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Trigonometry from Trigonon [Gk] - three-cornered

Emanating out of the last post that featured diamond/yoni symbol projection, one or two copyrighted and used on merchandising, we find it's close relative 'Triangle' uppopping as an attack on the fairly new MARINE CORPS[e] MUSEUM in TRIANGLE, VIRGINIA, as noted by Ray in the preev post's comments:

"A Prince William County police spokeswoman said investigators found several bullet holes at the museum in Triangle, Va., about 30 miles south of the Pentagon."

Prince William County hooked up with something I'd written in that post, the bit about William being birthed early and the 33 miners - Prince William countee : )

"In Chile a birth of sorts took place as Adamah, the carnal female held in her copper-womb 33 [ age of Jesus' crucifixion] men.

The birth proved premature occurring 8 months after the earthquake at CONCEPCION on February 27th. Prince William was also birthed prematurely years ago."

Prince William is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II while Virginny, 'Old Dominion', 'Mother of Presidents' was doubtless named for Isis/Diana/Astraea/Cynthia symbol - Elizabeth I

Virginia abbreviates to VA which may stand for 'Violence Against' - VA-urgin'-ya

Jackie Killing Kennedy from 'Season of the Twitch' - Jack Deny Queen Line, Jack Deny Nile Queen!

ARLINGTON Cemetery holds a a vast collection of America's dead incl. the 'tyrant' JFK.

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the sole suspect in the November 5, 2009 Fort Hood shootings. Born in Arlington.[97]

ARLINGTON via 'Inside the LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation' by Dave McGowan -

'Frank Sinatra was also a client of hairdresser-to-the-stars Jay Sebring, as was Henry Fonda, who also at one time, strangely enough, lived in the guesthouse at 10050 Cielo Drive. Yet another client of Sebring’s was the next Young Turk on our list, Warren Beatty, whose father, Ira Owens Beaty, was ostensibly a professor of psychology. Young Warren, however, spent all of his early years living in various spooky suburbs of Washington, DC. He was born in Richmond, Virginia in 1937, after which his father moved the family to Norfolk, Virginia, which I think I may have mentioned is home to the world’s largest Naval facility (the reason for that, by the way, is that Norfolk is the gateway to the nation’s capital). The family later relocated to Arlington, Virginia, home of the Pentagon, where Warren attended high school and where he was known on the football field, as John Phillips (who attended a rival school) remembers it, as ‘Mad Dog’ Beaty.'

'Those two solo efforts by Parsons, by the way, prominently featured the voice of a young singer/guitarist named Emmylou Harris, a relatively late arrival to the canyon scene. Harris is the daughter – brace yourselves here for a real shocker, folks – of a career US Marine Corps officer. As with so many other characters in this story, she grew up in the outlying suburbs of Washington, DC, primarily in Woodbridge, Virginia – which happens to be the home of an imposingly large Army ‘research and development’ installation known as the Harry Diamond Laboratories Woodbridge Research Facility. In other words, Emmylou Harris fit right in with the rest of the Laurel Canyon crowd.'

The Harry Diamond Lab has been merged into the Army Research Laboratory , ARL for short. Makes ya' wonder about ARL-INGTON.

After playing a show on June 29, 1979 at George Washington University in support of that album, [Lowell] George was found dead in an Arlington, Virginia hotel room, very near the Pentagon. Cause of death was said to be a massive heart attack, though George was just thirty-four years old at the time.

'Augustus Owsley Stanley III is the son, naturally enough, of Augustus Owsley Stanley II, who served as a military officer during World War II aboard the USS Lexington and thereafter found work in Washington, D.C. as a government attorney. He raised his son primarily in – where else? – Arlington, Virginia.'

'In 1970, Owsley began serving time after a conviction on drug charges. That time was served, appropriately enough, at Terminal Island Federal Correctional Institution, the very same prison that had, just a few years earlier, housed both Charlie Manson and Phil Kaufman. A few years later, it would also be home to both Timothy Leary and his alleged (but not actual) nemesis, G. Gordon Liddy. After his release, Owsley continued to work as a sound technician, eventually graduating to a new medium: television.'
Responsible for giving out vast amounts of free LSD in the Cultural Devolution called the 'Hippy Movement' which revolved around many of the military-related pop icons of that era. Owsley was also a sound technician and then moved into television. Perhaps he thought up some of the techniques being used on contemporary Teevians.
'Stanley designed some of the first high-fidelity sound systems for rock music, culminating in the massive "Wall of Sound" electrical amplification system used by the Grateful Dead in their live shows, at the time a highly innovative feat of engineering,' Wiki
Link to Mr. Owsley's thoughts on 'Children's TV'

Back to the Marine Museum

The architect CURT FENTRESS based the design on the 'shape' of the Iwo Jima memorial. He came to prominence with the design of DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, the murals within which caused some controversy as to their content. Some claim that another 'city' dwells below the ground underneath DIA.

