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33: Conspiracy in Theory and Praxis

In this post I will try to look as objectively as possible about numbers and their role in 'magic', that in fact processes of a different thought pattern have been inculcated into word-numbering. In some way i hope to denude the vulgar practice of creating secret, exclusive symbols and knowledges, as well as splashing them liberally throughout our shared media, along with the spasticated distorting our various appendages into special shapes that infer that the symbol-former is 'in on something - duhn-dah-daaah.

We're in control not subject to some clapped-out illite who have finally, mesmerized by their temporal station, fallen into a pit of their collective perversions and insect guano!

I ahve used R.Buckminster-Fuller, who attempted to put the religion back into science and Carlo Suares who attempted to put the science back into religion.

FM Broadcasting was introduced in 1933.

" Thinking is FM - frequency modulation - for its results in tuning-out of irrelevancies as a result of definitive resolution of the exclusively tuned-in or accepted feed-back messages' pattern differentiability."

Arsenic, the first element isolated by humans in recorded history in Italy, 1290, is the 33rd chemical element

33rd President H.TRUMAN - Trinity , Hiroshima and Nagasaki

'A rough factory worker of a distant rural town of Russia becomes a national celebrity, when it's discovered that his mouth bears 33 teeth. He is brought to Moscow, where he discovers a new world for him.'

33 vertebrae in human spine

33 Miners in Chile trapped underground. Being underground or in the dark for a certain amount of time is a typical part of an initiation ritual.

Jesus entered a tomb and emerged 3 days later at age 33.

They emerged , white, grub-like after 69 days.
69 = 3 x 23 , and 23 = ChYH meaning 'living' or 'beast'.

It's interesting to note that the Hebrew word for 'beasts' as found in Genesis is ChYTh which = 418, to which Crowley ascribed ABRAHADABRA - his 'word of the new aeon' , the Age of Horus. there seems to be a little game going on , is 666 'the beast' , which Crowley called himself, or is it 418 for 'beasts', as in all the 'beasts of the earth'. As it happens 666 corresponds to no words inferring 'beast' nor 'Satan' though it does correspond to the 4 Hebrew words meaning ' darkness', 'light', 'day' and 'night'. Numbers with 'evil' reputations are generally places some prefer that others don't investigate.

666 - 418 = ABRHM, the 1st of the triplicity of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; the initializing energy, its container and its motion.

Months earlier an earthquake badly damaged the Chilean city of CONCEPCION

"1230.20 SSRCD Numbers: If we multiply the first four primes, we get 30. If we multiply 30 times 7, 11, and 13, we have 30 × 1,001 or 30,030, and we have used the first seven primes.
1230.21 We can be intuitive about the eighth prime since the octave seems to be so important. The eighth prime is 17, and if we multiply 30,030 by 17, we arrive at a fantastically simple number: 510,510. This is what I call an SSRCD Number, which stands for Scheherazade Sublimely Rememberable Comprehensive Dividend. As an example we can readily remember the first eight primes factorial__510,510! (Factorial means successively multiplied by themselves, ergo 1 × 2 × 3 × 5 × 7 × 11 × 13 × 17= 510,510.)
1230.30 Origin of Scheherazade Myth: I think the Arabian priest-mathematicians and their Indian Ocean navigator ancestors knew that the binomial effect of 1,001 upon the first four prime numbers 1, 2, 3, and 5 did indeed provide comprehensive dividend accommodation of all the permutative possibilities of all the ''story-telling-taling-tallying," or computational systems of the octave system of integers.
1230.31 The function of the grand vizier to the ruler was that of mathematical wizard, the wiz of wiz-dom; and the wiz-ard kept secret to himself the mathematical navigational ability to go to faraway strange places where he alone knew there existed physical resources different from any of those occurring ''at home," then voyaging to places that only the navigator-priest knew how to reach, he was able to bring back guaranteed strange objects that were exhibited by the ruler to his people as miracles obviously producible only by the ruler who secretly and carefully guarded his vizier's miraculous power of wiz-dom.
1230.32 To guarantee their own security and advantage, the Mesopotamian mathematicians, who were the overland-and-overseas navigator-priests, deliberately hid their knowledge, their mathematical tools and operational principles such as the mathematical significance of 7 × 11 × 13 = 1,001 from both their rulers and the people. They used psychology as well as outright lies, combining the bad-luck myth of the three prime integers with the mysterious inclusiveness of the Thousand and One Nights. The priests warned that bad luck would befall anyone caught using 7s, 11s, or 13s.
1230.33 Some calculation could only be done by the abacus or by positioning numbers. With almost no one other than the high priests able to do any calculation, there was not much chance that anyone would discover that the product of 7, 11, and 13 is 001, but "just in case," they developed the diverting myth of Scheherazade and her postponement of execution by her Thousand and One Nights."

