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Man Freed

A few days ago a man , William LeFever, trekked into The Wilderness, USA and found hissel' lost.

"It was a shot in the dark to find William,” said Garfield County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Becki Bronson.
But, just 5 miles from where the Escalante River dumps into Lake Powell, a Utah Highway Patrol helicopter spotted a man sitting in the river, weakly waving one hand toward rescuers."

"William LaFever, 28, was rescued Thursday after surviving on frogs, roots and river water in the Escalante desert.  Officials said he probably wouldn't have made it another 24 hours had he not been found.
"God and time and everything were on our side yesterday, and I just can't imagine had it gone another day," said Lisa LaFever, William's sister."

A pic of William taken some time ago.

The gist of the storiolah is that while in Boulder, Colorado someone relieved him of his camping gear and with money running low he rang his Pa who wired money to Page, Arizona, some 90km away. His Pa reckoned he'd hitch a ride but William decided to hike it.
His dog left him

and while walking discarded most of his gear, eventually to be discovered sitting in the river.

Caveat - there is no '0' in the Tarot as there is no '0' in the Hebrew characters upon which the Tarot Major Arcana are based. '0' seems to be some kinda programming to do with 'total freedom' or 'no restrictions, 'non-attachment' or other new-age confuserama. It upskaddled its impossible self prominently in the '60s Peace Movement and affiliated cults which 'let everything in', including Da Hell Ess Dee and assorted material demons.

Ok, so in footy you can have the Premier league followed by Div.1, 2, 3 etc. but it's a wee bit different I reckon.

The events are considered in 'INTER MISSION' at Da Black Whole. One of those considerations notes the number 40, big in Old and New Testament writings.

It can be days and nights or extend into years.

Tarotically, by which I mean, expressing the Hebrew letter-numbers, 40 = M, and M is for the word MYM, 'mayeem' meaning 'water'. It is the 13th letter of the Hebrew alephbeyt and as such 'The Hanged Man' is the 13th card of the pack. The Last Supper with its 13 attendees prefaces Jesus' crucifixion and his subsequent rebirth.

The Crowley-Harris Thoth pack shows the watery nature of the letter-number while the snakes seem to hint at the desert wilderness.

Carlo Suares describes the letter-number thusly:
"40: Mem/Water:, passive, biological resistance/response in formative language, is symbolized by the The Hanged Man, one of the most interesting tarotlogical references. The central concept is passive resistance: life suspended between two supports or on the cross, depending on the early version, with legs usually crossed."

And he sat amidst the river, between rock and hard place, the desert unforgiving.

Almost a parallel with US and others troops sitting , awaiting death, in rockt, rugged, desert lands in foreign climes.

It made me wonder about soldiers - when the armed forces are fully mechanised, without need of 'puny humans' , all those discarded soldiers and soldieresses will become by default 'the enemy'.

The Hanged Man's upside-down position is the continuation of the figures falling from the Blasted Tower. Both indicate resistance.

The word 'fever' seems to come from Sanskrit - 'bhur' - " to be restless ", and William enjoys camping and trekking - itchy feet.

M = amniotic fluid, the waters of the womb, the biosphere, where development takes place. The card following M - The Hanged Man is N - Death or Birth , the essential component of Life in Existence. The Archeytype of Life in the Tarot = H, The Emperor. It acquires in its existential state the component 'death' so that life may occur and we are not left residing in an eternal termite life, dead but unable to die.

Kartičku 14.
From Da Black Whole -
"He was found and rescued (Jesus) beside the Escalante River . . . Jordan, where Baptist John fell in love forever with Christ.
Frodo don’t live, but the Bible does!  Breathgivingly alive.  Skeerily alive.  If you can stand it.
It’s the People that are dead. 
How apt the latest craze is zombies.  Talk about projection."
Talk about numbering the FOOL 'Zero' .
William LeFever aimed for Page, Arizona, along the Escalante ' the climber', indicating 'ascension'. Off to Copper Country Arizona, to get some coin . Arizona is where Jared ' Descender ' Loughner allegedly shot 19, killing 6. His alleged target was Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, a career politician. She voted for war, regualarly, cuddling up to McChrystal. After helping send off various souls to terrorize souls in other countries she got right back to smiling and being really nice. She's now escorted to various stage-settings where other career politicains and social climbers feed off her cranial injuries.
Jared Loughner sits in Missouri, being administered heavy psychotropics until he changes his 'Not Guilty' plea. A typical tactic of the totalitarian Soviet regime, and others, in re-educating certain members of society.