The Design of the Marine Corps Museum and grounds has a 'keyhole' shape. 'Lightnin' Hopkins, a blues player, allegedly referred to the 'vulva' as a keyhole [ found on 'keyhole' disambiguation page at Wiki], as well as the designation for a series of American Optical Reconnaissance Satellites.

Masonically musing, might not a Keystone fill a Keyhole?

The JFK eVent ushered in the so-called Peace Movement [ led by the various military-related pop stars of Laurel Canyon].

The possibility has of late arisen that maybe Jackie was in on the hit, blowing his skull away with the help of a one-shot Derringer type affair.

The hit was on Nov.22 at the end of Scorpio. Jackie, who had just come back from a trip with Aristotle Onassis, would later live on Onassis' island Skorpios.

Nov 24th = the beginning of Sagittarius, the Archer, which , in Czech, they refer to as Strelec [ Strelets] - the Shooter

Crowley left life on OCT.12.1947

From the Laurel Canyon reports
'Twelve years later, in autumn of 1997, Denver died when his self-piloted plane crashed soon after taking off from Monterey Airport, very near where the Monterey Pop Festival had been held thirty years earlier. The date of the crash, curiously enough, was one that we have stumbled across repeatedly: October 12.'

Scorpio corresponds to the DEATH card of Tarot while Sagittarius = TEMPERANCE/ART.
The Crowley/Harris Book of Thoth tarot , now popular , seemed to have more in mind that allegedly explicating the Tarot. Read Carlo Suares take on the OTO and Golden Dawn [ GD = DG reversed, giving Dorothy Gale who went to Oz, as did ye obsolete Camelot of the JFK administration.]
The Book of Thoth pack has the Charioteer on a Yellow Brick Road.

I imagine Kennedy could have done with the armour more than the amour.

"The Distortion of the Zero Key - Carlo Suares

After accepting Levi's equation of the 22 Tarot with the 22 Hebrew letters, the mathematically-challenged Order of the Golden Dawn decided that no-number = zero and re-initialized the Fool -- not as 1, but as "0." This yielded Macgregor Mathers' "supreme magickal formula"which has to be one of the most over-rated "supreme magickal formulae" ever formulated.
Unless the object is mystification. The only reason to introduce the notion of a "zero" key, when there are obviously twenty-two of them and they obviously correspond to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which already have perfectly good numbers, starting with "one", is to break the connection with the true, underlying tradition. Aleister Crowley's version of this was "Aleph is one, one, one, but none by the book." The alludes to Aleph's gematria of 111, but claims that in the "book" of the Tarot, Aleph is zero, not one. After first accepting the inescapable conclusion, Levi's premise that 22 Tarot = 22 Hebrew letters, the significance is rejected by reinterpreting the Hebrew alphabet. Which, apparently, English "gentlemen" could do, unchallenged, in the 19th century -- "it means one thing, one, in Hebrew, and another thing, zero, in the Tarot. These two things, one and zero, are actually the same." For those literate in either Hebrew or Mathematics, these formulations seem like foreign artifacts in their native languages.

Introducing Arabic (Indian) mathematical concepts like place-value and zero creates an "off-by-one" error that only serves to obscure the roots of the Tarot in the Hebrew letter-numbers and the formulations of the Kabbalah and classical formative numerology.

Thus, "Key 1" is supposed to be the Magician and is also supposed to correspond to the letter Bayt/Beth, which has the numerical value of 2. And so on, solely for the sake of confusion and obfuscation.'

'Crowley's me-tooism seems a little transparent and he really created a problem where there was none by ignoring the obvious zodiacal symbolism of the Emperor (initiator of the zodiac, Hay/Life formative of Aries) and Tsadde (water-bearer, formative of the feminine structuralizing Aquarius). The megalomania involved in moving two whole constellations out of their observable order and/or doing psychotic violence to the semantic structure of the Hebrew alphabet is breath-taking, and why anyone would lend any credence to this foolishness is beyond comprehension."