SYNERGETICS, R.Buckminster-Fuller

{ Fuller includes 1 as a prime. If we don't then 19 is the 8th prime and the factorial = 9699690 - equally memorable. I 'prefer' 19 as the 8th as it = ChVH, Eve, and one imagines the full octave as commensurate with the 'Mother of All' , as having reached the maturity to be a mother and give birth to a new octave}

The following numerical-word games may explain the
development of the scientific-philisophy of the post-renaissance Freemasons and their multi-faith appeal. Freemasonry seems to amalgamate Ancient Egyptian religion, Judaism, Xtianity and Islam with Western alchemical traditions. The number-word games dissolve the barriers historically in place among them while for others the divisions prove useful for rule.
The Royal Society may be the open aspect of such an organisation, as has been hinted at by such historians as Frances Yates.
Yates also makes mention of Anglo-Jewry and its relationship with Puritanism:


Warts an' all


"It was in 1655 that Manasseh came to England, invited by Cromwell to explore the possibility of a settlement of the Jews in England.
At the Restoration it was expected that the reception of the Jews would be abandoned, like other Puritan interests and policies, but this did not happen….Thus Anglo-Jewry in its modern form began in the reign of Charles II , like the Royal Society.
The probable interactions between the English Puritan movement, culminating in the Civil War and the Protectorate, and the contemporary Amsterdam Jewish community , with its intense religious and cultural life, and its earnest Lurianic Cabalism in expectation of the Messiah, is a phase of religious history that has not been examined. Both Jews and Puritans lived in excited expectation of a coming divine event. The Puritans expected the Second Coming and the Christian millennium. It has recently been argued that Puritan cultivation of science had as a motive the bringing-in millennium working to make the world worthy of it, which would hasten its advent. Jewish Lurianic Cabalists worked with intensive meditation and prayer towards making possible the advent of the Messiah. The two movements may have interacted upon one another in more ways than we know.

And the Messiah came……Sabbatai Sevi…in 1665 he revealed himself as the Messiah….a mass movement of enthusiasm was set in motion…..For the movement took a disastrous turn….when in 1666 Sabbatai Sevi apostised to Islam…. Neither the Millennium nor the Messiah had come, but the great tide of spiritual effort left something on the shores of time when it receded. In 1660 the Royal Society was founded, tangible evidence of the arrival of science."

2 messiahs, 1 initiates a force that will become Xtianity , while the other converts to Islam. If a 3rd emerges he'll be just in time for the newly legalized religion , Druidry.

The Puritans had gained a foothold in the 'New World' where they could set up an ideal Christian Qabalist state. Zionism would be acceptable to both Puritans and Jews.
The relationship between modern US Christians and the Zionist Jewish community appears close while also ostracizing Islam.

The Amsterdam Jews supported William of Orange , and Puritan antipathy towards Roman Catholicism, led to James II being deposed in 1688 in the 'Glorious Revolution' , which could also be called 'The Orange Revolution'.


Oddly William was the grandson of Charles I who was executed by the Puritans.
Charles' sister Elizabeth [ briefly Queen of Bohemia] was Protestant and married a Calvinist. After they fled Prague in 1621, after the Battle of Bila Hora they held court in the Netherlands. It was the lack of help that her father James I gave her that simmered in the Puritans leading eventually to the English Civil War and the end of Spanish Catholic influence in England.