Amerka drugs its citizens from school onwards
"Q. I noticed that the FDA just approved treating kids with Prozac. I am a bit surprised, as my child is taking Prozac already. Why was he prescribed a medicine that wasn't FDA approved to be used in children?"

" A…..Many drugs are not FDA approved for use in kids, but are still used 'off-label', meaning that they are used in children younger that the approved age or for other conditions that they are not approved for yet. In fact, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 'three fourths of the prescription drugs currently marketed in the United States lack pediatric use information.'
This doesn't mean that it is not safe to use these medicines though. When deciding to use a medication 'off-label', a doctor should be making that decision 'based on sound scientific evidence, expert medical judgment, or published literature.' It is not like your doctor is experimenting with your child."
No, it is like your doctor is experimenting with your child - in fact near every drug prescribed [ for mental illness ] proves an experiment as each individual is different and thus any given drug will act differently according to the physiology, food habits, etc etc of the 'patient'.
Apart from profits drugs for children is a bit like getting them 'hooked' on certain products for life via advertising, overt and subtle. Brand-consciousness. Brand-zombie. Collective Consciousness.

Say little Johnny refuses to eat Breakfast Cereal, and doesn't partake in the free gifts and crapola offered with cereals [ or Fast-food outlets ] and consequently is unable to join in at school. His 'marks' or 'grades' may be affected - time for the school psyche - 'yup little Johnny's affected with ACM [ Anti Collectivist Mindset ], best knock out a few of his independence neurons, he's far too resistant to programming. Talk to himself, does he? I thought so. I'll prescribe him OZCRAP, if there's no effect after a few weeks we'll find an alternative. Tests are being done at a unit in Missouri , activating compliance and agreeability in young adults who resist school-training."
Don't worry, controversial psychtropics have no adverse effects on the developing human brain and mind, despite that we know very little about the workings of both brain and mind.
Re: Grades - no-one gets 100% thus all grades received are down- or degrades. Degradation lies at the heart of social compliance techniques.
'Marks' - go figger
The various financial wizards 'downgrade' countries to force them into acceptance of outside economic solutions.

In Universe 'up' and 'down' existeth not - pilots will tell you that there out from the centre of the earth and in towards it. As such there can be no corresponding idea relating to the psyche called 'depression' or 'pressing down upon'. If 'in' and 'out' replace 'up' and 'down' then 'depression' becomes 'contraction' preceding birth/death as in the movement from Hanged Man to Death. In other words the actual pulsation of universe. But today everything must glee-pozitiv, umm-pwered [ by what, oh yeah! memory loss], emoticon, shock and awe and joy, and with that 'contraction', becoming smaller, temporarily , does not register in the souls of men and women in Westernia, Drive, New Equality Order, Zombellika.
"Mary Kennedy had three anti-depressants in corpo at decease.
Western, and especially American, women gobble anti-depressants like skittles.
They do consistent evil, conscious and aware evil, then rationalize it to themselves and others.  God makes them feel like the shitscum they truly are, so they let a “professional” take the Responsibility Hit by prescribing you-didn’t-really-mean-that pills.
Now it’s Someone Else’s problem.  Like everything."
Da Black Whole - QUEAN OF CELEBRITY BAL [ Intro Duct ]

Somatic depression seems to be between 2:1 to 3:1 female to male. female = receptive and that is why social programming [ aka 'fear', basically] is thrust at womankind. Note the enormous publicity for breast cancer compared with , say, prostate cancer. AVON , a company making make-up and related care products actively promotes breast cancer.
ID Politics keeps people in their little anthill-matriarchy, they receive fear of their imminent destruction, daily.
To get in on the game the male proferred is effeminate, made-up, glossy. Men and women who do not want to join-in are labelled and often pop-psycholgy will confer them with a dubious pop-psychological term - moody, different, odd, or in the case of Loughner “troubled young man” and “emotionally underdeveloped.”, “a kind of rare bird, very shy.”

