Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Valis in Underland

After writing about Hobbs, NM : the upwelling of disease from underground pits , drilling detritus etc. , the post swirling around with imagery gleaned from blogs as Stygian Port [ Lead, tombs, whales, Purification], Da Black Whole [ maritime initiation strategies and the bubbling sordidness of stinking phollytix], Newspaceman [ Cows , Pigs, Sheep, Hares, Royal family].

The latest was Newspaceman's HARE TODAY , GONE TOMORROW which sported ritual intent on a gate in Dark Lane. This happened alongside [ shipping term] the outpouring of media interest in Timber Ton's latest twee macabre :
Alice in Sunderland. It stars Donny Jipp , whose talent for wearing Top Hats surpasses Yelena Bottom-Character's [ wiffy of Cobweb Burton] penchant for something veh veh Inglis.
Anyhow, approaching la pointe, one Alice character = The March Hare, and guess what, lookie out the window, its June and we have the weather of March. Why? Apparently a volcano somewhere in Alaska blew off and its fallout now means much of Europe will remain in a cold spring sorta thing until midway through July.
People with Seasonally-Adjusted Disorders plus investments in this and that will doubtless be looking to Iran , Isfahan , apparently has some wonderful sights to see.
Newspaceman also posted his receipt for a rather tasty Italian Pasta Bake, at the rather godless price of £6.66.
Thus I felt no choice but to cast a butcher's at a story emanating from Rio Rancho, NM. Mrs Nancy Haseman was found to have 334 rabbits running around her backyard.
Many years ago a friend played in a band called -334, a tricky codex designed to bypass the 'Imprison Evil Numbers Voluntary Brigade' , who sort of exist.
A few weeks ago I had a 'chat' with a lady who obviously took an interest in the New Testament, to wit - '666 is an evil number'. To keep myself well out of Satan's End-game plan I asked if factors of 666, like 111, 2, 3 and 37, f'r example also held some level of evilness.
I received a look that said ' I spit in your face 'til Judgement and then when u go to hell I won't spit , Haha hahahahhahahhahahhahhaha!'

So there's Alice in Underland as a vaguely macabre backdrop , now updated with an eye on costume and the gagglespeck florid creepy castle that seems to permeate all of TeeBees flicks - character MARCH HARE

Newspaceman uncovers hares nailed to a gate following from I-talien pasta B-ake for the same price as a whole Beast while a lady in New Mexico breeds the amount of rabbits it requires to take us to 1000.


More mystical numbering with the Washing-Ton Crash of their Subway [ more ne'erdowellness underground] the other day. One backended another between Fort TOTTEN and Takoma, heading south from the North-Eastern part of the city.

At present the wind has been going from NE to SW across Czechie and proves quite unusual.

The service has been running for 33 years.

A vast array of psychosomatic animalia dances through and round the world, not always in their true and natural forms. Bears took a sniff around via the names Arthur, Brown, Medved, Ursa, California while Cows died , have died, via poisoning [ in the US] and mass, simultaneous lightning strike [UK].

Above a volcano on Ostrov Matooa in the Kiril chain , its being sending smoke signals from the belly of the beast for a couple of weeks now. Hooray, winter for ever!

Interesting flag and coat of arms. The V-shape has come up in the last few posts by CELTIC REBEL.


The turnout for the EU elections - low

The new speaker of the Houses of Parliament , elected a couple of days ago, is a Mr. BERCOW, which includes both Be[a]r and Cow in its spelling. I imagined its pronounced "Berkoff" but apparently its as it looks.
In the final round he gained 322 votes to his opponents 271.
322 = the Skull and Bones

He was born on the fairly conspiratorial date Jan 19 , 1963 [ 1.19.63] reverse engineering 9/11 in the year of JFK's death.