Had Elizabeth remained as Queen of Bohemia she may have succeeded James and become Queen of Britain aswell.


The words in capital letters stand for Hebrew characters.

GL - wave, billow , shaft
G = 3 = Wheel/Motion = Jupiter
L = 30 = Justice/Controlled organic movement = Libra

Hebrew characters are known by a full 'name'. In many languages the letter 'A' , for example, is just itself. The Hebrew [ like the Greek] have a word for every character so 'A' = ALPh [ Alef] in Hebrew and Alfa in Greek - both have a numerical value, in this case 1.

G = GML [ 3+40+30] = 73
L = LMD [ 30+40+4] = 74

33 , the highest degree in Scottish Rite Freemasonry enumerates to Hebrew word GL which , when the characters are spelt in full, reveal that L is 1 more than the G.

74 - 73 = 1 , a symbol of the One

73 + 74 = 147 , the highest break in Snooker, a game of angular precision , ball strength control and the ability to master those to score high breaks. A game invented and played by the Brotherhood.
It was invented in India as a version of black pool with added colored balls by Sir Neville Francis Fitzgerald Chamberlain who became Inspector-General of the Royal Irish Constabulary. He resigned in the aftermath of The Easter Uprising of 1916.

147 = YHVH ADNY AHYH AGLA , 4 names of God that are used in the 'Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram'

73 x 74 = 5402

The 1st Verse of Genesis in Hebrew = 2701, which doubled = 5402.

2701 = 37 x 73 [ Mirror Primes]

GML = 73 , while 37 x 3 = 111 = ALPh, the 1st character. Its total of 111 plays the game of a 'trinity of ones' within the name ALPh, the 1st character.

GML = the 3rd character , that is 3 x 1, an outward expansion of 1 into a Trinity, complementing the three 1s 'inside' ALPh.

" The first subdivision of nonsimultaneous universe is effected by a local system that divides the universe into three finite parts: the portion of the universe outside, the portion of the universe inside, and the system."
'No more 2ndHand God' - R.Buckminster Fuller

The first division: 'son' - inside, 'father' outside, 'holy ghost' the system.

Birth-Existence-Death = Life

Birth and death, projections of archetypal life, puncture the continuity of existence to create the conditions for existential life to manifest.

A few more numero-philosophical wordgames to sew into the old apron.
In the renaissance some Jews converted to Xtianity and vice-versa based on Qabalistic interpretations of words and names - YHShVH-326 [ Iesus] doubtless a key word-number.
The word Messiah MShYCh = 358 which is a difference of 32 , the number of the 10 Sephiroth and 22 paths of the Tree of Life , while 33 = ShTN-359, possibly the final 'adversary' before God. Jesus , in the New Testament, gets tested by Satan.
As Jesus passes the adversary ShTN-359 he ascends to 360.

326 - Yahoshuah/Jesus
+32 - Sephiroth and Paths of Tree of Life
= 358 - Messiah
359 - Satan
360 - Unity [ 5x72 ]

"In other words Satan is a continuity in existence which resists its own necessary destruction. Psychologically , it is a confinement in structures that hinders the flow of life-death in the mind."
'Cipher of Genesis' - Carlo Suares

"Where unity [1] = 360˚ , 180˚ = one-half unity [1/2], and that 720˚ = two times unity [2], therefore we may identify a triangle as one-half unity, and a tetrahedron as two unities [1/2] , [2]"
"No More 2nd Hand God" - R.Buckminster-Fuller.

360 = ShYN , the 21st character , which often denotes the Holy Spirit

If the triangle = ShYN , the eye = OYN so we can, by taking the initial of each, have the word OSh - 370, so more 37s.
In a Hebrew dictionary OSh = 'moth' , while Crowley gives the definition ' creation'. So who knows an allusion perhaps of nearing the light plus the warning that it might be a cosmo-spiritual UV insect killer - Oh! the death of deaths etc., etc.

Or the admonition to keep silent ?

Perhaps an origin for SON OF SAM.

