Sunday, March 28, 2010

START! [Up Da Tum]

Prague Castle complex and St.Vitus Cathedral

It`s not important for you to know my name -
Nor I to know yours
If we communicate for two minutes only
It will be enough
For knowing that someone in this world
Feels as desperate as me -
And what you give is what you get.
It doesn`t matter if we never meet again,
What we have said will always remain.
If we get through for two minutes only,
It will be a start!
For knowing that someone in this life,
Loves with a passion called hate
And what you give is what you get.
If I never ever see you -
If I never ever see you -
If I never ever see you - again.
And what you give is what you get

Obama last came to Prague on April 4th 2009 , the same date as the assassination of Martin Luther King. The 44th President arrived on 4/4.

On April 8th he will meet President Medvedev of Russia to discuss START , a process for decreasing nuclear weapons. The Great Godmen of East and West in the Heart of Europe
4/8/2010 - 4 8 20 10 = 1 2 2 1 as LCD

START is a famous cigarette brand in Czech Republic now owned by Philip Morris.

Stop-Start-Stop-Start - The History of non-proliferation

What's that u smoking?

Depleted Uranium, lights!

This post is my 356th

356 = 11+77+93+175


In the comments Ray informs that there was a 4.3 Earthquake along the JORNADA DEL MUERTO in New Mexico, proximous to the Alamogordo Trinity Test site. Yesterday I posted the above pic. of the Trinity bomb.
JSDownard wrote about the Jornada and the alchemical foundations for the Atomica, this from CALL TO CHAOS:

"Rabbi mystics also perform a ritual called TIKKUN to restore the busted sefiroth bottle and get the 'powers of evil' back inside. In an October 1987 television news broadcast, reporting on Soviet-American arms talks, the principle topics were missiles and nuclear warheads. In his summary the commentator remarked, " They are trying to return the nuclear jinni to its bottle."
Alas - it can't be done. It's too late! Too late! The damn bottle has been cracked up for keeps"
{ note the use of 'jinni' which comes from Islamic mythology, thus relating to those who worry that Moslems should have the bomb}

Karlsbad for business but good for Vary-iety!

A tight little triangle - Alamogordo-Roswell-Carlsbad [ARC]

Medvedev , a Russian , and Obama, an American will discuss Nuclear Talks in Czech Republic. The city of Karlovy Vary, a famous spa-town, and also nicknamed 'Little Moscow' for its plethora of Russian residents had
the original name of KARLSBAD which gave its name to the Carlsbad in the Jornado near yesterdays epicentre, as well as a Carlsbad in California.


Concerning this years earthquakes there have been speculation about man-made earthquakes, highly speculative, but with the earthquake at 'home base' aka The Jornada, Bombville, New Meheeko, well,[and its a deep well], y'never know!

2 bombs in Moscow kill 39 underground in the Metro. A man-made tremor this time committed by the recently pre-programmed in the media - 'female suicide bombers'.
Obama meanwhile made a secret visit to Afghanistan to pep the troops who protect the opium population from environmental damage in the war against Russia , oops sorry, Afghanistan

'U Grind your teeth Mr. President!'
'Only when I'm smiling!'
'You'll need good health care if u want to look after your teeth.'


Alex Robinson said...

Congratualtions on a years worth of past posts. My sister was a fan of The Jam so was able to put mental music to the lyrics - now they won't stop :)

Your LCD numbers = your post time turned inside out (with 2 doubled)

Was peering into the Irish 'Lights' last night, funnily enough they connect to a Trinity of their own, tho' not in the atomic sense;


little dynamo said...

love the Barry shot, you can dress up a pig but he still oinks


yr photo accompanied by a 4.3 yesterday in the southern jornada

cheers, ray

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Alex, in fact its 356 in all.

The 414 also relates to AYN SVPh AUR - the limitless light, sort of just before the Tree of Life in mystic circles

Ta for the Lighthouses, living on Anglesey had them beaming in through the window at night, quite calming, esp. with the distant foghorn

Cheers Ray, as u may notice the info perfectly fit, esp. with Carlsbad-karlovy Vary connexion, which made me double-take

Any ideas on the sinking lion?

Ta Both

Anonymous said...

It looks like the USA versus Russia.

- Aangirfan.

aferrismoon said...