Acc. to the gossip Mr BearCow [ Conservative]is roundly despised by his own party and got voted in by the Labour Party who bypassed their party grandee Margaret Beckett [ a name that resonates a form of treachery].
We can only imagine why Parliament would vote in a guy whose party colleagues openly call treacherous, who used to belong to fairly right-wing groups like the Monday Club.

Apparently Mr Bercow will be the first Jew to divide the House.
Labour's leader = G. Brown [ Scots] while the leader of the Tories = D. Cameron [ Scottish name].
The Scots have been dividing the House for aeons

The most sinister aspect of Mr. Bercow is his ardent passion for Arsenal, a football club whose classic 'enemy' is TOTTENham Hotspur, the 'Jewish' club. Well, at their ground they sometimes chant:
" We are the Yids' ,
while the white + blue Israeli flag unfurls for all to see.
Arsenal seem to have made a few steps off the backs of their North London rival - see 'PSEUDONYMOUS BOSCH' @ The Wayist, though Spurs to tend to sell their best players, content with mid-table.

"A Totten trust (also referred to as a "Payable on Death" account) is a form of trust created where one party (the settlor of the trust) places money in a bank account or security with instructions that upon the settlor's death, whatever is in that account will pass to a named beneficiary. For example, a Totten trust arises where the account is titled in the form "[depositor], in trust for [beneficiary]".

The name is derived from Matter of Totten, 179 N.Y. 112 (1904), the case decided by the Court of Appeals of New York which established the legality of this practice. Although this method of creating a trust did not meet the formal requirements of trust creation, or the testamentary formalities required to make a valid will, the Court noted that such an arrangement typically involved a small amount of money left by a person of modest means, who could not otherwise afford to establish a legal mechanism for passing the specified property. For this reason, the device is sometimes called a "poor man's will". The funds in question are not subject to probate and, if held in a bank account, are insured in the same manner as any deposit. The beneficiary has no access to the account until the depositor's death and need not be notified that the account exists. This is also called a tentative trust because it is contingent upon the death of the settlor or creator of the trust account."

Jewish people have lived in Egypt and a fair few have moved back thataway over the past 100 years which brings us to the 3Ks -
K2 - Kandy - Keysa.
Mr. Crowley spent some time getting it together in Kandy before setting off on a climbing expedition to K2 , both these predating his 'receiving' in Egypt where we find the pyramids of Keysa/Giza.
Linked all three to make a triangle which has one line travelling through Isfahan, the old capital of Iran-Persia.


little dynamo said...

ah yes, Rio Rancho Estates! me old stomping grounds (Sandia Labs, Albukookoo)

"livin' by the riverside/I'm takin' life like a big old ride" (America)

. . . as for Hobbs NM -- Hob is an alternate name for satan, an occult prefix as in hobgoblin

Ms. Haze-man contributes 334 hare-y addends to the millennial sum

hare = protosymbol of witchcraft -- eg, "two rabbits running in the ditch/oh no/must be the season of the witch"

Spaceman's hung hares of Dark Lane suggest the 2 witnesses of Rev, strung up by NWO magickal operations, and left out for "public viewing"

simultaneously, the hung hares denote the scene in "Gangs of New York" when "Amsterdam Vallon" hangs a dead rabbitt from the village square -- his overt declaration of war against the masonic "Natives"

Stephen does a fine job uncovering Arsenal's subnature . . . good catch AF on the Tottenham - Fort Totten link -- this RED LINE crash also is discussed in my upcoming post (also the Alaskan quake)

Kalifornia's state animal is the bear ("Our Sturdy Golden Bear")

well done, ray

Newspaceman said...

Hiya aferrismoon, starting with the 666 thing, I realise that the Hebrew (original) states 616, I am quite astonished at your meeting with the lady who considered it evil, I thought it was more do do with being the number of a man. I really consider it numerically significant in that context.