{ Crowley swops the symbolism so male becomes female. I think he was quite aware of what he [ and his handlers] were doing. I doubt he imagined many would actually investigate the Tarot even while buying the large collection of literature and practicing the various spells, which would be performed using inaccurate correspondences}

"Better to have left well-enough alone. Spirits are notorious for speaking in a way that is true but bound to be misunderstood by the psyche of the receiver.

Tsadde is not the Star because Tsadde is the woman, feminine structualizing energy in a dual flow.

The Star is a symbol of the Aquarian transfiguration of femininity, where womanhood is liberated and perfected. This was, perhaps, a little too much for Crowley's Victorian mind -- he tried to displace the feminine from her proper place, how anti-feminist can you get -- which resisted an ironic prophecy of the destruction of patriarchal structures to come. "

The Star card has a woman represented that looks pretty close to the character Tzaddi.

'one may wonder where Macgregor Mathers got his inspiration, which has completely dominated Tarot interpretation for over a century.'

Perhaps the GD , OTO , Intelligence Services, behavioral units and other interested parties had the means to 'completely dominate Tarot interpretation for over a century.'

Anyhow Crowleyanity got elevated to , well, the Moon, by the end of the Flower Power era, thanks to people like Kenneth Anger and other artistes.

"Since Easy Rider had such deep roots in the Laurel Canyon scene, we need to briefly focus our attention here on one other individual who worked on the film: art director Jeremy Kay, aka Jerry Kay. Before Easy Rider, Kay had worked on such cinematic abominations as Angels from Hell, Hells Angels on Wheels (with Jack Nicholson), and Scorpio Rising (Kenneth Anger’s occult-tinged homage to gay bikers). In the mid-1970s, Kay would write, direct and produce a charming little film entitled Satan’s Children. Of far more interest here than his film credits though is his membership in the 1960s in a group known as the Solar Lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis (or OTO), which found itself in the news, and not in a good way, just after Easy Rider opened on theater screens across America.
Two weeks after Easy Rider premiered on July 14, 1969, police acting on a phone tip raided the Solar Lodge’s compound near Blythe, California and found a six-year-old boy locked outdoors in a 6’x6’ wooden crate in the sweltering desert heat. The young boy, whose father was a Los Angeles County probation officer (as was Michelle Phillip’s father, by the way), had been chained to a steel plate for nearly two months in temperatures reaching as high as 117° F. According to an FBI report, the box also contained a can “partially filled with human waste and swarming with flies … The stench was nauseating.” Before being put in the box, the child had been burned with matches and beaten with bamboo poles by cult members. The leader of the cult, Georgina Brayton, had reportedly told cult members that “when it was convenient, she was going to give [the boy] LSD and set fire to the structure in which he was chained and give him just enough chain to get out of reach of the fire.” Killing the child had also been discussed (and apparently condoned by the boy’s mind-fucked mother).
Eleven adult members of the sect were charged with felony child abuse, the majority of them young white men in their early twenties. All were brought to trial and convicted. In a curious bit of timing, the raid that resulted in the arrests and convictions coincided with the torture and murder of musician Gary Hinman by a trio of Manson acolytes. Though it is, not surprisingly, vehemently denied by concerned parties, various sources have claimed that Manson had ties to the group, which also maintained a home near the USC campus in Los Angeles. There is no doubt that Charlie preached the same dogma, including the notion of an apocalyptic race war looming on the horizon. The massacre at the Tate residence occurred less than two weeks after the raid on the OTO compound. Manson’s Barker Ranch hideout would be raided a few months later, on October 12, 1969 – the birthday, as I may have already mentioned, of Aleister Crowley, the Grand Poobah of the OTO until his death in 1947."

As Suares noted: 'Spirits are notorious for speaking in a way that is true but bound to be misunderstood by the psyche of the receiver'

Born on that day were: Chris Wallace, host 'Fox News Sunday', born in Chicago. Ill.
Also George LAM, a veteran Cantopop singer. Crowley contacted a large-triangularly-headed being called LAM, a picture of which he exhibited in NY in 1919, the same year Golda Meir exhibited herself as the Statue of Liberty.[see post T'ain'T written in a stone, mason!!]

On October 26th 1947 , 2 weeks later, Hilary Rodham Clinton was born, in SheCargo, Ill. She and Bill got married on Ocober 11th 1975.

The 14th card DEATH has an Osirian skeleton scything , the Scorpion transforms as the [American] Eagle which thus released from its exoskeleton [ JFK wore a back-brace alluding to the coffin Set locked Osiris into in one of their spats] flies, soulfully, to the heavens.

