van Horne, a famed Railway Executive. In 1888 as President of Canadian Pacific Railway he completed the first transcontinental railway. Railways , as JSDownard relates, attract Masons like flies to Honey due to the new towns one can build giving them outlandish cultic names, creating a tesselated America, the dots of which they then join together via their transportation business. Recently its airports and soon the space stations.
This WCVanHorne owned Minister's Island, and on this land he built a great house called COVENHOVEN after his father Cornelius Covenhoven Van Horne. In a book called MINISTER'S ISLAND by David Sullivan about the great man , Sullivan titles the first chapter XANADU, variously homes of Kublai Khan , Olivia Newton-John and William Randolph Hearst or Citizen Kane , i get 'em all mixed.

Whatever railroading he got into he managed a full life. His Island , found in St.Andrews, New Brunswick hails a hearty hello to the headquarters of Golf, St. Andrews in Scotland, and that's doubtless a discrete and celebrated club doing god knows what with Eagles, Albatrosses and related Birdies.
Born on 2/3/43 [ numbers that appear on the lower dial in Hugo Reyes [ from Lost] car] he left the world on 11/9/1915.
Associated with rituals of the unwilling kind are the knock-out pills, that allow those who take them to remember only what they've repeatedly bin told. Here the N in NokemOut rotates to give us ZO in capitals [ or large cities]. This reminds one that possibly Nappion [ Nappies are for children] got released after the 9/11 attacks to help with the policy of believing in monsters and the cleansing effects of War , oh! and Good Knights!

The letters in the middle form APPlE [ apple with all caps except the L [ L 30 - Justice card], and , as the Ns = twinned , I imagine an Apple [ NY/OZ] between Twins. N corresponds to the Death card in Tarot.
The odd looking E looks like a K with a passenger-aircraft type missile penetrating it centrally
SimpSOnia delves deeper into quasi-masonicynicism with the Jewish version. Krusty the [K]Clown exclaims 'everything inits place' congratulating the Goy Wonder on how well she's ordered his ritual space.

LISA [ or young, new, hopeful USA] sees off the old Admiral as we move further into Krusty's symbolic death and Lisa's rising trajectory. He walks the plank while the androgyne in an eye=patch 'pokes' him to his watery death, all trussed up like a scapegoat or PharmakOS
3 eyes - better than 1, a wide-eyed trinity, the 4th looks like a Shiner

Detouring , or sidetracking, we chuggle to last week's Lost. We see the Cowin Heights Knights from John Locke's school in TUSTIN , California. The school in reality has the name COWAN, which = a non-Mason [ a bit like a Goy = to a Jew] . Cowans aren't allowed to do certain Stone Masonic duties and in the Lodge they cannot enter. John of course turns down MittelOS Labs belonging to the secretive HanSO organisation

As Lisa becomes accepted into the light of stardom Krusty declines in degrees. The Little Boy Blue lends itself to the first 3 degrees of Masonry [ Prince Charles' favourite band used to be the 3 Degrees, he performed with them on TV , years ago]. Sometimes Masons call it BLUE MASONRY. This implies Krusty snakes back to the beginning while Lisa climbs her ladder to the top.
The spiral implies the snake, and his spiral into the abyss, while having both youth and great age, the uniform of a boy and the false Teeth of an oldster which also sees Thoth ruling over this little ritual of theatre, the house of words.