“He didn’t seem very popular, but he kind of did his own thing,” Mr. Wiens said. "


Male energy penetrates.

In humans dynamic balance of penetration and reception develops us. All one or too much of the other lead to destruction.

Perhaps the reason for families.

It doesn't say 'walk to help get rid of Breast cancer' , it says 'FOR' and FOR means For, as in 'I'm all FOR it'.
Secondly I doubt AVON will help any individuals, wearing their tee-shirt coloured 'Vicious Pink', getting Breast Cancer, but it definitely will get wider coverage. Thus this is a marketing campaign not a health-awareness campaign [ except as an aside ].

In Prague in May there was a Walk For BC, about 4000 women of varying ages in these hideous teeshirts [ and their children] wandering along the river bank. A little army of marks working freely for a company that only wants to sell them 'See Me' products - Pink Zombies.

Avon means 'river' in Welsh.
They, apparently, even have their cancer advertising in women's public toilets - watch out gals , its a comin' ta git yah - appears to be the foundation of Avon's campaign

Cancer is when the cell walls are impermeable to the rest of the body, but despite this inability the cancer still feels its undeniable importance and the rest of the body as awfully oppressive which mimics ID Politics, which are all impermeable cancers attempting to kill off humanity via their equality order, their specialness factor, their victim state, their vengeance prerogative.

William's destination was Page, Az, to collect money. Via Tarot implied is the Page of Pentacles/Coins:

The fool, dogless, bound by the vision of material, monetary accruement , loses his way.

This is less about Mr. LeFever and more indicative of the people on the planet cajoled , tricked, coerced, forced and programmed into putting their faith into purely material gain , ad infinitum. Enough is never enough.

Reading the news stories it seems that despite his autism William's family don't stop him doing things, like living alone and hiking across the land. They don't box him in.

"John LaFever, the man’s father, told that he warned his son against the trip due to the extreme conditions, but his son did not heed his advice.
"Sometimes you have to learn the hard way," his father said. "I'm just relieved that he's alright and I can go and bring him home."

A = Fool - 1
M = Hanged Man - 40
N = Death - 50/700

Together AMN - 91 or 741 [ due to the 2 values afforded 5 of the Hebrew characters]

91 = APhVD or Ephod a priestly garment of 28 threads and also an object of worship, ised in divination.
"According to the Talmud, the wearing of the ephod atoned for the sin of idolatry on the part of the Children of Israel"

The Mother is there in AM, but the child must be born, must leave, and finds its individuality in N - Amen.

Amen means:

Artist, craftsman, expert;
To nurture, to bring up [child]
to train, coach

The world, esp. Zombistan, needs to grow up [ up in a phrasal verb means 'completely' ] , instead of attending the eternal toy-shop on a colourful diet of dead-food and SSRI's, let out daily to process paper for the matrix, or clean up , or handout leaflets for pizza-houses and impending doom, easily resolved by TOYS R US.

Toys r us - geddit?

'Gubble, gubble' said Manfred Steiner

Manfred Steiner is a character in PKDick's 'Martian Timeslip'
source for pic.

Manfred by Virgil Finlay , August 1963 issue of WORLDS OF TOMORROW.


Anonymous said...


- Aangirfan

little dynamo said...

gubble gubble indeed! and a tidy side of quarks for muster mark, if its not too dear sir

??? <-- :O)

its a source of ongoing wonder (and profit) to me that brittania delusions herself so flush you can be afforded to teach english in, ah, praha, no offense intended

mebbe their quean still thinks its 1750? nowhere to go but up! she dont rule the waves no mo

i read this a few times now, may manage something relevant soon, cheers

Alex Robinson said...