In Set's other spat with Osiris he rent him into 14 pieces, which perhaps Crowley knew via the Osirian imagery on that card but opted for his students to get stuck on unlucky 13.

The Art card has a rainbow-mantelled androgyne [ far more 'gyne' than 'andro'] who pours two liquids into a cauldron. Crowley explains that the Art card 'twins' with the Twins card.

" The card and its twin, XIV, Art, are the most obscure and difficult of the Atu. Each of these symbols is in itself double, so that the meanings form a divergent series, and the integration of the Card can only be regained by repeated marriages, identifications, and some form of Hermaphroditism."

From post 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance' at DaBlackWhole -

"Last walkabout cogitated the ongoing practice of Global Alchemy in directing the New Woman Order through bloodline manipulation, blood sacrifice, appeal to powerlust and greed and vanity, and agitational propaganda at collective levels.

Retortbound, the White Woman (water, mercury, illumination, Europe, Venus, thesis) coagulates with the Red Man (fire, sulphur, unconsciousness, Africa/Aboriginal America, Saturn/Mars, antithesis) in coniunctio, the ”sacred marriage.” From these come the “third thing,” the “golden product” or synthesis in Hegelian Dialectical terms."

" The shedding of blood is necessary…but Cain spake not with God, nor had the mark of initiation upon his brow, so that he was shunned of all men, until he had shed blood. And this blood was the blood of his brother." The Book of Thoth by The Master Therion [ Aleister Crowley]

Manson engraved his brow with a swastika. I assume he read this passage.
The card has one black and one white child and considering one brother must be killed this could have precipitated Manson's Helter-Skelter Race-war Doowop!! Note the heltery-skeltery snake on an egg between the brothers.

The Cain and Abel story at its simplest appear to be Cain [ the offspring of Eve and Yahweh , ChVH and YHVH, not some chick and a snake] defeating Abel/Hevel which in Hebrew means 'Vanity'. Notice how 'vanity' is worshipped these days and Cain , who was not required to set up altars and provide Yahweh with gifts, becomes the target of Vanity Fare. JFK , publicly, attempted to stand against the murderers.

ChVH + YHVH = ADM , 19 + 26 = 45

JSDownard notes that Jackie was given red roses rather than the traditional yellow roses of Texas.

Whether she shot JFK or not is open to debate though her participation in the symbolic events that were to follow JFK's national-psyche-shocking-mocking operation is less in doubt.

She wore her , now iconic, pink and black suit, 2 colours that would merge into the public's consciousness in the area of Gender Politics.

The Pink Triangle is the inverted version of that used in Nazi Camps to denote homosexuals & other sex-offenders.

The Black Triangle used by political Lesbianary.
'Lesbians have over time claimed the black triangle as a symbol of defiance against repression and discrimination, and it is considered a counterpart to the gay pink triangle. Today, it is as a lesbian symbol that the black triangle is most widely recognized, though some anarchists use a black triangle as their symbol.'

'The black triangle was a badge used in Nazi concentration camps to mark prisoners as "asocial" or "arbeitsscheu" (work-shy). It was later adopted as a lesbian or feminist symbol of pride and solidarity, on the assumption that the Nazis included lesbians in the "asocial" category.'

Note the words ' on the assumption' [ which in politico-speak means 'don't question it']

'In the Nazis' meticulous records, there is no word of the black triangle having been imposed on lesbians, or of lesbians as a group being confined to concentration camps. However, some have reasoned that since the Nazis believed strongly in a traditional social role for women, lesbians and other sexually unconventional women might logically have been considered "asocial" from the Nazis' point of view.'

Note the words 'some have reasoned'!

How dare facts get in the way of the glory of reflected victimization.

Jack Dye Queen Linen.

' Let them see what they've done. '

Jackie wore the dress until 5am the following morning. Bloodstained it was folded away and placed in a box, next to her wedding dress.

'Considerations of taste may explain why the pink suit remains locked in storage in the National Archive[Maryland], not available for public view until the year 2103. The suit was donated anonymously to the Archive shortly after the assassination.'

'Anonymously' ?? How can it be donated anonymously when it was Jackie's suit. Did someone steal it, hoping that Jackie wouldn't notice?

" Now here did I put that suit?'

"Considerations of taste" ??? The public can watch John's head getting blown off, while gulping down a lone gunman theory and we're talking taste.