True to form he won't get evicted from the Showbiz cabal and races back to KrustyLu Studios in his chariot to smash through a bee-coloured barrier while a guard in his little pyramid looks on dismayed as Krusty won't acknowledge him - bringing in the non-person to the episode-long ritual. A Lu , spelt LOO, in Britain = a toilet/rest-room/John/dunny, coming from the phrase , used in pre-WC times, GARDEZ-LIEU [ you watch out in that place! ]

Meanwhile Bart and Homer engage in another a maZOnic pastime and invest time and money into Numismatism. here at the auction we get a glimpse of Kent holding 33, giving K33 while Homer holds onto the holy 13

A clip a bit later shows the number next to Kent , a 31, maKing a series 31-33-13.
313 sticks out. Donald Duck's car, 1934 Belchfire Runabout , often sports a numberplate 313,while Islam's first battle against pagans at Mecca , they fought with 313 warriors.
A tad later the 6 and 11 give an inverted 911, linking in Masons, Moslems and 911, all at an auction with the Gavel hammering down on the best bid

Its all for this coin, the 1917 Kissing Lincolns. On May 18, 1917 , the SELECTIVE SERVICE Act comes into force allowing the Prez to conscript his loyal voters, not long after the Russian Revolution Clown Show Act passed in March of that year.
The 1,1 and 9 furtle in the date while the whole coin story has Twins written all over it. Inverting?

Bart undergoes a sinking feeling , his room adorned with Ks to the Kreepy Krusty, his icon celebre.
Enough Ks there to set off a swarm of Monarchs

The final MonarK Mind Kontrol glyph[ thats like MM-KK Ultra, for minds that do thinking] hits us like a flash offa Babe Ruth's Bat

The Kansas City Royals [slayor] whip us with Ks and whisk us off, not in a balloon , but via superhero Radioactive Man [ RA] to Oz, which I think is the only flight destination out of Kansas, a rural backwater which uses old Hollywood sets to make it appear as if it eXists in the present time.
The Flash coming from his crown indicates that he has had implants from Walter Reed Hospital which gives greater control over flying humans who appear to have societies best interests at heart
On the field with a large D [ Tower card] stand 13 players and 3 Coaching staff and the man-behind-the-batter man making 17 in all, y'all. 17 looped in to Lost last week with on a 'plane
Sports prove wonderful for builders as one can create massive symbolic stadia in any part of town one so chooses and then belabour the populus with whacked-out crackerball logos, emblems, colours and coats-of-arms.
Somewhat like this blog.


Just Me said...

That double struck Lincoln penny is very interesting. Goro is writing about Narcissus/Alice and the looking glass and reflections in the cross quarter time code. The penny and Lincoln and copper have been significant in my work on the "Nightmare on Elm Street" theme, with civil rights, revenge, and the implications for Barack Obama. I think there is something there to be figured out.

aferrismoon said...

Elm street seems to link in with the KK33 story , its near Dealey Plaza.
Lincoln seems to link with kennedy if u remember that post at SynchroForum with the kennedy-lincoln interconnections
LG via Hebrew letter numbers = 30+3 =33 - Looking Glass
A good book that relates those 60's times from 'within' is RINGOLEVIO by Emmet Grogan


Newspaceman said...

Van Horne was also the "devil" from Witches of Eastwick which ties in well with Covenhoven.


Michael Skaggs said...

Wow Aferris, awesome post, richly filled with revealing storyline, what a "sweet" KK treat!

And all I did with my post on the Simpsons today was point out the symbols....nothing compared to this wealth of info! Great work mate!


Alex Robinson said...

The 'E' from the bottle of Nappien sleeping pills reminded me of logos / images of a rather appropriate bird - here's an example

aferrismoon said...

Swallow - wow, an excellent symbolic bird for Consumerism and vague ingesting.
When I lived on Anglesey, the tourists who came to the seaside were known as Swallows as they only appeared in summer

Newspaceman said...

As regards the Cowans, I was just listening to Michael Tsarions 2nd interview on Red Ice, he mentions the ko-hens (sic).

Also, I remembered why I remembered the Van Horne thing, it was because "Marti Pellow" is going to play him in a new stage production.

Marti being Mark McLaughlin (sic?) from Wet Wet Wet, reformed brown lover. Mart Bart

Hope this makes some sense.


aferrismoon said...

Considering the post it sounds pretty accurate , I doubt Cohens exist in Lodges and Cowan could be a veiled whatever.
Wet Wet Wet , distant memories, WWW though
and MM ,