"The early Freemasons were frequently known as Sam's Sons (i.e. Solomon's Sons), and Samson, who held up the two pillars of the temple, was used as their allegorical archetype. This reference especially occurs in Love's Labour's Lost, when speaking of great men who have been in love. 14 The initiate Hercules is given as an example, but 'more authority' is requested 'men of good repute and carriage'. Moth gives the approved answer: 'Samson, Master! He was a man of good carriage, great carriage, for he carried the town-gates on his back like a porter; and he was in love'. Armado, the Master who is catechising his pupil, makes a reply in which he points out his office as being higher than Samson's, who was the Porter or Tyler: 'O well-knit Samson! strong-jointed Samson! I do excell thee in my rapier as much as thou didst me in carrying gates. I am in love too'. Armado then continues the questions, going deeper into the Mystery of Freemasonry: 'Who was Samson's love, my dear Moth?' and Moth succinctly responds with the allegorical truth.

The Porter (or Tyler) is, of course, responsible for opening the door of the Lodge when the correct sign is given. A powerful tragi-comedy scene featuring the Porter in Macbeth parodies one instance, the required knocks occurring at the critical moment associated with the death of the King, or Master.15 Elsewhere another duty of the Porter is given, as performed in the early Lodges: that is, to mark out the floor of the Lodge with chalk. Chalk is a symbol of Freedom, and the Porter used to draw the symbolic teaching of the Degree on the black floor before the Candidate entered. Good old Gonzalo, in The Tempest, refers to this and to the Masonic Pillars: 'For it is you that hath chalk'd forth the way which brought us hither.... O, rejoice beyond a common joy! and set it down with gold on lasting Pillars'."


Queen of the Sea initiating an apprentice at 0 degrees latitude.


" Arm. O well-knit Samson! strong-jointed Samson! I do excel thee in my rapier as much as thou didst me in carrying gates. I am in love too. Who was Samson’s love, my dear Moth?
Moth. A woman, master.
Arm. Of what complexion?
Moth. Of all the four, or the three, or the two, or one of the four. 48
Arm. Tell me precisely of what complexion.
Moth. Of the sea-water green, sir.
Arm. Is that one of the four complexions?
Moth. As I have read, sir; and the best of them too. 52
Arm. Green indeed is the colour of lovers; but to have a love of that colour, methinks Samson had small reason for it. He surely affected her for her wit.
Moth. It was so, sir, for she had a green wit.

'The original artwork for the movie poster shows a Tobacco horn moth with the picture of a skull on it. On closer inspection, the skull is actually three naked women (seven in some versions). There you go, you know something few people do. This was inspired by a Dali artwork - see elsewhere on this page." source PLANET PERPLEX

Jesus , the son-BN-52, after living as one-half unity, bearing the message of trinity/triangle ascends to become 1 with father-AB-3.


AB and BN may be 'joined' to form ABN-53, 'a stone , rock', the name 'Petros' or 'Peter'. This is the rock on which Jesus' 'church' shall be built.

The Sepher Yetsira repeats that the Hebrew letters are 'carved' or 'hewn' implying the rock/church on which JCs carved his meassage.

Acc. to Carlo Suares:

" Ab-ben combine Ab: father, and Ben: son. It expresses an origin and an end. [ It has finally come to serve as a name for the philosopher's stone , the supreme object of alchemy, supposed to change base metal into gold]"

53 = GN , garden [ as in GN ODN , Garden of Eden] though in modern Hebrew it also mean 'gene', which ties in with the biblical garden as the birthplace of humanity , [ which may well be the many islands of Polynesia, island-edens].

'Gene Eden' - sounds like a pop-star.

47 and 53 , both prime, balance either side of 50.

"1238.51- Scheherazade Numbers: 47: The first prime number beyond the trigonometric limit is 47. The number 47 may be a flying increment to fill allspace, to fill out the eight triangular facets of the non-allspace-filling vector equilibrium to form the allspace-filling first nuclear cube. If 47 as a factor produces a Scheherazade Number with mirrors, it may account not only for all the specks of dust in the Universe but for all the changes of cosmic restlessness, accounting the convergent-divergent next event, which unbalances the even and rational whole numbers. If 47 as a factor does not produce a Scheherazade Number with mirrors, it may explain that there can be no recurring limit symmetries. It may be that 47 is the cosmic random element, the agent of infinite change."