I saw Avon over here doing something similar - steam came out of my ears, but what can you say that will be heard against the Church of Cancer - the believers are the most zealous of zealots.

Lord Byron did a tale of Manfred - this pic seems to fit your tale of solitary men between rocks & hard places quite well:


little dynamo said...

"A pic of William taken some time ago."

kinda muslim-looking, apropros for desert

there are lots of little mormon (and elsewise) offshoot-sects in southern utah, but william's get-up reminds me more of greek orthodox or perhaps russian orthodox, particularly "Old Believers"

first thing i thot on "Page AZ" was also tarot/occult -- that's why i included the AZ/CO border pic, to emphasize that, symbolically/occultly, entering into AZ-land is entering into a masonic lodge, disguised as a state

a Page, medievally, was a knight's-assistant, or sometimes a knight in training -- a "first step" in a progression . . . so broadly recalls first degree tracing board . . . it was a type of "initiation" -- perhaps an attempted initiation that was interrupted before completion

as our posts have illustrated in the past couple years, esp since the giffords incident, AZ is the occult heart of New Amerika, and thus of the global NWO -- TX, MA, S. Car, Illinois, and the fem-trinity powerlocus of Maryland, Virginia, and DC are also contenders, but these neo-solar (Baal) and neo-goddess (Ashtoreth/Shinar) rites are undboutedly based, spiritually, in AZ (both the state and entity)

really, just an updated and expanded version of the solar worship of ancient egypt (upon which masonry is modeled) and late rome, during the period of mithraism, esp popular with the legions

the phrase "District of Columbia" has been in use so long that nobody stops to fix its meaning -- the center of the US (and in many ways world) government, authority, and power is not an assigned PLACE, but an assigned ENTITY

not a mistake

the District belongs to her majesty, "Columbia"

little dynamo said...

agree about the Fool card, also yr description of the hidden aspects of the numeral zero, spot on

probly invented by the mathematician/sorcerer pythagoras, python agora ess

zero isnt a nullity, it's a bridge, transitional, allows creation/use of math's "imaginary numbers" (negative numerals, suggestive kabbalistically of qliphoth, thus standing for demonic entities)

equations, of course, are all predicated on the number zero, the base by which they are manipulated and solved (i'll bet some of the sumerians already knew about zero)

the hanged-man is suspended from the sun (the masonic/solar schema and rites utilizing scapegoats, pharmaki, etc), and obama's solar sigil/logo

yr deduction of "passive resistance" also rings, certainly Christ as the model for that (tho he was meant as the FINAL and finishing sacrifice, not merely another sucker with billions more left to abuse)

passive resistance is also the only viable current tactic, as the NWO isnt going to be overcome by gun-toting militias, incensed tea partiers, etc

"The Hanged Man's upside-down position is the continuation of the figures falling from the Blasted Tower. Both indicate resistance"

in amaryka everything since 9-1-1 has been suspended in time, zombified; the only thing that has progressed is evil

as you point out, AZ is the place of occult or spiritual descent, Loughner = descender; Utah, adjoining like a siamese twin, is place of ascent, "Escalante" = climbing, or "he who climbs"

so, AZ = first degree board, hermetic, masonic practice, sorcery

while Utah (symbolically) = jacob'a ladder, where beings can go UP, not just down . . . and even when they do go down, it's in service to God, not to political chicanery, money, powerlust, or vanity

little dynamo said...

Amerka drugs its citizens from school onwards

a handful of us have been fighting for decades against the routine drugging of boys in school (but not Our Precious Grrls of course!)

ritalin has been the pharm of choice quite awhile now

the crime of little boys in the u.s. is basically the crime of their elders: being male in a male-hating kulture (including the Expected self-loathing of male leftists, sole technique by which a "man" can establish cred with The Group)

"Re: Grades - no-one gets 100% thus all grades received are down- or degrades. Degradation lies at the heart of social compliance techniques."

it's so subtile, isnt it? i've never considered that, and i'll bet v few others have, either . . .the degradation is so subtile, so taken for granted, that it -- like the slavery it engenders -- is invisible, our background muzak

"ID Politics keeps people in their little anthill-matriarchy, they receive fear of their imminent destruction, daily."

