Friday, May 2, 2008

22 demi-gods, 1 referee, a Sir and a brace of Oligarchs

The Club badge of F.C. BARCELONA who got beat in the Champions League Semi-final by Man U. Note their Cross of St.George

Here's another 'English' club, A.C.MILAN [ still called 'Milan' not 'Milano']. This club's owned by Italy's new premier SILVIO BERLUSCONI. They lost to Arsenal this year , who lost to Liverpool, who lost to Chelsea, who will play Man U in the final.

Man U club badge - cited as the world's most popular club, they do have an enormous following. Part of their rise in the public psyche was due to the tragic air-crash in MUNICH in 1958, when 8 players , as well as many others died when their plane crashed in a snowstorm .
Because of this Man United were forced to 'buy' a new team, very unusual in those days. Players came through the junior teams, usually locals. Within 10 yeras the cap on player's wages disappeared and the whole Football business accelerated, exponentialised quickly to become this vast , strange, mythic game which has now turned kicking a ball into some kind of Messiah competition. Football we now play on the Sabbath as well as the Sun-day, a few matches on Monday, while Tuesday and Wednesday look after Euro matches with the lesser Euro matches played on Thursday. Fridays are for planning hooligan activities. I could go on.
This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Munich Air-disaster, while Fergie, sorry SIR Alex Freemason [ cheers Atlantean] looks like he'll step down. Basically if you're a Protestant in Scotland poppoing down the Lodge isn't quite so sinister as in England, lots of Lodge's seem more like working men's pubs or social clubs [ never been , don't know].
Ferguson comes from a small Mining town near Glasgow where Jock STEIN [ Celtic] and Bill SHANKLEY [ Liverpool] came from. These other 2 held semi-deific status due to their achievements.
On MAY 21 , 2008, the European Champions League Final will get underway at the LUZHNIKI Stadium in MOSCOW. For the 1st time ever 2 clubs from the geographical area called England will be joined in battle.
CHELSEA [ a girl's name] have often been injected with money and stuff to persuade them to 'win a cup'. This time its worked as their owner ROMAN ABRAMOVICH, a Russian Oligarch [ which seems to indicate a form of modern Jewishness], the richest Jew in Britain, Governor of CHUKOTKA has spent wisely , chosen a good team, and seemingly kept his nose out of footballing decisions.
These decisions AVRAM GRANT deals with. After acting as Technical Director at PORTSMOUTH [ The Stargate Club, appearing on May 17th at Wembley to play a Cardiff, a Welsh team in the English FACup Final], Abramovich pulled in Avram to take over from the Portuguese manager Jose MOURINHO
So 2 guys at the same club both resonating the father of the Semites [ and perhaps the whole world] ABRAHAM

One of SILVIO's best mates is TONY, here they practice Masonic signals that they can proffer to the masses at football matches and elections.

Below the LUZHNIKI stadium, in MOCKBA [ Moskva]. In the 80's a t one match UEFA match between SPARTAK MOSCOW and HFC HAARLEM many were trampled to death , 66 deaths reported
Below that Roman Abramovich, generally quiet, reserved and obviously astute; both parents dead by the time he was 3.
As an Oligarch he has enormous wealth , and thus influence, but he's doesn't seem to be on PUTIN's shit-list, like KHODORKOVSKY [ jailed] and BEREZHOVSKY , who was Putin's original backer, exiled to the UK. In a prog I saw Boris Berezhovsky did seem a bit fucking absolutely pissed off with VLAD, and has been , perhaps still is , planning revenge.
THis final has obviously been bought and staged by the Oligarchy for some kind of private dinner party of severely magnificent proportions yet does it act as a 'gesture' to Putin from The Oligarchy that they have decided to play ball with his Royal KGBness, who has basically said Oligarchy cannot have such political AND monetary influence, and they can stop channeling it out of the country. Of course they're not going to do be Putin's little helpers so Vlad the Bad has doubtless to come out with something for them.

Sir Alex Ferguson - the most successful Football manager etc etc etc, and mad as fuck. As he shows his palms and palm = KPh in Hebrew which relates Sepher Yetsiracally to the SUN card , here's AL, the Black Sun. As K = 11th card, and 11th letter of both hebrew and English , Al-X signals 11:11.