SYNERGETICS - R.Buckminster-Fuller

47 to the 9th power = 1119130473102767

" Inheritors [ Quiche Indians] of the Maya calendar system, they live simultaneously by two calendars, one secular and one religious. Their ordinary calendar - as we know - is the same Julian calendar that ancient Egyptians used , of 360 days with 5 days 'spare'. Their sacred calendar has 260 days made up of various periods. The 2 calendars interlock so they return to 'square one' every 52 years, when the sacred calendar has repeated itself 73 times."
'From Atlantis to the Sphinx' - Colin Wilson, p.242


GML and LMD use 4 characters G, M, L and D.

Rearrange them and out pops MGDL - 'tower'; 'grower, raiser'. Its also the root of the name Magdalene who according to secret-society lore may have sailed off to live in France , post-Crucifixion, doubtless carrying a few relics , unwashed shrouds and other memorabilia of the Son of Man.

GL = 33 and 33 signifies Jesus' 'death' year while in the full spelling of the word GL we find the Magdalene.

MGDL = 77

Arranging the words in a different way gives the numerically satisfying - GL and DM , 33 and 44.

GL - 'wave, billow, shaft'
DM - 'blood'

'Blood' we find in the name ADM, which Carlo Suares describes as 'aleph in the blood'. GL is a movement so offers the idea of the Alef in the blood in motion, both archetypically - G , and organically - L.

Without the 'A' , we is jus' DuMb, [ of course 'it' doesn't have to be 'A' , its just a way of describing our relationship as humans with the energy of total universe [ or 'God'], which is finite though we may only define it].
Not that that's any reason to form a cult around it.

A further twist , or for some more muddlefication , advance.

The 4 characters in full:
MYM - 90 - 'water'
GML - 73 - 'camel'
DLTh - 434 - 'gate'
LMD - 74 - 'ox-goad'
Total = 671= ARTz MYTzRYM , the Hebrew words meaning ' Land of Egypt' , which Freemasonry holds in great stead as a birthplace , or a stronghold, a developing ground of the Navigator-Architect-Priests

671 = 61 x 11
61 = ANY , which translates as 'I'. This Ani, in Egypt, is the deceased who gets their heart weighed by the gods to see if they prove worthy for heaven.

The 1st verse of Genesis [ in Hebrew] uses 28 characters, though only 11 of the Hebrew Alefbeyt. As it has 22 characters a simple code may be created by putting the 2 sets into alefbetical order and then putting the 2 sets next to each other to convert one to the other.

A = G
B = D
H = Z
V = Ch
Y = T
L = K
M = N
Tz = S
R = O
Sh = Ph
Th = Q

It seems the simplest and least 'hidden' of Bible codes though I have yet to see it anywhere else.

Nevertheless it opens some doors.

GML converts to ANK.

'G' is prominent in Freemasonic symbology. We might say it stands for GL - 33 and thus the highest attainable degree, which also links to Jesus.

GML means a 'camel' and this neatly ties in with the idea that a camel may pass through the EYE of a needle far easier than a wholly materialistic man.

'Yo wossup G?'
' Passin' troo da needleye stage '

Think of the needle , point at the base of the pyramid and its all-sewing eye as the capstone of the pyramid.

The needle stands perpendicular to the base.

GML - 73 - the 'camel' converts to -

ANK - 71- 'lead, plumbline, perpendicular' - useful in Masonry. Also a link to Saturn via the lead.

73+71 = 144 = QDM - the East, the rising sun

AMOS 7, 7:
"Then he showed me : and, behold, the Lord stood beside a wall made by a plumbline, with a plumbline in his hand."

Could the wall be a face of a pyramid? The 'Lord' portrayed as a Mason in 7:7.
The next verse synchronizes by using 77 characters to spell it out.
In English -
"And the Lord said unto me, Amos, what seest thou? And I said a plumbline. Then said the Lord, Behold, I will set a plumbline in the midst of my people Israel, I will not again pass by them any more:"

If they follow the Masonry , harking back to the Egyptian Priesthood the Lord will set a plumbline in their midst and them pass them by.