ID Politics overseen by IDserpent wardens

ID Politics is perfectly descriptive, i think that phrase will last, an impermeable cancer that will not remit, no more than one can chitchat one's cancer out of oneself, automata

Attack of the Pink Zombees indeed, females are now almost perfectly possessed in the west, in a collective sense -- that is, it's now so easy to manipulate them in any desired direction, they (and we as result) truly do not have any volition about what is taking place in "our" nations

the Page of Coins entranced by lu-cre is a type of pharmaki also -- his dog is gone b/c his Donald Trumpian obsession with money cuts him off from life, natural world

"According to the Talmud, the wearing of the ephod atoned for the sin of idolatry on the part of the Children of Israel"

the talmud is a product of chaldean jewry, so not only unreliable but downright deceptive

the idea that donning a particular garment is sufficient to atone for great collective sin (of the absolutely worst kind) is typical of false priests

repentance, humility, and suffering atone for sin, there are no substitutes, especially easy ones

later on the same types were peddling indulgences etc, all one pack, synagogue of satan

All We Marsmen, a sweet and positive rap-up to another indignant and inspiring post, big ole raucous all the way to pra ha ha, cheers

A13 said...

Hail Columbia
"there's gonna be a new race...Kids are gonna start it up"....

Cheers A13

aferrismoon said...

Perhaps the Ephod garment is a form of talmoodic anti-depressant, the Prozac Ephod.

ta for the fullsome comments

ta for the tube A13.


aferrismoon said...

Ta for the link, Alex. People so easily adopt branding, footy tops, even 'pretend' one, University of Wherever T;shirt.


little dynamo said...

ta for the fullsome comments

yikes did i write all that?


in the Spirit of the Times, i'm gonna blame you for Provocative Postiness

cuz everyone knows i never ramble

;O) cheers chief

aferrismoon said...

I would describe rambling as not getting anywhere , unlike your posted comment which resemble more orienteering.

"They went to sea in a Sieve, they did,
In a Sieve they went to sea:
In spite of all their friends could say,
On a winter's morn, on a stormy day,
In a Sieve they went to sea!
And when the Sieve turned round and round,
And every one cried, 'You'll all be drowned!'
They called aloud, 'Our Sieve ain't big,
But we don't care a button! we don't care a fig!
In a Sieve we'll go to sea!'
Far and few, far and few,
Are the lands where the Jumblies live;
Their heads are green, and their hands are blue,
And they went to sea in a Sieve."

For your consideration


little dynamo said...

oh, doubtless, never been in question

i was shown clearly what was up before ever i leaped, i spent my youth at the waves

it is what it is, barnacles n all, i leave it to God to find some use of

Unknown said...

"The examination of the origin of numbers may seem trivial. You might say, “So what if number 1 came from this source and number 2 came from another … and so on?” Without this manufactured number system there could be no astrology, no numerology, no science and no form of magic (which is what these systems are, and have been referred to throughout history). Magic was the word given to the unexplained. Anything that deceived in the seen or unseen realm was looked upon as magic. Of course, we now know everything physical is only light energy, and the ability to manipulate this energy draws from the scientific to the esoteric, of which there is no difference. All energy manipulation, whether scientific or esoteric, is produced by applying the number system. There could be no religion or science without a number system, and therefore no hypnosis of humanity. The number system, instituted in formulating any language system, creates a thought pattern used to manipulate the mind and thereby create a 3 dimensional veil of deceit.

ONE = WON = NOW = NWO – The New World Order subliminal is hidden in the number 1."

Unknown said...

Letters AMN?

A = 1 (the one supreme being)

M = 13 (# of the Illuminati 1 supreme being & the 12 signs of Zodiac) or (1+3 = 4 for Corner Stone)

N = 14 (2x7) (2 for duality & 7 for perfection) or (1+4 = 5 for sacrifice)

1+13+14 = 28
or 2+8 = 10 (10 is for intensity)

or 28 on clock face = 4 o'clock or cornerstone)

Here’s a short list of the symbolic number values.