There was a report about the Russians accusing the US of basically supplying heroin to Russia , a sort of [b]low intensity conflict + the ever vengeful Berezovsky

Also I know a couple of Russians who have no problems with Georgians, they feels its a 'constructed conflict'


little dynamo said...

right you are, alkhemical operation (just after anubis sails into n.y. a la londinium -- annunciato for king tut exhibit)

carlsbad quake was near 33 lat, connects w obie's prior visit on m.l.k's killdate, ie j.f.k. also a "king" slain at 33rd degree within dea-ley/trinity locus, twinning the quake's southern tri

as you infer w the downard excerpt, the u.s./russ meet involves kingkill sorcery

passover just started, a rite marking death (and its abeyance) so the tikkun thread fits -- pharaoh unhappily was involved in the original passover also, and that dood was just as mindshredded as obie)

the "femake suicide bombers" = trinity site = planetary suicide (the 3 "goddesses" surrounding mason LBJ over love field inaugurating the disastrous crypto-gynogulag beest)

the relevant khemical process is summarized here, note The Problem :O)

....thus the City of Alchemy siting

obie and joe biden (u.s. vice pres) are V damaged goods, and damaged goods are the best goods for high-level evil (eg biden was routinely beaten by his elder sister -- his transference of rage from the perpetrator to the paternal, for not protecting him, is quite useful at these levels of "governance")

similar for pharaoh, fatherless and lost, like chuck manson

a fatherless nation is easily controlled, nobody to oppose the fucks basically... a nation easily depleted of spirit and resources, sucked dry like fields of black gold

"I drink your milkshake" as henry plainview put it

but a fatherless nation is also an inevitable suicide

as for the coat of arms, just off cuff-- rampant or warlike, which i think is a "noble step" above passant in euro orders

crown fits w kingkill theme

two tails! lol

aquatic environ, atop the waves

i spent 3 yrs at sandia labs and also lived awhile just north of the jornada, and am connected to pra-ha via colachi


if youve written elsewhere about the city and alchemy, pls direct

super post, do keep us informed on pharaoh's nuke talks should further skankiness present


Alex Robinson said...

From what I read, the lion is supposed to be enjoying the healing waters- altho his face doesn't give that appearance :)

The red & white stripes do go nicely with the US flag underneath. Wondered about it as an alchemical mixing of Fire (lion) & Water. A conversation last night talked of a tremendous explosion created on the tv series 'Mythbusters' using fire & ice - the white wavy lines also suggest ice.


aferrismoon said...

The Lion in the water - using Kingkill - might be Kennedy dieing in the floodwaters of the Trinity river, which used to flood the Dealey Plaza area

The Bohemian lion has a double tail, haven't found out why yet.

Heraldic lions never look in the best of moods

Fire and Ice , that was a Nazi theme as well I think


Atlantean Times said...

if you want something to look at..check out the antipodes to each of the atomic bomb tests...

an antipodes is the opposite point to where the test took place on planet earth.....

the antipode to IvyMike is at 9 degrees 11 minutes in the middle of the atlantic in the centre of the bode fracture zone...which is a very deep hole...the detonation point of ivy mike was ontop of a 4ooom high undersea mountain called an atoll...a man made island...

the illies are still here..still making weapons and still maping the seas and beyond...who the fuck are the illies....the island gods...

watch the film trinity and the bomb..the atom bomb movie...narrated by shatner..

Atlantean Times said... go to this page

this is a crater on Mercury...below the description is this

The giant impact believed to have formed Caloris may have had global consequences for the planet.

At the exact antipode of the basin is a large area of hilly, grooved terrain, with few small impact craters that are known as the Chaotic Terrain (also 'Weird Terrain').
It is thought by some to have been created as seismic waves from the impact converged on the opposite side of the planet.[4]

This hypothetical impact is also believed to have triggered volcanic activity on Mercury, resulting in the formation of smooth plains.[5] Surrounding Caloris Basin is a series of geologic formations thought to have been produced by the basin's ejecta, collectively called the Caloris Group.

put 2 and 2 together..a massive enegery input on one side of a planet can cause the antipode at the other side to form a ring of mountains..

keep adding until you get to where i am..