And until the year 2103!!! Is it radioactive?

That's 140 years , which is longer than many classified documents
140 = 4x35 , JFK was the 35th President while 140 = MLKYM - 'kings'.

The colours are RED and B+W

Just before JFK receives the possibly Jackie-originated headshot the car passes these 2 'gateway' gals. The one in black seems to have a camera and is taking or preparing a shot [ like so many that day].

These colours have resurfaced of late:

Note the white nail polish and bracelet

The Ladybird Spider

From comments -
'she looks like a Vampire Munchkin freshly dipped in sheepblood'

'Thats Miss Vampire Munchkin to you!'

Jackie's bloodied suit was made from wool.
Red and White = Pink

Fresh blood appears black in moonlight.

The Ladybird/bug

LBJ, Queen of Karnack, Tx., with cattle

Time chooses Jackie in pink for the memorial cover.

'...Arthur Schlesinger Jr. said, after meeting her for the first time," In the course of the evening, I realized that underneath a veil of lovely inconsequence, she concealed tremendous awareness, an all-seeing eye, and a ruthless judgement".

High praise , indeed!

PERFORMANCE in the context of this film means to perform a ritual.

'Let me ask you one question
Is your money that good
Will it buy you forgiveness
Do you think that it could
I think you will find
When your death takes its toll
All the money you made
Will never buy back your soul.

And I hope that you die
And your death'll come soon
I will follow your casket
In the pale afternoon
And I'll watch while you're lowered
Down to your deathbed
And I'll stand over your grave
'Til I'm sure that you're dead.'

Bob Dylan

The whole pink feminisation of males cult that burst open in the 60s catches the 16yrs Justin Bieber.

JB was taken to star-training after his Ma put videos of him on YouTube but:
"In fact, Pattie says she never got to read Bieber’s recently-released autobiography — 21 Steps to Forever — until it was published early this month and she had no idea that cuticle care brand O.P.I. had teamed up with the singer to release a line of Justin Bieber nail polish."

'Mommy sold you into slavery 'coz she loves you.'

Justin Biever left home , he lived with his mother, at 13. He went with his manager to learn the ropes. Just hope they don't burn too much.

The tall man's name is USHER. An Usher keeps order in court and in the UK is someone employed to walk before a person of high rank on special occasions.

As well as looking like 2 legs with a penis popping through it also conjures up the old standard.
The pyramid and one-eyed jack

Which amounts to the same thing really.

A few of the reasons why unhappy citizens might take pot-shots at the Mama-Rines Corpse Museum. I wonder if they included Laurel Canyon in the exhibition.

"Baby's on fire
Better throw her in the water
Look at her laughing
Like a heifer to the slaughter

Baby's on fire
And all the laughing boys are bitching
Waiting for photos
Oh the plot is so bewitching "

Brian Eno

Some posts and sites which connect to the practices inferred in this post -

Gold MINeD poo - Too Long In This Place , discusses pink and cancer in the ladies loo.

Loosening the Seals - Da Black Whole , the wheels fall off at the 'Most Powerful Women Summit [ really, a real event!!]

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance - Da Black Whole, Liberty and the Golda Mire

Justin Bieber, Unisex Fragrance, Jewish Prayer & Gang Signs - Aangirfan, speaking up for Justin Bieber while there's still time - many links and thoughts on this aspect of the eVent

'Standing on the verge of getting it on'



Eleleth ר ק D said...

The Tarot has really come into sync consciousness--even more so than usual, it seems. From my research, it's a detailed explication of the stages of alchemy, which is what have attempted to reveal lately.

The reason that Tzaddi is the Emperor is...well, it's kind of a joke. The utter simplicity of the mysteries is why these occultists always resort to impenetrable riddles.

Still, some fantastic work here; it becomes very evident that everything is alchemical in some form or another.

little dynamo said...