1 = New Age – New Season – New World = ONE = WON = NWO = NOW
2 = DUALITY – Black and White – North / South – Up / Down
3 = Pyramid Shape of the Deity
4 = Foursquare Foundation that the luciferian agenda is built upon
6 = SACRIFICER – the Christ / Antichrist notion
7 = Perfection and Completion
8 = TOTAL CONTROL – the Octagon – the Double Cross
9 = FALL – the 1st month of the conjured up creation
10 = INTENSITY – 10 = TEN – the 10x Tables
11 = DEATH – the 1st day of the conjured up creation
12 = FULLNESS of TIME and Completion

13 = 1 – coincides with 1 and also includes the symbolism of being on the 2nd clockface and therefore the symbolism associated with DUALITY applies to all numbers on the 2nd clockface. Read all numbers this way and the intent of the luciferian thinkers is revealed.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

ray said; "zero isnt a nullity, it's a bridge, transitional, allows creation/use of math's "imaginary numbers" (negative numerals, suggestive kabbalistically of qliphoth, thus standing for demonic entities)

equations, of course, are all predicated on the number zero, the base by which they are manipulated and solved (i'll bet some of the Sumerians already knew about zero)"

# 10 deals with the inTENsity of some event or moment. This number focuses on the duration and strength intended to be applied to an event or moment in this illusory time sphere. This INTENSITY is accomplished by REPETITION.

The first number is a ZERO. The word ZERO is an anagram, and a play on word sound association.

ZERO = ROZE = ROSE and refers to the Order of the ROSE and the Order of DEATH within the luciferian agenda.

ZERO = EROZ = ARROWS (as in Cupid’s) = EROS = ROSE or the goddess of love – referring to sex and fucking.

Ground ZERO at the World Trade Center site was, and still is, a SACRED SEX and HUMAN SACRIFICE ritual site, with subliminal hypnotic links to the 11 Western United States, which is now becoming the main focal Sex and Sacrifice ritual site within the illusory luciferian egregore agenda. Remember though, its only an illusory reality where this all occurs. Its only within the TRANCE STATE that the lunacy, described on this site, is meant to take place. To become emotionally detached from this TRANCE STATE, which is the 3 dimensional sphere we now experience, is to come out of the TRANCE. This emotional separation from things within the 3D sphere removes one from an emotional cataclysm which is designed and being fulfilled, one conjured up notion at a time, for all who remain ENTRANCED. Of course, the difficult part in all this, is that for those who are in the TRANCE STATE, such a simple mechanism to escape the luciferian devastation and the illusory Day of the Lord’s Judgment has been programmed to seem utterly insane.

There are 3 sets of 3 numbers – 1-2-3 – 4-5-6 and 7-8-9. Then it starts all over again with a zero, but now attached to a number 1. From the number zero to nine symbolically represents the fullness of time. This does not mean that time ends but rather that the fall from WISDOM, or disconnection from AWARENESS of what’s transpiring placed us into this illusory 3 dimensional reality which manifests as TIME and SPACE.

The implementation of 10 is the beginning of replicating and starting all over again. Replicating or repetition is the strongest form of hypnosis. When this is coupled with fear based trauma, the victim is rendered impotent and unable to escape. Much like a snake catching its prey in its coils and squeezing the life out of it until it can be consumed. This is the very definition that should be applied to the biblical teaching, where the consummation of all things by the Christ, is fulfilled. Its the luciferian serpent, or reptilian minded, THOUGHT PROCESS, that has literally sapped and separated who we really are from our eternal state of wisdom, one seduction at a time.

The last letter in the English alphabet is Z. Likewise, Z is the first letter, of the first number, ZERO. This isn’t a coincidence. Its one more display of the inter-connectedness with everything concerning the manipulation of light, which is the inter-connection of all things illusory. All things illusory must support, suggest and sustain every other illusory notion. To break the support of subliminal suggestion, is to in fact, BREAK THE BEAM OF LIGHT, or to BREAK THE THOUGHT PROCESS, and the illusion would be annulled. Things concerning hypnotic suggestion don’t have to make sense, they just have to implant a suggestion, and the subject being hypnotized, fills in the blanks.