Looking at the Knesset not many listened.

Shekinah - ShKYNH = 385 - 5 x 77

These 2 verses both have the 'plumbline' , a necessary tool for Masons.

71 also gives the following:
IVNH - Jonah; a dove [ the ancient symbol of Israel]

71 may also indicate Satan , the stage before God. Satan is not a being but a psychological state, best exemplified by people who worship Satan, or anything for that matter. It is unfortunately true that many charge and maintain avatars with names like God, Satan , Jesus, Cain, Buddha, which then degrade into the 'star' worship of appointed individuals.

"In section 113 we learn that the contradiction between these seventy primordial images or figures, 'qomoth', and the seventy-two forms of sections 76 and 77 is resolved by interpreting the two surplus forms or archons as Israel and the "Prince Satan," these two probably completing the seventy archons of the nations to make up the number 72"
'Origins of the Kabbalah' - Gershom Scholem

Israel, Jacob, Satan -
IShRAL = 541; YOQB = 182 ; ShTN = 359
541 - 182 = 359

72 + 1 Capstone = 73 = GML, a camel which = the eye of the needle

72 names of God are given so I assume the unknown name to be the 73rd

The All-Sewing Needle-Eye [ ' need a lie ? ' ] is both All-Seeing and All-Knowing, which trumps the All-Seeing Eye by a capstone.

This pyramid has 3 faces and 1 whole capstone therefore 72 x 3 + 1 = 217

3 levels = ' 3 Steps to Heaven '
217 = DBVRH - Bee; Deborah
Deborah , one of the Israelite Judges , had a commander called BRQ [ baraq - lightning, polish, shine].

Tower 2 , Tower 1 , Building 7

217 = 6x6x6+1

It has 12 steps which coincide with the number of Zodiacal signs, the 1st step [ via Hebrew] is TLH - 44 - 'Lamb' and finishing with DGYM - 57 - 'Fishes', both signs Jesus displayed in his ministry.

44+57 = 101 , which visually looks like an opening between two pillars

The 3 faces and base = 1 positive tetrahedron -
4 faces/openings
4 points/events
6 lines/interconnecting vectors

The 4th opening emerges from the connecting of 3 triangles
A Tetrahedron's angles = 720 degrees

Tetrahedron = 2 unities.
Jesus reached unity at 360 which doubles to make 720. Jesus becomes 2 unities - nonsimultaneous finite universe and universe divided into inside, outside and system - trinity.

'God' still retains mystery but it ceases to be a fantastical object of tribal worship. God then provides humans with problem-solving situations which humans try to 'work' out using Applied God.

Numbers do things that we weren't taught at school.

No number is inherently lucky or unlucky. All numbers may be applied to scientific exploration [ such as astrophysics, marine exploration and music]. Scientific exploration [ physical and metaphysical] reveals order and harmony where once there was ignorance , which was either blissful or fearful.
There is 'fear' around 33 as it is linked with things we know little about so I have tried to attach non-fear-mandated explorations using proved science and unproved esoteric connexions.
666 has attached to it many malefic connexions leading people to 'avoid' this number in their daily contact.
Others have gleefully 'charged' this number talismanical with doom.
Religion = metaphysical scientific exploration. It need not be organized and all religious scriptures are open to all people. No one is a 'member' of any religion that doesn't include all humanity. Everyone is a member of all humanity.Therefore sub-set religions are secondary to the total religion of all inclusive humanity. The study rather than the programmed belief of religions divided against each other will reduce conflict and the fear of not being in God's true religion.
Religion's buildings , often built on geodesic leylines, may be turned to explore, understand and harness the benefits for omni-humanity, which is what the religions all claim to be doing.
Perhaps people practice Judaism , Xtianity, Islam etc., but can 'be' human.
The Environmental movement only recognizes the physical environment, ignoring the metaphysical, mind environment. Their calling humans 'bad' and shocking them injures the mind.
Their Carbon Trading concept follows the wealth-depleting stocks and shares making money from money markets which is the No.1 environmental disaster.