1000- 10times10times10, 10=X Roman

Bercow - I read in the Scotland on Sunday that last week the Guido Faukes ? political blog had pictures of him at a Glasgow Rangers supporters meeting, egging on their bigotry and indulging in sectarian (sect-Aryan?) sing-a-longs. From some years ago albeit. Reminds me of the lawyer Donald Findlay.

Arsenal - you might remember my post from last year when Gordon Brown and Sarkozy had a press conference there on 27/3 - the police had an "unprecedented" raid on a streetmarket very close by the morning of the event. 1122 officers were involved. 1122= 33x34.

Got a wee nudge towards Crowley & Loch Ness two posts ago.

cheers, thanks.

Tink said...

Wow, Aferrismoon. Another hare-y note for ye:

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Washington County's "Bunny Lady" is back in the hutch after violating a court order not to own or control animals for five years. Miriam Sakewitz, 47, was arrested again Tuesday at a Tigard hotel after an employee reported finding rabbits hopping around in her room.

Problems for Sakewitz started in October 2006 when Hillsboro police found and confiscated nearly 250 rabbits in her home, including about 100 dead ones in freezers and refrigerators.

Etymology would be interesting. Tigard may go to old German for "people" and "watcher." ? Nary a find on Sakewitz. For wit's sake, Miriam! Stop killin' them rabbits. I couldn't help but wonder if she eats them.
Well, any wonders here in the 47/250/100 ?

Peace out~*~

aferrismoon said...

Hobbits too, and Hobgoblins, and that old Hobbler - Edmund Haltfoot Teller, boom boy

Will have to take a numerical look at that Metro crash

The train numbers 112 + 214 = 326, which = enumeration of YHShVH - [dats Jeesus ]

The Two Hares either side of the Cross , the two thieves either side of JC

Cheers Ray

Hi News
I have a 1904 KJV and it has it in the margin' some ancient sources give 616'
There are some interesting words that ad dup to that, course none of them being Satan, the Devil etc.
Though these numbers do seem to get reinvested with other meanings.

I was quite amazed at the way she wouldn't even answer my question aswell. No humour just line drawn.

Gets around Mr. Bercow, down with the 'Gers aka the Teddy Bears.

There's a Hillsboro' in UK, Sheffield, unfortunately the scene of 96 deaths, football fans crushed against the railings.

Tirgard sounds a bit like Tiergarten - german for zoo.
Also sounds like Taggart , from Irish - Son of the Priest

Maybe Sakewitz is from Saxony like the name Oliver Sacks.
Aha , I remember Mr. Bercow has a son Oliver , who is 'autistic'.

I see she's not allowed within 100 feet of a rabbit. Amazing


Newspaceman said...

Missed the teddy bears.

As regards Crowley and K2, a fresh story has appeared on the BBC about him, a John Burns has written a play about him.


Devin said...

Great stuff as always aferris! "I understand just a little-no comprende its a riddle" remember that song haha!:) Cool about Newspacemans receipt for Italian -and the Bday of the new guy-that number (666) has a slight way of following me around-it is in the string of digits of my passport also! I hope you are doing great and thanks for your articles-even if I do not catch everything at once I always learn something-i swear this last decade (and not trying to offend anyone it has been horrible for-Iraqis etc) but something about this time loop we are in reminds me of that nursery? rhyme-row your boat down the stream merrily merrily life is but a dream" hope i didnt botch that too bad! best to you as always!!

aferrismoon said...

Devin , if I understood half of it I'd tell u.
The subject matter , or the thrust of the text, seems to come second to the 'things' that repeat, that attract attention for whatever reason.
Also the media news proves so dire . flatfooted and biassed one feels the necessity of rewriting news, to give it some 'life' , however ugly or beautiful, nice or nasty, eerie or merry, the final result may be.


Devin said...

Thanks for your comment aferris! You all do such a great job at this-and what gets me is that I should be able to-like I said on another blog-I understand this stuff politcally and in the conspiracy context-but I rely on you and the others for this information-thanks again and hope all is great in CZ from AZ!