Nuff Said!

aferrismoon said...

Thanks for proving the rambling point DarkStar


aferrismoon said...

10 is not another zero.

As minimum structure is 4 , not 3, the numbers work on an octave basis.

Thus 0 opens the way to 1,2,3,4 which inverts with 5,6,7,8 leaving 9 as the complementary 'zero'.

Imagine sewing.


A13 said...

Will you be unpacking this one Aferris?

Off topic..

I read this about Aurora and i thought it's right up your alley :)

quote "Just 13 miles from the cinema is Columbine High School, where two students killed 12 classmates and a teacher in 1999."

hmmm 13 miles and 13 years..just a thought.

Cheers A13

little dynamo said...

thats a lot of 13s, uh, A

aurora, dawn goddess (an annunciate like anubis, recent visitant to denver international tarmac)

aurora = eos ie mater matuta, roman mother/child duad (solar rites), empire aint gone nowheres

this ones "packed" alright

little dynamo said...

on the bookend-numbers AF

music has the same structure of course, and music/numbers are complementary, and overlapping, entities

i understand persons also are sometimes given to either means of expression :O)

whether one thinks of it as nine or zero, theyre sort of "return keys" the way the last "do" in do-re-mi (the repeated "do") bridges to a subsequent octave, in either "direction"

A13 said...

Hi aferris,
responding to ray..maybe the 7 day countdown to the olympics is the darkest before the dawn (the torch has lit the cauldron?)the light of the olympic ritual..i had a go here:

and the 13's spook me..
i have it in my "cyber"name as i was born on the 13th of a month that starts with A..and my name also starts with that's it for me..easy to remember when logging in ;)
Cheers A

aferrismoon said...

Seems to be an event loaded with 'prediction' , as if it were meant to be.

Quite a few bloggers thought something would happen with this opening.

The Dark Night Rises at Dawn - all reversed and inverted.

13 is the Hanged Man who is also inverted.

Re: 9s

13847 - 1+3+8+4+7 = 23 = 5

without the 9s [ 1+8] 3+4+7 = 14 = 5.

the nines in this case seem to have a zero value.

dark Knight = DK = decay


little dynamo said...


maybe the 7 day countdown to the olympics is the darkest before the dawn (the torch has lit the cauldron?)the light of the olympic ritual.

yeah the torch relay (libertas) at the/olympics (goddess olympia) and the aurora shooting link -- false dawn

a great part of "israel" is in the u.s./u.k. so events often resonate, reverb in these rites of fallen powers

name holmes figures prominently in both etc - newspaceman covered the UK aspect -

agree w both you and af the 13 controls this particular set of rituals (annunciate rites, aurora like anubis = precursor/precurser) -- 9/11 also fits then, both as numeral set and precursive event

13130 eg, street address of james holmes' folk - we were talking numbers, i'll defer to af, but here the zero probly just cipher (only announces or bridges, but no quantitative value) so the active quad is 13 doubled (twin rebellions of two "tribes")

and the 13's spook me..
i have it in my "cyber"name as i was born on the 13th of a month that starts with A..and my name also starts with that's it for me

i used the 13 as illustration, having fun, sure wasnt implying anything personal (if i were youd know it)

af's 13-hanged man-lafever post was pretty prognostic of aurora... but he isnt spooked is he? ;O)

biblically 13 = rebellion, so the lesson i take outta these stitches is dont rebel, yup graddiated coleje 2


A13 said...

HI Aferris

Sleeping Beauty = Princess Aurora

I wonder what this "sleeping beauty" awaits?
Cheers A13

and thanks ray :)i didn't take that to heart..cheers A13

A13 said...

this also has some meaning.?

with Angelina..who else..
Maleficent is an upcoming live-action film, set to be released on March 14, 2014, starring Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning and with Robert Stromberg directing the film. The film will be a retelling of Walt Disney's 1959 film Sleeping Beauty, but told through the eyes of the Wicked Fairy Godmother. Filming began on June 18, 2012.
live-action motion picture based on Sleeping Beauty , retold from the point of view of Maleficent with Angelina Jolie starring as Maleficent -snip.

i find the sleeping beauty of "aurora" and the opposition of evil maleficent interesting here..just a thought..what do you think?
Cheers A

aferrismoon said...