"Trigonometry from Trigonon [Gk] - three-cornered"

right-o, Triangle VA plus the WASP hat (great catch on photo) -- East Coast occult society marker, reminds of kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut"

"Trig" is the Down's son of Palin -- a spy in the house of hate

a love bug 'mongst the bedbugs!


i'll follow-up on him later re Pallas Palin's comments today about [bogus] "political earthquakes"

the Marine Museum looks like a speaker . . . reminiscent of the "twin speakers" of the nashville bicentennial mall (osiric resurrection chamber)

jackie o's mother's home was Newport, state of the Island of Cecil Rhodes and home of the "mysterious" Newport Tower -- i'd recently posted a photo of it suggesting Templar construction duriing nova scotian/atlantic coast explorations and precolonizations

jackie married her (doomed) king 9/12/53, ten days after my birth, at ST MARY'S church in Newport RI

from mid-seventies closest companion was Maurice TEMPELSMAN, duh, chairman of the board of Lazare (lizard) Kaplan International, Inc., largest diamond company in US -- his executive VP and son-in-law, Robert Speisman, was killed in flight 77/pentagon crash

"'Stanley [Owlsley, law of Owl ie goddess/moloch] designed some of the first high-fidelity sound systems for rock music, culminating in the massive "Wall of Sound" electrical amplification system used by the Grateful Dead"

Wall of Sound (think ma-sonic) was Phil Spector's baby, who i mentioned in my last post re Easy Rider, a V loaded film, "Captain America's" kingkill -- also mentioned a Captain Spector who headed the israeli flight formation that attacked the uss liberty

"From the Laurel Canyon reports
'Twelve years later, in autumn of 1997, Denver died when his self-piloted plane crashed soon after taking off from Monterey Airport, very near where the Monterey Pop Festival had been held thirty years earlier."

yes, remember, this was also 1967, Summer of Love . . . the operative song here, from the fest, was country joe's fantastic and chilling "Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine" with Fish Melton, which was v much at odds with the fest's groovy love n flowers vibe, but which on hindsight saw clearly underneath the skirts of lady liberty and friends

i wrote about the John Denver hit in "Exilarch in Babylon"---Burt Rutan (Natur Trub) designed Denver's "experimental" plane and this is all connected to Rutan's pals Barron Hilton and Richard Branson, who were also major players in Steve Fossett's "disappearance"

the Manson swastika you mention also connects to the film Inglorious Basterds involving an assassination plot against hitler (note e replacing the a -- as in my post, Valence with e as opposed to Valance with an a --- the post is The Man Who Shot Liberty, Valence... with a comma and an e

more later on "Trigger-Nometry," god willing

really outstanding work here AF, best on the rock


little dynamo said...
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little dynamo said...

lol dunno what hoppened with the repeats... just zap 'em, i guess somebody was emphasizing the point :O)


aferrismoon said...
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aferrismoon said...

Hi Eleleth

Or Alchemy is a detailed explication of Tarot :)

At present its difficult to 'trust' the GD and the OTO as they seem more into self-aggrandizement, selling loads of books and performing rituals here there and everywhere.

Both Tarots have designs in them that make me think they knew the order but manufactured some falsehood - Hoodwinkers <;}

Tsaddi = Tstar. Crowley tries to hook us with Ts beginning the word Tsar - Emperor, but the Hebrew for Emperor = QYSR [ Keeser] which is allied to Caeser/Kaiser while Tsar does away with Kee- but keeps the Sar.


Hi Ray

Thanks for the Triangle story , it keyed in with my rereading of the Laurel C.

Maybe Trig will corner Sarah - in-house hunting.

Found a JACKIE: AN INTIMATE BIO in a bookshop here , a photo of her on the front while the back cover is dutifully pink - nevertheless has some intersting info from a sychophant's point of view. Its published 1975.

Phil Spector , Jewish, was born on Xmas day, while his Dad, a Russian, committed suicide on Hitler's birthday

Caught the Spector in the Liberty V. post.

It has always sounded like an evil superhero name , SPECTOR, his eyes have enormous power etc .

The speaker-design of the Museum brings us up-to-date with sonic weapons

From Wall to War-of-sound which is perhaps the Owsley[ Bohemian Grove] influence seeping through , like a fresh acid on a blotter

No worries 'bout the repeats.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Lots in this post. Very spooky. Obamas wearing red and black, kid in a cage...

- Aangirfan

aferrismoon said...

It is quite a lot. Interested to use the Laurel C. stuff with the iudea of Brit.Intel employed Crowley whose stuff got pushed in the 60s and is now being used to brainwash the children.

One of the results from Crowleyism is the media awash with the black magic is cool as well as the dysfunctional hand signals.

Jay-Z, though denying it, pushes Crowleyism which I think was produced by the 'English' elite as some sort of mass behavioural experiment

That Kid in the Cage is probably one of the few thats been found.

Doubtless Mr. Bieber will be used to attract other youngsters away from an intelligent life to a look-at-me prostitute lifestyle.

Miley Cyrus has gone from sweetness and light to a whore in a cage. Soon everyone will want one.


little dynamo said...