Only-physical-phenomena-studying Science will be able to emerge from its materialism and include 'mind' in its calculations, for science , though presented daily with the minds of all the people on the planet duly ignores it , concerned as they are with the Universe out there and the Universe back then , madly searching for the beginning of everything and the end of all in languages so specialized most of humanity is unable to share in their work or check it.
Science's ignorance of mind has led us to the age of cloning. Clones will not have minds, they will only have bodies and a functioning brain. Humans are not just their bodies, not just fancy computers though its handy for the power structures to keep humans acting robotically.


Humans freed from doing the jobs today that automation and robotics can manage will still receive their wage as automation works for 24 hours a day, requires no holidays , just maintenance. Humans will get 8 hrs pay for 24hrs work. Maintenance costs will reduce as non-profit mentality will replace built-in obsolescence.
Humans working at their favorite subject, world-around computer enabled, will employ their minds to greater effect than they previously employed their body , in a sweat-shop or shelf-stacking or a bank.

If Mr. Jobs reduced the price of his products to 1/3rd or a 1/4 of the price people would buy Apple products along with their other computer from a different company . Don't compete, augment individuals technological options.
The only true 'competition' is to put oneself 'out of business', rather than having to resort to market manipulation to keep alive a product line.

Shufflin' off the shellgame.

In some languages the writing goes from right to left!

For Oprah's fearsome facial foreskin treatment , treat yourself to Da Black Whole's:


Alex Robinson said...

1001 knights? - we're told Prinz Willie made it in as 1000th Garter bearer, perchance their count was off by one.

Cromwell was a red head, but missed out on the sun dance of 1688.

For emergency services in NZ dial Aleph, Aleph, Aleph - got some info on that to write about some time.

Can't help wondering if games with balls & holes - pool = loop, tho thinking more of golf, lean Pisa-like towards the Celtic Rebel's line of work - where else can you get a hole in one. Also;
The grass surface on the perimeter of the green that separates it from the surrounding fairway or rough".

Need time to mull...
ps have not gotten to synch with you mentioned in last article comment - that's in production.


aferrismoon said...

So who'll be the 1000 and 1st?

Cromwell helped set it up, a red/orange gead sets up the Prince from Oranje

Orange and Masonic Ulster are inseparable.

Nice one on Apron.

Originally both Orange and Apron were spelt Norange [ though in Spanish] and Napron.

Perhaps that's the 19th hole - the uhhh club-house

There's a lot in it , so feel free to skim for relevant to you stuff.

The Loves labour's LOst bit proves quite interesting

'She had a Green wit' , perhaps also a golfer


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aferrismoon said...

Cheers , am Twitterless. I caught the list a few days ago, Nice one

Anonymous said...

Wow! Fascinating.

"Birth and death, projections of archetypal life, puncture the continuity of existence to create the conditions for existential life to manifest."

I need to think about that.

- Aangirfan

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Aang - ta for reading as it is lengthy. Also I don't know if I understand it all , though I do think that trying to demystify what's unnecessarily mystifying might silence some of that 'noizzze'.

The Maritime-Masonic concept seems to tie in with the use of numbers for sailing by the stars and for building.

Suraci's blog seems to be 'off' at present.


Alex Robinson said...

I returned to Love's Labours Lost as recommended & on second reading began to wonder if you practice remote viewing in your spare time - for 'twere a wondrous thing to find a pair of syncs on a subject that has not yet left my mind.

The 33rd chemical element fits frightfully well with the celtic rebel's work.

In NZ 'OSH' = Occupational Health & Safety - a dictatorial organisation that aims at keeping everyone at work super safe while 'shut up' at work - jokers are they're deadly foes - seems being a joker/having fun is VERY dangerous.

"G = 3 = Wheel/Motion = Jupiter" - you show Wheel of fortune - A spot of word play suggests Achilles, who had a (w)HEEL of (mis)fortune


aferrismoon said...

Look forward to further synchs.

Great one with OSH!


In hebrew the 'heel' = Yaaqov or Jacob.