Prognistic of Aurora - coulda been 'sidering the next card is Death and the guy on the horse is in full 'rampage' outfit.

One see the dawn arising twixt the twin towers , off in yonder background.

A13 - yeah you gotta see how maleficant is the real victim in this story - her evil ways are just evil because of bigotry.

Everyone should have the rite to act on their jealousy at not being No.1.

Rays comments on doing evil and then doing anti-depressants seems a good corollary.

It wasn't me , it was just the way I was DNAed, or something.


A. Peasant said...

hi ferris, as i was scrolling down and saw the pink avon poster, at first i thought it would be that horrid zion 2012 logo of the same color. of the color pink and our infantilized society, and its selection as the mascot color for cancer and the olympics:

"The color pink is traditionally associated with femininity, sexuality and purity. It is also used to characterize a child-like personality, which is why in programming, it is almost always associated with child alters, which are related to the core personality of the victim. Programmers typically view this alter as weak because it is easy to breakdown and make cry."

doesn't losing beloved women to cancer make everyone cry? cancer the disease that they can never find a cure for no matter how many bright pink things they sell? and will not the olympics make everyone cry? we think so. but the lost and found guy is ok thank gawd.

A. Peasant said...

oops the link for that para i cribbed:

aferrismoon said...

Cheers AP, nice one , hadn't snackled the pink Zion , psychotically dismal logos , cancer and the olympics , branding , athletes with masectomies to go with the amputees - great posters :?

Actually I noticed a prostate ad somewhere and it was the insipid pastel blue , some kind of tellytubby blue were everythings doozy, must be the chemo and morphine.

Thankfully have no TV and just can't follow the Limp Pix, even though I should really join in , it is after official Party event dear Comrade


A. Peasant said...

Well yeah you will miss all the ritualistic programming at the opening and closing ceremonies... For whom the bell tolls. Sheesh ferris don't you want to see all the human interest stories of all those spectacular human specimens who overcame every challenge to compete in the coliseum? We should all worship them and hope there is no sacrificial event to follow....? Terrorism and sports being a theme in the social engineering boutique.

I'm sure that insipid blue was no accident either.

Atlantean Times said...

Have you ever seen Videodrome

its on youtube too..

Ps on the subject of cancer..

Henrietta Lacks is the cause of most human cancers..Lacks cancer cells are found in 90% of all cancers..its an airborne virus..or at least appears to be..

Modern Times: The Way of All Flesh is the name of the Adam Curtis doc on cancer.. in this piece you will discover some things you will wish you didnt know..
this doc is up on lots of sites.

the implications of the Lacks cancer cells has been hidden from the public and is a massive conspiracy on its own.

The fact that the most dangerous cancer cells ever found, cells that are practically indestructible were the result of a white man and a black woman mating to give birth to lacks is astounding and has been hidden from the public.

Hollywood sponsors cancer..not cancer research..

Atlantean Times said...

I have to point this out sorry about all the long comments but im sure what im about to say is the truth..

If you look at the episode of dr who called "deadly Assassins" you will see the doctor running about in the matrix..

When i watched this again it became apparent to me that the DR was behaving like bear grylls..the way he runs through the woods and uses a straw as a filter to drink foul water and a few other aspects reminded me intensly of bear grylls.

It then occured to me that bear grylls is part of the programme..but that our survival or atleast the DRs is happening in a fake reality.

This incident of survival at all costs i have echoed before when i spoke of the chap who cut his own arm off to survive..

Baal removes one of his own eyes he is balor the one eyed demon enemy of lugh skywalker..

final thought...

“No man survives when freedom fails, the best men rot in filthy jails, And those who cry ‘appease, appease’ Are hanged by those they tried to please.” Hiram Mann