"Maybe Trig will corner Sarah - in-house hunting."

he's part of the future, she's the past, the meek will inherit it aint a request

youre right (unfortunately) to link the 6 y.o. boy imprisoned in the 6 by 6 box (666) by the solar cult with the justin bieber outrage

both were/are prisoners of the same oppressive, pathological source

the templar/tavistock "progressive revolution" thrives on the degradation and destruction of maleness -- as that is the only threat to it

chuckles the kracked klown, of course, was an orphaned child, w/o even a name

no daddy = profitable chaos

the bieber kid needs his FATHER -- or at minimum a real and immediate masculine presence -- not some scumbag, gangworshipping "artist" who has his OWN interests at heart, and isnt even a man himself

that androgynous photo of bieber is nauseating, his "mother" should be ashamed not to mention permanently relieved of command

as for the 6 y.o. ritual victim, there is a tremendous amount of abuse of boys taking place in america, most of it inflicted by their mothers or other female caretakers -- most of this is physical abuse, much of it v severe and occasionally fatal, tho it isn't consciously done for any overt ritual purpose

.... but ends up serving the purposes of those who DO have overt occult agendas, both at national and planetary levels

much obliged again for bringing this out, i will follow-up


aferrismoon said...

The 'girlz in cages' popstars seem to enjoy retelling the boy in the cage story , although cleaned up and odourless. The idea seems that even though one is trapped at leasts its safe and predictable.

Also animals get caged, so best be an animal and fit in to your appointed place.

I lived in a village with a lot of divorced women in the 1970s and many took out their hatred for useless men on their sons and daughters, ranting for hours on end about nothing. Sitting in the kitchen bitchin' on ciggies and coffee was the classic.

"Oh and how we laughed"

I think some women so hate men that they take revenge by feminising their sons, like Biebers mum, PATTIE MALLETTE [ Think Maxwells silver mallet came down upon his head]


little dynamo said...

"I think some women so hate men that they take revenge by feminising their sons, like Biebers mum, PATTIE MALLETTE"

yeah she's a cowpattie of MALevolence alright, and like the "judges" who serve her, she wields the mallet

that hatred was kept partly in check in the past by the presence of fathers/men in the lives of boys, but now the hatred is constantly encouraged, incited, and rewarded by government, medea, business, and in many cases everyday weak men, dependant upon females for their psychological and sexual "strokes"

amerika has become an evil, evil place, truly a gynogulag, and she is importing that to the rest of the planet just as fast as she can

human intervention is powerless against such vast and sinister forces, i despair for the sons of the west, and pray god delivers us from this madness

cheers, ray

Alex Robinson said...

Great post - jam packed! Have scooped up a great syncling re Jackie's clothes - so TA very much!

Had a bit of play just for the hell of it got something weird yet potent - internet anagrammer rearranged 'Jackie Kennedy' & spat out:-
"Die Jack Ken Yen" - the first two speak volumes, the last two sound a hell of a lot like 'Canyon' - as in the place one rests (RIP) one's laurels.

That charioteer on the golden brick road IS so very Ozish - I'm picking Dorothy as the one on the right (sans pink breast cancer awareness ribbon).

cheers :) & thanks for the mention

aferrismoon said...

Or perhaps a Mall-ette , a human becomes shopping centre.

Spreading a culture of cop shows [ vengeance-training], genital-oriented comedy, and the gimme-gimme popstars.

It seems hard to stop the rot. The weak-men certainly act as the Evangelists of mental poverty casting their eyes about for something 'wrong' and then off to tell mummikins.


Haha! Resting on their laurels, pleased as punch at their handiwork.

Diejack Canyon , hell of a place to spend a holiday even with soft laurel cushions

Look 4ward to the jackie synch


aferrismoon said...

So went anagramming with JACQUELINE KENNEDY and we get -

Jack deny Queen line

Jack deny Nile Queen [ the Nile Queen could be Ladybird Johnson] who was born in Karnack Texas and who was denied 1st Lady status by JFK

Jacqueline Lee Kennedy -

Jack Dye Queen Linen


aferrismoon said...

The last one shouldn't have Lee

little dynamo said...