Andrij SHEVCHENKO , used to play for BERLUSCONI's team ACMILAN. They were such good friends that Andrij asked Silvio to be his child's GODFATHER, which Silvio accepted. A few weeks later and Andrij winged his way, on a mega-transfer fee, to CHELSEA, where he did very little, and now looks like he's going back to ACMILAN. Here we see him playing against THE VILLAINS

Below we see the close encounter between PUTIN and BERLUSCONI from a couple of weeks ago, when VP and SB had talks , in SARDINIA, about energy needs and the fate of troubled ALITALIA, which the Unions are at present attempting to destroy [ the workers actually went on strike to protest against the unions].
SB = godfather to SHEVCHENKO's kid. He plays for Chelsea, Abramovich's club, who has an oligarch could be seen to have a little conflict with Russia political leader Vladimir PUTIN who had a couple of days with Italy's newly-elected Media magnate [ 5 nespapers] Football club owning PM. Vlad will be PM soon, he's President now.
If Chelsea lose its 'mud in the face' for the Oligarchy, but United remember he club's most tragic [ and defining] moment, the Air-Crash in '58, so they're not going to give it away.

In this photo , have a dekko at the shadow and then look at the negative space between his arm and Putins head, looks like a dog with the snout just bleeding out of frame
It has to be said that the whole thing's fixed , so what'll the payoff's be like . I reckon Liverpool will be given the League they,ve waited for for so long, Arsenal may get the Champs league, but it'll probably be Milan again unless the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP is given to Italy in which case Bayern might win the Champions league, unless of course the SWISS banks take the outside odds on their team while threatening to do something strange with Gnomes and vast rivers of wads of cash , bonds . Then again it could be the Turks , who play in the Euro competitions [ like Israel] but are'nt in the EU [ like Switzerland]

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Atlantean Times said...

Nice one man..

SB and Vlad making shadow puppets of football clubs.

Shadows and dust shadows and dust..the gladiator oliver reeds last words...he knew it was all just a performance piece,,,,,,


aferrismoon said...

Oliver Reed, I mean that film by Ken Russell, king of the krucified , THE DEVILS.
Could have done it more detailed but its a warren of rabbit-holes , best to gloss over
Putin's , a russian friend told me, is noted for his very slow, almost snookerlike, deliberate craftsmanlike thinking over pretty much everything
Alaska was only rented

Michael Skaggs said...

Aferris, excellent write!

Seems its fixed everywhere, I was checking out a book called "The Game Behind The Game" tonight at work, was in reference to Football here in the States being fixed and bet on.

Though I live in New England, I told everyone the Giants were going to win because it was an "Orange" "Titan" year!

Peace bro!

Alex Robinson said...

When I read your title I thought it might refer to the Knights of the Garter - there being 24 + the monarchs. I reckon I could make a small case for the Chelsea symbol.

I'm sure the Munich Crash has a great significance - when I researched Erebus I used a book on what was considered the 10 worst air crashes up to the time it was printed (1988 I think) - Munich was included. Looking at the stories I can't help but feel there is a great deal more to these than we are seeing. The airplane I think must be one of the deepest images in our psyche - the ability to fly in some way making us on a par with the gods.

Michael said...

I always like your football write ups. The heraldic symbols, the "houses" jousting between one another, Putin and his rebellious Oligarchs - Zeus and his Gods, Yahweh and his angels.

Speaking of famous air disasters involving football players, I'm reminded of Uruguay Flight 571 that crashed in the Andes on Friday 13, October 1972, leading eventually to cannibalism. More syncs than you can shake a stick at.

aferrismoon said...

Great one Mike. Wasn't it the Argentine Rugby football team, there's a book about it called ALIVE , ithink.
It was on the 13th of the 10th and you're comment landed at 10:13


Michael said...

Eerie, Mon. :-)

Newspaceman said...

Hiya aferrismoon, I see that Madonna's world tour kicks off at Cardiff, then to Wembley on 11th September.