Atlantean Times said...

ok..then go here...

this was recently featured on Qi the brit tv quiz show..he says that mecca and this island or atoll arent exact antipodes..he is right its 50 km off being the exact antipode...BUT BUT BUT>>>

go here

to a wierd story where in a comment someone says...."Sorry to poop on the party, but the antipode of Mecca lies upon what is left of the Mururoa Atoll, a site destroyed and irradiated in the 1970s by the atmospheric nuclear weapons testing conducted by the Islamic Republic of France."

go here...

then go to this island / atoll on google earth and turn on the show earthquake setting...

eventually you will end up at rennes le chateau..but there are more leaps b4 you can get there..infact too list here..but this is essentially exactly what im writing about atm

Atlantean Times said...

ive thought of a quicker way to get you back to rennes le chateau than i had concieved of doing in the story...

so inorder not to mention something and then leave you stranded going wtf..

Jules Verne...

Verne was accuced of being a member of what rennes le chateau linked organisation...

he wrote...Mysterious Island...

and that island was said to exist where in real time..the answers to these questions lead one inexorably back to RENNES LE CHATEAU..

incidentally..go here

last by not least..Nautilus is entombed at the bottom of the ocean at the antipode of where?..rennes le chateau is claimed by some to lead one to the tomb of christ...

little dynamo said...

ok, now go here

now go there

then here, then there... wait, wait, i meant here

finished? ok now go back to Start, cuz you aint goin nowhere



Atlantean Times said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
little dynamo said...

jackie and jfk married ten days after my birth -- at St. Mary's Church in Newport, Rhode Island (one of the most occultly loaded sites in the u.s.)

they wed in the goddess' own "church" in the state named after NWO bigwig Cecil Rhodes, in the town where the Newport Knight shrine was installed to commemmorate the templar "founding" of their New Atlantis (currently in full operation)

the "sacrifice" of the male to the goddess and her Law had already been sealed at "saint" mary's in 1953

jackie was fully implicate, if perhaps only partly conscious, of the death-rite in which she was involved -- but i dont see evidence that she actually pulled the trigger -- not that it really matters that much

however, the evidence that jfk's slaying was orchestrated by the triple-goddess (expressed by jackie, lady bird, and hughes over Hate Field) and their gnostic/templar allies in government, intelligence, finance, etc is overwhelming and indisputable

as i've written recently, females assume ownership of the male body as a fact of life, and the tiger woods incident reaffirms this -- i suspect jackie's rage at jfk's infidelitiees (but not her own, to be sure! lol) was used to provide motivation and "sweeten" her involvement in the murder

the photo sequence beginning with the Usa/Lisa Bouvier "takowver" through to the nazi symbol are spot-on, just superb

the empire didnt die, neither did the reich, they simply set the female in power over the male throughout the western world, and continued their satanic biz

virgo/saturn photo -- fantastic

likewise shot of the two "women" next to the death scene in the by-now familiar red-and-black bloodrite costumes -- however, i see nothing "racy" about them, even for early-sixties ultraconservative dallas ... instead they seem to have a robe/ceremonial look....

it's the positioning and color that stands out, mostly -- they possibly function as markers, both practically and occultly (ie in terms of the hit-point, and as ritual symbolism for impact on the dreaming mind -- the v public slaugher of male leadership in jfk prepared the coming slaughter of the american male)

fine catch on the Extended Rite: jackie's partner Tempelsmen (!!!), whose daughter's husband was also sacrificed on flight 77

agree also that the jfk and trinity rites both involved "divorce" (solve) -- in the subsequent half-century, the same forces have effectively divided the male and female populations in the west, especially in america, the homeland of the goddess -- accomplished largely through propaganda and goddess-law (dealey) in tandem with the mass criminalization and degradation of maleness and fatherhood

"cracked masonry" indeed -- terrible for the masses, great for the privileged few

the "israel" that indeed was "greened" doesnt refer primarily to the nation-state

as to the nation-state of israel, however, as with amerika: both are now entirely matriarchal and pagan, with only vestiges left of masculinity, and both are hip-deep in the global arms trade, under cover of providing "defense" (unsurprisingly, the "reason" for the destruction of american manhood is also always for "defense" of "oppressed" females, an unassailable (and tremendously profitable!) strategy

the nation-state israel pretends to serve yahweh god, but doesnt

if israel or amerika (or any other nation) really believed and trusted in god, they would immediately abandon their lucrative "defense" industries and instead rely on god's protection against enemies (to be fair, amerika doesnt even pay lip-service to god anymore -- she idolizes herself)

i might have to steal some of this post, as usual

cheers, ray