Alex -- ""Die Jack Ken Yen" - the first two speak volumes, the last two sound a hell of a lot like 'Canyon' - as in the place one rests (RIP) one's laurels."

v sharp indeed and i agree anagrams oft tell true

my first take on Ken Yen:

Ken = to know
Yen = japanese currency

so, Die Jack to Know Wealth (Onassis, then Tempelsman)

... Ken Yen also called to mind another "fortunate" widow who i suspect was much involved nefariously -- Yoko Ono ... so Lennon's hit, Ono's resulting vast wealth/influence, and her obsession with east coast realty and ancient egyptian "artifacts"

AF -- "Or perhaps a Mall-ette , a human becomes shopping centre"

bingo, cheerio


little dynamo said...

"Jack deny Queen line

"Jack deny Nile Queen [ the Nile Queen could be Ladybird Johnson] who was born in Karnack Texas and who was denied 1st Lady status by JFK"

Lady Bird absolutely and i think michelle robinson/obama also fits Queen Line and Nile Queen, resurrective babalon via the gens --the false grail the cathari/templars promote

as i've written before, i'm certain that both JFK and RFK would have "denied" the socio-political-legislative authorization of the gynogulag, and that more than any other single factor doomed them before the cryptocracy

MLK, likewise, would not have been moved off his insistence on evaluation based on individual character, not skin color or gender

earlier today, in commentary on another blog, i reminded folks that only AFTER JFK's death did LBJ ascend to push and pass the "Great Society" legislation, whose centerpiece was the Civil Rights Act of 1964

that legislation was sold to america as means to re-integrate fatherhood back into blighted black inner cities, but instead it established permanent "protected classes" of US citizens -- the largest of which was females (irregardless of the wealth and status of those females)

the result was the division (and conquering) of america into constantly warring special interest groups, instead of a cohesive and cooperating nation

cheers, ray

aferrismoon said...

Yoko Ono - crap art riding on the back of a more talented individual.

I'm kooky I'm free
be like be like Meeeeee!

Yen [jap] comes from'en'- 'round'

Die Jack Know Round/circuit

To Yen = to yearn, which might apply to the people of USA

Die Jack and the people will know what it is to yearn

Origin - late C19th , in the sense of a drug addict craving for a drug, from Chinese 'yan' which whizzes to an early period of the forced drugging of the Chinese which has it s corollory in the 60s drug ingestion wazoo


little dynamo said...

"Origin - late C19th , in the sense of a drug addict craving for a drug, from Chinese 'yan' which whizzes to an early period of the forced drugging of the Chinese which has it s corollory in the 60s drug ingestion wazoo"

absolutely, the exact same forces using the exact same tactics to create millions and millions of (very profitable and controllable) "paradice slaves"

twas the british east india company -- that collection of neotemplar/libertas spooks that "crop up" over and over again in malevolent world events -- that forced 19th century china to allow unrestricted imports of crown-controlled opium into china, so as to backhandedly enslave the (make that yet another) nation

seems dynastic china didnt WANT its population enslaved by british-american plutocratic interests, and the Opium Wars ensued to ensure their minds were altered

and what a coincidence, upshot was the permanent end of dynastic china -- just like the end of monarchic russia, france, etc -- no pesky nobles getting in the way of "free trade" and the rising NWO

oh no indeed! now we have our wonderful and "free" republics and demonocracies

they pay the same folks to be addicted, same folks profit building prisons, same folks profit putting said prisoners to work for peanuts, making government office supplies and furnishings so the wheel can keep going round n round

our likewise permanent amerikan east coast spook-nobility grew directly out of the BEIC, and so did their slaving occult societies tricornered hats n all

and who still controls the global drug trade? and who funds global black operations by the misery profits thereof? right on down to the sixties and its "spontaneous" cultural revolution, whose artistic leaders had fathers well-prepared by military intelligences

all of a piece

out of the many, one

but cheers no fears,


Alex Robinson said...

Playing again...

"The boy's name Bouvier is of Latin and French origin, and the meaning of Bouvier is "ox'."

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Ray

Ahh? the Three Cornered hat with the eye under the triangle, esp. if you're a classic patch-wearing pirate.

And they're back there feeding the Russians the Afghan heroin , and doubtless anyone else living in dire, bank-made poverty.

Alex, great pics.

In Czech they don't say MOO for cows but BOO, perhaps she whispered it into his ear when [if] she pulled the Trig-er.

Kennedy means 'ugly head'

so Cowgirl and Ugly head

Alex Robinson said...

speaking of red & black ladybirds

... scroll on down till a dolly bird leaps out at you (remember to duck :)

aferrismoon said...

Horroriffical, and that's officiral

Whay a catfight twixt Jackie and Barb-ie

Barbie and Ken-nedy